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29 June 10 – 17th Tamuz 5770               י”ז בתמוז תש”ע

How Far Will She Go?

TRH (Third Rate Hack) Jenni Frazer posted in her blog a story about two anti-semites convicted for a series of racially inciting posts on the internet,  quoting some vile anti-semitic statements, and asks: “How far will they go?”.  http://www.thejc.com/blogpost/how-far-will-they-go

And we ask: how much of a hypocrite can a third-rate-hack be? TRH Frazer’s own paper, the “Jewish Chronicle”, has published in the last four months or so in its Blogs section what now approaches one hundred extremely hateful anti-Israeli comments, for example: “Your loathsome country Israel who we all hate in the rest of the world was founded by terrorists has always been run by terrorists and now neo nazis are in charge. The best thing anyone sensible Israeli can do is leave”.

True, the JC hasn’t yet published comments calling for death to Israelis, but it isn’t that far from it – Freedom of Speech, you know. (tom eisner certainly thinks in that direction, he just hasn’t got the guts to say it out loud … yet).  Given the huge quantity of anti-semitic material provided by the JC (Jewish?) for anti-semites just in the last quarter, and also given the  professional cowardice  TRH Frazer has displayed  in recently refusing to answer questions put to her by Black Dictator and others on a subject posted by her, we really feel that she should take up knitting or care for the elderly, rather than continue her miserable performance in blogging. Preferably deaf elderly, who won’t have to put up with her rantings.


28 June 10 – 16th Tamuz 5770               ט”ז בתמוז תש”ע

Gone For a Burton!

While Pollard is the JC Editor, Richard Burton is the JC Managing Editor. Lacking great knowledge of the Press world (while imbibing its filth daily), I assume that the two roles are similar to those of Producer and Director of a film or play: the Producer (= Managing Editor) handles the technical side, and the Director (= Editor) the “art” side.

I also assume that an Editor is subservient to a Managing Editor. With this in mind, and while preparing to hammer in the first nail in the coffin of Jessica Elgot’s journalistic career by lodging a number of complaints against her with The Press Complaints Commission, I felt that the decent thing to do would be to place the matter before Richard Burton and offer him a chance to relate to the problems internally. For this purpose I twice left for him on his blog polite posts requesting that he send me his email address for purposes of communication.

He has twice ignored me.

And so the juggernaut rumbles on … Jessica Elgot: remember the Boy Scouts motto?

N.B. See comment on the above by insider (dated 28 June 10) at https://jcwatch.wordpress.com/administration/reporting-the-newspaper


23 June 10 – 11th Tamuz 5770               י”א בתמוז תש”ע

We were contacted yesterday by a JC Blogs contributor who said that he/she had been locked out of the JC Blogs website. We naturally assumed that the elgot thing was running wild again (we have before us a number of previous similar documented cases), particularly because the contributor had recently criticized the JC Blogs policy of allowing blatant anti-semites to express their views openly.

We began preparing a complaint to The Press Complaints Commission (see their website at http://www.pcc.org.uk ). In the middle of the preparations the same contributor contacted us and said that permission to contribute had been restored, and that it would appear that some technical reason had been the cause of the temporary lockout. We don’t like stopping in the middle of a good job, so we are continuing to examine the possibilities of a complaint  lodged with The Press Complaints Commission against the Jewish Chronicle, being favourably received. Certainly we will complain against the elgot thing for allowing personal matters to influence its “judgement”.

Just one example –  From Michelle21:

“If you dare to speak against Her Royal Highness, JC Moderator, Jessica Elgot, not only do you get your blog account blocked, but also your IP address – meaning you can’t access the whole of the online JC newspaper. That happened to me – michelle21 …
…   The final straw for Her Jessicaness was when I remarked about her public Facebook profile stating that she was a proud fan of The Guardian and Obama (she has since removed these fan clubs from her profile and made it private). There is no trace left of michelle21 on the JC blogs”.  (See the full post at https://jcwatch.wordpress.com/posts-censored-by-the-jc  ).

From The Press Complaints Commission :
“All members of the press have a duty to maintain the highest professional standards”.

– The elgot thing’s behaviour as described by Michelle21 above – use of employer’s resources as means of petty, personal revenge – can in no way even begin to approach “the highest professional standards”. And considering the freedom allowed by the elgot thing to anti-semites to call Israel a nazi state (sic), Michelle21′s expulsion becomes even more petty, and even more  ridiculous.

