An Open Letter To Stephen Pollard #1


An Open Letter to Stephen Pollard – Editor of the Jewish Chronicle  

Dear Sir,

In an article located at ““, JCWatch has exposed a regular contributor to the Jewish Chronicle Blogs section as a Christian posing as a Jew.

If you will peruse the JC’s Blog article by John Gold dated 18 Feb 10,
you will see in the first comment by one identifying him/herself as “ibrows”:

Jews across the world cannot and should not be held accountable for Israeli state policies, but clearly condemnation of these policies and separating yourself from this as a Jew is certainly a good thing“.

The learned “ibrows” obviously sees John Gold as a Jew, whereas in the aforementioned JCWatch article John Gold is quoted as defending the “honour” of the “Jews for Jesus” movement, this apart from the semantical proof of Gold’s Christianity presented in the JCWatch article.

Incidentally, the quoted article’s opening sentence alone:

“Like an obscene, or morally corrupt uncle we tolerate Israel as family”

– should have been enough to invoke the same rules of censorship that the JC is quick to impose on preserving the honour of its own staff.

Mr. Pollard, you are requested to explain why you will continue to allow a Christian posing as a Jew to write in The Jewish Chronicle Blogs section.

A copy of this open letter has been sent to your JC email address.

Avraham Reiss – Jerusalem
20 Adar 5770 – 6 March 10

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  1. Haim Levy Says:

    Do you really expect a reply?

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