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  1. Furnival Friend Says:

    Don’t believe her whining. Frazer is in effect now No2 in the JC editorial office, a heartbeat away from the editorship if Pollard cops it, as he no doubt will with the plummeting circulation. This is quite ridiculous since she has been part of every ill conceived editorial decision for at least the past 15 years. It’s the Peter Principle, she’s risen to the height of her incompetence.

    • JCWmoderator Says:

      “she’s risen to the height of her incompetence.”

      – here I must disagree: she was BORN incompetent, and from that starting point she regressed until where she is now.

  2. furnival friend Says:

    The Barley-managing editor, Richard Burton, has been offed and first-rate-bitch/third-rate hack Frazer has been promoted. The end is nigh

  3. Furnival Friend Says:

    JC figures out today and you have helped bring another fall. Down to just over 29,000, with short of 21,000 being sold at full price in UK. Lowest ever.

  4. Peter Piper Says:

    You aren’t a very good student of the great Sun Tzu. If you look at the JC blogs you’ll see a clear case of
    “All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.”

    • JCWmoderator Says:

      What a waste of Supreme Oriental Wisdom, on a low-grade bunch of 3rd-rate assimilationist English Jews. They do in fact appear unable, inactive and far from the truth.

  5. Peter Says:

    Have a laugh at this


    • JCWmoderator Says:

      JCWatch disagrees. When they circumcised him, they threw away the wrong end …

  6. Rabbi Menachem Says:

    where have you gone? The JC is still publishing anti-Israel hatred and you’ve gone silent. Pathetic

    • jcwmoderator Says:

      “Pathetic”, is some jerk posing as a Rabbi, but posting on Shabbat!!!
      At least we are doing something. And you?

  7. Hello Sailor Says:

    Have you seen what the despicable Millis has called the settlements this time? He’s called them Chametz!!! http://www.thejc.com/blogs/joe-millis/its-people-and-a-sustainable-jewish-majority-israels-only-strategic-asset
    And we all know what happens to chametz, don’t we?
    Chag Sameach ve’kasher

    • jcwmoderator Says:

      He’s done worse than that recently, called them ‘toxic’, ‘idol-worshippers’. You have to understand that his hatred stems from his failure to make it in Israel – he had to leave, and is still bitter.

      Check his biography on the web – he’s a neer-do-well, no position in life.

  8. Roberta Moore MBE Says:

    The JC’s circulation has sunk further, to 29,657, of which only 21,000 are sold at full price.

  9. Jonny Ingenue Says:

    The figures are true, worse will come next month.

    • jcwmoderator Says:

      Gerald, at least have the guts to sign your real name and real email address.

  10. leon Says:

    Actually, Avraham, the figures are far worse than that. Full-price sales in the UK, that is those not given away or subscription, is only 22,912.

    • jcwmoderator Says:

      JCWatch is currently operated by telegransam and Stephen Shakli.
      But thanks anyway for your comment.

      ts and SS.

      N.B. The post signed “Leon” was sent using a proxy made to look as if it was sent from a Chicago address.

      Gerald – don’t use proxies or other people’s names – it’s dishonest! If you do it again, JCWatch will “out” you …

  11. custodes Says:

    Everyone knows your source is Jenni Frazer, whom you call Third-Rate Hack just because you think it puts them off the scent

    • jcwmoderator Says:

      to protect our sources of information regarding what goes on inside the JC, we aren’t commenting on your comment.

      However, we will state that if Pollard knew what our sources (plural!) are, he’d probably shoot himself in the foot.

      But since that’s what his editorship has done to the JC (shot it in the foot), we can afford to forgo the afore-mentioned pleasure.

      [incidentally, custodes used a proxy server – he could even be that little jose creep – who since he’s started off on burkas again, is probably Anthony whatsisname – who cares?]

  12. jcwmoderator Says:

    I’ve just been informed:
    “Replacement” is telegramsam
    (we deleted all his comments here, even before we knew).

    – that explains all the lies and false claims published by “insider”, who is also the same jerk.

    The retromingent bloviator telegramsam is not only the lowest form of jewboy, he is also incapable of speaking the truth.

    He is a coward, because he hides behind a pseudonym and is scared to reveal his own name, and a hypocrite because he talks about abuse of users, but abuses others himself.

    Scum, probably a rabid christian anti-semite Jew-hater. That’s his profile.

    Come on, “telegramsam”, let’s see you stand up and identify yourself …

  13. jcwmoderator Says:

    I prefer Richard Millet’s approach to these people; he doesn’t throw insults, but does ask pointed questions which force the anti- or weak-Zionists to reappraise and justify their positions.