Or take my own case – I was expelled from the JC Blogs for writing that the elgot thing’s CV as published by it on its own blogsite, contained no mention whatsoever of any form of Jewish education, and therefore it was not qualified to handle Jewish matters, particularly HOT Jewish matters, such as Liberal ‘synagogues’ performing homosexual weddings.  – See my article “Who Raped the Virgin Mary” – which the elgot thing also censored – for the full story:  https://jcwatch.wordpress.com/articles/who-raped-the-virgin-mary-2

Pollard is also a subject for complaint, but The Press Complaints Commission would justifiably be more meticulous in  auditing an Editor, so the case against him must be more fully prepared. (At this point we aren’t even sure if the Commission is the right place to address complaints against Pollard; the Jewish thing is an essential part of the equation). We are reluctant to submit Jewish problems for adjudication by non-Jews, but considering the vitriolic anti-Israeli attacks Pollard authorises for publication in the JC Blogs, the matter is already out in the open air: anti-semites seeking anti-Israeli material, would be STUPID not to scan the “Jewish Chronicle” for good quotes  … “and Jews wrote them, so it can’t be anti-semitic” (sic).

If you get kicked out of the JC Blogs – let us know. Even if the Commission decides nothing against the elgot thing, its name will have been registered there, and for sure more complaints against it will follow. Give it enough rope …

Incidentally, we have received some good advice – which in future we intend to follow – namely:
“Please use Jessica Elgot’s full name ALL the time on your website so that it comes up in google searches.”

P.S. After this post was published today, Michelle21 added her comments. You can read them amongst the responses at the bottom of the Page located at:  https://jcwatch.wordpress.com/administration/reporting-the-newspaper 


17 June 10 – 5th Tamuz 5770                     ה’ בתמוז תש”ע

Stephen Pollard: Publisher of vile anti-Israeli filth

We aren’t going to trouble ourselves by bringing mere quotes. Just read the tom eisner blog published by Pollard (including eisner’s follow-up comments) and tell us if you deem the current title inappropriate or unfair. Here’s the link:


*** If you clicked on the above link and received “Access denied”, then the JC doesn’t want you to read what it published. However, JCWatch DOES!  (Fortunately, the standard of Pollard’s security is of the same quality as his management and editorial capabilities, so here’s the blocked post:)


”Lunatic Israel” supports torture  (sic) – Why would a Jew publish such filth?  Pollard does it for money – as part of  ’managing’ the ‘business’ that is the Jewish Chronicle. We’ve said before that Pollard is a Judaic ignoramous who can’t read and understand simple Rashi – but even to ignorance there are limits …

Sir Martin Gilbert, in his book on Sir Winston Churchill‘s attitude toward Zionism – “Churchill and the Jews” (page 15) – quotes Churchill as saying to Jewish constituents (at a time when he was running for parliament) “Be good Jews … a Jew cannot be a good Englishman unless he is a good Jew”.*

 Pollard you are neither.

*Source given: The Times, 22 October, 1906.

Updated:   JC Anti-Israelisms – an Open-Ended Compendium  


14 June 10 – 2nd Tamuz 5770                     ב’ בתמוז תש”ע

Pollard:  “Israel tortures people all the time especially children” (sic)

Pollard didn’t say that (and we don’t believe that he thinks it) – but he did publish it – which is the same thing. Pollard is responsible for publishing the blasphemy that “Israel tortures”. (The Godfather, were he still around to “guide” us, would have called this an “infamita”!)

In a blog article by one who signs his name “ibrows”, titled “Jewish chronicle censorship?” Tom Eisner says:

I have met 3 people who were beaten savagely by Israeli soldiers hours after the kidnapping took place. One was so badly treated that he had lost any feeling in his hands.

Israel tortures people all the time especially children.

[end quote]

In the referred-to Time article, standard “palestinian” (there is no such nation) propaganda is printed, with no mention whatsoever of any Israeli source, no offer of opportunity for denial or rebuttal. (Remember that next time you are about to buy a copy of “Time magazine”).

The anti-semitic non-Jew ibrows, another of those granted sanctuary at Pollard’s altar, has suffered a personal computer malfunction, and is trying to claim that the JC has been censoring anti-Israeli posts …  you only have to read JCWatch to know that this is a lie.

The so-called “moderator” of the JC Blogs section, commonly known as “the elgot thing”, lacks the intellectual and Judaic capabilities of managing the JC Blogs, and also lacks the maturity and sense of Jewish pride and dignity required in such a sensitive spot. Pollard knows this, and would have removed her by now, but then he would appear to be doing JCWatch‘s bidding, and his false pride won’t let him do that. (Steve old boy, we’ll make a deal with you: replace the elgot thing with someone suitable for the job, and JCWatch won’t embarrass you by claiming credit for it. Deal?).

