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27 September 10 – 19 Tishri 5771               י”ט בתשרי תשע”א

Will the Real JC Blogs Moderator Please Stand Up? (We strongly doubt that she/he has the guts)

Today we received another in a string of emails from one signing himself “insider”, and purporting to work for the JC and providing “inside” information. So far we have published all or almost all his mails to JCWatch.

Today’s mail reads as follows:
September 27, 2010 at 12:15
We are confused as to why you persist in attacking Jess Elgott. She no longer works on the website; it’s now in the hands of the
equally unqualified Jennifer Lippman and Richard Burton’s son (yes, nepotism rules at the JC).
I myself am leaving the JC — it’s not Jewish or pro-Israel enough — so this might be my last communication. Be’hatzlachah.
[end mail]

In the past most of the mails sent to us by “insider” have not proven reliable, i.e. his various prognoses have not materialized, and we see no reason why we should give the current mail credence. Elgot notified that she was going on holidays for two weeks – no more than that – and we certainly felt in that time the unique professional impotence displayed by her replacement, Jenni Frazer (the one who couldn’t ask Ehud Barak difficult questions – remember, Jenni?).

Since the JC Blogs Moderators have recently resorted to the cowardly signature “anonymous“, we have no means of knowing who is currently authorizing publication of messages of hatred of the State of Israel, and who is closing blog debates as soon as she reads a post containing 4- or 5-letter words, which she cannot understand.

(The funny thing is that in many forums world-wide it is perfectly acceptable for a Moderator to use the signature “Moderator”, and there is nothing wrong with that. The same anonymity is attained as with use of the signature “anonymous”, but this is generally acceptable. The sudden switch to use of the signature “anonymous” from the previous practice of  the JC Blogs Moderator signing its name, reveals a cowardly mindset, the desire to hide. And the only thing currently around for a JC Blogs Moderator to hide from, is of course … JCWatch!)

As for Burton’s son – who we understand is a yok like daddy – here in Israel, when fired upon we don’t stop to check if the attacker was circumcised or not: we hit back immediately, and are not necessarily committed to “proportionate” responses only. So, Burton junior, if you really are a goy, you’d be well advised to stay out of the line of fire – this isn’t your fight.

As for Jennifer Lippman – we don’t know anything about her, so she starts with us ‘tabula rasa’ – a clean slate.

However, until the JC formally announces a change in JC Blogs staff, we are assuming that Jessica Elgot – the foul-mouthed bint – is still responsible, and we will continue to react accordingly. We owe her that much. Jessica Elgot is the Founding Mother of JCWatch; it was her snottiness that inspired JCWatch’s creation!

There is of course a natural tendency to attribute the supposed removal of Elgot from JC Blogs moderation as a JCWatch achievement – but we aren’t going there. This is not about personalities (or in Elgot’s case – lack of personality). True she is both immature and Judaically ignorant and was thus miserably and totally unsuited for the task at hand, but we remain focused on what is being published in the JC Blogs. Theoretically, new “management” could put us out of business – we could certainly live with that.

If Jennifer Lippman really has taken over moderating the JC Blogs, then she can either come out and say so openly and honestly, or she can sit back and let Elgot continue to receive the bulk of JCWatch’s fire – should she (Lippman) maintain the JC Blogs current policy of providing a warm and open home for British anti-semites and/or obsessive Israel haters.

There’s nothing new about poltroonery in the Jewish Chronicle, so let’s see how things turn out …


26 September 10 – 18 Tishri 5771               י”ח בתשרי תשע”א

What Jewish Chronicle Blogs Readers Think of the Jewish Chronicle Blogs – a selection

From:  Moderation problems and what can be done.  By mattpryor  September 24, 2010


There’s a story told in Israel about how Golda Meir once accompanied Henry Kissinger to the Kotel HaMaaravi (Western Wall) and told him that prayers uttered there are always answered by G-d. Kissinger uttered a few general prayers, and after each one he asked Golda “Can G-d really hear me?”, and each time she reassured him that such was the case.

Finally, Kissinger prayed that Israel would agree to give up land in order to appease Arabs.

“Now,” Golda told him, “you are talking to the wall!”

That is about the same as how the JC will relate to Matt Pryor’s innocent, naive, honest and decent request as posted in the preceding link.

The JC is controlled by the New Israel Fund, which has no problem funding filthy, even pornographic, anti-Israeli propaganda posters (See earlier posts here in JCWatch regarding the NIF, in particular The Silence of Farmer Nick”dated 08 August 10, further down on this Page).

But there are a few decent Jews left – here are a few of their opinions regarding the JC NIF-owned Blogs:

Jon_i_Cohen  24 September, 2010 – 10:35

What must be remembered is that this is the Jewish Chronicle.
There are plenty of other forums for the anti-semites to spew their hatred.

amber  24 September, 2010 – 16:05

Don’t you just love how ibrows and zair try to sound all reasonable, when in truth all they want is a platform from which to spew their Jew hatred. There is no debate to be had with someone who equates Deir Yassin with the Holocaust, or those who vilify Israel to the exclusion of all else. For these two, Israel can do no right – ever – and deserves an endless and obsessive stream of venom heaped upon her.

The exclusive singling out of Israel, holding the Jewish state to different standards -that is antisemitism, and these two are guilty of it in spades.

Harvey  24 September, 2010 – 16:30

The problem as I see it is the fact that individuals with an extreme anti Israel bias are continually allowed to post above the line . The JC remains British Jewrys flagship publication and should represent the views of the majority and that includes supporting and identifying with Israel as an independent Jewish homeland .
That is not to say that Israel is above criticism ,but such criticism should be contextual ,objective and constructive .Invariably this is not the case with those who use criticism as a means to delegitimize and demonise Israel at every opportunity . These individuals have come to the conclusion that existential wars followed by the two Intifadas have failed and that Round 3 is now through BDS .

I have no idea who these individual are.They could be JFJFP or even worse opponents of Israel.

I read the JC because I support Israel and believe that is the position of the JC. If I wanted to read and counter hate blogs I can go to MPAC, Lenins Tomb, Viva Gaza etc etc .I dont have to read it here.

Its not about moderation or premoderation. Its about preventing those who seek the end of Israel as a Jewish state posting ATL on a Jewish paper/website .

It needs to stop or else the JC becomes in effect a mouthpiece for the foul individuals who post their hatred with impunity .

I realise the readership of these blogs is minute but that is not the point .

In the meantime the best thing is not to respond to a single post. These individuals require the oxygen of response. ….


JCWatch comment: Currently, the Jewish Chronicle IS  ”a mouthpiece for the foul individuals who post their hatred with impunity” – and has been for a long time now. Its blogs are also “moderated” by a foul-mouthed individual: http://twitter.com/jessicaelgot/statuses/21774054500 . That is why JCWatch was created.


21 September 10 – 13 Tishri 5771               י”ג בתשרי תשע”א

King George VI Tightened the Noose Around German Jewry’s Neck

Joshua18 posted in a JC Blogpost dated 20 September 10: “Andrew Roberts: Britain Blew Up Jewish Refugee Ships” 


” … Of course the hostility of the British establishment toward Jewish immigration into Palestine since long before the notorious 1939 White Paper on the subject is well-known—even King George VI wrote that year to say that he was “glad to think that steps are being taken to prevent these people leaving their country of origin”— …”.

A quick Google revealed that King George VI did far more than merely write that “he was glad to think that …”. His royal Majesty in fact went as far as instructing the Foreign Secretary Lord Halifax to do something about it. The following was taken from the Guardian dated 14 April 2002 (emphases by JCWatch):


“… Support for appeasement of Hitler was common among the British establishment during the 1930s. Conservative MPs who publicly opposed the policy, such as Winston Churchill, were threatened with de-selection.

The historian Andrew Roberts believes that Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement policy ‘commended itself to the royal family on a number of levels. It was, correctly, considered axiomatic that another war would spell doom for the British Empire.’

Some documents from the period have already entered the public domain, giving an indication of the royal couple’s views. In the spring of 1939 George VI instructed his private secretary to write to Foreign Secretary Lord Halifax. Having learnt that ‘a number of Jewish refugees from different countries were surreptitiously getting into Palestine’, the King was ‘glad to think that steps are being taken to prevent these people leaving their country of origin.’ Halifax’s office telegraphed Britain’s ambassador in Berlin asking him to encourage the German government ‘to check the unauthorised emigration’ of Jews.”

Halifax’s telegraph in 1939 initiating the request that Hitler not allow “unauthorised” Jews to leave Germany, was thus a direct result of George VI’s letter to him. When it came to anti-semitism, King George VI did not stutter at all!

And to show that King George VI was not alone in British Royalty’s connections with Germany, here are a few items for your perusal … 


The list of Nazi royals also includes a number from the principality of Hesse, next door to Lippe. Amongst them is Prince Christoph of Hesse, another of the jolly members of the Ritter SS – and brother-in-law to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Sunday Times 16 Jan 2005
German roots still a royal embarrassment


However, more embarrassing than names the length of a bus are the family’s links to Nazi Germany. The duke is Greek and some of his relatives sympathised with the Nazis; others joined them. One brother-in-law, Prince Christoph of Hesse, was a member of the SS and flew fighters that attacked allied troops in Italy. In fact, so many of Philip’s relatives had Nazi links that when he married Princess Elizabeth he was severely limited on the guests he could invite.

More notoriously, his [King George VI’s] brother, the former King Edward VIII, who became the Duke of Windsor after abdicating in 1936, was sympathetic towards Hitler. Even in 1970 he told one interviewer: “I never thought Hitler was such a bad chap.”

Other royals also had links to the Nazis. Baron Gunther von Reibnitz, the father of Princess Michael of Kent, was a party member and an honorary member of the SS. And the brother of Princess Alice, a great-aunt to the Queen, was a Nazi who said that Hitler had done a “wonderful job”.


And for some eye-opening accusations  that will set your head spinning, read:


Interesting to note that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has never visited Israel.

Prince Phillip has visited once, for a personal reason: His mother, Princess Alice, is buried at her request in Jerusalem, and in 1994 he came to visit her grave and to receive the Medal of Honour of Righteous Amongst the Nations, awarded to her by Israel’s Yad VaShem Holocaust Memorial, for hiding – and saving – a Jewish family in Athens during the WWII Nazi occupation of Greece. A tree was planted at Yad VaShem in her name. 

Prince Charles represented Britain at Rabin’s funeral.


One can’t help sometimes wondering if members of the Kessler Foundation (which owns the Jewish Chronicle) don’t possess a few quarts of British royal blood in their veins … the Jewish Chronicle’s publishing comparisons between the State of Israel and the Nazis, together with publication of many other expressions of hatred of the Jewish State, somehow seem to be a natural continuation of the general gist of this post.


15 September 10 – 07 Tishri 5771               ז’ בתשרי תשע”א

What Was the Jewish Chronicle’s Contribution to the TUC’s decision to boycott Settlement Produce?

TUC carries composite 18 on Israel  By Jonathan Hoffman  September 14, 2010

If I were a TUC official trying to pass the above resolution, I would simply print out copies of the JC’s Blogs section and pass them around. “Look,”  I’d say, “our own Jews are calling the Israelis murderers, Nazis and thieves; what more convincing do you need?” (We back up this statement with full quotes; just click on:  https://jcwatch.wordpress.com/articles/anti-israelisms-an-open-ended-compendium )

Well done, NIF-mouthpiece the “Jewish” Chronicle. You might have just assisted in cheating your British readers (whose number, we understand, is steadily declining) out of the best of Israel’s agricultural produce. Your hands are not clean of this matter. The “up” side? More for us here at home; chilled grapes on a hot day at this time of the year, are a mouth-watering delicacy!

“Congress instructs the General Council to work closely with the Palestine Solidarity Campaign …” – as anti-semitism in Britain will continue to rise, don’t forget the contribution that originated in Furnival street – although eventually you will have more urgent matters to attend to.

The Jewish Chronicle – copywriter for British anti-semitism!


13 September 10 – 05 Tishri 5771               ה’ בתשרי תשע”א

Erev Yom Kippur – More “New Israel Fund” Anti-Israeli Filth as Published by the Jewish Chronicle

Erev Yom Kippur 5771, the NIF’s mouthpiece has seen fit to bundle together in one post a large collection of hate- and/or delegitimization- messages against the State of Israel.

