JC Anti-Israelisms – an Open-Ended Compendium

 Latest Update: 26 December 2010

Apparently, not only the Guardian of Israel neither sleeps nor slumbers … self-hating Jews, together with others, are continuing to fill the JC’s blogs and comments with their hatred of Israel.

  Following publication of our original article   Anti-Israelisms in the JC’s Blogs, anti-Israelisms are continuing to appear in JC blogs and comments, chiefly because the JC Editor has apparently decided to totally ignore the subject in the hope that  JCWatch  will slowly evaporate. (He may object to inclusion of the word ‘slowly’.)

We are therefore building here an open-ended compendium of JC anti-Israelisms, starting with the original 25 or so as published in the afore-mentioned article, and continually adding to the top of the list as new ones appear.

Incidentally, quotes are copied here with Cut and Paste, so any bad spelling etc within the quotes is from the originals …

The occasional JCWatch Editorial comment interspersed here amongst the ani-Israelisms, appears in blue.

What we consider the three most vile anti-Israelisms (all comparing Israel to Nazi Germany or Israelis to Nazis) are on our  * E D I T O R I A L  Page, in

Some of the comments quoted below will no longer appear at the urls provided here; the JC occasionally deletes the more disgusting anti-semitic comments,  AFTER JCWatch has quoted them here. Trying to hide the evidence?


Anti-Israelisms in the JC’s Blogs:

Published December  2010:

To Julie Burchill (In regards to Liberal Judaism and Islam)  By Stanley Victory  December 24, 2010

clevenson  25 December, 2010 – 10:00
Are you going to the demo Johnny? Looking forward to meeting you. I am going to burn the Israeli flag.

clevenson 25 December, 2010 – 13:26
Hoffman you can write as many personal insults as you like,but you can’t make the world like your Israel.
Israel is hated as you will find out on Monday

Published October  2010:

Gush Katif  By stephenb October 20, 2010

Why did the Israelis have to destroy everything at Gush Katif ? Where did this Iaraeli fetish with bull dozers come from ? If they arent bulldozing Arab homes in collective punishment, Arab homes to make way for Israeli settlers ,they are bulldozing Jewish homes to facilitate ” disengaqgement ” . The Israeli bulldozing fetish makes my toe sucking disposition seem almost abby normal.

What a freaking psychological mess.

I guess if Cnada can have its maple leaves and Ireland can have its shamrocks Israel can have its bull dozers

Ban Tour Guides.  By yankeeuxb  October 19, 2010

Israel is becoming more like 30s Germany with every passing month

zair   19 October, 2010 – 15:53
Careful yankee – you might be accused of being anti-semitic, comparing the Israeli state with that of Nazi Germany, even if some of its actions exactly mimic those of Nazi Germany.

Is British Jewry threatened by The Nazi Right or The Islamofascist Left? By Anthony Posner October 18, 2010

stephenb 18 October, 2010 – 19:13
Is this a private party or can anyone play ?
British Jewry isent threatened by anything, except maybe by the inner damage Judaism is suffering generally from the replacement of the worship of god with the idolatrous worship of The State of Israel.


Published September  2010:

13 September 10

From:  Samaria, Israel’s Hidden Asset  By Michael Gottlieb September 11, 2010


All the following are from the (same) above post.

Note below how the pathological Israel-haters ibrows and C. Levenson can’t even agree on Middle East history; C. Levenson says:But of course you swallow all those lies your parents taught you about how WE Jews bought the land” – i.e. in his opinion we didn’t buy the land, – whereas ibrows says: “Initially these Jews did indeed buy up Palestinian land”.

 ibrows  11 September, 2010 – 23:27
Biblical narratives don’t give you rights to Palestinian land

Your still living the biblical fantasy i see, back in the real world, this remains Palestinian land, occupied by Israel
clevenson  12 September, 2010 – 00:31

 the fact is that until the 1920s there were very few jews in Palestine. they have no right to call it their land at all. But of course you swallow all those lies your parents taught you about how WE Jews bought the land and how there was no one there before. All lies.
Israel as it exists will not survive and i am working tirelessly to see this apartheid country change for the better. AND IT WILL just wait and see!!!!

ibrows  12 September, 2010 – 15:20

Your unbroken chains are mythical. The census i cited is another example of proof that Palstinians were the numerical majority in Palestine for generations, and you believe they had no sovereignty? Your distorted views of history are a joke.

You cannot expel 750,000 Palestinians from their homes in 1948 and try and justify this by claiming they had no sovereignty, its ridiculous. 

Initially these Jews did indeed buy up Palestinian land, however after 1948, the state of Israel expelled the Palestinians from their homes and seized this land, which has subsequently been turned over to the Jewish agency and Jewish National Fund for the exclusive settlement of Jews.

Lets clarify the nature of these so-called ‘unbroken chains to Biblical times’.

Firstly, the Bible is not a historically accurate document, and masses of archaeological evidence has proved this.

Secondly, ancient Israelites and Judeans had sovereignty over the country for only 1,300 of its 10,000 years of recorded history (a third of which was under Babylonian, Greek or Roman suzerainty), alongside 1,300 years of Muslim rule.

So how can you claim an unbroken chain, when the land has spent more time under control of non-Jewish than Jewish leadership.

Its a bit like the descendents of Roman’s returning to Britain and claiming their rights are superior to all others land rights

There is masses of evidence from travellers documentation, to Ottoman archives, you cannot deny the truth, its simply that your not interested assessing the evidence, merely supporting your deeply entrenched position.