Incidentally, since the creation of JCWatch some 3 months ago (inspired solely by the elgot thing’s childish and snotty behaviour), the so-called “moderator” has hardly made any appearances whatsoever in the JC Blogs section – so JCWatch HAS achieved something!

Incidentally, none of the above contradicts our saluting Pollard in the following post; he himself  – despite his being totally unaware of the deep meaning of the settlements and their spiritual importance to Eretz Yisrael – has on a number of occasions stuck his neck well out in expressing pro-Israeli views. This is professional bravery! We doubt strongly if he personally agrees with five percent of the contents of our compendium   https://jcwatch.wordpress.com/articles/anti-israelisms-an-open-ended-compendium  – his problem is that he is a less-than-successful administrator who, like Ehud Barak when he was PM of Israel, has a unique talent for  manning positions with people possessing the least capabilities and most ego. Jenni Frazer and the elgot thing are two examples.

Updated:   JC Anti-Israelisms – an Open-Ended Compendium  


11 June 10 – 29th Sivan 5770                     כ”ט בסיון תש”ע

JCWatch Salutes Stephen Pollard

Stephen Pollard is to be commended (that’s not a typo – I said commended) by JCWatch for a first class article published in The Spectator, analyzing and telling-it-as-it-is, concerning world-wide anti-Israeli feelings and their cause. Apart from the article’s unfortunate title, pessimistic conclusion, and from one sentence concerning the settlements which displays Pollard’s shallow understanding of the essence of Eretz Yisrael, the article could have been written by any proud Israeli – and should have been!

Stephen Pollard – Kol Hakavod Lecha!

Read the article at:



09 June 10 – 27th Sivan 5770                     כ”ז בסיון תש”ע

Laugh along with Israel …

Until some Jewish-Chronicle-minded jerk makes them remove it, click on the YouTube link here below for a good laugh. If you speak good Hebrew, view from the start (the clip is nine minutes long). If you don’t speak Hebrew well, jump forward 3 minutes, for the Israeli perception of international “peace” – sung in English.


(JC staff should first turn down the PC speaker volume, otherwise Stevie may catch them actually laughing with Israel, heaven forbid!)


08 June 10 – 26th Sivan 5770                     כ”ו בסיון תש”ע

Pollard, even for a Judaically-challenged ignoramous such as yourself, this is too much;   you have published the post of Christian missionary John Gold as follows:

… why should other countries governments and charitable people be paying (many many millions, and personal savings) for the mess that Israel is causing in that land? …

Let’s be honest the Jewish nation don’t care for anyone but their own people …

Perhaps it points to many things about the Jewish people, not least that they use military brutality and deprivation in a bid to crush a people, and don’t care much for the bigger picture of the destruction they’ve caused upon millions of normal people …

Just to give three brief examples that prove that the writer is one of Stephen Pollard’s  ever-growing stable of liars, I recall Israeli medical and rescue teams being sent to aid victims of earth-quakes and similar tragedies in (1) Kenya  (2) Haiti and (3) … wait for it … TURKEY! 

But there’s more, much, much more …

From:  http://www.expertclick.com/NewsReleaseWire/Who_Was_The_First_Hospital_Responder_for_the_January_12th_Earthquake_in_Haiti,201030331.aspx

A short list of Israeli Global Disaster Relief “Saving the World One Life At a Time” (1) & (2) : 2008: Israel aids Terror victims and families of Mumbai, India; 2008: Sichuan province in China earthquake; 2008: Israel aids victims of Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar; 2008 & 2006: Zanzibar; 2003: Israel aids Sri Lankan flood victims; 2001: Israel aids earthquake victims in Peru, India, and El Salvador; 2000 Emergency aid to Ethiopia; 1999: Israel aids Turkish earthquake victims – Kosovo Refugees; 1998 – Israel aids flood victims in Central America; 1998 – IDF Search&Rescue Mission after Al Qaeda bombing of US Embassy in Kenya; 1994 – Operation “Interns for Hope”: Israeli medical aid for Rwandan refugees in war-torn Zaire.

Most recently, the IsraAID group and its affiliated volunteer organizations operated in Sri Lanka after the tsunami; flew in to help Samoa after typhoon floods struck there, and gave support to cyclone-ravaged Myanmar, where they continue to supply long-term community aid. After providing immediate aid, it is common for the group to continue with ongoing support, also supplying rehabilitation assistance to help those devastated by natural disasters rebuild their lives.