Unless the Elgot thing has returned from its holiday, responsible for publishing all these hate-messages is Third Rate Hack Jenni Frazer, who recently cried: “Sadly, the high level of vitriol extended to people with whom one disagrees is now a major consideration when voicing an opinion. Personal, disgusting, vicious abuse has become the norm“, and who is doing exactly THAT by allowing for publication the following hate-messages. (Sans the sexual reference, Proverbs 30,20)

All the quotes in this post are from:
Samaria, Israel’s Hidden Asset  By Michael Gottlieb September 11, 2010

Note below how the pathological Israel-haters ibrows and C. Levenson can’t even agree on Middle East history; C. Levenson says: “But of course you swallow all those lies your parents taught you about how WE Jews bought the land” – i.e. in his opinion we didn’t buy the land, – whereas ibrows says: “Initially these Jews did indeed buy up Palestinian land”.

 … according to the theory that ibrows and C. Levenson are the same imposter – boy! Is he some schizophrenic!

The New Israel Fund, together with its mouthpiece the Jewish Chronicle, are working on the Nazi-Goebels (I really don’t care if  ’Goebels’ is spelled correctly or not) principle, that if  you repeat a lie often enough, people will start to believe it. Therefore the Jewish Chronicle publishes day after day after day the lie that Judah, Samaria and Gaza are so-called “palestinian” lands. They can’t be. Until the Six Day War Gaza was in Egyptian hands, and Judah and Samaria were in Jordanian hands. No “palestinians” in either area – only Egyptian and Jordanian citizens respectively (and we use the word ‘respectively’ very loosely), and pre- Six Day War there was certainly never a demand for independance for a non-existent “palestinian” nation.

And incidentally, a fact that our Arab cousins love to distort or ignore: these areas came under Israel’s control because said Arabs – Egypt, Jordan, Syria – declared war on Israel in 1967 with venomous intent to destroy her – and lost!

With the Israeli-Egyptian Peace agreement signed by Saadat and Begin, Egypt refused to take Gaza back, and it remained under the control of the State of Israel. The same regarding Judah and Samaria, with the Israel-Jordan Peace agreement signed by the late King Hussein.

Jon I. Cohen has explained all this in much greater depth and detail in past posts in the  JC Blogs section. 

Since 1948 when what until then had been termed ‘Palestine’ was parcelled out by the U.N. between Israel, Jordan and Egypt, there were no more  ”palestinian” lands. A newspaper that is supposed to be committed to the truth, but that prints lies day after day after day, is not a newspaper, it is a mouthpiece for a political organization, in this case the New Israel Fund – Jews who live outside Israel and are bent on committing maximum damage inside Israel.

Well, here is the NIF propaganda for today:

ibrows  11 September, 2010 – 23:27
Biblical narratives don’t give you rights to Palestinian land

Your still living the biblical fantasy i see, back in the real world, this remains Palestinian land, occupied by Israel
clevenson  12 September, 2010 – 00:31

 the fact is that until the 1920s there were very few jews in Palestine. they have no right to call it their land at all. But of course you swallow all those lies your parents taught you about how WE Jews bought the land and how there was no one there before. All lies.
Israel as it exists will not survive and i am working tirelessly to see this apartheid country change for the better. AND IT WILL just wait and see!!!!

ibrows  12 September, 2010 – 15:20

Your unbroken chains are mythical. The census i cited is another example of proof that Palstinians were the numerical majority in Palestine for generations, and you believe they had no sovereignty? Your distorted views of history are a joke.

You cannot expel 750,000 Palestinians from their homes in 1948 and try and justify this by claiming they had no sovereignty, its ridiculous. 

Initially these Jews did indeed buy up Palestinian land, however after 1948, the state of Israel expelled the Palestinians from their homes and seized this land, which has subsequently been turned over to the Jewish agency and Jewish National Fund for the exclusive settlement of Jews.

Lets clarify the nature of these so-called ‘unbroken chains to Biblical times’.

Firstly, the Bible is not a historically accurate document, and masses of archaeological evidence has proved this.

Secondly, ancient Israelites and Judeans had sovereignty over the country for only 1,300 of its 10,000 years of recorded history (a third of which was under Babylonian, Greek or Roman suzerainty), alongside 1,300 years of Muslim rule.

So how can you claim an unbroken chain, when the land has spent more time under control of non-Jewish than Jewish leadership.

Its a bit like the descendents of Roman’s returning to Britain and claiming their rights are superior to all others land rights

There is masses of evidence from travellers documentation, to Ottoman archives, you cannot deny the truth, its simply that your not interested assessing the evidence, merely supporting your deeply entrenched position.

Palestinians have lived in Palestine, and what is now Israel for generations, it is only the Zionist myth of Palestine as an uninhabited land prior to 1947, everyone else in the world acknowledges this is totally fabricated notion.


08 September 10 – 29th Elul 5770               כ”ט באלול תש”ע

                ערב ראש השנה  ה’תשע”א

Poor Jenni!


Erev Rosh Hashana, a cry from the heart …  “Personal, disgusting, vicious abuse has become the norm, frequently directed at those who cannot respond”. Can’t respond? Jenni has a blog (which no “anonymous” would dare to censor) and can respond to what she likes when she likes. But her basic problem – and it’s not hers alone by far – is that she is living in la-la land! The Jewish Chronicle is a front for the New Israel Fund, that evil organisation which was the source of 94% of the anti-Israeli information appearing in the now-infamous Goldstone report (a fact reported by Im Tirzu, and not seriously refuted in any way by the NIF, beyond a childish denial by Farmer Nick Saphir). That Jews should be responsible for such a vile and false report can only be termed treachery. But what is important here is the extent of the treachery, and where it leads to.

As a result of that fictitious NIF-baked report, the lives of IDF soldiers will be in greater danger when there is next a clash either in Gaza or elsewhere, for the simple reason that their activities will come under far greater scrutiny – something which no military likes. The result being a reduction in the number of feasible military options available.  And like many other Israelis, I, Avraham Reiss, the power behind JCWatch, have a very close relative currently serving as an officer in an IDF unit that does not sit twiddling its thumbs at time of conflict,  and a second very close relative who serves in the reserves of another front-line IDF unit. And at least three nephews, all of whom are combat-soldiers. “Personal”?  Couldn’t be more so.

Your blogs are increasing the dangers they – and all IDF soldiers – must face at time of war.

So what your beloved JC Blogs section is doing when it publishes all its anti-Israeli filth, something that would have put smiles on Adolph Hitler’s face, is giving justification for the same comments to be repeated by non-Jews such as Clevenson, ibrows, TwoGunSam and your other odious friends, but this time with the “reasoning” that “if the Jews say it, don’t complain about us”.

So Jenni, if you complain about “personal, disgusting, vicious abuse” – it’s the very least you and your JC cohorts deserve for your acts of treachery against the State of Israel. Your JC Blogs are personally, disgustingly, viciously abusing the State of Israel! Just open https://jcwatch.wordpress.com/articles/anti-israelisms-an-open-ended-compendium for verification of that statement.

There is on the JC blogs a jerk who signs himself “DLeigh-Ellis”. His last own blogpost was about some unheard of folk festival. But in principal he troubles himself to contribute a blogpost something like once in two months. His behaviour is very reminiscent of those two old codgers who sat in a balcony box in the Muppet Show – Waldorf and Statler if memory serves me correct  – he just keeps on making snide remarks about others, but contributes very little himself.

He has just written about JCWatch “JCwatch is a platform for bitter individuals who cannot bring themselves to debate seriously. It is filled with crude abuse and offers nothing of any merit to any debate.” We refer you to the Marilyn Page https://jcwatch.wordpress.com/articles/the-marilyn-page at the end of which our hypocrite poses a number of questions, but when replied to by JCWatch, after being told that he didn’t understand what he was reading, simply … vanishes. Now THAT is someone who cannot debate seriously! Dleigh-Ellis (his relevance to Judaism is unclear) is just part of the fun and games. But for some people, as explained above, this blogging stuff is taken very seriously.


07 September 10 – 28th Elul 5770               כ”ח באלול תש”ע

                ערב ראש השנה  ה’תשע”א

Our Erev Rosh HaShanah Message and Prayer

We repeat here below the words of Shlomit who suffered a trauma from attending a so-called “seminar” funded by the infamous New Israel Fund. See the entire article athttps://jcwatch.wordpress.com/articles/shlomits-letter-to-the-n-i-f  .

Most if not all of the statements contained in the quote from Shlomit have been published at one time or another by the NIF puppet-paper, the Jewish Chronicle, which serves to tighten the last screws on the relationship between the New Israel Fund and the Jewish Chronicle. For confirmation of this claim, compare Shlomit’s words with the contents of our file JC Anti-Israelisms – an Open-Ended Compendium, at https://jcwatch.wordpress.com/articles/anti-israelisms-an-open-ended-compendium  .

We wish all Jewish Chronicle Blogs staff actively involved in daily incitement to and furthering of hatred of the State of Israel and its inhabitants by publishing anti-Israeli sentiments day after day after day, a year in which many and varying personal problems will distract them from their evil tasks, which were far more suited to the early ‘forties of the previous century.

[start quote]

I found myself in the desert under laboratory conditions, cut off from the world, cut off from Internet,
with Palestinian and Jewish human rights activists who negated the State of Israel’s existence.
With people who want to annihilate the State without ruling out violent means,
who believe that the State of Israel was born out of sin and who apologize for its existence,
who loathe Israel and its symbols,
who justify harming Israel, its soldiers and all its institutions,
who devote their lives and efforts towards turning Israel into a bi- or multi-national country.
In fact the above is inaccurate. These people are fighting for one nationality alone – Palestinian.
These same people oppose communal or civil national service for Arabs within the State.

They also equate Israel’s actions with those of Nazi Germany.

[end quote] 


Since Stephen Pollard has not denied the contents of our blogpost  Has Pollard Been Fiddling the Figures?  of 01 September, our first task in 5771 will be to present the matter to the Press Complaints Commission, requesting that they ascertain the truth of the matter.

We wish all JCWatch regulars a successful and happy New Year!


05 September 10 – 26th Elul 5770               כ”ו באלול תש”ע

Jenny Frazer Quadruples Her Output – Well Done, Jenny!

Farmer Nick Saphir waffles on a lot about ‘Tikun Olam’ as a purpose of the New Israel Fund. Well, here’s a good example of someone in the NIF‘s front – the Jewish Chronicle – undergoing ‘Tikun Olam’ and improvement.

On 10th August we noted that Jenny Frazer had managed to write a blogpost at the rate of almost 6 words a day!

Since then our Jenny has actually managed to quadruple her output! in a blogpost headed “Oy” dated 2 September, Jenny has managed to write 24 words in one day! As we say in Hebrew: Yofi, Jenny!


That fact that what she wrote is utter nonsense just pales in comparison with this remarkable achievement!

Again, Yofi, Jenny!

(But let’s not get carried away too far: most of what she wrote was a quote from someone else!)


03 September 10 – 24th Elul 5770               כ”ד באלול תש”ע

Marking 6 Months of JCWatch

As the story goes, during the Brezhnev period someone got up in Red Square and shouted “Brezhnev is an idiot!”. He was immediately arrested, and received a sentence of 20 years: 1 year for insulting a Head of State, and 19 more for revealing a state secret.

That is a preamble to our marking 6 months of JCWatch. And to paraphrase Dale Carnegie: “every day in every way we are getting stronger and stronger”.

Yes, today 3rd September, by the goyishe date, JCWatch marks 6 months of activity. Not ‘celebrates’, marks. We shouldn’t really exist. The only reason we do is because a small bunch of sick Jews located at 25 Furnival street, London, feel an obligation to continually and continuously foul-mouth, besmirch and defame the State of Israel. Accusing it of Nazism, Murder, Theft – just ask Stephen Pollard for his full list of anti-Israeli obligations, most probably  furnished by the NIF – of whom we will speak further on. The text on our blue masthead at the top of any JCWatch Page states our mission concisely.

The Brezhnev story points to the reason we came into existence. While participating in the JC Blogs we had cause to point out that Jessica Elgot covered Jewish stories for the JC, but her CV showed not one iota of Jewish education: she was not qualified for the job she was performing. For that we were banned from the JC Blogs. [ Read the full story in one of our first articles: Who Raped the Virgin Mary? at https://jcwatch.wordpress.com/articles/who-raped-the-virgin-mary-2  ]

Can you, children, identify in which kinds of regimes such organisations used to exist?

The moral of the story: you mustn’t reveal JC “State Secrets”.