Palestinians have lived in Palestine, and what is now Israel for generations, it is only the Zionist myth of Palestine as an uninhabited land prior to 1947, everyone else in the world acknowledges this is totally fabricated notion.


Published July 2010:

From Bad news on Cameron   By Miriam Shaviv July 27, 2010

2 of the new goyishe anti-semites expressing themselves – don’t they have lives?:

 It could also be that, like the majority of world opinion, David Cameron believes that Gaza is an open prison. Infact it’s the biggest open prison in the world. The only territory in the world that is denied access to its own sea.
The only territory in the world were the population are collectively punished.
The only territory in the world that is under seige.

And damning Israel’s brutal, medieval seige of Gaza and the equally brutal occupation of The West Bank does not make Cameron a ‘red’, an ‘anti – semite’, or a ‘terrorist lover’. Nor does it mean he is ‘sucking up’ to Muslim opinion. Plenty of non – muslims recognise the injustice of the occupation and the seige.

He simply recognises the whole, nasty inhumanity of the situation and the injustice being perpetrated against the Palestinians.

(but then again they do have their own ‘Brent Cross’ so perhaps it’s time to tighten the noose a bit more and bomb a few more civilians)

 Exactly. If the Gazans were Jewish there would be no problem. Unfortunately they were born Palestinians.
Maybe Israel should sell some weapons to Madagascar in exchange for the population of Gaza being transferred there


From Humanitarian goods    By Stephen Pollard  July 27, 2010

Stephen Pollard wrote:
Humanitarian goods and people must flow in both directions. 
What exactly are the humanitarian goods that will flow from Gaza to Israel and Egypt?

To which “newsmax” replied:
“Well, if Israel took the time to stop killing and collectively punishing Palestinians you might discover that they, too, are poeple and not subhumans.
Your comment neatly summises your malicious hatred of Palestinians.
Just like the horrible Brent CRoss – Gaza jibe that so amused you all last week.

From  Better than Brent Cross… by Miriam Shaviv  July 19, 2010:


by yankeeuxb:

Can the people in Gaza travel outside their walled – up territory?

No, they can’t.

Who built the walls?


Therefore they are imprisoned in a ghetto built by Israel.

Their imprisonment is Israeli policy. The complete destruction of their economy and the brutal manner in which they are regualy killed (as are those who wish to break the seige) is israeli policy.

Everyone acknowledges the barbarity of the seige (and the occupation of the West Bank) from politicians, to NGOs, to pop stars who boycott Israel, to peace groups, to Italian supermarkets that ban settlement goods in their stores, to Swedish dockers, to British trade unionists, to South African clerics . . . the list is really endless.

But according to Miriam Shaviv and J Hoffmann it’s all a charade. The world is deluded, Israel is the most benign place on earth and the Palestinians are really over – fed, lay abouts who deserve all the punishment they are receiving. And Israel deserves to dish it out (to a defenceless, trapped people)

Very righteous. Very brave.


Israel must apologise for killing the Turkish    By simoneq July 6, 2010

It would be a good idea if Israel sometimes could be honnest and not act as if they are so special above the law. Here in France the papers have followed the whole affair

 The Israeli soldiers started shooting as they were descending by the ropes. That is why Israel is making a cover up over the whole affair. The Israeli soldiers are surely the animals not the Turkish.

Stephen Pollard – why do you publish this filth? Why do you allow IDF soldiers to be called ‘animals’?

Everyone in the world knows that the Israeli Commandos descended the ropes armed with paint-guns.

“Here in France the papers have followed the whole affair”  – that’s probably the only thing the French understand … affairs! 

Published June 2010:

Who else but tom eisner?:

“Lunatic Israel” supports torture By tomeisner2 June 13, 2010
How can Israel ever begin to be considered a decent country when they refuse to ban torture. Some of my friends in Israel are involved fighting this barbaric backward Government … The Israel that you idealise bears no resemblance to the real nasty apartheid country that exists. Israel routinely torture people,whether or not the Supreme court has banned it …

Not only do I refuse to condemn Hamas but I can perfectly understand why they refuse to recognise Israel. Which state of Israel should they recognise? The legal one up to pre 1967 borders or the apartheid one extending to the dried up river Jordan that the settlers have diverted to their swimming pools … It’s not just Hammas that don’t trust Israel but the real world out there including many many Jews who now totally distance themselves from this barbaric torturing nation that holds hundreds of children in prisons without trial This is your beloved Israel in 2010.
Great delight when it was reported that in the Queen’s Speech in London, the government had stated its commitment to a two state solution that sees a viable Palestinian State existing in peace and security with Israel. The delight of course, was because Palestine was put before Israel. la la la la la la


Israel tortures people all the time especially children.

Your support for racial apartheid Israel is disgusting. In many ways they are worse than hamas because they have been at it longer.


Jenni “third-rate hack” Frazer while finding yet another “reason” to attack Israel – hosts the following comment – comparing Israeli spokesman Mark Regev to a nazi – in her blog:

 …   the Israel navy pirates, who were armed to the teeth – as usual. You must not believe everything Mark (Goebbels) Regev has to say – if his mouth is opening and closing – he is lying. It’s very simple.

If the so-called “Jewish Chronicle” were to alter its name to the “Hamas Chronicle“, we doubt if it would greatly increase its readership; it has enough anti-semites amongst its current readers.