It seems that the only items published in the Jewish Chronicle that you can accept at face value without verification, are its price (which is exorbitant) and the date (which is never accurate for more than 24 hours).

It is about time that JCWatch – amongst others, of whom you can be counted – began approaching Jewish Chronicle advertisers, suggesting that in order to avert a boycott of their goods by Jewish customers, they suspend advertising in the so-called “Jewish Chronicle”. Nothing else will work – Jewish Chronicle employees obviously have no shame nor pride in being Jewish, because in publishing anti-semitic comments such as those of  Christian missionary John Gold,  the JC   is behaving far more pro-actively Christian than merely ‘turning the other cheek’.


07 June 10 – 25th Sivan 5770                     כ”ה בסיון תש”ע

I rather like Mondays! For then all the Jewish Chronicle staff get back to work for the start of a new week, and JCWatch’s readership statistics suddenly jump up to new highs after a slow week-end … just don’t you dare let Stevie catch you smiling …


04 June 10 – 22nd Sivan 5770  (Updated)    כ”ב בסיון תש”ע

Jenni (“third-rate hack”) Frazer strikes again …


Of all the important and relevant aspects currently buzzing around the electronic and printed communications, TRH Frazer sees fit to wilfully add fire to the flames by reporting “another” case of so-called “brutality” by Israeli forces: a woman taking part in a violent demonstration against the Israeli Navy’s enforcement of the blockade on Gaza lost an eye due to the tear-gas that was neccessarily fired to contain the violence.

From IDF training and use in the field I am familiar with the use of tear-gas, and can state unequivocally that the injury was a fluke whose statistical probability was very low; security forces the world over use tear-gas when neccessary, and in 99.9% of its uses the effects vanish after a brief period of time.

TRH Frazer has no experience of or training with the use of tear-gas, and as Blacklisted Dictator has suggested in her column  “… it does make me wonder whether she is tough skinned enough, and intellectually resilient enough, to blog politics re The Middle East. A nice play or film, might really be her cup of tea with sugar.” I would add her intellectual dishonesty in refusing to reply to comments on her blog that are not in full kilter with the dark, virtual world of which she is apparently a denizen.

More to the point, one steveabbott has written in her blog regarding Israeli spokesman Mark Regev “You must not believe everything Mark (Goebbels) Regev has to say – if his mouth is opening and closing – he is lying. It’s very simple.”

… another  comparison of an Israeli to a nazi. Well done, Stephen Pollard.

Incidentally, steveabott turns out to be just another steed in the Jewish Chronicle’s ever-growing stable of outright liars – for the next day in the same thread, he writes:

“And Akiva, you are very very naughty to say that in this thread (or any other) that I have compared Israelis to Zazis, and used the term ‘death camp’. I have done neither, and if you have any decency at all, you will admit that you were wrong – I do not expect an apology.”

To which Akiva very justly replies:

“So calling an MK (in this very thead) Goebbels isn’t equating Israel to Nazis? Right.”  (Mark Regev is not an MK, but the point is well made. Steveabott is a liar.)

A decent Jewish paper would never allow such a comment. The JC Blogs being ”monitored” by an infant lacking any signs of any Jewish education – or even a modicum of Jewish dignity – whatsoever,  such comments are rampant, as documented by JCWatch.

Stephen Pollard appears to have surrounded himself with women and young girls, in the belief that they are ‘easier to control’ … from the results we see that they aren’t …


And on a happier note, today JCWatch celebrates 3 months of activity. We know exactly how this has influenced the JC, but can’t say, so as not to compromise source(s) within the JC Staff.  But there has been a remarked reduction in the amount of anti-Israeli comments in the JC Blogs  since we started – just read JC Anti-Israelisms – an Open-Ended Compendium – to see how much.

But vitriolic anti-Israeli comments – although far less than before the birth of JCWatch –  are still being published by the JC. As long as Pollard continues to publish them, we’ll be around to relate to them. 

Updated:   JC Anti-Israelisms – an Open-Ended Compendium  


02 June 10 – 20th Sivan 5770                        כ’ בסיון תש”ע

If the so-called “Jewish Chronicle” were to alter its name to the “Hamas Chronicle“, we doubt if it would greatly increase its readership; it has enough anti-semites amongst its current readers.