It’s been an interesting 6 months. We are for the most part an event-driven Blog; the JC provides the events, and we react accordingly. Thus we were pulled into the dark, murky world of the New Israel Fund. And the further we allow ourselves to get pulled in, the darker and murkier it becomes. But we will keep on digging.

As we have pointed out in several recent posts, we don’t need to provide specific proof that the JC is a front for the NIF: we just look at the JC Blogs’ long-term and consistent conformity to NIF goals. NIF-UK’s funding of an Arab organization which published a poster purporting to portray an Israeli soldier grabbing an Arab woman’s breast, and NIF-UK Chairman Nicholas Saphir’s justification of the poster in reply to a JC Reporter’s question: “the poster was pretty aggressive but…” – all this is totally consistent with Pollard publishing on the day following the Israeli Commando 13  Gaza Blockade raid, tomeisner2′s comment: “Your loathsome country Israel who we all hate in the rest of the world was founded by terrorists has always been run by terrorists and now neo nazis are in charge. The best thing anyone sensible Israeli can do is leave.”

And is also totally consistent with yesterday’s publication of  justification of the Hamas murder of six Israelis, by “clevenson”: “Well what about all the thousands of Palestinians killed by wonderful Israel. They are not important because they are not Jews of course. Are you not surprised that the settlers were attacked. They are occupying land that does not belong to them.”

JCWatch is an aggressive blog.  The Jewish Chronicle created it, and earned the aggression honestly. We are just finishing our running-in period.  We haven’t even started looking at the JC newspaper itself. Stay with us: we promise you won’t be bored!

We are not goyim. We do not turn the other cheek.

Our Motto: Nemo me impune lacessit – Nobody punishes us with impunity.


02 September 10 – 23rd Elul 5770               כ”ג באלול תש”ע

Stephen Pollard Publishes Justification of the Murder of 4 Israelis, who left 6 Orphans

Ater 4 Israelis were murdered 2 days ago leaving 6 orphans, Pollard published the following by clevenson:


“Well what about all the thousands of Palestinians killed by wonderful Israel. They are not important because they are not Jews of course. Are you not surprised that the settlers were attacked. They are occupying land that does not belong to them.”

Allowing Christ-lover clevenson to justify murder is NOT  ”Freedom of Speech” – it is incitement to murder. In Israel, Editor Pollard, you would be put on trial for this.

And on the same day, the same Christ-lover clevenson is allowed to publish:

“Not guilty. The Israeli captain who emptied his rifle into a Palestinian schoolgirl”

This last one represents dredging up of an old case from 2005 where the accused was acquited.  The headline is a lie! clevenson is scratching amongst the dust-bins of history for more and more anti-Israeli material, and he won’t let the truth confuse him.

Stephen Pollard, you give him a free hand in this.

Just take a look at the titles of clevenson’s last 5 blogs posts – ALL on anti-Israeli subjects:






For YOUR funeral, Pollard, we will fly to England with a mouth-organ and a saxophone; we can’t play either, but we will be there to make a hell of a joyous noise! (Volunteers with drums – register here …)

… and we don’t hear you replying to the figure-fiddling question …


01 September 10 – 22nd Elul 5770               כ”ב באלול תש”ע

Has Pollard Been Fiddling the Figures?

This is not an accusation, rather a question which arises from information received by JCWatch’s informer from inside Furnival street, one who identifies himself as “insider”.

On August 23rd in a post titled  “JC’s circulation up 3.67 per cent” located at  http://www.thejc.com/blogpost/jcs-circulation-367-cent, Pollard crowed as follows:
“I sent this email to the JC’s editorial team this morning. I’m sharing it with you because we are all hugely proud. I am thrilled to be able to report that the JC’s year-on-year ABC circulation figures (30/6/09-30/6/10) are up 3.67%. In June 2009, circulation was 30,436; this June it reached 31,556 – an increase of 1,120.”

On which “insider” has informed JCWatch:
“What Pollard didn’t mention in his blog on circulation is that sales in the UK are down to about 22,000 (from 25,000). Pollard was crowing about the rise without mentioning that it included an unaudited number from abroad.”

So, according to “insider”, Pollard has lost the JC some 3,000 readers  in the UK this year, and to cover that (roughly) 12% UK readership loss he has produced an unaudited number of wogs to balance the figures. Can you believe that “balance”? The Jewish Chronicle covers mainly UK Jewish affairs, and all of a sudden, while some 3,000 UK readers have abandoned the JC, more than 4,000 new readers from abroad have started reading the JC?

While Pollard warbles about the above massive readership loss “we are all hugely proud”, we here at JCWatch can’t help wondering how great is JCWatch’s contribution to the JC UK readership downscaling? Here at JCWatch, we are all hugely proud! A Jewish newspaper that publishes hundreds of sick anti-Israeli comments a year, well deserves a massive reduction of its Jewish reader-base.

Pollard, by Jewish law, silence is considered acknowledgement of the facts:  ’Shtika kehoda’ah dami”.  Either deny “insider”‘s claim or be considered a fiddler.

What are the true JC circulation figures?

* A copy of this post was emailed to Pollard personally: he can’t claim he didn’t see it.


31 August 10 – 21th Elul 5770               כ”א באלול תש”ע

The Jewish Chronicle – a Tool of the NIF

Under a post headed “Why?” (31 August 10) Yvetta asks why the thread by Michael Gottlieb dated 30th August, headed “Samaria, Israel’s Hidden Asset” was suddenly closed. http://www.thejc.com/blogpost/samaria-israels-hidden-asset

Writes Yvetta:
“Michael’s beautifully written blog seems to have been closed to comments absurdly prematurely. Of late, too many blogs have been closed to comments rather before what can reasonably be considered their natural expiry date.”

JCWatchcan tell you why, Yvetta.

In our previous item here on JCWatch (30th August) we gave as  the reason for early closure of many recent threads, Jenni Frazer’s limited intellectual capabilities. And we have no reason to reconsider that position. (Just view her past ramblings if you differ). But if you read Michael Gottlieb’s entire thread you will note that until it was closed only 3 Christ-loving anti-semites had replied and spread their poisonous self-hatred: telegramsam, clevenson and ibrows. For the NIF’s front, the Jewish Chronicle, this was a perfect point at which to prevent possible rebuttal by loyal Jews (who really have no business associating themselves with the Jewish Chronicle!)

Clevenson, the great expert on international law has decided that the settlers in Samaria are illegal (pity the Israeli government wasn’t told of this earth-breaking new legal decision); ibrows the mendacious propagandist writes “Only if you ignore the fact that Palestinians lived in the West Bank territory for generations and that Israel dictated that the terminology of ‘Samaria’ be used after 1967 to obscure the fact that actually, the territory belongs to the Palestinians.”  He ignores the fact that Jews lived there for some 1,400 hundred years, and that as little as twenty years ago there was no such thing as a “palestinian”, and that Samaria (Shomron in Hebrew) was the original name of the area long before any Arab ever set foot there.

This is why Michael Gottlieb’s thread was closed. Far better to close at a point where three Jew-posing goyim have spread their filth undisputed, than to allow decent, authentic Jews to refute the propaganda. On such matters, Frazer is obviously receiving “guidance” from “above” (athough morally, that should read “below”!)

The NIF, for which the JC is obviously a front, has been documented as financing a poster portraying an Israeli soldier grabbing an Arab woman’s breast –  for full details, scroll down on this page to our post “The Jewish Chronicle and NIF-Supported Pornography” dated 26th July 10. The NIF UK Chairman, Nicholas Saphir is a Director of the Kessler Foundation – which owns the Jewish Chronicle.

The Jewish Chronicle is carrying out NIF policy to the full, which explains the lion’s share of its behaviour regarding Israel. Only fig-leaf Stephen Pollard is allowed to write a few pro-Israel articles a year, to provide a cover of “impartiality”.

And on this subject, Blacklisted Dictator has emailed us as follows:
It seems from the attached that the Kessler Foundation is directly linked to The NIF.

– Note the presence of New Israel Fund under “Related or Similar Companies” on that Page, immediately following  2  Jewish Chronicle entries. From this we can view the Jewish Chronicle and the NIF as identical siblings to the Kessler Foundation “parent”.


30 August 10 – 20th Elul 5770               כ’ באלול תש”ע

‘Kilroy was here’? No, that should read ‘Jenni Frazer was here’ – and speaking of Jenni, let’s discuss Shechita

Foul-mouthed Jessica Elgot is off on holidays for two weeks, and she has been replaced in the JC Blogs by Jenni Frazer. How do we know who is Elgot‘s replacement – they both sign themselves ‘Anonymous’?  Because Jenni Frazer leaves a very distinct trade-mark: As soon as a thread / post reaches the point where our Jenni no longer understands what is being discussed – she terminates it! You think we are kidding or exaggerating? Here are three threads she has terminated all in one go!

See also our post at the bottom of this Page regarding Jenni, dated 01 July 10:
“The Third Rate Hack Rides Again – AWAY  From Confrontation …”

Obviously, the task of replacing Lady Elgot is too intellectually demanding of our Jenni. And possessing an intellect lesser than that of Elgot, really is something unusual! Apparently, the lower the intellect, the higher you get in the JC hierarchy. (Sounds a bit like government, no?)

Anyway, we want to point out something concerning one of the Frazer-terminated threads:

‘meat from humane slaughter without stunning’   By happygoldfish August 26, 2010


The general discussion on legislative proposals to interfere with Shechita in that thread dealt with everything except the most important aspect: Halacha. Not surprising, since we have not seen anyone in the JC Blogs who can actually open and discuss a sefer Halacha.

There is extensive discussion on this subject in the Responsae of the Sridei Eish (Rabbi Yakov Yechiel Weinberg z”l). Specifically, the matter of stunning before Shechita, which is the latest point of discussion. But we aren’t going to get inside the Halachic discussion. What we deem relevant here are the circumstances which caused the Sridei Eish  to contact Rabbis all over pre-WWII Europe, for their opinions on the matter of stunning.

Those circumstances are best described by Israeli journalist Itamar Levine.  In 2002 he published a second edition of his book“Letters of Fire – Testimonies from the Holocaust Period in Halachic Literature”.

Chapter One of his book opens with  the following lines  (JCWatch’s  translation from Hebrew):
“In the years preceding the Holocaust it was mainly the Jews of Germany who suffered from persecution … the most severe (decree) being that concerning Shechita. An edict published by Hitler’s government in 1933 included special instructions regarding the Shechita of animals and fowl.”

Levine goes on to detail the new edict, which determined that stunning by an electric instrument was now obligatory before killing animals – which made kosher Shechita impossible. This was the edict that started the Sridei Eish on his lengthy research into the subject of stunning before Shechita, as far back as 1933.

For Jenni Frazer’s benefit, we slowly explain that from the above we learn that the first act affecting the Jews of Germany, as far back as 1933 when Hitler came to power, was that which prevented Jews from performing Shechita. And when viewed with hindsight, we can say that prevention of Shechita was a harbinger of things to come.

For a change, JCWatch is not criticizing the Jewish Chronicle. We wish to point out  to  European Jewry that  European Jewry, once bitten by a Shechita decree, should be wary of what is happening today in Europe. We suggest to European Jewry that it should leave the trees alone for a while, and start taking a look at the evolving shape of the forest.


29 August 10 – 19th Elul 5770               י”ט באלול תש”ע

In our previous post (26th August) we wrote: “… the terms ‘nazi’, ‘neo-nazi’, ‘apartheid state’ and similar epithets, in the past directed against the State of Israel, have not appeared in the JC Blogs section for some time now”.

Well, that’s no longer accurate.

On 27th August another of the JC Blogs’ Christ-worshippers, named clevenson, published a post headed “Apartheid Israel’s education system in action”, i.e. the term “Apartheid Israel” was authorised for publication by the Jewish Chronicle. The thread was eventually terminated in what is now the JC Blog’s usual cowardly fashion by the signature ‘anonymous’ – we are used to that, the people possessing influence in the JC have revealed themselves time after time as lacking in moral fibre. But the offending post which labels Israel ‘apartheid’ is still available for all to see.

Even after running JCWatch for what is now approaching 6 months,  we still find it difficult to accept that there are so-called Jews – of the ilks of Frazer and foul-mouthed Elgot, and of Pollard who allows all this – who are always happy to besmirch the State of Israel.