Keep it up, Pollard – when you fall, we will be there …

Israel, again, showed a limited understanding of the word ‘peaceful’:
Israel attacked unarmed boats with gunships, helicopters, masked soldiers, live ammunition, tear gas and stun guns.All in the dead of night. Yet Israel says it only wants peace and a peaceful outcome.
There were protest all around the world – if every city from Kuala Lumpar to Athens, from Naples to Manchester.
The world knows the truth.

Published May 2010:

When Israel is in any kind of trouble, she can always rely on London’s good old Jesus Chronicle to come forward – and stab her in the back …

This is unarmed civilians defending themselves from attack by Israeli forces with navy vessels and helicopters surrounding the ships

The Israeli forces illegally board the fortilla ships IN INTERNATIONAL WATERS and have the nerve to complain when peace activists defend themselves from attack. Israel is working its hardest with the propaganda machine – but its difficult to defend the indefensible – THE ATTACK AND KILLING OF CIVILIAN PEACE ACTIVISTS IN INTERNATIONAL WATERS BY ISRAELI FORCES

… and of course, without tomeisner2 dancing on the graves of those killed, the  Jesus Chronicle  just wouldn’t be what it is today:

Your loathsome country Israel who we all hate in the rest of the world was founded by terrorists has always been run by terrorists and now neo nazis are in charge. The best thing anyone sensible Israeli can do is leave.


The Guardian published a story claiming that some 35 years ago Israel offered to sell nuclear weapons to South Africa.
Israel has denied the story

tomeisner2 couldn’t possibly stay quiet on this:

 The Guardian? Fabricating lies about Israel or reporting lies fabricated by someone else?

Israel lying. SURELY NOT, fabricating lies about how the country was founded, how they didn’t throw anyone out of their homes in 1947-48. Basing the whole raison d’etre of their country on fairy tales of temples that never existed and how The Palestinians don’t exist and how they want peace. Israel since its foundation has been one big lie. The trouble for them now is that the non Zionist world has found them out.


That self-hating Jew (if he is a Jew – the JC doesn’t check these irelevancies)  tomeisner2  comments on a post by Miriam Shaviv (with whom JCWatch has never had any kind of problem).  Miriam wrote:

ur mayor, Boris Johnson, is worrying me. He writes this morning:
The whole thing is unbelievable. As I write these words, Gordon Brown is still holed up in Downing Street. He is like some illegal settler in the Sinai desert, lashing himself to the radiator…
Illegal settler in the Sinai desert? Who on earth can he be referring to – the Egyptians?

To which tomeisner2 replies:

His geography is slightly wrong. He obviously meant the illegal Israeli settlers in Palestine(west Bank) Quite an insult to Gordon Brown don’t you think, I mean Gordie is not a fascist, unlike the settlers.

Having also called Stephen Pollard a neo-nazi, it appears that tomeisner2‘s definition of a fascist is “anyone who is not tomeisner2“.


Nobody more fitting to open the May collection than tomeisner, probably the JC’s most self-hating Jew (if he is a Jew).

If you yourself were to actually visit the Palestinian terrortories and see for yourself what Israeli settlers are doing to the Palestinians and think you would agree that it is inhumane. The trouble is that I don’t think you have been there recently- n’est-ce-pas? It is a form of Apartheid in so far as they are seperated off and not allowed to use the posh roads. People die at check points ona regular basis. Why don’t you go and see for yourself what the reality is all about? 

Regarding “People die at check points ona regular basis” (sic) we say openly that the writer is a liar, and by extension, for publishing this, Stephen Pollard is also a liar.

Pollard: either publish a list of names of people who have died at check-points over a given period – and specify the length of the period – or delete the tomeisner comment and disassociate yourself from the comment.

And to further our statement that Pollard has published an outright lie, we cite the Arab organization B’Tselem‘s figures for people they claim have died at checkpoints  during the 6-year period 2003-2008 (Israel would most likely counter with lower figures):

2008 – 2
2007 – 5
2006 – 3
2005 – 0
2004 – 1
2003 – 2
= 13 over a 6-year period.
This ispeople dying at checkpoints on a regular basis” (sic)?

These figures can be viewed – in Hebrew and in English – at:


Published April 2010:

Setting the record straight on Israel
 By Sonia Klein  April 27, 2010  
(Sonia Klein is the Labour candidate for Ilford North)

I would expect the Israeli government to stop all building in the settlements. Israel must stop disproportional use of force against civilians, violation of UN mandates and International human rights legislation. I believe economic sanctions should be applied if the Israeli or Palestinian government violates International Law.

Source:   http://www.thejc.com/blogpost/setting-record-straight-israel

A number of comments here:

1. Sonia Klein – sounds Jewish, no? Sorry to disappoint you – but the lady is Muslim. Her full name:  Mrs Sonia Nabila Klein.

2. If the JC Editor Pollard is against building in Israeli settlements (as if it was any of his business),  why should we complain about a Muslim saying the exact same thing? (Read Pollard’s opinion in  Stephen Pollard and Kishon’s Doggie).

