Anti-Israelisms in the JC's Blogs

   This is an unpleasant article. It was unpleasant for me to write, and will be unpleasant for most if not all who read it.   

However, it had to be written, both as a raison d’etre for JCWatch, and in anticipation of the call to “put your money where your mouth is”.   

JCWatch was created to combat and repulse anti-Israeli sentiments expressed both by people authorized by the Jewish Chronicle to write blogs on its website, and by others authorized to comment on them.   

We bring here a randomly selected set of some 25 or so anti-Israeli quotes from said blogs and comments, all posted during the last month!   

The Jewish Chronicle Editor and staff should be ashamed of themselves that such a compilation is possible. We include the staff in this ‘accolade’, because some orders should never be obeyed.   

JC Editor Stephen Pollard resigned from the Daily Express on a moral issue (rightly, in our humble opinion). What follows, exhibits ‘moral behaviour’ of a different rank entirely: a Jewish organization providing the platform for denigration of the Jewish State. (The word ‘rank’ is in this case a deliberate double-entendre).   

And speaking of moral issues, our Sages said: “All who cite the  author of a quotation, bring redemption to the world.”   

Maimonedes wrote an introduction to his commentary on “The Ethics of Our Fathers” (Pirkei Avot). The introduction is named “Eight Chapters” (Shmoneh Prakim). In the introduction to Shmoneh Prakim Maimonedes says that he will quote people whom he will not name, and gives a number of reasons for this. I will follow his example, but state that everything I quote can be traced back to its source within The Jewish Chronicle’s blogs, by using that site’s Search facility.   

Anti-Israelisms in the JC’s Blogs:   

 Like an obscene, or morally corrupt uncle we tolerate Israel as family. Yet knowing there’s something not right about it.   

Antisemitism will rise with Israel’s policies and actions, and rather than defend it, justice needs to prevail and arrogance needs to be buried.   

 Israel is in the moggy pits of darkeness and the way the country is being managaed is a threat to it’s own inhabitants (I say that not just Jewish people) – and with recent actions is sticking two finger up at the world..   

The way Israel are serving out justice like this, and helicopter gunship blowing up cars, with a suspect in while the people in the car don’t get a trial is also not Torah (or modern democracy). It’s basically caveman style law and justice.   

America (New York) was bombed on account of Zionism and America’s support for it – it is not the worlds war although the world has been brought into it! And like Iran ‘the world’ is being manipulated into a war with it, when it’s Israel’s problem (and a highly exaggerated one).   

Israel are continuing in their isolationist policies, (ignoring USA and Europe in making a 2 state ASAP), but happy to draw us all into the wars. This will breed more suspicion, condemnation and hate.   

America wasn’t bombed because of failure or success of Zionism, but only because ‘Zionism’ has been polluted by a form of nationalism and brutal force that has shown continual and grave disrespect for Arabs living in the land (even if some of them relate to a failed uprising many decades ago).   

Will the Israeli goverment apologise to UK and Ireland for allowing it’s citizens (or agencies) to do this, affecting those whose names were used and these nations as a whole? Probably not as Israel thinks it’s a law unto it’s self, and doesn’t seem to too concerned about it’s relations with other countries (unless necessary for it’s own purposes),   

Did you know that the wars with Egypt, that then led onto the Suez canal closure, and further diplomatic problems with your neighbors, and then war which then brought UK and France into the war – was created by Israel?   

As for the world trade centre Why would arabs hate America? (other than their staunch support for zionism)…? There is absolutely no other reason   

 Jews across the world cannot and should not be held accountable for Israeli state policies, but clearly condemnation of these policies and separating yourself from this as a Jew is certainly a good thing   

Israel may have a stable government now, but who’s to say a tyrant won’t govern the country in the future (and have an unclaimed nuclear arsenal at there fingertips)?   

What’s to like about Yisrael Beiteinu? They are a bunch of fascist thugs who make the BNP seem like teddy bears.   

According to reports the fig-leaf in Israel’s fascist-fundamentalist-fig-leaf government, ….   

The ministry does not grasp, or does not want to grasp, that Israel’s flagrant and repeated violations of international law in its dealings with the Palestinians are key to most critics’ complaints.   