Calling the State of Israel  ‘apartheid’ is very obviously a lie. OK, some people are liars, some of them are residents in the JC Blogs section. But a newspaper is supposed to report the truth.  A Jewish newspaper, or the the Jewish Chronicle’s case, a Jewish newspaper taking a ride on the Jewish cart, is expected to retain a reasonable amount of loyalty towards the State of Israel. The Jewish Chronicle doesn’t:  scroll up a little to the post headed  ‘Stephen Pollard  slanders  The State of Israel’ and read what the JC published about Israel on the day of the Israeli naval commandos’ action in enforcing the Gaza blockade.

You Jewish Chronicle staff are disgustingly disloyal  Jews.


And again, 29th August, the same Christ-worshipper clevenson publishes in the JC Blogs: “Israel rattled by the boycott”, in an attempt to lower Israel’s morale. The funny thing is that as we sit here in JCWatch’s office in Jerusalem, the only source of information we have regarding this so-called boycott, is from the JC Blogs who publish the ramblings of Christ-worshipper clevenson and a few others of his ilk. And how reliable can Christ-worshippers be? Here in Israel nobody knows what on earth he is talking about. And let’s face it, how many people read the JC Blogs at all? 20?

But from the Jewish Chronicle’s point of view, this is allowing publication of an attempt to reduce morale amongst Jews; a failed attempt, but a JC-authorized attempt, as are Christ-worshipper clevenson’s comments of the type “What does it feel like being on the losing side, knowing that the noose is tightening?” (We’ve already published a comparison between Stephen Pollard and Lord Haw-Haw: https://jcwatch.wordpress.com/articles/stephen-pollard-and-lord-haw-haw; each edition of JC Blogs seems to increase the justification for that comparison).

Stephen Pollard, in time of war – war in Britain, not here in Israel – for publishing such attempts at demoralisation, you might well be  stood against a wall and shot. As would foul-mouthed Elgot. Kindly souls might then claim your body, to ensure its burial in a church-yard. Foul-mouthed Elgot’s they would probably leave to rot where it fell, for the birds.

Poor birds! In our mind’s eye, we can see them coughing and spitting …


26 August 10 – 16th Elul 5770               ט”ז באלול תש”ע

“Here they are, on the street where I live …”

On the street where we live the dustmen pass through with their refuse lorry three times a week. Our street is not the first street on the lorry’s route, at the end of which it will be emptied of all garbage and readied for its next run. So whatever happens, whenever the lorry arrives at our street it always contains a ‘fair’ amount of garbage.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a perfect analogy for the Jewish Chronicle Blogs section.

Since JCWatch first appeared in early March 2010, it has claimed responsibility for the removal from the JC Blogs of a few genuine anti-semites, pathologic Israel-haters, such as eisner, zafarty, the golds – sarah and john – and has also forced the foul-mouthed Jessica Elgot to stoop to signing her name as  ’anonymous’ when trying to act as the Blogs “moderator”. (Why ‘foul-mouthed’? Click on the following link:)    http://twitter.com/jessicaelgot/statuses/21774054500   

We extend as proof the fact that the terms ‘nazi’, ‘neo-nazi’, ‘apartheid state’ and similar epithets, in the past directed against the State of Israel, have not appeared in the JC Blogs section for some time now. We claim credit for this – for having done the job that Stephen Pollard is paid to do! (Stephen Pollard: the man at whose brit milah, apparently the wrong end was thrown away!)

But like the dustmens’ refuse lorry, the JC Blogs section continuously and compulsively refills itself with a new selection of Israel-haters – i.e.  it always contains a ‘fair’ amount of garbage!

ibrows – a goy posing as a Jew, DeborahMaccoby – who identifies herself with Gaza, to the point of writing poems about it (doesn’t she have a life at all?), and  Peter Simon – another goy-posing-as-a-Jew, but who employs the names of two of Jesus’ disciples: Peter and Simon – in an in-your-face type of defiance. And of course, where would we all be without the intensively self-hating telegramsam?

Now the game has progressed beyond simple zafarty/eisner name-calling. The new target is Israel’s democratic system.

“Peter Simon”, in a plagiarised post which he was dishonest enough to pass off as his own – see:


tries to attack said democratic system. Quite rightly, J. Hoffman asks “Was the person who wrote this sober?”, raycook says: “There are so many logical errors and contradictions I’d hardly know where to start” and mattpryor identifies the source of the plagiarised “article”.

We make two points here:

One, again the JC is sleeping on the job, and due chiefly to the limited intellectual capabilities and Judaic knowledge of Jessica Elgot and Jenni Frazer – neither of whom is capable of understanding what is happening here – has not recognised that British Israel-haters have now upped the ante and have progressed from simple name-calling to idealogical attacks on the very essence of the modern State of Israel. Neither do they (the two J’s)  nor most JC Blogs suscribers possess the Judaic knowledge required to repel and rebutt these attacks.

Two, Judaism never claimed to be a democracy. In an ideal situation, a King of Israel wages war AFTER receiving authorisation from the Sanhedrin. Sanhedrin: a body composed of Israel’s wisest rabbis who are not elected by modern democratic process. From here the Greeks evolved ‘rule of the wise’ – they got it from us. That was democracy? The nearest Judaism gets to democracy, is “acharei rabim lehatot” (Exodus, 23,2) in a rough translation “incline towards the majority”, but this is strongly conditional to the inclination being good. One is forbidden to follow a majority on a bad matter, i.e. one halachically forbidden. This is, at best, a limited form of democracy; the majority can’t always do whatever it wants.

A perfect example of when one is forbidden to follow the opinion of the majority, would be the destruction of Gush Katif by Ariel Sharon (known today as the “Zemach Zedek); read The Marilyn Page at  https://jcwatch.wordpress.com/articles/the-marilyn-page  towards the end of the article for justification of this  statement.

Gush Katif’s destruction and abandoning was supported by Israel’s almost entirely leftist Press, but also by the  Israeli chiloni – irreligious – majority, an explanation being given by columnist Yair Lapid (son of the infamous Tomi) that the act was regarded as revenge against the religious sector for Rabin’s murder (A large number, if not a majority of Gush Katif’s residents, were National-Religious). And as we have said, this is a “perfect” (single-word oxymoron, no?) example of when by halacha one does NOT follow a majority decision – quite apart from the fact that no true goyishe democracy would ever destroy 27 villages and make some 8,000 people homeless just as a matter of revenge.

So maybe Israel is not a democracy today – but not  for the reasons that JC Blogs anti-semites are positing. Maybe it isn’t supposed to be a democracy at all. The JC Blogs goyim will never understand this, and will keep on at it long after the train has left the station.

The JC Blogs, run by the intellectually challenged and Judaically illiterate, continue to hurl poisoned spears at Israel.

Menuvalim – nimastem!


23 August 10 – 13th Elul 5770               י”ג באלול תש”ע

The strange logic of Jessica PomPom

The comments here relate to Lady PomPom’s latest JC Blogs post, located at:
– headed:  The strange logic of Richard Dawkins

We don’t give a damn about Dawkins, a non-Jewish atheist: let him do what he wants – possibly subject to the proviso posited by King George V, namely “as long as he doesn’t do it in the streets,  frightening the horses”. And if we have invoked the British Monarchy, H.M. the Queen is also the head of the Anglican Church, so any rebuttal of Dawkins should be coming from that direction (but don’t hold your breath).

JCWatch was created when its creator commented in the Jewish Chronicle Blogs section that so-called Blogs “moderator” Jessica Elgot’s loudly-trumpeting and highly self-serving CV as published by her, displayed not one iota of Jewish education, and thus her ability to write on Jewish subjects was/is at the least, questionable. As a result, said creator was “removed” from the blogs section. Lady PomPom has had five months since then to either deny the truth of what we have said, or to update her CV to indicate presence of a modicum of Jewish education. She has done neither.

Before we go any further, to view the ‘finish’ provided by a totally non-Jewish education,  read just one sentence uttered by Lady PomPom on Twitter:   http://twitter.com/jessicaelgot/statuses/21774054500 

– would you like one of your sons to bring home such a crude, foul-mouthed bint? To mother your grand-children? …

(If she removes that url, we will replace it.)

The point has not changed: again Lady PomPom is writing about things of which she has little or no knowledge.

What Jewish schools do teach is a deep understanding of tradition, of history, of chesed, the value of community, a respect for religious beliefs and enables those who want live a religious life to do so as fully as possible, with a deep knowledge of Jewish law.

Thus sayeth the Lady PomPom.

And we ask: how many Jewish “Faith” schools did Lady PomPom visit before writing her “piece”? With how many headmasters, teachers and students did she confer? Also, note her use of “chesed” – it’s a buzz-word used also by our old friend Farmer Nick, of NIF infamy. No surprises there: Her Master’s Voice  …

JCWatch’s creator was educated in – or more accurately, regularly attended – British Jewish “Faith” schools from the age of ten until he left school. And is thus qualified to write on this subject. Not only is Lady PomPom not qualified here, but what she has written is pure drivel.

Anglo-Jewry has not produced one great Jew (by Jewish standards) in a thousand years. Anglo-Jewish “education” is the main reason for this.

Anyone who wants an in-depth understanding of what goes on (or has gone on in the near past) in at least one Jewish school, should read  Melchett Mike’s Blog, specifically the Hasmonean Grammar School stories.

JCWatch is certainly not against Jewish “faith” schools in any way whatsoever. It IS against ignorant, undeducated, dishonest reporting of said schools’ situations, which serves to falsely reassure the Jewish public that all is well in its Jewish education of its young, thus preventing needs for further examination of current statuses, and hence hindering improvements.


19 August 10 – 9th Elul 5770               ט’ באלול תש”ע

 We never realised that Jessica Elgot is so unpopular! Our previous post dated 17th August received an almost all-time record number of hits! Obviously ‘friends’ are referring each other to the post.

Incidentally, she herself provided us with the idea; while browsing through her blogs we found her mentioning  what was to later become the second Google parameter  (on her blog it served as a prefix to the word ‘enlargers’ – tells you something about her, doesn’t it?) of our 17th August post.  (If you Googled as suggested, you will have seen it).

As long as Israel‘s enemies remain of her intellectual (view her JC Blogs posts)  and moral ilk, we here in Israel can continue to sleep soundly at night.

To paraphrase a comment attributed to the  Vilna Gaon: “In a mind that is full of unclean thoughts, there is no room for cleanliness”. 


17 August 10

Against our better judgement …

This is pretty disgusting, and normally we wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing, but when you wallow in the Jewish Chronicle mud for a long time you get muddy, and it’s August, and it’s very, very hot, and not much is happening, and we don’t invent items as a rule, rather we react to what is published in the Jewish Chronicle Blogs section, and nothing much is going on there at the moment, and a lot of JCWatch regulars are checking in every day expecting a new item, so we are  passing on to you a small holiday task suggested by a JCWatch regular, but only on condition that you don’t send us any of your findings, and here it is:

Google with the following two parameters:

+”jessica elgot” +penis

This is an expression of our contempt for the person responsible for publishing so many vile and filthy slanderous attacks on the State of Israel.

Have a nice day


10 August 10 – 30 Menachem Av 5770  ל’ במנחם אב תש”ע
 א’ דראש חודש אלול ה’תש”ע                              

Welcome back to the Third Rate Hack!
(Hey, that rhymes! Aren’t we great?)

In a post dated 5th August, while “congratulating” ourselves on our 5th “birthday” and enumerating JCWatch’s achievements in the 1st 5 months of its existence, we wrote:
“Jenni Frazer can’t take the heat (of criticism) and has stopped blogging. (JCWatch was just one of a number of posters who contributed to the Frazerian  moratorium; others contributed more).”

Well, we were wrong! Jenni has returned! After a 6 week moratorium (her last post was on 25 June), Jenni has just posted  as follows:
Baruch dayan emet By Jenni Frazer August 8, 2010


The post itself occupies a full eleven words!  The subject of her post, Tony Judt, an anti-Zionist (and thus welcome in the JC’s pages) died on 6th August, and Jenni’s post is dated 8th August.

Great going, Jenni! 11 words in 2 days! Why, that is almost 6 words a day! Keep up the good work – although your pace seems more suited to Twitter than to Blogging!


09 August 10 – 29 Menachem Av 5770  כ”ט במנחם אב תש”ע

New Depths of Jessica Elgot’s Hypocrisy

In a post located at:


Opik and Ahmadinejad – new BFFs  By Jessica Elgot  August 9, 2010

Jessica Elgot has written as follows:


….   He has joined George Galloway, Lauren Booth and Yvonne Ridley at the violently anti- Zionist mouthpiece of the Iranian regime – a network accused almost daily of antisemitism.