    Calling people ‘trolls’ is not a strong inducement to intellectual discussion, and I’ve never seen it elicit an ideological response.

    But then again, the JC Blogs area is a sick place run by (Judaically-) sick people, and it thus attracts its fair share of sick – including anti-semitic – people. And because its a sick place, it affords them a warm home.

  14. insider Says:

    We usually marvel at the way Jonathan Hoffman handles the anonymous Israel-haters, but in the case of telegramsam he is dead wrong. TS works for the UJIA in its Israel Experience department and is very close to the charity’s top executives and fundraisers, none of whom want to see Jonathan re-elected as Zionist Federation vice-Chair or elected as its next chair. They are all Labour, Mapam or Meretz Zionists and have no truck with proper Zionists from Mizrahi or British Herut.

  15. insider Says:

    Just so as you know, the order to remove Jon_i_cohen’s post came from TRH Frazer in consultation with the recuperating Bollard. JIC, unfortunately, is to be barred.

  16. jcwmoderator Says:

    Thanks again, insider, we are delving deeper into JC-NIF connections, any additional materials on this subject – very welcome.

    Either post here, or email to: thejcwatch@gmail.com

  17. insider Says:

    More JC-NIF collusion

    Launch of NIF William Frankel Social Justice Fellowship

    50 people attended a stunning reception in the stately surrounds of Middle Temple to launch the inaugural NIF William Frankel Social Justice Fellowship. Established to celebrate the life of the late William Frankel, the former Jewish Chronicle editor and NIF’s honorary president for many years, this Fellowship seeks to nurture future leaders of social change.

    Claire Frankel, William’s widow, was delighted to introduce Keren Simons, 25 and from north London, as the first UK Fellow. In September Keren will start a 10-month internship in an Israeli social justice organisation, joining 5 other Fellows from the USA who will also intern at various organisations as part of a long-established educational and professional enrichment programme.

    “Any time someone is working towards peace, William would have been thrilled,” Frankel enthused. “We know Keren is the perfect match for us.”

    Keren Simons was the outstanding candidate out of a pool of impressive young adults, chosen by the NIF Fellowship Committee. Keren has a zealous passion for human rights that complements her academic background, which includes a master’s degree in gender studies from Oxford, where she researched Israeli women and political power. She is particularly keen to spend her year in Israel working for an NGO that deals with women’s rights.

    “I believe I have a moral imperative to use my outrage at injustice as a resource for productivity and change. Human rights, especially the state of women and girls worldwide, is one area that is close to my heart,” said Keren.

    Lord Woolf, Guest Speaker and a personal friend of Claire and William Frankel, gave an affectionate personal recollection. The 1st year of the Fellowship is funded by a generous donation from Claire Frankel and NIF is raising funds to establish the Fellowship as a permanent annual programme in William Frankel’s name.

  18. jcwmoderator Says:

    insider, with reports like that I’m going to find it hard being sad tonight, Tisha B’Av.

    But keep the reports coming!

  19. insider Says:

    Ha, ha. They were almost shitting themselves at today’s editorial meeting when the issue of your addition to the wiki entry came up. Faces were coloured puce. Anyway, the JC is in dire straights. It’s hemorrhaging readers quicker than you can say kahane tzadak. Keep up the good work. We need to rid the paper of Pollard and his (headless) chickens

  20. jcwmoderator Says:

    Hi “insider”,

    Thanks for the reply. Actually, anyone can see how amateurish they are. Our point is the anti-Israeli activity they promote on the blogs section.

    Soon we will expand and start criticizing the entire paper, not just the Blogs section.

    Always happy to hear from you what goes on in editorial meetings …

  21. Insider Says:

    No im not worried. I send you stuff from outside the jc building. There’s a war going on there for the heart of the paper. But its dying. And they blame you for this because you are showing up how amateur thry are.

  22. jcwmoderator Says:

    Pollard’s crude parting shot at Daily Express owner Desmond, was Pollard’s objection to the paper having been bought by someone who made his money from pornography. For this reason JCWatch never threw this back at Pollard.

    But given the collossal amount of hatred expressed in anti-Israeli comments in the JC Blogs section just in the last 4 months that JCWatch has been active – see https://jcwatch.wordpress.com/articles/anti-israelisms-an-open-ended-compendium – Pollard would have done better to have remained with the pornographer.

  23. Blacklisted Dictator Says:

    Stephen Pollard wikipedia:

    “Formerly a journalist and leader-writer on the Daily Express, he left that paper in 2001 soon after it was taken over by Richard Desmond, a publisher of pornographic magazines, who began implementing radical cutbacks. His last leader for the paper, on the problems of the British farming industry, turned out to contain the words “Fuck you Desmond” spelt out with the first letter of each sentence. His job at The Times was withdrawn as they considered this to be unacceptable and insulting.”