Updated:   JC Anti-Israelisms – an Open-Ended Compendium  

Pollard continues to publish outright lies written by anti-semites – and he knows that they are lies – against Israel.

There are too many anti-Israeli comments for us to record since the Israeli naval action on Sunday. Tom Eisner, Sarah Gold,  iBrows  and others have been given free reign in the JC Blogs to trash the State of Israel.

You can retaliate for the price of a letter, e-mail or phone-call, by notifying JC advertisers that you are boycotting their products in order to weaken expression of anti-Israeli sentiments …


A touch of humour?

– this isn’t funny, but it’s certainly … unfortunate:

The Jerusalem Post blogs, at:

advertises some of its articles. That’s where I saw:

You might also like:
Israeli Soldiers Stabbed and Attacked on Board the Flotilla heading to Gaza

– quite frankly – I didn’t like!

(In all fairness, a few minutes after I wrote that, I went back to check the link I published here – and the item had been replaced.  It was one of those “you had to be there” moments …) 


31 May 10 – 18th Sivan 5770                        י”ח בסיון תש”ע

When Israel is in any kind of trouble, she can always rely on London’s good old Jesus Chronicle to come forward – and stab her in the back …

Updated:   JC Anti-Israelisms – an Open-Ended Compendium  

Pollard, regarding today’s naval activity by Israel, you have just published:
“This is unarmed civilians defending themselves”  (sic)

– civilans armed with knives and metal bars, who fired on Israeli soldiers and stabbed four of them.


– “Peace activists” coming to support the Hamas terrorist organization – armed with knives and metal bars, who fired on Israeli soldiers and stabbed  four of them.  
Pollard: Why do you publish lies?  Why does the pro-Hamas “ibrows” have his own blogspace in the “Jewish” (sic) Chronicle?  This is your concept of “freedom of speech”?

… and of course, without tomeisner2 dancing on the graves of those killed, the  Jesus Chronicle  just wouldn’t be what it is today:

Your loathsome country Israel who we all hate in the rest of the world was founded by terrorists has always been run by terrorists and now neo nazis are in charge. The best thing anyone sensible Israeli can do is leave.

Maybe the time is approaching when we should publish a comparison between Stephen Pollard and Israel Kastner … freedom of speech, you know …


28 May 10 – 15th Sivan 5770                        ט”ו בסיון תש”ע

Jenni Frazer – Third-rate Hack?

We wrote about Jenni Frazer on 18th May (see below), mentioning that someone had called her a “third-rate hack”. In view of her subsequent behaviour on the same subject, we feel that the description was somewhat charitable. Decide for yourselves, here are the details …

Having distorted the truth, presenting a tiny minority (100 people) as “representative” of the feelings of the population of Jerusalem (>700,000), Frazer was questioned a number of times by Black Dictator and one or two others on various points she had written in that article. Her article was posted 14th May, but until 27th May she refused to reply to any comment.

On 24th May Blacklisted Dictator wrote as a comment in her blog:
“I note that you have STILL chosen not to “engage with the discussion”. One might conclude that you are unable to respond to the points that have been made. But what is the point of having a blog, if you go into hiding when your readers start asking a few tricky questions? One might conclude that blogging is not really your domain. You might be better suited to rubbishing Wiesel over a cup of tea, with one of your friends, in the privacy of your own home?”

On 27th May Frazer finally replied:
“I’ve only just seen this last comment. It’s not me that’s in hiding, Mr Posner. I think I have said as much as I want to say about this issue. You and your friends have clearly had a fun-filled time calling me all kinds of names, and I hope you enjoyed yourselves. I don’t have to answer any of your questions, however.”

Note the indecency of this woman’s behaviour; she still refuses to relate to any of the points raised by readers concerning her article, and instead personally attacks Blacklisted Dictator by revealing his name, which it was his prerogative not to publish, which prerogative had so far been accepted by the JC. The only similarity that springs to mind is that of a cat clawing blindly at an opponent for lack of any other defense.

Frazer did in fact reply to the first person who criticised her article: “A refusal to address the subject, and personal abuse. Winning combination, really.”  How hypocritic, in view of her subsequent behaviour!

Incidentally, while not giving two hoots about invading Blacklisted Dictator’s privacy (by naming him), Frazer is very zealous regarding her own privacy: unlike other JC staff, you won’t find her email address anywhere!

“I don’t have to answer any of your questions, however.”
Jenni Frazer, if you can’t accept – and relate to – criticism, keep your thoughts to yourself. If you don’t understand the basic principles of Blogging – don’t Blog!