Although Israel is better than its neighbours, it is hardly a free democracy   

It isn’t a free democracy, … because it discriminates against the growing non-Jewish minority. It also discriminates against forms of Judaism which are not in the clutches of the Orthodox (no civil marriages, no state funding for non-Orthodox movements or synagogues, Progressive Jews sidelined to a distant corner away from the Western Wall, women liable to be arrested if they pray as they wish at the Western Wall). It also denies basic rights to those whom it occupies. So no, it isn’t a free democracy.   

… Israel detains Palestinians on a whim sometimes and then trumps up allegations of violent behaviour post factum.
Oh and there is an occupation by the Israelis of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. And that occupation will be the death of Israel.   

Israel is occupying the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights because it acquired them by force.   

 [SOMEONE ELSE COMMENTED: …in a defensive war. ]   

 Irrespective of any war, acquisition of land by force is still an occupation.

some would suggest that dropping 15-tonne bombs on residential areas or using one of the world best-equipped armies to fight 15-year-old armed with rocks is no less terrorism than blowing up busses or restaurants. Israel is digging its own grave by behaving this way.   

Ah, the Guardian. Is that like Auschwitz, which people bandy about when they have nothing else to say?   

 I think they have realised that Zion is a spiritual thing to which we must aspire rather than something concrete that we have to fetishise.   

Leviticus was written by and for a desert tribe of nomads several thousand years ago and mirrors their morals and values. It isn’t appropriate for the 21st century.   

That makes another wanted Israeli war criminal . When will these war criminals realise that their time of hubris is over? When will they realise that they themselves are the source of their own troubles, not the ‘anti semites’.   

“In Haaretz, there’s a report that Mr Edelstein told a Zionist Federation dinner (side questions: Why no report in the JC? Is the ZF broiges with the JC over its editor’s slamming of Danny “the wise” Ayalon?) that the Goldstone Report was a “new kind of anti-Semitism.”   

This is of course nonsense. It’s the standard jejune paranoid mantra of people who do Israel such a disservice by calibrating even the mildest criticism of Israeli behaviour by anyone who is Jewish as anti-Semitic.   

Classifying Richard Goldstone as anti-Semitic is just plain childish vituperative rubbish and immediately raises the question among Jews and the rest of humanity too as to whether it will ever be possible to enter into meaningful discussion with Israel about anything at all.”   

JCWatch Analysis:   

Since we knew that said writer was intellectually incapable of coining phrases such as “standard jejune paranoid mantra” or even of using words such as “vituperative“, we Googled the phrase – and guess what? We almost got a GoogleWhack! (Where Google gives only one, single result).  Almost, because the phrase occurred three times, twice as plagiarisms by the above, and once by the original author of the phrase.   

The entire last two paragraphs quoted above were copied word for word by our anti-Israeli plagiarist in 2 separate posts in the JC blogs, from one named Ozymandias who is commenting on an article found at:   

Naturally, our Israel-hating author does not credit the source from where he stole the paragraphs.   

Following publication of this article, its author – Professor Stephen Plaut of Haifa University – emailed me as follows:   

“Ozymandias” seems to be a Holocaust Denier and Nazi who does talkbacks at FPM”    

Professor Plaut is an expert on this subject, so we can assume that he is correct. We therefore now have the words of  a Holocaust Denier and Nazi published under the auspices of the Jewish Chronicle.  


We summarise by repeating what we have stated above:   

The Jewish Chronicle Editor and staff should be ashamed of themselves that such a compilation is possible. We include the staff in this ‘accolade’, because some orders should never be obeyed.   


See also:   


  on our  * E D I T O R I A L  Page   


JC Anti-Israelisms – an Open-Ended Compendium  
Avraham Reiss – Jerusalem
22 Adar 5770 – 8 March 10





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  1. Lizzy Says:

    Amazing blog, saved your website for hopes to see more!

  2. jcwmoderator Says:

    Thanks Ed for the feed-back. We’ve only been up a month now, and are spending our efforts on becoming a solid force. Sooner or later we’ll relate to layout.

    Drop in every so often to see what’s new!

  3. Edward Says:

    PLEASE get someone to help you layout your website to make it look, and read better!

    Keep up the good work! Am Yisroel Chai!

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