…  a channel which gives a platform to Holocaust deniers like Nicholas Kollerstrom, and runs stories on Israelis abducting Algerian children for their organs is quite high on the controversial scale. I’m pretty sure it qualifies me to “pass judgement”.


Jessica Elgot complaining about someone attacking Zionism/Israel?  That is really tripping the light fantastic!

This nasty little piece of Judaic-ignorance, queen of JC poltroonery (too scared to sign her name in posts she moderates), is the first and foremost reason for the establishment of JCWatch, whose sole purpose is to counter-act attacks on The State of Israel published regularly in the Jewish Chronicle Blogs – all authorized by Elgot for publication – for which the poltroon-queen is responsible.

You want the see the size of the problem that is Jessica Elgot? Just browse through our large ongoing article “JC Anti-Israelisms – an Open-Ended Compendium” – to view just click here:  https://jcwatch.wordpress.com/articles/anti-israelisms-an-open-ended-compendium .

For a very recent example, read the post “Death at sea” found at:


– Just read some of the lies and filth posted there by the anti-semite “yankeeuxb” – nothing he writes is censored, but Jon I Cohen is, again, by our poltroon-queen, signing herself “anonymous“.

In her post quoted above, Elgot comments on the subject of her post by saying ‘I’m pretty sure it qualifies me to “pass judgement” .’

“Pass judgement”?  At the Judeo-human level, Jessica Elgot is not qualified to pass water!


08 August 10 – 28 Menachem Av 5770  כ”ח במנחם אב תש”ע

The Silence of Farmer Nick

We can well understand the staff of the Jewish Chronicle wanting to hide from the paper’s owner, the Kessler Foundation, the existence of JCWatch. The fact that so many faults have been found with the JC by JCWatch in so brief a period (5 months) is something that they can well be ashamed of.  Also, the very circumstances that led to the creation of JCWatch – the placing of responsibility for the Jewish Chronicle’s Blogs section in the hands of a Judaically-ignorant, wet-behind-the-ears child – is also a mistake for which someone at the JC should have paid a price by now.

But since the Kessler Foundation is the JC’s owner, and is supposed to over-see the running of the JC, we are entitled to expect the Kessler Foundation to be aware of JCWatch’s existence. And since Farmer Nicholas Saphir is a trustee of said Kessler Foundation, who’s offices are located at 25 Furnival Street, as is the JC itself, there can be little doubt that our article about Farmer Nick dated 26-27 July 10, was brought to his attention.

(Knowing some of the JC staff, we are pretty sure that at least one of them called Farmer Nick and said “look what they’re writing about you – disgusting, isn’t it?”)

So we note that Farmer Nick has nothing to say in his defense. And we repeat:  The NIF under the “guidance” of Farmer Nick, funded an Arab anti-Israeli organisation – Mada Al-Carmel –  which published an article featuring a propaganda poster which “shows the hand of an IDF soldier grasping the breast of a woman wearing a traditional Palestinian dress.” He has admitted this.

And to quote the Jewish Chronicle itself:
“The New Israel Fund (NIF) has defended a conference sponsored by three Palestinian groups it funds, which allegedly “demonised” Israel.”

Regarding the disgustingly pornographic NIF-funded poster, when questioned about it by a JC reporter, all Farmer Nick had to say was “the poster was pretty aggressive but … ” and then went on to spout forth Arab propaganda.

This was the essence of JCWatch’s article.

And Farmer Nick has nothing to reply.

By Jewish law, “shtika ke-hodaa dami” – silence is admission.


05 August 10 – 25 Menachem Av 5770  כ”ה במנחם אב תש”ע

Happy Birthday, JCWatch!

JCWatch celebrates 5 months of activity.

We consider that the following achievements can be attributed to our activities:

  • tomeisner2 appears to have been ‘vanished’.
  • moshetzarfati2 is, Baruch HaShem, no more.
  • The Golds – Sarah and John (“all that glitters …”) – appear to have been ‘vanished’.
  • Jenni Frazer can’t take the heat (of criticism) and has stopped blogging. (JCWatch was just one of a number of posters who contributed to the Frazerian  moratorium; others contributed more).
  • And best of all … JCWatch’s  Founding Mother Jessica Elgot is now scared to sign her name on moderated posts, and signs herself   “anonymous“. (Another title for her which also includes the word “mother” springs to mind, but there are levels to which we will not descend). The complaints against her to the Press Complaints Commission are still in the works, we just want to get them right the first time around.

The Jewish Chronicle Blogs section still contains pockets of anti-Israel hatred, but the original stench has been reduced to a bad smell, as if a number of windows have been opened, but quite a few still remain closed; this is verified by the reduction in the number of entries each month in our ongoing compendium of JC Blogs anti-Israelisms,  https://jcwatch.wordpress.com/articles/anti-israelisms-an-open-ended-compendium

So JCWatch, opener of windows, air-purifier, is still in business.


01 August 10 – 21 Menachem Av 5770  כ”א במנחם אב תש”ע

The Jewish Chronicle and the “2-State Solution”

The Jewish Chronicle willingly permits full and free use of its Blogs section for Hamas propagandists to hawk their nefarious wares.  In Jewish Chronicle land,  Hamas is a welcome and honoured citizen. Judge for yourselves.

The list below is from one “ibrows“ and accompanies a post titled “Ethnic Cleansing: Erased Bedouin village of Walaja to be replaced by Jewish settlement of Givat Yael

which can be found at:


(If the JC does an elgot  on this post, JCWatch will replace it here).









  In a comment on the above-mentioned post,Happygoldfishbrings proof that “ibrows” is lying. We have reproduced the above list of previous posts by “ibrows“,  because its concentration tells us a lot about the anti-semite allowed by JC editor Stephen Pollard to freely spread Hamas propaganda by means of  JC resources. Any of the above post titles could well have been spoken by a Hamas spokesman, and it’s more than possible that that is in fact where they originated. A Jewish newspaper that feels no shame in publishing such a list, despite calling itself a “beacon of support for Israel”, is a very sick newspaper.

Zionist Jews cannot respect such a newspaper. The Ultra-Orthodox (Haredim) certainly do not respect such a newspaper. As for Hamas, who have in the JC a warm and friendly propaganda-base – does anyone really think that they respect the JC?

So who in fact does respect the Jewish Chronicle?

The Jewish Chronicle Blogs section serves as perfect validation of the old Arab proverb: “If you sleep with dogs, you wake up with fleas”.


27 July 10 – 16th Menachem Av 5770  ט”ז במנחם אב תש”ע

Jewish Chronicle Censorship Started Long Before Lady Jessica

While browsing the web accumulating information on the NIF, we came across an interesting article on Jewish Chronicle censorship by Rabbi Jeremy Rosen.

A few words of introduction before we get to the point. Rabbi Jeremy Rosen is the oldest of three sons (and a daughter) of the late Rabbi Kopul Rosen, Founder and 1st Principal of Carmel College, which was active for some 50 years, starting in 1948.

In the last 1,000 years Anglo-Jewry cannot boast that it has produced even one really great Jewish figure (cynics could mention Disraeli who left us, but ‘great’ in the Jewish world is something else entirely). Having said that, Rabbi Kopul Rosen was an outstanding Jewish personality. The most convincing argument to that claim is that all three of his sons became rabbis! (JCWatch regrets the passing away of his middle son Michael (Micky) a few months ago).

It is a matter of recorded contemporary history that JCWatch was created after its owner was banned from writing in the Jewish Chronicle Blogs section for daring to point out that her CV as published by junior JC reporter Jessica Elgot contain no mention whatsoever of any subjects pertaining to Judaism, and as such she is not qualified to write on Jewish subjects – especially ‘hot’ subjects such as homosexual weddings performed in Liberal synagogues.

(For a fuller account, see: https://jcwatch.wordpress.com/articles/who-raped-the-virgin-mary-2  ). All this was about five months ago.

In an article headed “Jewish Chronic” Rabbi Rosen tells us that he was banned from writing in the Jewish Chronicle as far back as 2006. The article – dated June, 2006 – opens as follows:

“Last week, Rabbi Jeremy Rosen expresses his views on the standards of the Jewish Chronicle and then finds himself banned from writing for the publication. “It strikes me as very sad when a journal cannot take criticism or reacts to it like a spoilt child,” he says.”

Rabbi  Rosen’s article can be read in full at: http://www.somethingjewish.co.uk/articles/1921_jewish_chronic.htm

The article concludes:
“As the community polarises, fewer Jews on the left are reading the JC and many Orthodox Jews are reading papers that more closely reflect their values, often from Israel. Internet access now means we can know ‘what’s going on in the Jewish world’ without the JC. Many of my friends prefer reading the English versions of Ha’aretz and the Jerusalem Post. This way they are closer to millions of Jews rather than thousands.”
In Israel, we call that ‘voting with your feet’ … here’s how:

Alternatives to the Jewish Chronicle
JCWatch is happy to contribute towards expediting the Jewish Chronicle’s customers’ negative migratory process, by providing links to both the Jerusalem Post and to HaAretz (with whose editorial policies JCWatch strongly disagrees):

http://www.jpost.com         http://www.haaretz.com

 Both the above are in English. If your Hebrew is good, you can read Makor Rishon at:   http://www.jtimes.co.il  – this paper is right-wing, and reliable. You have to register (this is free) and you can also register (again for free) to receive a daily copy of the paper in your email.


JCWatch notifed Rabbi Rosen that his article was the subject of a JCWatch post.

He was kind enough to send us the following reply:

Thank you for your communication and I wholeheartedly support your campaign to reveal all the subtle and not so subtle vested interests, preconceptions, chips on shoulders and political correctnesses that have made Anglo Jewry such a sad and sorry place. All vibrant creativity has come from the fringes, not the centre.

Similarly in Israel, the political and social establishment has so degraded the spirit of the country, just thank goodness there’s so much good outside of the political and commercial nomenclatura.

If ever one needed proof of the existence of God , it is our survival nevertheless!!!



26 July 10 – 15th Menachem Av 5770  ט”ו במנחם אב תש”ע

Updated (towards the end of the post) 27 July

The Jewish Chronicle and NIF-Supported Pornography

This isn’t exactly news; we refer to a Jewish Chronicle story titled “Outrage over ‘rape’ poster that demonises Israel“ By Robyn Rosen, dated November 12, 2009.

We will refer you directly to this story after explaining exactly where we are going.

What is new for JCWatch is our ongoing and double-purposed probe into the workings of NIF – the New Israel Fund. We want to know (1) what is the extent of its damage done to Israel, and (2) to what extent does it exert control over the Jewish Chronicle.

The two purposes are interconnected since a few years ago (2004) the Kessler Foundation – which owns the Jewish Chronicle – was interested in purchasing the Israeli newspaper the Jerusalem Post – which could theoretically have greatly increased NIF influence in Israel.



The relevance of the NIF to the Jewish Chronicle is that UK Chairman of the NIF, Nicholas Saphir, is a trustee of the Kessler Foundation which owns the JC, and which resides in the same building as the Jewish Chronicle, 25 Furnival Street, London.

And so to the pornography JC staff have been waiting for…
On November 12 2009 Robyn Rosen published an article in the Jewish Chronicle titled “Outrage over ‘rape’ poster that demonises Israel“.
The article featured a propaganda poster which “shows the hand of an IDF soldier grasping the breast of a woman wearing a traditional Palestinian dress.”

The photo in the poster is obviously an edited fake for three reasons:
(1) this kind of thing just does not happen in the IDF.
(2) the soldier’s beret is on his RIGHT shoulder, not his left where it should be (pointed out by Maariv publicist Erel Segel)
(3) the IDF Magen David-based insignia appearing just below the sergeant’s stripes is NEVER imprinted on IDF uniforms; when stamped, only the letters Z.H.L (IDF in Hebrew) are stamped.

You can view the JC article at:
http://www.thejc.com/news/israel-news/21897/outrage-over-rape-poster-demonises-israel, and a larger copy of the poster is viewable in Erel Segel’s blog at:

The JC article begins:
“The New Israel Fund (NIF) has defended a conference sponsored by three Palestinian groups it funds, which allegedly “demonised” Israel.”