27 May 10 – 14th Sivan 5770                        י”ד בסיון תש”ע

Hypocracy – Pollard-style

Pollard writes as follows:
STEPHEN POLLARD  Christian Aid’s lies
My colleague Jenni Frazer exposes a truly outrageous libel by Christian Aid. Christian Aid truly are one of the most appalling NGOs in existence, an organisation which fosters hate and bases its obsessive anti-Israel propaganda on falsehoods.

In Frazer’s article – The orphans’ picnic   By Jenni Frazer May 26, 2010 – she quotes:

 “Miranda patrolled a school to prevent Palestinian children being attacked by Israeli settlers. Their presence ensured that the children would be safe. The head mistress had told her some of the children had been sexually abused on their way home.”

Pollard quite correctly labels that as “a truly outrageous libel”.

But Pollard himself – in the name of  “freedom of speech” – doesn’t regularly publish truly outrageous libels? Pollard himself doesn’t regularly publish obsessive anti-Israel propaganda based on falsehoods? Tom Eisner, Moshe Zarfati, John Gold, Sarah Gold, Dan Judelson  – all regular contributors to the JC Blogs – have all posted many items of hatred and incitement towards the State of Israel, many of which are recorded in JCWatch‘s  JC Anti-Israelisms – an Open-Ended Compendium.  All these, of course, published by JC Editor Stephen Pollard.

It appears that Stephen Pollard’s definition of “a truly outrageous libel“, is “a truly outrageous libel not published by the Jewish Chronicle“.

Here are just a few anti-Israeli comments published by Stephen Pollard in the JC Blogs section:

Of course Israel will be blamed for the problems of Gazan children — and not Hamas.
Who pulled the triggers that killed hundreds and hundreds of children?
Who drove the tanks and bulldosers that destroyed property and livelihoods?
Who fired air to ground missiles on residential areas?
Who dropped phosphorous to burn, kill and main?
Who built the walls that imprison millions?
Who builds the illegal settlements?

The dehumanisation of Palestinians is part of the process that permits an occupying society to tolerate multiple injustices and the
killings of another people.

Bibi tried to throw sand in the eyes of the administration and bluffed about the “freeze” in building. He wants to provoke bloodshed

Israel is a nasty, right wing, neo Nazi, apartheid state. Even the US is waking up to the fact.

Truly outrageous libels,  and obsessive anti-Israel propaganda based on falsehoods – all published by  Stephen Pollard in The Jewish Chronicle Blogs section, for which he is responsible.

Stephen Pollard: you can’t even keep your own stables clean, and yet you want to criticise Christians in a Christian country?


24 May 10 – 11th Sivan 5770                        י”א בסיון תש”ע       

More filth from the stables of Stephen Pollard, provided as always by Chief Muckraker tomeisner2. This time, both anti-Israeli  and  anti-Judaic – and at the same time, distorting Jewish History.

Neither of these two literary laureates ever feels even a  moment of shame when besmirching Israel on every possible occasion. Doesn’t matter how crude or false the lie, tomeisner2 will write it and Stevie will continue to insist on “Freedom of Speech”, and happily shovel it up to JC Blogs readers.

 Updated:   JC Anti-Israelisms – an Open-Ended Compendium  

Incidentally, both tomeisner2 and moshezafarti2 are trying to crash into JCWatch – without success.
Zafarti is apparently going stir-crazy after being banned from the
  JC Blogs  by the elgot thing – probably on orders from above by the Grand Poobah Pollard himself – because zafarti has so far tried to enter JCWatch using the names of Jonathan Hoffman and – LEHAVDIL – ”third-rate hack” jenni frazer (see previous item, 18th May); thanks, Jonathan, for drawing my attention to this.


 18 May 10 – 5th Sivan 5770        ה’ בסיון תש”ע   ערב שבועות

The following message was received by JCWatch:

You want anti-Israelism, here’s anti-Israelism by the JC’s assistant editor.
[end quote]

– in that article it appears that the so-called JC “assistant editor” Jenni Frazer, is about as friendly towards Israel as is the elgot thing who is supposedly the “moderator” of the JC Blogs section.

As Jonathan Hoffman correctly points out in a comment on that article, “Apart from Avishai Margalit and Zeev Sternhal has anyone ever heard of any of the letter signatories (below)? And I thought Avraham Burg lives in Paris – not Jerusalem – and badmouths Israel from a safe distance.”

