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This Editorial was written in March 2010. We have come a long way, since then.

Mr. Stephen Pollard – Editor of the Jewish Chronicle, refuses to reply to all three of the Open Letters addressed to him on this blog, and emailed to him personally. He is thus ignoring the problem – fully documented by us on the Pages of  JCWatch – of multiple anti-Israeli  sentiments expressed on the JC Blogs for which he is responsible. Anti-semites and at least two Christian missionaries are thus exploiting the resources of the Jewish Chronicle (we repeat, JEWISH Chronicle) for disseminating anti-Israeli propaganda. Mr. Pollard must by now be aware of the full extent of the problem, as currently documented in our articles   Anti-Israelisms in the JC’s Blogs   and   JC Anti-Israelisms – an Open-Ended Compendium.

(The most vile examples found so far, appear here below.)

We have therefore felt justified in adding to JCWatch‘s masthead the slogan:

                     “the blog that rendered Pollard speechless“.

Mr. Pollard: this is not Leadership. It is Escapism. 



The following is the worst to date, which we also regard as an open act of treachery against the State of Israel by a so-called “Jew”. So it comes before everything else. It was published by Stephen Pollard (posted by Tom Eisner) on 31 May 10, the day of Israel’s naval activity in enforcing its blockade on Gaza, and relating to it:

“Your loathsome country Israel who we all hate in the rest of the world was founded by terrorists has always been run by terrorists and now neo nazis are in charge. The best thing anyone sensible Israeli can do is leave.”

The JC Editor should vomit (or if he prefers, puke) after reading these vile diatribes, which he published after our 1st list appeared on JCWatch.
We originally envisaged publishing here just one item, but the same author has added a second – and then a third – and we can’t decide which is worse. So here are all three – portions in red coloured by JCWatch for emphasis:

N.B.  – a third comment added on 23 March 10 …

Tomeisner2 10 March, 2010

Doesn’t the refusal of Israel to stop the settlement advance remind us of another period in history. Lebensraum.

 Hitler justified the taking of the “Sudetenland” in 1938 as Lebensraum for the Germans. According to the Nazis there were historical reasons going back to the beginning of time, German land that the Untermensch Slavonic Czechs had stolen etc.etc.

According to the Israeli settlers in the West Bank there are also historical reasons for their taking of this land. Their justification apparently goes right back to the Bible and beyond…. they are convinced that they are right in creating Israel’s Lebensraum.

Hence the comparison.


tomeisner2  17 March, 2010

Coming from a background where 50% of my family were killed by the Nazis I feel absolutely sickened by what Israel is doing with their ever encroaching settlements. How dare this country behave in this way, which so resembles what my family’s murderers did. in fact I can honestly say that I long for the day when this racist country is finally told that enough is enough and that they have to leave the West Bank. Don’t forget occupations always eventually end.
I so look forward to the day when the Palestinians win



tomeisner2 23 March, 2010 – 22:40
 Ok 1 diplomat is being slung out. There should be 500,000 settlers slung out of Palestinian West Bank. These utterly selfish people(neo nazis)have no right to be there. Their claimed right to be there is all based on fairy tale bible stories.
The West Bank is Palestinian property not Israeli



See     JC Anti-Israelisms – an Open-Ended Compendium    for a full list of anti-Israelisms.


Avraham Reiss   –   Jerusalem
03 Nisan 5770 – 17 March 10


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  1. jeremy rosen Says:

    Thank you for your communication and I wholeheartedly support your campaign to reveal all the subtle and not so subtle vested interests, preconceptions, chips on shoulders and political correctnesses that have made Anglo Jewry such a sad and sorry place. All vibrant creativity has come from the fringes, not the centre.

    Similarly in Israel, the political and social establishment has so degraded the spirit of the country, just thank goodness there’s so much good outside of the political and commercial nomenclatura.

    If ever one needed proof of the existence of God , it is our survival nevertheless!!!


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