An Open Letter To Stephen Pollard #3

An Open Letter to Stephen Pollard – Editor of the Jewish Chronicle

Dear Mr. Pollard,

Our Sages tell us (Ethics of the Fathers 4,2) “the reward for perfoming a mitvza is another mitzva, and the reward for performing a sin is another sin“.

You chose to ignore our first open letter to you, Mr. Pollard, and the result was open letter #2. And we DON’T mean that we wrote the second letter in a fit of pique at being ignored the first time.

Had you asked your staff to analyze who are the writers of the anti-Israeli comments documented in our second letter to you, you would have been informed that roughly 50 percent of the 25 or so anti-Israeli comments were all written by the same person, namely John Gold, the Christian missionary or “Jew for Jesus” who was the subject of the first letter.

Had you then decided “this person is promoting Christian missionary activity, AND foul-mouthing the State of Israel, giving the Jewish Chronicle a bad name while using it as a vehicle for publicising his beliefs; he has no place with us” – had you made such a decision it would have reduced the list produced in letter #2 to you by half, because in all fairness we would have had to view his comments as a thing of the past, and not included them in the list. 

Not only that, but had you continued to check who wrote the remaining half of the list, you would have seen that in all honesty, our second letter would have had to take a totally different tone.

But you didn’t do any of that. The ‘Le Roi’ syndrome. Beneath your dignity. You apparently think that if you ignore us we’ll go away.

It isn’t going to happen. You are actively assisting us in performance of a task that we would prefer to see redundant. And the increasing number of ‘hits’ we get each day are very encouraging.

Again, as long as ‘Jewish‘ appears in your newspaper’s name, you are requested to prevent use of your newspaper’s resources for purposes of Israel-bashing and Christian missionary propaganda.

A copy of this open letter will be sent to your JC email address.

Avraham Reiss – Jerusalem
24 Adar 5770 –  10 March 10


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