  24. jcwmoderator Says:

    insider: “You don’t know how much grief you have caused Pollard and his crew”

    – I would LOVE to hear some details of this, considering all the time I’ve invested in this project so far … whatever you send is greatly appreciated. But aren’t you afraid to get caught?

  25. Michelle21 Says:

    Well it’s obvious that Joshua18 is the next, and how Jon_i_Cohen has stayed for so long is amazing. Anybody who is supportive of Israel just has to go!
    They’ll probably make Jonathan Freedland the new editor when Pollard leaves.

  26. insider Says:

    It’s all very reliable. I sit in the editorial meetings where this is discussed. You don’t know how much grief you have caused Pollard and his crew

  27. jcwmoderator Says:

    How reliable is this information?
    You can also contact JCWatch privately, at thejcwatch@gmail.com
    – any request for non-publication of info provided, will be strictly honoured.
    And interesting to note that tomeisner and other anti-semites aren’t even being discussed as candidates for banishment. Tells you things about Pollard, doesn’t it?

  28. insider Says:

    Not only is Blacklisted Dictator banned, but plans are afoot to remove Joshua18, Jon_i_Cohen, mattpryor and even Jonathan Hoffman of the Zionist Federation.

  29. insider Says:

    You don’t know the half of it. Pollard, who is hated by the Jewish community and his staff, is now positioning himself to leave the JC, knowing he is captaining a stinking sinking ship. He is trying to get jobs with Murdoch’s papers. Miriam Shaviv will also leave soon, lining up a job with the Wall Street Journal Europe.
    The JC is a busted flush, a mishenet kneh ratzutz. The problem is that if Pollard does leave as expected, the paper will be in the hands of the third-rate hackery of Jenni Frazer.

  30. jcwmoderator Says:

    Michelle21, thanks for the update.
    In my complaints re- Elgot to the Press Complaints Commission, your case will be one of three in which I wil show that she uses the JC Blogs as weapons of personal vengeance. I will send you a copy of the complaint(s) when ready.

  31. Michelle21 Says:

    well Jessica Elgot definately reads jcwatch, as my ip address has been mysteriously unblocked!
    When will I get my username unblocked Jessica?

  32. jcwmoderator Says:

    insider: I’d guessed that Richard Burton isn’t Jewish, but it isn’t relevant to me in this instance; my complaints against Elgot to the Commission will focus on her using employer’s resources to settle personal scores. When she is “insulted” – bam! – you are out! But when someone called her Editor (Pollard) a “neo-nazi” she let the comment stand. i.e. also lacking in employer loyalty. No knowledge of Judaism required here to evaluate Elgot’s behaviour.

    I do, however, find it difficult to believe that anyone knows less about Judaism than Elgot or TRH Frazer …

  33. insider Says:

    Richard Burton isn’t even Jewish and knows less about Judaism than Jessica Elgot or the third rate hack Jenni Frazer.
    The JC is falling apart, losing money and doesn’t have a chairman. No one in the community likes Pollard — and the communal organisations hate him. And the JC has been accused of ripping off charities by demanding high advertising rates while giving away advertising space to commercial companies.

  34. JonJon Says:

    Have you noticed the JC is blocking again. But never minded, you can always look at the anti-Jewish, anti-Israel positions by reading it from behind a proxy hider

  35. Michelle21 Says:

    From Michelle21. I am the person who had my account and IP address blocked for noticing that Jessica Elgot was removing pro-Israel comments on the blog.

    Last week a close family member died in her home in in Israel. I was asked by the family to place an advert in the JC Social and Personal to announce this sad loss. I tried, but unfortunately this was not possible, as all my computers have been denied access to the jc website. The announcement couldn’t be placed.

    I am currently composing my letter to Stephen Pollard. And believe me Jessica Elgot, know that hell hath no fury like Michelle scorned!

    Readers, there is an alternative to the JC and it’s free – The Jewish News. And it’s definitely more supportive of Israel. http://www.totallyjewish.com/the_jewish_news/

  36. jcwmoderator Says:

    Well, she’s not my friend (nobody who works at the JC is), but relative to her third-rate-hack colleagues, she doesn’t generally come across as anti-Israel.
    Of course, the idea of Miriam – or any of her 3rd-rate-hack colleagues – offering Israel advice on running military operations – is quite funny; its a shame that the subject under discussion isn’t.

    I haven’t seen so far a reason to comment on anything Miriam has written since JCWatch was born.

  37. JonJon Says:

    Seems your friend Miriam has also gone native at the JC


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