3. The sanction thing sounds balanced: “if the Israeli or Palestinian government violates International Law.” But read what the Muslims are saying about this same (Muslim) candidate …

See:  <http://www.mpacuk.org/story/140410/sonia-klein-will-support-palestinian-cause.html> This is the paper of The Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPACUK) which says:

So there you have it, a Muslim PPC for Labour in Ilford North whom will openly denounce the atrocities committed by Israel and will vote against any potential conflicts if she becomes the MP for this constituency or Lee Scott of the Conservative Party who is the current sitting MP for Ilford North – an ardent supporter of Israel.
The choice is yours.

– nothing there about the atrocities committed by Hamas – and that is apart from the fact that Israel does not – has not – committed atrocities.

Pollard, why are you giving a Muslim fanatic – one strongly endorsed by  MPACUK – space in your blogs?

Just a small (selective) quote from the MPACUK‘s aims:

MPACUK’s work is defined by 4 core principles:

Reviving the fard (obligation) of Jihad
Jihad means the struggle for justice in the way of Allah, …..

MPACUK oppose the racist political ideology of Zionism and aim to counter the influence of the Zionist lobby. Openly available evidence demonstrates a Zionist agenda to dominate the Middle East and push a ‘clash of civilisations’ between Islam and ‘The West’. We therefore believe that anti-Zionism is a strategic priority to counter the greatest and most urgent threat facing the Ummah.

JCWatch wishes to clarify that it does not have a problem with British Muslims – that is Anglo-Jewry’s problem. Our ‘own’ Muslims here (in Israel) keep us busy enough …
Our problem is with Stephen Pollard allowing fanatic Muslims to use JC Blog space to publish false or misleading (as shown above) propaganda. (It is more than possible that Sonia Klein‘s article was allowed because the elgot thing doesn’t understand any of this – but Pollard is still responsible.)


I would love a Palestinian to have my “right” of return.They deserve it I do not. I might consider selling it on ebay with a £0 price.

Parts of Palestine were ethnically cleansed of their original inhabitants. That’s what happens in a war. Indeed, a lot of Jews left Arab countries because of local terror. But let’s not forget the hand of certain clandestine Zionist organisations in trying to spread fear among the Jews of Baghdad, Marakesh, Casablanca etc by placing grenades in synagogues.

Mitnachabel, Talkbacks? Goodness, there’s cool, calm and collected views. A bit like the responses on Ci and its evil twin CiFwatch, I would suggest.

EDITORIAL COMMENT:   The term “Mitnachabel” is a super-derogatory term coined by the sickest of extreme-leftist Jews – Yeshayahu Leibowitz – who was about to receive the illustrious Israel Prize (the “Jewish Nobel”) when it was withdrawn for an extreme Pollardism in which he labelled IDF soldiers “nazis“.  The term is a mixture of “mitnachel” (settler) and “mechabel” (terrorist). The sicko who wrote the above, the JCBlogs most welcome, prolific and stupid contributor, loved by both Pollard and little prissy missy elgot – they don’t care that moshe tzarfati is not his real name – spews his self-hatred all over the JC Blogs, anywhere, everywhere, and is NEVER censored in the slightest. 

The JC Editor forgot to re-publish the Blood Libel over Pesach. Here’s the best he could do:

Christian missionary John Gold:
 I think the bigger issue here is that some Palestinians had their land stolen from them and the products from their farm land are being sold (by jewish settlers) in ’so-called’ ethical stores hence the labelling, so that people can know not to participate in it, along with buying chocolate harvested by children in Africa

The Jewish Chronicle’s Blogs section serves as a warm and friendly home for Hamas propaganda:

Istanbul, Turkey – Following months of preparation, a coalition bringing together a number of organizations and movements working to break Israel’s illegal blockade on Gaza was announced yesterday in Istanbul. … in solidarity with the Palestinian people and to witness the devastation wrought by Israel’s illegal policies.   … “Through this coalition, these organizations will be able to maximize resources, experience and commitment to ending the illegal siege on Gaza. Even as Israel continues its daily persecution of Palestinians, we will use this action to wake the world’s consciousness about the crimes committed against Palestinians,” … The coalition invites organizations and individuals from around the world to join the effort by providing supplies for Gaza and contributing financial support for the mission.

 Let’s be honest Israel’s interpretation of democracy is a trifle barbaric…

Syria isn’t a democracy. Nor is Israel.

 As long as Israel illegally occupies the West Bank anti Zionists will protest and disrupt flagship Israeli groups. If people choose to buy tickets for concerts you can’t vet who you sell them to. I think if Mozart had been alive today he would also have been appalled by Israel’s actions!

Published March 2010:

If the JC Editor doesn’t care about himself being called a neo-nazi, why should he care about others? The comment following isn’t anti-Israeli per se – it’s anti the JC Editor – but we’ve included it  because Pollard’s original article was certainly pro-Israel – read it at:


wgalinsky  27 March, 2010 – 08:33
Pollard’s piece is quite staggering in its idiocy but what should you expect from an editor of the JC who is a neo-nazi apologist (the shameful Kaminski episode). Pollard’s editorship of this paper is such a sad indictment – proof that our community has no leadership.

It goes without saying, that JCWatch totally rejects the entire content of the first sentence in the preceding quote.


Another Tom Eisner self-hatred. This time he managed to construct two consecutive sentences without using the word ‘nazi‘:

Well it is the truth that Israel is responsible for evicting 750,000 Palestinians from their land just as 500.000 Israeli settlers continue to occupy the West Bank. They won’t for ever because history does not stand still.

