JC Reporters: The New Israel Fund-UK Funds Pornographic Anti-Israeli Propaganda

What you see is an example of  pornographic anti-Israeli propaganda, funded by THE NEW ISRAEL FUND-UK, headed by farmer Nick Saphir. He admits to it, as we will show.

(JCWatch published this material back in August. You can view at https://jcwatch.wordpress.com/the-home-page-july-%e2%80%93-september-2010/ We republish it now because JCWatch’s audience has expanded greatly since then – almost in inverse proportion to the Jewish Chronicle’s steady decline in readership and revenue!)

The JC is a front for the NIF: we just look at the JC Blogs’ long-term and consistent conformity to NIF goals, for verification of this statement. NIF-UK’s funding of an Arab organization which published a poster purporting to portray an Israeli soldier grabbing an Arab woman’s breast, and NIF-UK Chairman Nicholas Saphir’s justification of the poster in reply to a JC Reporter’s question: “the poster was pretty aggressive but…” – all this is totally consistent with Pollard publishing on the day following the Israeli Commando 13  Gaza Blockade raid, tomeisner2′s comment:

“Your loathsome country Israel who we all hate in the rest of the world was founded by terrorists has always been run by terrorists and now neo nazis are in charge. The best thing anyone sensible Israeli can do is leave.”

On November 12 2009 Robyn Rosen published an article in the Jewish Chronicle titled “Outrage over ‘rape’ poster that demonises Israel“.
The article featured a propaganda poster which “shows the hand of an IDF soldier grasping the breast of a woman wearing a traditional Palestinian dress.”

The photo in the poster is obviously an edited fake for three reasons:
(1) this kind of thing just does not happen in the IDF.
(2) the soldier’s beret is on his RIGHT shoulder, not his left where it should be (pointed out by Maariv publicist Erel Segel)
(3) the IDF Magen David-based insignia appearing just below the sergeant’s stripes is NEVER imprinted on IDF uniforms; when stamped, only the letters Z.H.L (IDF in Hebrew) are stamped.

You can view Robyn Rosen’s JC article at:

and a larger copy of the poster is viewable in Erel Segel’s blog (which is in Hebrew)  at:

– although why anyone would want to enlarge this filth, is beyond us.

The final proof of what we are saying lies in the interview with JC reporter Simon Round –  Interview: Nicholas Saphir  By Simon Round, March 11, 2010

ref: http://www.thejc.com/node/29263

“The NIF has also been severely criticised for funding organisations which are considered hostile to the state itself. Saphir counters by saying that NIF distributes funds to organisations which do valuable work in countering inequality.

Does this apply to Palestinian human rights group Mada Al-Carmel? The group was awarded £100,000 of NIF money which helped to fund a poster appearing to show an Israeli soldier touching the breast of a religious Muslim woman. The poster read: “Her husband needs a permit to touch her. The occupation penetrates her life every day.”

Saphir believes that behind the sensationalist headlines, Mada Al-Carmel is doing good work. “The poster was pretty aggressive but the substance was that Arab citizens of Israel married to people living in the West Bank cannot bring their partners to Israel. From a human rights view it is a terrible policy and it is inconsistent. The law doesn’t state that you can’t bring you partner in if they are foreign, but it singles out the West Bank. That is clearly wrong.” “

So for “proud Zionist” Farmer Nick, the ends justify the means. It’s OK to use a faked pornographic poster of an IDF soldier to further Arab rights.

Tell us, Farmer Nick – and the intention here is to deliberately phrase the questions as insultingly as possible: if someone were to vilify NIF by claiming that the poster in question depicted your son grabbing your wife’s titty, would you also shrug it off as “pretty aggressive, but …?”. Were someone to publish a Photoshop’d photo of you enjoying “conjugal rights”with one of your sheep, Farmer Nick,  would you also shrug it off as “pretty aggressive, but …?”. (Or would you prefer to term it “an outrageous invasion of privacy”?) And since you have said that you met your wife in Israel, would you reply  “pretty aggressive, but …?” to a headline that shouted “UK NEW ISRAEL FUND CHAIRMAN NICHOLAS SAPHIR CAME TO ISRAEL FOR SEX?”

And since we are asking you questions for which we doubt if you have valid answers, what is the relevance of a so-called IDF soldier grabbing a so-called Arab woman’s breast, to the matter of separated Arab couples (if there are any – your word alone is certainly insufficient)?

Again, who the hell are you, an English farmer, to tell Israel what to do? Being Jewish may give you the right to kibbitz, but no more than that.

In the name of hundreds of thousands of Israelis who have proudly worn the IDF uniform through times of war and of peace, including many who died or were wounded while wearing IDF uniform, the uniform whose desecration you have funded: we spit in your face, you poor apology for an assimilated, self-hating  Jew – Chairman of the UK New Israel Fund.

And if we ever hear that you are here in Israel, we will both come and do so in person.

Telegransam       Stephen Shakli


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