Should Jewish Newspapers Publish Comments Damaging to Israel?

11 April 10 – 27th Nisan 5770                           כ”ז בניסן תש”ע

See below The Disgusting Wall of Shame of the American Jewish Press all those who saw fit to ignore the following email.

One can’t help being reminded of the position of German Jewry in the mid-thirties of the preceding century, and the little or nothing that American Jewry did for them at that time.


06 April 10 – 22nd Nisan 5770                           כ”ב בניסן תש”ע

The following text was emailed to some 40 Jewish newspapers outside of Israel. The list of newspapers emailed appears at the bottom of this Page.

 On March 3rd inst. we inaugurated a new Blog – JCWatch – designed to combat anti-Israeli sentiments expressed in the London Jewish Chronicle’s Blogs section on the Internet.

Our first task was to monitor the frequency of anti-Israeli comments appearing in said blogs.

We found that the situation is far worse than we had envisaged. It turns out that the Jewish Chronicle’s Blogs contained at least 50 anti-Israeli remarks during the period mid-February 2010 – mid March 2010, i.e. in the space of one month. Some of these comments were particularly vile, such as comparing Israel or Israelis with the Nazi regime or Nazis, calling Israel an Apartheid State, blaming Israel for the dastardly 9/11 attacks on the USA  and countless other accusations which are contained in an article whose address is detailed a few sentences further on. The number is possibly higher, since our initial research was not done at the ‘fine toothcomb level’, rather it concentrated on gleaning representative remarks both by authorized JC Blog writers and by readers offering comments.

The essence of those remarks have been reproduced in an article that can be found on JCWatch at:

– the article is “open-ended”  since JCWatch is continually adding newer anti-Israeli comments to the document as they appear in the Jewish Chronicle’s Blogs section.

The original article which superceded the current one, can be found at:

The situation with the Jewish Chronicle is thus – chronic!

The Jewish Chronicle allows anyone to open a blog in its blog section, to write whatever he wants against Israel without censorship – as long as he is not right-wing or too pro-religious – and for anyone else who feels like it to comment as he sees fit; the JC Blogs have NO objective moderation. Thus at least two writers have been identified as Christians posing as Jews, spreading Christian missionary propaganda, and the Jewish Chronicle has seen fit to do nothing whatsoever about this. You can verify this for yourself in the above-mentioned article “Anti-Israelisms – an Open-Ended Compendium”.

The Editor of the Jewish Chronicle has been approached 3 times in open letters, and refuses to answer, or to relate in any way to the matters raised. The anti-Israeli comments keep pouring in, at the rate of at least 50 a month.

You can read the letters to him on the JCWatch Blog.

We are therefore approaching a selection of around forty non-Israeli Jewish newspapers and requesting them to answer the following question:

Should Jewish Newspapers Publish Comments Damaging to Israel?

The question does not relate to professional journalists expressing researched opinions or constructive criticisms – JCWatch is NOT trying to muzzle the Press!

We therefore invite you to offer your opinion on this situation, on the question:
Should Jewish Newspapers Publish Comments Damaging to Israel?

You can reply either in the Leave a Reply box below, or alternately, replies can be emailed to:

We are printing the names of all the 40 or so Jewish newspaper-recipients of this request here below, so that our viewers may determine which newspapers related to the question.

Thanking you in advance for your cooperation and participation,


The Disgusting Wall of Shame of the American Jewish Press

The Following Jewish Newspapers Were Invited to Answer the Above Question – and didn’t!

One can’t help being reminded of the position of German Jewry in the mid-thirties, and the little or nothing that American Jewry did for them at that time.

Arizona Jewish Post  Jewish News of Greater Phoenix  Baltimore Jewish Times  Buffalo Jewish Review  The Canadian Jewish News  Connecticut Jewish Ledger  Chicago Jewish Star  Dayton Jewish Observer  The Jewish Daily Forward  The Jewish Advocate  Boston  Jewish Chronicle – Pittsburgh  Jewish Community Chronicle  Jewish Community News (San Jose)  Jewish Community News – Teaneck NJ  Jewish Heartland – Shorewood WI  Jewish Journal Boston  Jewish Journal – Deerfield Beach FL Jewish Journal – Youngstown OH  Jewish Journal of San Antonio  Jewish News of Western Massachusetts – Northampton MA  Jewish Observer of Central New York  Jewish Post & Opinion 2 Indianapolis  The Jewish Press Jewish Press – Omaha NB  Jewish Reporter – Las Vegas NV  Jewish Review – Portland  Jewish Standard – Teaneck NJ  Jewish Times – Pleasantville NJ  Jewish Voice NJ  Jewish Voice of Rhode Island  Jewish World Review  Observer – Nashville TN  San Diego Jewish Times  Shalom Newspaper – Wyomissing PA  St. Louis Jewish Light – St Louis MO  Western Jewish Bulletin  Washington Jewish Week  Washtenaw Jewish News – Ann Arbor MI  Winnipeg Jewish Review  Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle – Milwaukee WI


Avraham Reiss – Jerusalem

2 Responses to “Should Jewish Newspapers Publish Comments Damaging to Israel?”

  1. Review Says:

    You have some honest review here. It looks like you have done a research on the issue and discovered.Anyway thanks a lot.I think most peoples will agree with your blog.Keep it up.

  2. jcwmoderator Says:

    Very soon after we sent our original email back in March containing the above invitation, we received a first – and very pleasing – reply as follows:

    Let me assure you that there are British Jewish newspapers (ie the Jewish Telegraph) which do support Israel while reserving the right to be constructively critical where necessary,

    Paul Harris
    Editor/Managing Director

    Member of the British Guild of Travel Writers

    Jewish Telegraph Group of Newspapers

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