And here’s yet another one:

 Well we can disagree with each other on this one until the cows come home but the fact remains that in 2010 500,000 illegal settlers have no right to be in the west bank. Their so called right to be there is all based on fairy stories from 2000 years ago. I long for the day when they leave.

Junior JC writer Jessica Elgot’s inability to identify Christian missionaries when she sees them, and her extended inability to do anything about it when the matter is placed square in front of her, is one of the more serious causes of the degredation of the JC’s Blogs section.

Christian missionary John Gold (more about and from him further on) has now formed a logical connection with the JC Blogs’ resident jerk (a lot – too much – from him further on) and together he sees themselves as the more morally virtuous among us …

In an article headed They say politics is show business for ugly people” John Gold pontificates:

And Im sure thats not just referring to their visual features.
It’s ugly, they’re ugly – but someone’s gotta do it.
I hate to say I told you so, but while myself, Moshe and maybe one or two others have been raising the alarm bells at Israel’s policies – it certainly seems this week we’ve been vindicated.
It’s clear that Israel is being run by the far right which is on a collision course, not just with the more morally virtuous among us, but also with the west…
Israel seems to operate out of an idiosyncratic bubble with little awareness of how others perceive the same (obvious) situations.

Or maybe Junior JC writer Jessica Elgot sees the intials JC as standing for Jesus Christ“, and therefore  feels that Christian missionary John Gold really does have a place amongst us?

“the more morally virtuous among us …” (sic)

… Jesus Christ!


This one is particularly bad. It was apparently deleted by the JC after it had been seen for some time. A JC Blogs reader sent it to me. (Thanks!). So in all fairness, we shouldn’t have included it here, because the JC did for a change execute some form of censorship. Maybe JCWatch  has the JC running scared? Anyway, we have included it – with the author’s name gold.sara (who has appeared elsewhere in JCWatch – see:    How Israel treats Palestinian children [sic] )   just to show what kind of people the JC has allowed to contribute up until now …

gold.sarah 16 March, 2010 – 15:57
Israel is a nasty, right wing, neo Nazi, apartheid state. Even the US is waking up to the fact.


The following is also a  gold.sara  contribution:

Of course Israel will be blamed for the problems of Gazan children — and not Hamas.
Who pulled the triggers that killed hundreds and hundreds of children?
Who drove the tanks and bulldosers that destroyed property and livelihoods?
Who fired air to ground missiles on residential areas?
Who dropped phosphorous to burn, kill and main?
Who built the walls that imprison millions?
Who builds the illegal settlements?

And here’s a third gold.sara contribution. No source quoted, no chance of rebuttal by any Israeli source. Welcome to the Stephen Pollard standard of journalism. HIS organization is disseminating this one-sided Hamas-Hizbollah propaganda:

 Two Palestinian children were killed this weekend. One, a 15 year old, was shot in the head.
The Israeli army accused the two dead boys of throwing stones. Eyewitnesses claim otherwise.

Assuming the boys were throwing stones, does that warrant a bullet to the head?

This killing occurred in a West Bank village.

What was the Israeli army doing in a West Bank Village shooting live ammunition at children?

The dehumanisation of Palestinians is part of the process that permits an occupying society to tolerate multiple injustices and the killings of another people.

As we have posited elsewhere, since the Jewish Chronicle Blog section performs no ID-check on blog-writing applicants, other than to ensure that they are not someone who has questioned junior JC writer Jessica Elgot’s professional credentials and capabilities, there is no guarantee whatsoever that the person behind the name gold.sara is not in fact a male, balding, aged Islamic terrorist. Posing as a  lady with a Jewish-sounding name, is far more persuasive. 

Christian missionary John Gold, who also uses the JC Blogs to disseminate his wares, also uses a Jewish-sounding name for the same reason.

So remember: All that glitters is not Gold!


The following 9 quotes are all by the same person – the JC Blogs’ resident jerk. Note recurrence of the word ‘fetish’ or ‘fetishise‘ – in 6 out of 9 posts!  Jerk has learned a new word and is getting full milage from it!  He has fetishised the word ‘fetishise’! Possibly it replaces his earlier fixation on Yisrael Beiteinu (see further on). Time will tell …

If you really want to know who the jerk is, just pop into the JC website and enter the word  fetishise in that site’s Search facility. (We aren’t mentioning his name here, because there are depths to which we will not descend …)

[Incidentally, a genuine GoogleWhack is when you input 2 words and get only 1 result from Google; “fetishise land” is such a GoogleWhack! So we now know for sure from exactly where El Jerko copied the term.]

 Some people fetishise feet. Others have a prediliction for leather. But it seems that there is a category of people whose fetish is land (especially if it’s not even their own). They place this land, together with blood and otjer symbols, above all else — especially human life. They think it’s big and it’s clever. But it is not.

So, Jon, when are you going to leave the fleshpots of Babylon and settle all of the land? No one deserves land. To say otherwise is to fetishise land blood and other meaningless symbols. By the way, the only land Israel is entitled to is that set aside for the Jewish homeland under UN resolution 181 of 1947.

 No one “deserves” land. You might deserve a sweet or another prize, but not land. Sorry, Jon, but in case you hadn’t noticed, it was you who raised the UN, not I. And it wasn’t me who from 2,200 miles distant was fetishising someone else’s land, blood and other meaningless symbols.

Hamas are indeed sick, Rich, just like any one who fetishises land and place it above human life (Israel’s far right government and its parrots abroad, for instance, are a good example of this).