Note here Jewish Chronicle “integrity” AND two-facedness: despite the blatant, disgustingly pornographic poster, the JC has to remain “neutral” and state “allegedly ‘demonised’ Israel”! The poster is an “allegation”? The poster itself is the demonisation – and that was its intention! And yet in the article’s title, “Outrage over ‘rape’ poster that demonises Israel”, the demonisation is not in doubt. (Hedging your bets, Stephen? Do you contribute both to the Conservatives and to Labour?) 

But more important, “The New Israel Fund has defended …”. When interviewed by the JC, NIF chairman Nicholas Saphir does not have one word to say against the forged, fabricated, Photoshop’d anti-Israeli poster, perporting to portray an IDF soldier groping an Arab woman.

And the subservient JC reporter doesn’t have any questions for him about this!

Incidentally, regarding the wording of the title of this post: “… NIF-Supported Pornography” – the NIF supports financially the organizations that published the poster – that is stated explicitly in the first line of the JC article, which we quoted just a few lines back.

 (Farmer Nick: you have boasted that your son did basic training in the IDF; maybe that’s your son in the poster? Is that why you couldn’t criticise it? )

As stated above, one of JCWatch’s goals is to determine  the extent of the damage done to Israel  by the NIF. In this case we have a nazi-style poster which is legitimized by default by the NIF’s UK Chairman, noch a Jew.

Decide for yourselves whether or not the behaviour of  NIF’s UK Chairman Nicholas Saphir can be defined as hypocrisy; when  “allegedly” a poster appears “allegedly” condeming the NIF (we haven’t seen such a poster), Saphir says about this:
“a poster and propaganda campaign demonising NIF and similar groups is under way. This was intolerable”.
– read the entire report at:

In other words, a JC reporter (or his editor) headlines the article “Outrage over ‘rape’ poster that demonises Israel”, i.e. the JC agrees editorially that the poster is demonisation of Israel, but Saphir refuses to criticise it. But when (if it did as he claims) a poster appears “demonising” (Nick’s word) NIF, that is “intolerable“.  

Nicholas Saphir, we have a good feel for exactly where your loyalties lie. The question is how far you manage to influence Jewish Chronicle editorial policy.

In that same JC article, Saphir is quoted as saying:

NIF supports free expression of the various views of our broad spectrum of grantees — whether we agree with all their positions or not”…

The Jewish Chronicle could use almost identical wording to justify its allowing Israel  to be regularly compared with the nazis, as it does!

 Another quote from Nick in that same article:
“NIF’s main thrust is that Israel must work much harder to be at peace with itself, to make possible the pioneers’ dream of a united  Jewish state”
– who the bloody hell are you, an Englishman, who doesn’t live in Israel, never endangered his life in the IDF, didn’t do regular reserve IDF duty for a few decades running, leaving family for a month  every year to do so, doesn’t pay taxes here (and believe us, they are almost as high as your ego), doesn’t endure the tension of life in Israeli society – who the bloody hell are you to tell Israel what to do? Who asked you? You think that the monies you pay to Israel’s enemies give you some right here? Are all the problems of Anglo-Jewry’s needy solved yet? If so, what was your contribution towards this?

And finally, a blatant piece of Jewish Chronicle dishonesty in reporting: white-washing the truth, to protect a trustee of the organisation that owns the JC. Through the analysis presented in the following paragraphs, we arrive at a more severe conclusion than before, regarding Nicholas Saphir’s words as quoted by the JC.

The subject of the conference discussed in the JC article was stated in the article as follows:  “My Land, Space, Body and Sexuality: Palestinians in the Shadow of the Wall, was part of a campaign in 11 countries highlighting the attack on sexual rights in Muslim societies” in other words, sexual rights in Muslim countries, i.e. nothing whatsoever to do with Israel. Nobody in Israel has any reason to either attack or defend such a conference. So the only item that could possibly be attacked – and thus require Nicholas Saphir’s “defense” – was that pornographic poster used to publicize the conference, which is in fact both the title and the subject of the JC article.

So when Saphir – representing the NIF – is quoted in the article’s opening sentence as ‘defending a conference’ – “The New Israel Fund (NIF) has defended a conference sponsored by three Palestinian groups it funds, which allegedly “demonised” Israel” – he is in fact defending the poster, for nothing else requires defending here.

Which invites the conclusion that we might have been a tad too lenient with Saphir, when accusing him of supporting the poster “by default”, by ‘not speaking out against the poster’.  It wasn’t by default, Saphir, you openly defended the pornographic poster which portrays IDF soldiers as beasts. But the JC watered this down to “The New Israel Fund (NIF) has defended a conference…”.  Not “has defended the poster” (which was the truth), but “has defended a conference…”. The NIF and the JC are obviously in full cahoots when slandering Israel is relevant.

The final proof of what we are saying lies in the interview with JC reporter Simon Round –  Interview: Nicholas Saphir  By Simon Round, March 11, 2010

ref: http://www.thejc.com/node/29263

“The NIF has also been severely criticised for funding organisations which are considered hostile to the state itself. Saphir counters by saying that NIF distributes funds to organisations which do valuable work in countering inequality.

Does this apply to Palestinian human rights group Mada Al-Carmel? The group was awarded £100,000 of NIF money which helped to fund a poster appearing to show an Israeli soldier touching the breast of a religious Muslim woman. The poster read: “Her husband needs a permit to touch her. The occupation penetrates her life every day.”

Saphir believes that behind the sensationalist headlines, Mada Al-Carmel is doing good work. “The poster was pretty aggressive but the substance was that Arab citizens of Israel married to people living in the West Bank cannot bring their partners to Israel. From a human rights view it is a terrible policy and it is inconsistent. The law doesn’t state that you can’t bring you partner in if they are foreign, but it singles out the West Bank. That is clearly wrong.” “

So for “proud Zionist” Farmer Nick, the ends justify the means. It’s OK to use a pornographic poster of an IDF soldier to further Arab rights.

Tell us, Farmer Nick: if someone were to vilify NIF by claiming that the poster in question depicted your son grabbing your wife’s breast, would you also shrug it off as “pretty aggressive, but …?”.

And since we are asking you questions for which we doubt if you have valid answers, what is the relevance of a so-called IDF soldier grabbing a so-called Arab woman’s breast, to the matter of separated Arab couples (if there are any – your word alone is certainly insufficient)?

Again, who the hell are you, an English farmer, to tell Israel what to do? Being Jewish may give you the right to kibbitz, but no more than that.

Incidentally, the relevance of said poster to a Muslim conference is also questionable to say the least. The article in fact ends with a statement “The poster was just an artistic device to convey a message”. Some message! Remember Muslim riots around the world when some Danish guy published a caricature considered insulting to the prophet Mohammed? In that case, like the Muslim Obama used to say, “yes we can!”.


On a different note, concerning a previous post here discussing Ben Dror Yemini’s letter from Shlomit exposing the NIF, last Friday the NIF published in Maariv a full page “replying” to Mr. Yemini. Nothing of substance there, but if you read Hebrew you can read it for yourself on Yisrael Medad’s blog at:



 23 July 10 – 12th Menachem Av 5770  י”ב במנחם אב תש”ע

It’s amazing how closely JC staff follow every word uttered by JCWatch! Every time we publish a new post, the number of ‘hits’ on JCWatch immediately increases exceedingly – someone in the JC is obviously on ‘guard duty’, and as soon as a new post appears, he/she (probably ‘she’ from what we know of the JC) immediately informs all the others. Within half an hour of publishing the post appearing immediately below these lines, today’s number of hits soared dramatically. Well, at least you’ll have something serious to talk about over Shabbat’s chulent!  Betayavon!

More Anti-Israeli Filth from the “Jewish” Chronicle


In the above thread  Stephen Pollard willingly hosts 3 blatant anti-semites, probably all 3 of them goyim: “clevenson”, “ibrows” and “yankeeuxb”. People without the guts to sign their real names.

Read the entire thread. (If Lady “anonymous” Elgot is directed by Pollard to posthumously delete some of the more vitriolic comments – which is what one would expect of the Jewish editor of a Jewish newspaper – we will provide a pointer to the original). 

The so-called “clevenson” had already been proven a liar when he claimed that “Israel set to force all citizens to swear oath to Jewish state“  – see:  http://www.thejc.com/blogpost/israel-set-force-all-citizens-swear-oath-jewish-state   – but he’s allowed to continue publishing his anti-Israeli hatred in the JC Blogs section.

Jewish Chronicle filth. From the stables (the smell alone is a give-away) of Stephen Pollard.

In the name of ‘freedom of speech’ and “democracy”, you can defame the State of Israel any way you like. (“What do we care, we don’t live there …”)

Jewish Chronicle filth.

Since, from the post directly below this one we see that Jewish Chronicle staff don’t give a damn about one another or about their place of employment, why should they care about Israel?

What an ugly work-place the Jewish Chronicle must be!


22 July 10 – 11th Menachem Av 5770  י”א במנחם אב תש”ע

A Post-Tisha B’Av Post – sadna d’ara chad hu …

On 19 July 10 we wrote a post headed  “You can now read about JCWatch on Wikipedia …”. Subsequent events provided an interesting insight into personal loyalities within the Jewish Chronicle.

JCWatch added to the Jewish Chronicle entry in Wikipedia the content we reported in the above-mentioned post of 19 July (which appears below) describing JCWatch. Its addition was relevant since JCWatch deals ONLY with the Jewish Chronicle. It’s the Jewish half of ‘Jewish Chronicle’.  But the Jewish Chronicle is still hysterical over  JCWatch’s existence and content, and tries to hide these wherever it can. So an unseen JC hand kept deleting the JCWatch entry.

This is the famous Bolshevik rewriting of history: if you can’t see it, it never happened.

Someone who apparently holds JCWatch dear to him/herself stepped in and began adding a few humorous comments to descriptions of important people  interviewed in the past by the Jewish Chronicle. Baron Munchausen and Casper the Friendly Ghost thus suddenly appeared in the list of JC interviewees.

Back and forth it went – luckily we saved screen copies while viewing the ‘war’: the JC deleted and the JCWatch sympathizer (or so it would appear) added again. Eventually it came down to our old friend, third rate hack Jenni Frazer. Under the heading “Notable Interviews”, originally appeared the line: 
“In September 1999, it was the first non-Israeli newspaper to publish an interview with Ehud Barak during his term as Prime Minister of Israel”, to which an unseen hand added:
“Barak agreed to the interview conditional to his being interviewed by Jenni Frazer, since he doesn’t like difficult questions, and Frazer doesn’t know how to ask them.”

Towards the end of this childish add/delete skirmish, the only line deleted by the unseen JC hand was that which referred to comrade Jenni. In other words, the only thing that bothered the unseen JC hand was the so-called ‘honour’ of Jenni Frazer. Baron Munchausen and Casper the Friendly Ghost were allowed to remain basking in the dubious honour of being Jewish Chronicle interviewees, and weren’t deleted.

Obviously, we have no way of identifying the owner of the unseen JC hand. But in accordance with either of two detective addages, we can reach the same conclusion. The addages: 1. Motive  2. Cherchez la femme. (We should add: 3. Opportunity, because since the extensive queries raised regarding Frazer’s intellectual capabilities following her recent JC Blog posts and her subsequent hurried abandonement of said posts, she has ceased to write, and thus has a lot more free time – hence Opportunity – for other nefarious activities).

It tells you something about the loyalty of the owner of the JC unseen hand to the JC, that towards the end only Jenni Frazer’s name was sanctified, while the fictitious interviewees remained unharmed, leaving the Jewish Chronicle to appear even more stupid than usual.

But it’s not only comrade Jenni; our old friend Jessica Elgot, the Founding Mother of JCWatch, immediately bans from the JC Blogs anyone who casts upon her even a breath of aspersion, but left in place a post calling her Editor Stephen Pollard a neo-nazi, and quite a few impolite comments regarding Jenni Frazer (comments well-earned, but impolite all the same) were also left untouched. What can you expect from a Moderator who now signs herself “anonymous”? Gutless wouldn’t even begin to define it, but our point here was (total lack of) loyalty of JC employees both to fellow-workers and to their place of employment.

Al sinat chinam charva Yerushalayim. We seem to have heard that very recently …


 21 July 10 – 10th Menachem Av 5770  י’ במנחם אב תש”ע

Bursting the Nicholas Saphir Bubble

If you scroll down a little to our entry for 18th July you will see our discussion of theNew Israel Fund Leadership Seminar,Nicholas Saphir being theUK Chairman of the N.I.F.We referred there to an article in Maariv by Israeli lawyer and publicist Ben Dror Yemini, which presented a letter by a woman named Shlomit who had attended said N.I.F. ”leadership” seminar, and had returned home devastated by what she had heard at the seminar. 

