How Israel treats Palestinian children [sic]

From the JC’s blog-site:

How Israel treats Palestinian children (imagine if these were Israeli children being treated this way?)
 By gold.sarah
March 4, 2010

General background

The mass arrest and ill-treatment of at least 17 children from the Al Jalazun Refugee Camp, on 11 February 2010, is not an isolated incident. On 29 September 2009, DCI-Palestine submitted 11 cases to the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture arising out of three incidents where the Israeli army entered Palestinian villages in the middle of the night and rounded up children en masse, accusing them of throwing stones at the Wall and settler by-pass roads in the West Bank. The first incident occurred in the village of Tura al Gharbiya, near Jenin, in the early hours of 19 January 2009. Units from the Israeli army took children as young as 12 years old from their homes and interrogated them in the village youth centre before transferring them to an interrogation and detention centre. The children report being beaten and threatened into providing confessions stating that they threw stones at the Wall. …


The lines quoted above  are maybe a third of the length of the entire post,  which was truncated because you will by now have seen exactly where the writer is going. Incidentally, the writer is “travelling light”, because no proof or documentation whatsoever has been provided for the outrageous claims made.

This is the Jewish Chronicle’s idea of  “supporting” Israel; the reported so-called “story” certainly has not been verified by the JC. Neither has any verification been made of the author’s identity. He/She just has to provide an email address for verification at signon time, and no test is made of that email’s veracity.  The author is not neccessarily a female, quite probably isn’t a Jew, and is most probably one of Islamic persuasion, exploiting the Jewish Chronicle’s policy of “fair play”, “you must hear the other side”, etc etc ad nauseum.  The name Sarah Gold (both First and Surname) are selected to IMPLY that the writer is a Jewish woman.

A similar JC blog writer calling himself  John Gold (again, to imply Jewish identity), has been challenged openly a number of times to confess that he is a Christian, but he refuses to either confirm or deny.

[See separate pageWays To Let The Cat Out Of The Bagwhere  the real John Gold is finally exposed!]

Another, calling himself “Lance Chambers” posted a link to a YouTube video claiming that it contained opinions representing those of the Israeli public, when it was actually a Christian Missionary film. Although this was reported to the JC, they did not remove it.

And back to Ms. Gold’s jottings …

Towards the end of World War Two, the Allies bombed the German city of Dresden with a fleet of 1,300 bombers. Death estimates even today range widely between 25,000-250,000 – the exact figure will never be known. But one thing is for sure: no British mother ever wrote to the newspapers crying about the injustice to the children of Dresden. And THAT is regarding a case where it is certain that thousands of children were maimed and killed.

The report is totally one-sided: only Arab sources are quoted. No offer of rebuttal has been proffered to the IDF or to any other Israeli source close to the subject matter.

 Incidentally, use of the term ” the Occupied Palestinian Territory” is totally unjustified. Prior to Israel’s conquering the lands in question by repelling Jordanian and Egyptian attacks on its territory in June 1967, they were respectively under Jordanian and Egyptian rule. There were no “Palestinians” in 1967, just as there are none now. Just ex-Jordanians (Judea/Samaria) and ex-Egyptians (Gaza), since when both Jordan and Egypt signed respective peace agreements with Israel, both countries  refused to accept these territories back.

I am not Don Quixote: I don’t tilt at windmills. I’m not asking why people write lies.

But I am entitled to ask the Jewish Chronicle why it publishes such disgusting anti-Israeli propaganda.

Are we to assume that the JC prints all its news stories with similar lack of verification?

If so, why do people buy it?

And when Stephen Pollard says:

  “our readers … rightly see us as a beacon of support for Israel in an otherwise hostile UK media” 

–  what exactly is he talking about?

Avraham Reiss – Jerusalem

One Response to “How Israel treats Palestinian children [sic]”

  1. Jeremy Davidson Says:

    Good final question!

    Stephen Pollard – the floor is yours …

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