 Only people who fetishise land would consider the West Bank and East Jerusalem liberated. People can be liberated, not territory. Hence, occupied territory.

 The problem is, John, that Israel has expanded Jerusalem to include areas that never were part of it, among them the occupied village they want to build in now. As far as the Israeli far right and its parrots and pawns abroad are concerned, Jerusalem can mean practically any area between Hendon, the Hamptons and the Himlayas. People are liberated, by the way, not land. Land is liberated only in the minds of those who want to fetishise it.

Here endeth the fetishise section … doesn’t it remind you of  ‘if you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it’

 So, Akiva, you think the only Jews are those who agree with your far right views on Israel? Those settlements in the occupied territories will be the death of Israel, making anyone who supports them an anti-Zionist.
 Yesha=Pesha     [Ed. comment:  ‘Yesha‘ is the Hebrew acronym for ‘Judea, Samaria, Gaza’. ‘Pesha‘ is the Hebrew word for ‘crime‘.]
Israel is an apartheid state. To suggest otherwise is to bury one’s head in the sand. There are laws which prevent non-Jews from living in areas where Jews live. There is discrimination against arabs in jobs and housing. There is discrimination against Arabs in education, the judiciary, infrastructure resources and employment. There are Arab villages that are not connected to the national water and electricity grids. As for the Ethiopians, they face discrimination of their own, And to call them falashas is derogatory since the meaning of the word is “invaders”.


And I note that you make no effort to try and refute the claim that Israel is governed by a coalition of fascist and fundamentalist parties (with Labour as a fig-leaf). I explained why I thought that was the case.
I’m no friend of Hamas or Hizbollah, but Israel is getting very much like them. And in doing so, is playing into their hands.

 More intemperate language. Why? Are you telling me that the parties in Israel’s ruling coalition are not bigots, fascists and fundamentalists? The Likud, Shas and Yisrael Beiteinu want Jewish- only neighbourhoods and towns. Shas wants to introduce laws against non-Jews and non-observant Jews and supports gender separation on buses. Yisrael Beiteinu has introduced legislation that is designed to discriminate against Israel’s non-Jewish minority.
 Stephen, if Israelis wanted peace and a two-state solution as you suggest, they would be constantly voting in a Meretz-Chadash coalition, not the bunch of bigots, fascists and fundamentalists that they have now.

Not Ahmadinejad, not Kim Jong Il, etc, because they are loons who say one thing and try to do it. Bibi tried to throw sand in the eyes of the administration and bluffed about the “freeze” in building. He wants to provoke bloodshed because that is the only way he can avoid substantive peace talks and keep the Israeli population on his side. He doesn’t want peace or peace process, because then hard decisions will have to be made. Also, Obama isn’t stupid. He knows Bibi is trying to get the Evangelists and far right Jews to topple him. Well, according to the Rasmussen Institute poll, the times they are a-changing and fewer Americans regard Israel as an ally than ever before and that number is decreasing. Add to that the fact that fewer and fewer US Jews are turned on by Israel any more and Bibi’s far right-fundamentalist coalition is in deep doo-doo.

The blockade of Gaza, which Israel is totally responsible for, is a collective punishment of all Gaza’s citizens. Furthermore the blockade is playing into the hands of militant groups and helping them to recruit. More people will be radicalised while they continue to be subjected to living in such dire conditions.

Jonathan, what about the detention of children as young as 12, by Israel, is this Hamas fault as well, or are you willing to accept that, through these detentions of children Israel is breaching all international human rights laws?

As I had referred to in a previous blog, Israel is slowly becoming religiously (and ethnically) intolerant…
Messianic Jews, that have either converted or are from a line of generations of believers (in Yeshua) – are denied the right of return?
So much for democracy and a modern tolerant country…

The above, who is a Christian missionary (it’s John Gold – we’ve met him above) wants the Right of The Return for Christians … imagine what that would do to the State of Israel!  And we have already discussed elsewhere on  JCWatch (you can use the Search function to locate where)  that only Christians use the name ‘Yeshua’: Jews always refer to ‘Yeshu’. A dead giveaway as to the writer’s identity.  Ata hevanta et zeh, Stephen?

Israel used to be a haven of the left, and people admired and respected it for many decades… Now it is a right wing nest of hawks…. and unsurprisingly it has lost international support… This isn’t due to anti-semitism, or even anti-zionism… It is a recognition that the country is on the road to becoming everything it was supposed to stand against, oppression, discrimination and injustice.

There are some people who think that if you don’t believe in an Israel from the River Jordan to the Mediterranean Sea (or perhaps from the Himalayas to Hendon), then you are an evil anti-Semite and an anti-Zionist even if you have devoted your whole life to the state of Israel.


 Hamas charter, Hamas schmarter. Israel, by carrying on its expansionism, is the author of its own demise. It really doesn’t need Hamas for that. And as for the other jihadis, well it seems that no less a figure than David Petraeus believes that Israel’s policies are contributing to their growth. Israel has become the jihadis’ best recruiting sergeant. 

…  Israel needs to defend itself cleverly, not by using sledgehammers to crack nuts. By behaving as it does, like a rogue state that views itself above the law, it is hastening its own demise. 