Mr. Yemini has kindly provided JCWatch with a full translation of Shlomit’s letter to the head of the N.I.F. and we have posted it at the following address:


Note that in her letter, Shlomit complains that “They also equate Israel’s actions with those of Nazi Germany” and that they “loathe Israel and its symbols”; since the Jewish Chronicle has published exactly the same filth many, many times in the last four months alone that JCWatch has been active, (see: https://jcwatch.wordpress.com/articles/anti-israelisms-an-open-ended-compendium ) we are becoming more and more aware of possible N.I.F. influence over the Jewish Chronicle, since Nicholas Saphir, a trustee of the Kessler Foundation which oversees the running of the JC, is also UK Chairman of the New Israel Fund.

And we haven’t quite done yet with Mr. Saphir. Jewish Chronicle reporter Simon Round published an interview with Nicholas Saphir in the JC on March 11, 10.   You can read it (until the JC decides that it is too incriminating, in which case JCWatch will post it) at:  http://www.thejc.com/node/29263

From that interview:

“Saphir …  rejects any suggestion that the NIF was responsible for 94 per cent of submissions to the Goldstone Committee as asserted by right-wing group Im Tirzu. …   We have been vilified by an organisation [Im Tirzu] which is discredited. You can’t take money from an American evangelical preacher who has said that Hitler did a good job and still be considered legitimate.”

Saphir: That last quote, accusing a preacher of saying that “hitler did a good job” (sic), is a bare-faced lie! You are referring to Minister John Hagee, who said that since Israel had not followed the easy path in returning to the Land of Israel, i.e. voluntarily, G-d sent hitler to make them do it the hard way. Minister Hagee is not an anti-semite – as are very many of the organizations your N.I.F. supports. We met Minister Hagee last year here in Jerusalem, he had come together with the local orthodox rabbi who lived in his area, to inaugurate a permanent home for autistic adults to which he/his community had donated half a million dollars. An orthodox rabbi would not serve as a fig-leaf for an anti-semite!

Apart from “rejecting any suggestion” re- the 94% of N.I.F. contributions to the Goldstone Report, you have brought no concrete proof of N.I.F.’s innocence of this ugly and extreme act of betrayal of the State of Israel. The suggestion fully conforms with the matters presented in Shlomit’s letter to the head of the N.I.F. (See the top of this post). You remind us of the footballer, of whom it was said that his motto was: “if you can’t get the ball, get the man!” You simply cannot delegitimize others, while your own legitimacy is suspect.

JCWatch demands from you, Nicholas Saphir, that you either “put up or shut up”: either produce a source for your disgusting statement, or withdraw it.

While Minister Hagee is providing care for the Jewish needy, your fund is hosting anti-Israeli seminars ($5,000 per attendee, which N.I.F. subsidizes) and promoting anti-Israeli propaganda.

Incidentally, Minister Hagee’s comment on the holocaust, while being difficult to the ear, lies well within the range of valid, Jewish, orthodox thought. We can provide quotes on this. Notably, Jerusalem Talmud, Tractate Taanit, Page 3a:   

 אמר לו ר”א הקב”ה מעמיד עליהן מלך קשה כהמן ומיד הן עושין תשובה

transl: “(If Israel do not repent) G-d puts over them a king as hard as Haman, and they immediately repent”. 

One is tempted to say that Israel’s repentance is well-expressed in the fact that only three years separate Auschwitz from the State of Israel’s Declaration of Independance in 1948!

  -There is more. But this is not the place for it.

And finally, we take to task the interviewer, Simon Round: Are you just another Jewish Chronicle third rate hack? Do you know how to interview at all? When Saphir slandered Im Tirzu and tried to delegitimize them, why didn’t you ask him for proof of what he was saying? As representative of a Jewish newspaper, your readers would like to know who claimed that “hitler was right” (sic).  But you didn’t ask. Because Saphir oversees the Jewish Chronicle, didn’t you have the guts?


19 July 10 – 8th Menachem Av 5770 ערב תשעה באב תש”ע

You can now read about JCWatch on Wikipedia …


Guess what? The JC Thought Police managed to get the entry removed … We wonder why?

The removed text ran as follows:

In March 2010 the independant blog JCWatch (= Jewish Chronicle Watch) was created to combat and counter-act the multitude of anti-Israeli sentiments expressed by some readers of the Jewish Chronicle’s Blogs section. JCWatch maintains an open-ended compendium of these sentiments (viewable online), the more severe of which compare the State of Israel to the nazis. The JC Editorial board on rare occasions  removes  some of the more vitriolic sentiments after being called to account by JCWatch. JCWatch is curently investigating the possibilty of N.I.F. influence over the Jewish Chronicle.

It proves how closely the JC is following JCWatch, and how bothered it is by our humble blog. (We inserted the text a second time, and within 5 minutes(!) it had been deleted again!!!) At least, the JC person designated to keep (JC)watch gets to do some quality reading …

The following was sent to JCWatch by someone who was present at today’s JC Editorial meeting:

Ha, ha. They were almost sh*tting themselves at today’s editorial meeting when the issue of your addition to the wiki entry came up. Faces were coloured puce. Anyway, the JC is in dire straights. It’s hemorrhaging readers quicker than you can say kahane tzadak. Keep up the good work. We need to rid the paper of Pollard and his (headless) chickens.

                            !צום קל


18 July 10 – 7th Menachem Av  5770    ז’ מנחם אב תש”ע

Nicholas Saphir Again

We have already mentioned (15th July see the item below this one)  Nicholas Saphir and his New Israel Fund, of which he is UK chairman. Last Friday, 16th July, Israeli lawyer and publicist Ben-Dror Yemini published in Maariv  a long and detailed email from an extremely disappointed and agitated woman – name given: Shulamit – who had just participated in a New Israel Fund Leadership Seminar lasting a week, held in the middle of the Negev.

The full article – in Hebrew – can be read at:

The article is titled “Demonization – a View From Within”.

Shulamit attended the seminar for social work reasons, being active in social work in her home surroundings. She was the only person to attend for such reasons. All others were people active in “Palestinian” matters or were from the extreme left.

Shulamit found herself amongst people who deny the legitimacy of the State of Israel, who strive to destroy it, and do not object to acts of violence against it, who say that the State was ‘born of sin’, and are sorry for its existence. People who despise the State and its symbols. People who justify (physical) attacks against the State, its soldiers and its official organizations. (Translation: JCWatch)

As Blacklisted Dictator recently noted on JCWatch, Nicholas Saphir, a Sussex-based farmer who is also a trustee of the Kessler Foundation which oversees the running of the JC, is also UK Chairman of the New Israel Fund.

If the Jewish Chronicle had on its staff an honest reporter (and I have found everything BUT honesty in my recent dealings with Pollard and his farm-yard of chickens) he/she would obtain a translation of the Maariv article, and would then question Nicholas Saphir regarding his loyalties towards Israel.

It isn’t going to happen in the Jewish Chronicle, which is why we are going to approach other – intellectually honest – newspapers, not necessarily Jewish, not necessarily British, for their take on this matter.

The question to be put to Nicholas Saphir: how can you oversee a Jewish newspaper, while chairing a violently anti-Israel fund? 

(Incidentally, since when did Nicholas become a Jewish name?)

Theoretically, Saphir could answer in Obama style: “Yes we can!” Because given the scores of anti-Israeli sentiments published by the JC Blogs in just the last four months or so – as documented by JCWatch – Saphir could well be using the Jewish Chronicle as an N.I.F. mouth-piece. That’s what it currently sounds like, and that’s why JCWatch was created – and is currently active.


On March 10th 10, Simon Round of the JC published an interview with Saphir. His article was headlined:

The New Israel Fund has been supporting anti-Zionists, claim its right-wing critics. Rubbish, says the organisation’s UK head, we’re just safeguarding democracy.

OK, Mr. Saphir, let’s see you worm your way out of this one: explain how all the above anti-Israeli statements uttered at an N.I.F. ”Leadership Seminar” held in Israel,  are ‘safeguarding democracy’!


15 July 10 – 4th Menachem Av  5770    ד’ מנחם אב תש”ע

Could The JC’s current editorial policy actually be influenced by Nicholas Saphir and his New Israel Fund’s political views?

This question is asked (in JCWatch’s view, rhetorically) by Blacklisted Dictator, in two letters he has sent to (and that will not be answered by) the Jewish Chronicle.

Click here to view the letters:   * Posts Censored By The JC

Given the fact that the N.I.F is said to have provided Hanging Judge Goldstone with the bulk of his anti-Israel material, and also given the fact that recent internal JC Editorial meetings have discussed removal of pro-Israel contributors from the JC Blogs section – while extreme Israel-haters such as tom eisner remain free to vomit their hatred all over Jessica’s nice,  tidy little Blogs – the whole discussion seems academic.

Learn more about the N.I.F. at:

 What is Jonathan’s Problem?

Jonathan Hoffman, in CIFWatch, has done sterling work in analyzing the  87 page transcript of Judge Bathurst-Norman’s summing-up in the case that acquitted saboteurs in a factory producing  (amongst other products) certain arms for Israel. We relate here to one extract:

Page 14: I am going to start with the background relating to Israel and Palestine and to the evidence which points to the war crimes being committed by Israel in Gaza, an area over which Israel has imposed a blockade. The evidence shows that those war crimes are committed against the civilian population of Gaza and against the property of its residents, including the United Nations by the Israeli Forces.

Jonathan Hoffman:
This is pure demonisation of Israel to the Jury. There is no evidence that Israel committed war crimes in Gaza.

While appreciating and fully identifying with JH’s work in general, and not wishing to undermine it by one iota, JCWatch does not understand his problem at all.  “Pure demonization of Israel …”? This is new to you? For the past four months JCWatch has documented scores of comments published in the Jewish Chronicle which demonize Israel far worse. Just browse through  JCWatch’s article
and look only for items by tom eisner and sarah gold. Their comments are no less severe – and far more demonizing – than any comment made by Bathurst-Norman.

You can’t determine that the same comment(s) made both by an anti-Israeli British judge and published by the Jewish Chronicle are of different severity. Except for one thing: the judge can claim that all his comments have been previously published by the Jewish Chronicle, and that nobody (apart from JCWatch) complained at the time of publication.

It’s about time that Anglo-Jewry stopped behaving like European Jewry during the thirties of the last century, and started dealing with the Jewish Fifth Column flourishing within its midst. Israel does a hell of a lot to protect Jews outside of Israel, but don’t plan on the IDF invading Britain to save its Jews: it isn’t going to happen. Certainly, not with petrol and jet-fuel at their current prices!


14 July 10 – 3rd Menachem Av  5770    ג’ מנחם אב תש”ע

JCWatch welcomes Blacklisted Dictator – yet another refugee from the Jewish Chronicle Blogs section.

Read his Page by clicking here:



13 July 10 – 2nd Menachem Av  5770    ב’ מנחם אב תש”ע

2nd Update:

Just received from insider:

Not only is Blacklisted Dictator banned, but plans are afoot to remove Joshua18, Jon_i_Cohen, mattpryor and even Jonathan Hoffman of the Zionist Federation.


Pollard – A Master of the Fine(?) Art …

Earlier today we posted comments by insider, who said (amongst other things):

“Pollard, who is hated by the Jewish community and his staff, is now positioning himself to leave the JC, knowing he is captaining a stinking sinking ship. He is trying to get jobs with Murdoch’s papers.”

This is well evidenced by Pollard’s latest JC Blogs post – see  http://www.thejc.com/blogpost/david-mitchell-puerile-and-pathetic  – in which he writes:
”As it happens, my own view is that Rupert Murdoch is one of the few genuinely great men of our times, a man who has done more to enrich our lives than any other single human being of the past generation and who should be a hero for his commitment to freedom.”

One must hand it to Pollard: when strongly motivated by desire for a job with Murdoch, he (Pollard) has proven himself a Master of the fine(?) art …  of tuches-licking!


Blacklisted Dictator Joins Those Banned From the JC Blogs                                                                                                                                      
– He will be missed: his absence leaves room for 3 more anti-semites and four Islamic thugs to take his place!

Jessica Elgot has done it again, although the banning of a prolific and intelligent poster of BD’s stature was way above her league, and obviously not her decision alone – Pollard hates criticism almost as much as she does.