I have lived in Jerusalem continuously since 1966, and have never heard of any of the other 97 people listed as signatories in the quoted petition (btw, signatories 43 and 44 are the same person) – and remember: (1) the population of Jerusalem exceeds 700,000 and (2) the left are an insignificant proportion of the Jewish population of Jerusalem (as of Israel in general), as perpetually demonstrated at election times.

[ Incidentally, or maybe not so, Professor Zeev Sternhal of the Hebrew University, is the verbally-violent extreme leftist who once demanded that “tanks be driven over Gush Emunim”. ]

Highlighting a tiny minority and presenting it as “representative”  is a distortion of the truth, and if a JC assistant editor is capable of such things, it places great doubt on the accuracy, integrity and honesty of JC reporting in general (which hasn’t been impressive for a long time, now).

 Jenni Frazer has not replied to a very long series of questions on that post, posed to her by Blacklisted Dictator plus one or two others. Frazer has (justifiably) been called “a third-rate hack” – and has no reply (speechless like boss Pollard?)

It seems that JC Editor Stephen Pollard likes to surround himself with small people,  perhaps so that he can feel ‘bigger’.

Steve, old boy, it doesn’t work that way.


 11 May 10 – 27th Iyar 5770                        כ”ז  באייר תש”ע

Stevie Pollard is still insisting on tomeisner2‘s right to use the JC Blogs to call Israeli settlers ‘fascists’.

Updated:   JC Anti-Israelisms – an Open-Ended Compendium  


 6 May 10 – 22nd Iyar 5770                        כ”ב  באייר תש”ע

We back up our statement that Pollard has published an outright lie, with an Arab source.  See:

Updated:   JC Anti-Israelisms – an Open-Ended Compendium  


 3 May 10 – 19th Iyar 5770                        י”ט  באייר תש”ע

Updated:     JC Anti-Israelisms – an Open-Ended Compendium   –   in which we openly call JC Editor Stephen Pollard a liar.

Pollard is hereby challenged in the above-mentioned  article to either bring proof of the statement he has ‘seen fit’ to publish, or to delete it and to disassociate himself from the statement. Until he does one or the other – he remains a liar.

Happy Birthday … JCWatch is now 2 months old.  The Pages on the right-hand side of the screen demonstrate the extent of our industriousness so far: we expect to be around for a long time to come, because Stephen Pollard thinks that he’s no different from any other Englishman.


 1 May 10 – 17th Iyar 5770     ל”ג בעומר     י”ז  באייר תש”ע

In 2 days time JCWatch will celebrate just 2 short months of existence. For the period mid-February – mid-March 2010 we recorded over 50 anti-Israeli comments in the Jewish Chronicle Blogs section. For the entire month of April we recorded a mere 9 – you can read all this in JC Anti-Israelisms – an Open-Ended Compendium. We don’t intend to claim that April’s decrease is due to JCWatch‘s activity, but we do mark with satisfaction the hysterical behaviour of the elgot child-moderator whenever and wherever JCWatch is mentioned. No freedom of speech where this child’s ‘honour’ is concerned – but it proves that JCWatch is hitting home!

 Anti-Israelism is on the rise, and we have no doubt that under Stephen Pollard’s benign ‘leadership’, JCWatch is going to be kept busy for a long, long time. And for the record, even a mere 9 anti-Israeli comments in a so-called JEWISH newspaper over a period of just one month, is also disgusting.


30 April 10 – 16th Iyar 5770                         ט”ז באייר תש”ע

Whenever we think that JC Editor Pollard has sunk as low as possible, he pulls yet another rabbit from his hat and shows us that there are still many more levels to descend.

Read  ”A Poem – THE SINS OF RIGHTEOUSNESS ” at  http://www.thejc.com/blogpost/a-poem-the-sins-of-righteousness and tell us if we haven’t exagerated.

Worthy of recalling is the comment by mattpryor who wrote on that post:

99% of the criticism I have read about Israel is from people who do not believe that Israel should exist at all. Such people are Israel’s enemies. Call them anti-Semites, anti-Zionists, whatever you like. It doesn’t matter. Their opinion is worthless. Israel is at war and the Israeli government is not going to take criticism or advice from people that long for its demise.