I keep hearing people moaning that both America and Britain are criticising Israel over it’s housing developments and non committal attitude to peace with the Palestinians (not all are terrorists as some on here would like you to believe). It is Israel’s fault!
If as some say the land belongs wholly to Israel and they are not interested in sharing the sovereignty with Palestinians, or giving them their own part of the land to live in, in order that the two, very different communities, can live their own way. Yet Israel don’t come out in an outright way and say this, but give the impression on the world stage that they are on the table for peace negotiations, who’s fault is that?
It shows insincerity and a waste of everyone’s time by Israel, while others are trying to work on a solution (rather than as Israel thinks, hoping the problem will go away, and that military force is the solution to keeping it contained). It’s as if Israel think they can play a game of poker with the situation, and then think the world is going to give them a pat on the back, when Israel is insulting their intelligence.

And secondly it’s not just “Islamic people killing and ethnically cleansing christians” – Israel (and followers of Judaism) have/ are also guilty of this too (consider that there are/ were far more Palestinian (and Lebanese) christians than there are Jewish Christians, and that Israel have killed countless numbers of them – with many moving out of their homes and becoming asylum seekers elsewhere in the world.


This next one is funny: read Miriam Shaviv’s  blog entry titled “Arafat’s eating habits” at:


– the JC Blogs’ resident Israel-hating  jerk was so annoyed that Arafat was insulted, that he posted:

Is Ehud Yaari well? Is he alive? And kicking? What nonsense is this? Time was when the JC wouldn’t bother with such derogatory tittle-tattle. This is a supreme example of dumbing-down. What has happened to the JC? It used to be a serious paper that on an almost weekly basis had its stories/features reported in the national press.

The same jerk (who comments on anything and everything, copying shamelessly from others without attributing sources – see Ozymandias below, towards the end of this compendium – its the same jerk), has some kind of obsession, fixation, phobia or similar mental disturbance regarding one particular Israeli political party, because it keeps on cropping up in his diatribes. 

On tomeisner2‘s infamous usage of  ‘lebensraum‘, our jerk finds fit to comment:

I disagree, Andrew, on the anti-Semitic interpretation of Lebensraum. It was indeed a means to expand the Reich for “living room” and to get lesser mortals to be enslaved to the Aryans. The Jews were below even te lesser mortals and were to be exterminated.
Linking Israel to Nazism is indeed highly offensive and a grotesque exaggeration, but I wouldn’t call it anti-Semitic.
Israel is using the occupied territories for expansion and “living space” and there are parties in Israel who would like to see these territories and Israel proper empty of Arabs. One such party is Yisrael Beiteinu, which is a member of Netanyahu’s government.

Elsewhere, comrade jerk has commented:

Israel has pawns too. It’s those who parrot the Yisrael Beiteinu party line and advocate voting for the Tories (whose friends in Europe are pogrom-denying Poles and SS-loving Latvians). And of course they are reluctant to condemn racist attacks on fellow Jews and Zionists with whom they disagree.

.. and we musn’t forget comrade jerk’s additional quotes from below: 

What’s to like about Yisrael Beiteinu? They are a bunch of fascist thugs who make the BNP seem like teddy bears.

According to reports the fig-leaf in Israel’s fascist-fundamentalist-fig-leaf government, ….

Incidentally, said jerk tried to get into JCWatch using the name of an IDF soldier who was in a military guard of honour at the funeral of one of the two dead IDF soldiers returned from Lebanon by Hizballah. He got the name from a photo on the Internet. Such scum really aren’t different at all from Nazis in their insane hatred. And that is the quality with which we are dealing here,  the same people Stephen Pollard is affording a comfortable literary home. (Of course, that is a very liberal use of the word ‘literary’!)

And we have full, documented proof of everything written in the previous paragraph. 

Published February – March 2010  (the original compilation):

 Like an obscene, or morally corrupt uncle we tolerate Israel as family. Yet knowing there’s something not right about it.

Antisemitism will rise with Israel’s policies and actions, and rather than defend it, justice needs to prevail and arrogance needs to be buried.

 Israel is in the moggy pits of darkeness and the way the country is being managaed is a threat to it’s own inhabitants (I say that not just Jewish people) – and with recent actions is sticking two finger up at the world..

The way Israel are serving out justice like this, and helicopter gunship blowing up cars, with a suspect in while the people in the car don’t get a trial is also not Torah (or modern democracy). It’s basically caveman style law and justice.

America (New York) was bombed on account of Zionism and America’s support for it – it is not the worlds war although the world has been brought into it! And like Iran ‘the world’ is being manipulated into a war with it, when it’s Israel’s problem (and a highly exaggerated one).

Israel are continuing in their isolationist policies, (ignoring USA and Europe in making a 2 state ASAP), but happy to draw us all into the wars. This will breed more suspicion, condemnation and hate.

America wasn’t bombed because of failure or success of Zionism, but only because ‘Zionism’ has been polluted by a form of nationalism and brutal force that has shown continual and grave disrespect for Arabs living in the land (even if some of them relate to a failed uprising many decades ago).

Will the Israeli goverment apologise to UK and Ireland for allowing it’s citizens (or agencies) to do this, affecting those whose names were used and these nations as a whole? Probably not as Israel thinks it’s a law unto it’s self, and doesn’t seem to too concerned about it’s relations with other countries (unless necessary for it’s own purposes),

Did you know that the wars with Egypt, that then led onto the Suez canal closure, and further diplomatic problems with your neighbors, and then war which then brought UK and France into the war – was created by Israel?