Third Rate Hack Jenni Frazer – who was unable to answer questions posed to her by Blacklisted Dictator – was no doubt also involved in this additional disgustingly anti-democratic act. If  T.R.H. Frazer will be Pollard’s replacement after he abandons the sinking ship (see insider, below), then the only thing that can be said for the Jewish Chronicle is: Yitgadal VeYitkadash Shmeh Rabba …

Anyway, here’s the scoop:

On 09 Jul 2010, at 11:57 AM, Webmaster wrote:

Dear JC Blog user,

Your blogs and comments have been consistently flagged as offensive by JC users. Abusive, antisemitic, racist or sexist posts violate the
JC.com Terms of Use. You have therefore had your blogging privileges revoked.

Queries regarding this can only be addressed in writing to webmaster@thejc.com. Please do not contact the JC via telephone or any other email regarding the revocation of your blogging privileges.

-JC Webmaster


Date: 12 July 2010 8:31:46 PM
To: “Webmaster” <

Subject: “Sorry, xx.yy.zzz.o has been banned”

Dear JC Webmaster,

Thank you for your email. However, I have to demur with regard to its contents. I think that the real reason that I have been banned by The JC (Jewish Chronicle) is as follows…

The JC’s “freedom of expression” policy allows bloggers to politely criticize the various JC’s editors, but only on the basis, that one does not show that they are writing rubbish. There is, of course, a great deal of difference between the two approaches. I veer towards the “showing that they are writing rubbish”, and that is why I have now actually been banned from accessing the JC site! I am not even allowed to read The JC publication. Can you actually believe it? (I assume that I will be arrested if I go Sainsburys in Stanmore and attempt to buy a copy of the paper.)

However, I am certainly unwilling to ingratiate myself with the UK’s most famous Jewish publication, particularly when their writers consistently, inter alia, pander to the Islamic fundamentalists.

I think that Stephen Pollard (JC editor) knew, after I posted various comments, that his “Bungle” piece was bungled. I took Pollard to task for it, and after that, I had alienated him and was persona non JC grata.

I attach the following, which I believe led to my banning. The first concerns the burqua, whilst the second discusses whether it is reasonable, for The JC’s foreign affairs editor, to label Geert Wilders “a bigot”.


blacklisted xx.yy.zzz.o

[JCWatchnote:   If Lady J removes the above 2 links, we will restore them.

  And, Lady J, we challenge you to produce just ONE “antisemitic, racist or sexist” post by Blacklisted Dictator …]

And the following has just been posted:

  • insider Says:
    July 12, 2010 at 22:19 |           You don’t know the half of it. Pollard, who is hated by the Jewish community and his staff, is now positioning himself to leave the JC, knowing he is captaining a stinking sinking ship. He is trying to get jobs with Murdoch’s papers. Miriam Shaviv will also leave soon, lining up a job with the Wall Street Journal Europe.
    The JC is a busted flush, a mishenet kneh ratzutz. The problem is that if Pollard does leave as expected, the paper will be in the hands of the third-rate hackery of Jenni Frazer.

    11 July 10 – 29th Tamuz 5770               כ”ט בתמוז תש”ע

    Jessica Elgot – Bar-Crawler?

    One has to wonder where Jessica Elgot picks up these anti-semites (for the JC Blogs, of course) … does she spend her nights bar-crawling along the docks? The latest addition to her stable of anti-semites is one named sesom. We aren’t going to honour said sesom with quotes, just recording yet another one. The style, incidentally, is very reminiscent of  Christian missionary John Gold, an Elgot-honoured guest of these Blogs. It’s probably the same jerk. Only Lady Jessica can know for sure (by comparing IP addresses – if she knows what on earth they are) – but since she’s changed her signature to ‘Anonymous’ (in anticipation of 3.5 complaints about her  to The Press Complaints Commission), anything goes.  Incidentally, censoring users’ posts and signing the censorship ‘Anonymous’  is disgustingly cowardly behaviour!

    And for Google, to make searches easier:
    Jessica Elgot  JCWatch  Jessica Elgot  JCWatch  Jessica Elgot  JCWatch  Jessica Elgot  JCWatch  Jessica Elgot  JCWatch  Jessica Elgot  JCWatch  Jessica Elgot  JCWatch  Jessica Elgot  JCWatch  Jessica Elgot  JCWatch Jessica Elgot  JCWatch  Jessica Elgot  JCWatch  Jessica Elgot  JCWatch  Jessica Elgot  JCWatch  Jessica Elgot  JCWatch  Jessica Elgot  JCWatch  Jessica Elgot  JCWatch  Jessica Elgot  JCWatch  Jessica Elgot  JCWatch  Jessica Elgot  JCWatch  Jessica Elgot  JCWatch  watch this space …  


    08 July 10 – 26th Tamuz 5770               כ”ו בתמוז תש”ע

    Here’s a Youtube link to a new Israeli song (in English and Hebrew) which is recommended for Pro-Israeli viewers.


    It won’t bring much comfort to human refuse such as Jessica Elgot whose average work-day is comprised of seeking blog entries that slander the State of Israel from every direction. (If you think ‘human refuse’ is a bit strong, calling IDF soldiers ‘animals’  isn’t? Read on …)

    The latest comment recorded in  https://jcwatch.wordpress.com/articles/anti-israelisms-an-open-ended-compendium
    which says:  “The Israeli soldiers are surely the animals not the Turkish”   is one for which Elgot is going to pay dearly.

    And it tells you a lot about Pollard, that he surrounds himself with ‘people’ like Elgot and Frazer.

    Maybe its the only way he can feel ‘big’?  Because beside those two, anyone is ‘big’.

    [  And just in case you missed it, here’s a link we posted a few weeks ago, to a song that is in the same vein but different in nature, to the one above. Also worth viewing:


    If you don’t understand fluent Hebrew, skip forward 3 minutes to the song.


    06 July 10 – 24th Tamuz 5770               כ”ד בתמוז תש”ע

    Q. How do you know that politician is lying?
    A.  I saw his lips moving.

    In a similar vein: 

    Q. How do you know Pollard is lying again? 
    A. He published it in the JC Blogs.

    – see the latest update – the 1st entry for July 10 – in   JC Anti-Israelisms – an Open-Ended Compendium  

    – in the interests of  “Freedom of Speech”, Pollard has published the lie that Israeli Commandos started firing as they descended the ropes onto the ship.

    A newspaper editor who can’t read – or understand – multiple news reports, has no business being editor!


    04 July 10 – 22nd Tamuz 5770               כ”ב בתמוז תש”ע

    Would You Buy A Used Car From Jessica Elgot?

    While preparing material for our 3 (at the moment) complaints against Jessica Elgot to The Press Complaints Commission (but we’ll probably add the latest ‘anonymous‘ censorship thing as well – anonymous censorships belong in dark, dark regimes), we came across this gem published by the Elgot last February, and headed “Blogging etiquette – We’re taking con-troll”.  You can see the original (until its deleted) at:   http://www.thejc.com/blogpost/blogging-etiquette-were-taking-con-troll

    Here the Elgot declares the start of a New World Order. She goes on and on about how from now on Blog participants are going to behave – or else! And then comes Catch-22: When Jonathan Hoffman asks her “So you’ll be deleting antisemitic posts then. Good” she replies “I will be deleting posts that the JC editors deem to be antisemitic. We will not be taking advice from bloggers on what they deem to be antisemitic.”  These people know everything; they ain’t takin’ no advice from no-one!

    That’s the Catch-22: Judaic illiterates such as Pollard and Elgot (and maybe Jenni as well, if she can liberate her fingers from her knitting in time) will be deciding what is and is not anti-semitic. To see how well this “policy” has worked out so far – just click on  https://jcwatch.wordpress.com/articles/anti-israelisms-an-open-ended-compendium

     Just one example published by Pollard/Elgot – tell me if this is not anti-semitic  (by tom eisner):
    “Your loathsome country Israel who we all hate in the rest of the world was founded by terrorists has always been run by terrorists and now neo nazis are in charge. The best thing anyone sensible Israeli can do is leave”.

    (This comment was actually removed from the JC Blogs,  AFTER  JCWatch pondered the possibility of writing an article comparing Stephen Pollard with Yisrael Kastner  – who was said by an Israeli High Court Judge to have ‘sold his soul to the devil’, meaning the Nazis.  Scroll down here to 31 May 10.)

    You can disagree with a country’s policies – you can disagree very strongly. But when you start using terms such as ‘loathsome’, ‘hate’, ‘terrorists’ and ‘neo nazis’ – all in one sentence! – then you know that the Adolph Syndrome has kicked in.

    Elgot is a little pisher barely out of university, with no Jewish education whatsoever according to her own self-proclaimed and very trumpet-blowing CV. Pollard probably can’t read Rashi script in a simple Chumash – and the decision of what is and is not anti-semitic is in their hands. 

    We are NOT interested in “explanations” that differentiate between anti-semitic and anti-Israeli!

    NOT interested.

    If anyone is prepared to buy a used car from Elgot, he’ll probably buy those explanations as well.

    So much for the Elgot New World Order!


    01 July 10 – 19th Tamuz 5770               י”ט בתמוז תש”ע

    The Third Rate Hack Rides Again – AWAY  From Confrontation …

    We have already accused TRH Jenni Frazer of professional cowardice (see the post below this one, dated 29th June 10). We now have cause to do so again, so it would be fair to define here, in TRH Frazer’s context, what we mean by professional cowardice. Frazer has now opened a subject for discussion for the second time, and as soon as she was asked difficult questions – she refused to answer, and closed the subject to further discussion.

    Quite frankly, we don’t think that professional cowardice is her bottom line. She’s just intellectually incapable of relating to questions posed to her – on subjects about which  SHE  has chosen to write – by Blacklisted Dictator.

    The problems caused by the behaviour of Jessica Elgot are going to be adjudicated outside of the Jewish Chronicle, but as for TRH FRazer – Pollard should understand that her cowardly behaviour is simply an insult to readers’ intelligence, and should either remove her, or, as we say to our children, tell her to  “finish what’s on your plate”.

    As for the details, view TRH Frazer’s current, amputated  post at:

    (If she removes or edits it in any way after this post appears, we will provide an alternate link to the original, censored version…)

    – note there the censoring of Blacklisted Dictator’s comments, after which we present here the original comments prior to censorship (JC security appears to be of the same poor quality as many of its other characteristics):

     Blacklisted Dictator
    30 June, 2010 – 12:15
    Win some, lose some.
    But let’s discuss your views. Do you believe that anti-semitic “hate speech” should be treated more
    harshly by the courts than the actual desecration of a Jewish cemetery or a physical racist attack?

    Blacklisted Dictator
    30 June, 2010 – 12:20
    Should people also be imprisoned for “Islamophobic” hate-speech?

    Jenni Frazer
    30 June, 2010 – 17:05
    Unlike BD I have a life and can’t spend all day on the blogs asking (or answering) damnfool

    Blacklisted Dictator
    30 June, 2010 – 17:08
    If you think that serious questions about hate speech are “damnfool questions”, then I have to
    wonder whether you are suited to journalism.

    Blacklisted Dictator
    30 June, 2010 – 17:25
    Of course, you are under no obligation to answer any of my questions on your blog.  But your refusal to ask yourself the questions that I raise, is a more serious matter and precludes you
    from actually writing in matters regarding freedom of expression. I beleive that you are intellectually out of your depth.

    – note that Blacklisted Dictator also places grave doubts on TRH Frazer’s intellectual capabilities regarding JC Blog writing! (His opinion is supported by TRH Frazer’s claim that it would take her all day to answer the 2 questions posed to her … some intellect!)

    We can’t help wondering if she is mentally capable of performing complex operations requiring coordinated activation of both hands simultaneously … such as knitting!

    Note also, an additional act of JC cowardice: either TRH Frazer did the censoring, and didn’t have the guts to sign her name – or Jessica Elgot did, and ditto re – guts. The acts of censorship were signed: “Anonymous”. 


    Posts from the period March – June 2010 have been moved to:



    JNET Radio.  This is Internet Radio, and the regular Thursday night program from 9pm til midnight (British time)  features a small,  pleasant and intelligent group of gentlemen whose open-mindedness and straight-forward thinking make for great listening.       

    http://www.jnetradio.com    – click on the Listen Live icon to hear them at the specified time.


    JCWatch – Nemo me impune lacessit
    Avraham Reiss – Jerusalem
    Nisan 5770    –    March 10



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