Who Raped the Virgin Mary?

This article first appeared in the JC Blogs section, and was removed by JC editorial censorship. It is now  republished for sentimental reasons: it was the first step towards the creation of JCWatch.


The title is not intended to be offensive to Christians. It is designed to depict graphically an act of Regicide – if not Deicide – in Jewish Chronicle terms.

The JC serves as a sharp tool for bashing the State of Israel. “Barbarians”, “Apartheid State” are just two epithets representative of the insults hurled daily at the Jewish State by the Jewish Chronicle in its Blogs section.

Christian missionary propaganda is also acceptable, and even when pointed out to JC staff, is not removed.

On the other hand, a Christian who donates large sums of money to Israel is labelled an anti-semite.

Anthing goes. Say what you like about Israel, no need for proof of any kind. The JC hosts it all.

Except for one thing.

Like a true dictatorship, you are NOT allowed to criticize Jewish Chronicle staff.

Last week a friend of mine had reason to question the qualifications and capabilities of a Jewish Chronicle writer regarding the subjects covered by said writer. Almost immediately, his Username was cancelled and his permission to write comments was revoked. From the Internet point of view, this is a Hamas-type assassination of critics; if you can’t write you don’t exist.


Because he dared to point out that junior  writer Jessica Elgot, who writes on highly-inflammable Jewish subjects such as Liberal synagogue intentions to perform gay marriages, is TOTALLY UNQUALIFIED for the job since her CV as displayed on her own private blog show not even an iota of Jewish education.

So let me say it for him:

The Jewish Chronicle is behaving in a morally dubious way  by making its money from the name “Jewish” on the one hand, and permitting Israel-bashing on the other.

The Jewish Chronicle is  behaving in a professionally and morally dubious way   by employing cheap labour (at least one junior reporter not qualified to handle the subject being reported) on subjects important to the Jewish community. JC readers deserve the best, not the cheapest and least-qualified reporters. They pay for it.

For the Jewish Chronicle, bashing and slandering the State of Israel is all done in the name of ‘Freedom of Speech’. Christian missionary activity? Welcome! Please come in, sit down, feel at home!

But pointing out the inadequacies of junior writer Jessica Elgot in handling sensitive material – that is akin to raping the Virgin Mary!

4 Responses to “Who Raped the Virgin Mary?”

  1. jcwmoderator Says:

    Hey, people! I don’t mind a few laughs at Elgot’s expense – she earned them honestly.

    But this was a serious article, so please, no more funnies …

  2. Jenny Krieger Says:

    You forget – she works for the Jewish Chronicle. She can do ANYTHING!

  3. Joe Peters Says:

    Huh? How can she be called a virgin, if she was just …

  4. Jenny Krieger Says:

    So now Ms. Elgot is known in JC circles as “The Virgin Jessy”? 🙂

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