As for the world trade centre Why would arabs hate America? (other than their staunch support for zionism)…? There is absolutely no other reason

 Jews across the world cannot and should not be held accountable for Israeli state policies, but clearly condemnation of these policies and separating yourself from this as a Jew is certainly a good thing

Israel may have a stable government now, but who’s to say a tyrant won’t govern the country in the future (and have an unclaimed nuclear arsenal at there fingertips)?

What’s to like about Yisrael Beiteinu? They are a bunch of fascist thugs who make the BNP seem like teddy bears.

According to reports the fig-leaf in Israel’s fascist-fundamentalist-fig-leaf government, ….

The ministry does not grasp, or does not want to grasp, that Israel’s flagrant and repeated violations of international law in its dealings with the Palestinians are key to most critics’ complaints.

Although Israel is better than its neighbours, it is hardly a free democracy

It isn’t a free democracy, … because it discriminates against the growing non-Jewish minority. It also discriminates against forms of Judaism which are not in the clutches of the Orthodox (no civil marriages, no state funding for non-Orthodox movements or synagogues, Progressive Jews sidelined to a distant corner away from the Western Wall, women liable to be arrested if they pray as they wish at the Western Wall). It also denies basic rights to those whom it occupies. So no, it isn’t a free democracy.

… Israel detains Palestinians on a whim sometimes and then trumps up allegations of violent behaviour post factum.
Oh and there is an occupation by the Israelis of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. And that occupation will be the death of Israel.

Israel is occupying the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights because it acquired them by force.

 [SOMEONE ELSE COMMENTED: …in a defensive war. ]

 Irrespective of any war, acquisition of land by force is still an occupation.

Yes, indeed JIC, Israel wants to destroy all chances of peace by committing politicide against the Palestinians. Israel is the author of its own demise.

some would suggest that dropping 15-tonne bombs on residential areas or using one of the world best-equipped armies to fight 15-year-old armed with rocks is no less terrorism than blowing up busses or restaurants. Israel is digging its own grave by behaving this way.

Ah, the Guardian. Is that like Auschwitz, which people bandy about when they have nothing else to say?

 I think they have realised that Zion is a spiritual thing to which we must aspire rather than something concrete that we have to fetishise.

Leviticus was written by and for a desert tribe of nomads several thousand years ago and mirrors their morals and values. It isn’t appropriate for the 21st century.

That makes another wanted Israeli war criminal . When will these war criminals realise that their time of hubris is over? When will they realise that they themselves are the source of their own troubles, not the ‘anti semites’.

“In Haaretz, there’s a report that Mr Edelstein told a Zionist Federation dinner (side questions: Why no report in the JC? Is the ZF broiges with the JC over its editor’s slamming of Danny “the wise” Ayalon?) that the Goldstone Report was a “new kind of anti-Semitism.”

This is of course nonsense. It’s the standard jejune paranoid mantra of people who do Israel such a disservice by calibrating even the mildest criticism of Israeli behaviour by anyone who is Jewish as anti-Semitic.

Classifying Richard Goldstone as anti-Semitic is just plain childish vituperative rubbish and immediately raises the question among Jews and the rest of humanity too as to whether it will ever be possible to enter into meaningful discussion with Israel about anything at all.”

JCWatch Analysis:

Since we knew that said writer was intellectually incapable of coining phrases such as “standard jejune paranoid mantra” or even of using words such as “vituperative“, we Googled the phrase – and guess what? We almost got a GoogleWhack! (Where Google gives only one, single result).  Almost, because the phrase was found by Google just three times: twice as plagiarisms by the above, and once by the original author of the phrase.

The entire last two paragraphs quoted above were copied word for word by our anti-Israeli plagiarist in 2 separate posts in the JC blogs, from one named Ozymandias who is commenting on an article found at:

Naturally, our Israel-hating author does not credit the source from where he stole the paragraphs.

Following publication of the article you are now reading, the author of the above mentioned article “The Pathology of Jewish Anti-Semitism” – Professor Stephen Plaut of Haifa University – emailed me as follows:

Ozymandias” seems to be a Holocaust Denier and Nazi who does talkbacks at FPM

Professor Plaut  is an expert on this subject, so we can assume that he is correct. We therefore now have the words of  a Holocaust Denier and Nazi published under the auspices of the Jewish Chronicle.



We summarise by stating simply:

The Jewish Chronicle Editor and staff should be ashamed of themselves that such a compilation is possible. We include the staff in this ‘accolade’, because some orders should never be obeyed.


See also:


on our  * E D I T O R I A L  Page.


Avraham Reiss  –  Jerusalem
28 Adar 5770 – 14 March 10


4 Responses to “JC Anti-Israelisms – an Open-Ended Compendium”

  1. jcwmoderator Says:

    We’ve openly called Tom Eisner a liar – and provided proof – he obviously has no defense against this claim.

    He won’t be appearing here again.

  2. Tom Eisner Says:

    London Calling!
    I love this site and I am so glad I give you so much pleasure!
    Tom Eisner

  3. jcwmoderator Says:

    I don’t think pro-Islamic Obama should get any more weapons than he already has. Let’s wait til he finishes his one-term Presidency, and then re-examine the situation …

  4. An American Says:

    The “uk” is past the tipping point. It is clear that the “uk” is a failed state, like Pakistan, both kowtowing to home grown islamofascist thugs.

    I suggest that the “uk” transfer its WMD stockpiles to the US for safekeeping, to keep the WMDs out of the hands of alqada.

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