Stephen Pollard and Lord Haw-Haw

This is another article that is unpleasant to write. But since unpleasantness is a frequent feeling for many readers of the JC Blogs and their comments, that’s no big deal. The Editor of the Jewish Chronicle was informed by JCWatch that the next time he publishes a comparison between Israel and Nazi GermanyJCWatch will write and publish a comparison between himself and Lord Haw-Haw.

This is it.

On 23rd March the following appeared as a comment on an article by Richard Millett (whom we regard as one of the ‘good guys’ – and we hope that compliment from JCWatch doesn’t harm his standing in any way):

23 March, 2010 – 22:40
 Ok 1 diplomat is being slung out. There should be 500,000 settlers slung out of Palestinian West Bank. These utterly selfish people(neo nazis)have no right to be there. Their claimed right to be there is all based on fairy tale bible stories.
The West Bank is Palestinian property not Israeli.

The above was the third comparison of Jews with Nazis by this tom eisner person in the last month alone (see all three on the JCWatch Editorial Page, at  * E D I T O R I A L ).

[We aren’t even beginning to think at this point of commenting on the disgusting slur on Judaism in the words “fairy tale bible stories”. That’s for another day.]

Calling 500,000 Israeli settlers “neo-nazis” expresses a degree of hatred that should not find its place in a Jewish newspaper. Stephen Pollard thinks otherwise, namely that it is perfectly OK to publish such comments, and only removes them under threat from JCWatch. Given the current wave of antisemitism in Britain – which Stephen Pollard reports in the JC and  makes a good living from said reports! – such publication can only fan the flames of rising antisemitism in the UK, so the problem is one of Anglo- Jewry’s as much (if not more) than of Israel’s. If a Jewish newspaper can call Jews Nazis, why can’t antisemites quote it?

Before we continue, our sources are all from the Internet: Wikipedia details Lord Haw-Haw’s history, and YouTube provides a number of (rather boring) Lord Haw-Haw broadcasts, to which we have listened. [Incidentally, Joyce had one amazing sentence while reporting the Nazi invasion of Norway and Denmark: he spoke of “the German Defence Forces”! We’d never heard that one before! If we weren’t dealing with Nazi Germany, we’d have been tempted to say that the chutzpah was almost Jewish!]

Our basic reason for comparison of Steve Pollard and William Joyce a.k.a. Lord Haw-Haw was that both published or broadcast remarks damaging to their countries, from outside of these countries. That previous sentence is open to great debate.

Joyce was born in the USA to an Irish father, and spent some time in Ireland before travelling to England. He was formerly a senior member of the British Union of Fascists, and fled England when tipped off about his planned internment on 26 August 1939, becoming a German citizen. During WWII he broadcast anti-British propaganda from Berlin, and became known as “Lord Haw-Haw” by the British.

Joyce was captured by British forces in northern Germany just as the war ended, tried, and eventually hanged for treason on 3 January 1946. Joyce’s defence team, appointed to him by the court, argued that, as an American citizen  and naturalised German, Joyce could not have been convicted of treason against the British Crown. However, the prosecution successfully argued on the basis of a technicality that having lied about his nationality to obtain a British passport and to vote, Joyce owed allegiance to the king.

Joyce’s affinity to Britain was thus in doubt, but did not prevent his hanging.

Stephen Pollard’s affinity to Israel is similarly questioned, in the same way that the affinity of any diaspora Jew to Israel can be questioned. Pollard occasionally publishes very pro-Israeli articles of his own in the British Press, but like William Joyce also publishes from outside of Israel, in his case  disgusting anti-Israeli comments in his JC Blogs section on the Internet. JCWatch has documented some 50 (fifty!) anti-Israel comments in the JC Blogs for which he is responsible, during the month or so spanning mid-February – mid-March 2010. These can all be viewed on JCWatch at JC Anti-Israelisms – an Open-Ended Compendium

But is Israel ‘his’ country? What allegiance does he owe it?

Two separate questions. The allegiance one is easier, and could only be considered problematic under a pointed conflict between Israel and his country of birth, in this case, England. Even in the middle of the Dubai aftermath, there is no practical conflict. Nobody is being forced to make a choice. Pollard himself sticks his neck out in the Telegraph (24 March) and says: “Indeed, it is ironic that the UK Government has now expelled a diplomat from one of our key allies in the fight against terror, but lets Islamist hate preachers remain in the UK and draw the benefits that allow them to work to achieve their goals at the taxpayers’ expense” – and he has even stronger pro-Israeli points in that article. 

But all that in his favour stands against the 50 or so anti-Israeli comments published in the JC’s Blogs within 30 days, and probably every 30 days.

Stephen Pollard, from outside of the country of your religion you are firing verbal missiles at it, some of them more dangerous than the Hamas missiles aimed at Sderot, because influenced international public opinion could well limit the scope of the actions possible by the IDF in the next round.

William Joyce was a practical extremist – he had to be, to follow the path his life took.

Stephen Pollard is a verbal extremist: just one quote from him:

I am accused of defending the settlements and Israeli building in East
Jerusalem. Where though? You will not find a word of that from me,
anywhere, in any piece, ever. Because I don’t defend them.

 I think the settlements are wrong morally, politically and practically, and I would  like to see some form of international protectorate over Jerusalem. And I’ve written that many times.
[End Quote]

We haven’t heard the above penultimate sentence from anyone in the Israeli extreme left for a very long time, if at all.

[The preceding quote has been discussed at length in JCWatch‘s article  Stephen Pollard and Kishon’s Doggie ]

So we have two extremists. Joyce was a practical extremist. He took extreme actions – and paid the price for them.

Pollard, the verbal extremist, appears to be no more than a lazy git, or alternately a lousy administrator. He publishes the occasional pro-Israeli article in the national Press. But the potentially volatile Blogs published by his newspaper he leaves in the hands of a still-wet-behind-the-ears child, barely out of university, whose own self-serving CV proclaims no Jewish education whatsoever. When a comment comparing Israel with Nazi Germany is written the child does nothing,  until JCWatch – like a dog-owner running after doggie with brush and pan to clean up its mess – makes a story out of it, at which time Pollard orders the removal of the offending article. In the last 3 weeks since JCWatch became active, this has happened 3 times so far! (One case was in fact the opposite – restoration of an unjustly  deleted article.)

Neither is said child ‘moderator’ sufficiently knowledgeable nor  intellectually capable of detecting the sometimes subtle nuances of sly, Christian missionary propaganda, and therefore allows them to slip through and remain published. This has been documented in detail in JCWatch‘s article  Ways To Let The Cat Out Of The Bag.  [Elsewhere we have suggested that maybe said child ‘moderator’ thinks that “JC” stands for “Jesus Christ”, so everything’s OK.]

Pollard, should you decide to appoint a responsible and reliable person to run your Blogs section – someone with a modicum of maturity, Jewish knowledge and pride in being Jewish – instead of the incompetent nonentity who is currently giving you a very bad name (and who was responsible by its snottiness  for the creation of JCWatch) – at that time you may put JCWatch out of business. But we doubt that you will do it: it smacks too much of “giving in to the peasants’ uprising” . The “Le Roi” syndrome is probably your weakest – but most dominant – feature, and we fear that JCWatch will be around for some time to come.

To phrase it in the street language in which you are considered conversant: you have the power to put JCWatch out of business – but you haven’t got the balls.

Avraham Reiss – Jerusalem
Nisan 5770      –      March 10

Comparisons between Israel and Nazi Germany, as published by the JC,  will NOT pass unretaliated. 

Nemo me impune lacessit.

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