*  Regarding our previous item of 27th April – JC Blogs  hosting an anti-Israeli Muslim fanatic – see the letter (sent to, and rejected for publication by, the JC) on the updated JCWatch Page   * Posts Censored By The JC


An interesting photo was added to    * T h e S T U P I D P a g e

27 April 10 – 13th Iyar 5770                            י”ג באייר תש”ע

Apparently, when the Jewish Chronicle runs out of anti-Israeli comments in its blogs area, it goes and ‘borrows’ fresh material from the Muslim community. Certainly no shortage there. This time, an anti-Israeli Muslim has been invited to write in the JC Blogs. Read about it in :

Updated:  JC Anti-Israelisms – an Open-Ended Compendium 


22 April 10 – 8th Iyar 5770                             ח’ באייר תש”ע

New: As promised – The Marilyn Page

The last update to the  JC Anti-Israelisms – an Open-Ended Compendium  was on 13th April. Jewish Chronicle circulation dropping?


14 April 10 – 30th Nisan 5770                           ל’ בניסן תש”ע

Updated:   * Posts Censored By The JC


prissy missy elgot strikes again!

Today Marilyn Schimmel posted an article on the JC Blogs section. You can see it (if it is deleted we will post it here) at:


– while replying to the JC Blogs’ resident jerk, Marilyn mentioned that she had read about him on JCWatch. Almost immediately, her reply was deleted – and she was banned from the JC Blogs. Earlier in the same thread, someone had named her “Jewish Taliban“, but that didn’t bother prissy missy elgot at all, and the comment is still there. WHAT KIND OF FREEDOM OF SPEECH IS THIS, where for just writing the word JCWatch you are banned? Prissy missy elgot is hysterical over JCWatch – that much is clear, since she was the inspiration for its creation – but isn’t there any mature superior to supervise her childish behaviour? 


13 April 10 – 29th Nisan 5770                           כ”ט בניסן תש”ע

Updated:   JC Anti-Israelisms – an Open-Ended Compendium


12 April 10 – 28th Nisan 5770                           כ”ח בניסן תש”ע

Tel-Aviv University yesterday released figures showing that violent anti-semitic incidents in the UK increased threefold over the last year. The Jewish Chronicle, in allowing Jews to be called Nazis as a matter of routine, can be ‘proud’ of its contribution to this increase; If Jews can do it, why can’t goyim?

It’s not germane to JCWatch‘s purpose, but since next Wednesday and Thursday are Rosh Chodesh Iyar, we are publishing an article written many years ago, which discusses why both Israel’s Declaration of Independance and the Six Day War occurred during the Hebrew month of Iyar.

Some knowledge of Hebrew and a basic knowledge of Judaism are required to understand the article, which is written in English.

 The Meaning of the Month of Iyar

Updated:  Should Jewish Newspapers Publish Comments Damaging to Israel?


09 April 10 – 25th Nisan 5770                           כ”ה בניסן תש”ע

Whenever we think that the JC has found the lowest possible level of Israel hatred, it surprises us and sinks even lower …

Updated:   JC Anti-Israelisms – an Open-Ended Compendium


 06 April 10 – 22nd Nisan 5770                           כ”ב בניסן תש”ע

Stephen Pollard donates JC Blog Space to Hamas in Gaza

– Decide for yourselves if we are exaggerating. Click on this:

[ Some quotes: Israel’s illegal blockade on Gaza  … in solidarity with the Palestinian people and to witness the devastation wrought by Israel’s illegal policies.    … commitment to ending the illegal siege on Gaza. …  Israel continues its daily persecution of Palestinians,… the crimes committed against Palestinians,” … ]

The author of the above has in the past published in her Jewish Chronicle Blog the opinion that “Israel is a nasty, right wing, neo Nazi, apartheid state“.

 When Hamas seeks a warm place amongst the Jews to spread its propaganda, it knows that the Jewish Chronicle Blogs will always afford it a place of honour. 

[The Jewish Chronicle newspaper is for reporting news . The Blogs section is for stating opinions. The above Hamas propaganda was presented as opinion, authorised for publication by JC Editor Pollard.]


As promised, we have contacted some 40 Jewish newspapers in the Diaspora, requesting their opinions on the Jewish Chronicle‘s extremist anti-Israeli comments.
Click on:   Should Jewish Newspapers Publish Comments Damaging to Israel?    for details.


05 April 10 – 21st Nisan 5770                           כ”א בניסן תש”ע

Updated:            * T h e S T U P I D P a g e


02 April 10 – 18th Nisan 5770                            ח”י בניסן תש”ע

Should Jewish Newspapers Publish Comments Damaging to Israel?

JCWatch has now existed for exactly one month. In that time our Blog statistics have reported over 1,800 ‘hits’: there is obviously a demand for its existence. Early in its young career, JCWatch approached a number of Jewish newspapers and publicists, inviting them to comment on the damaging – and sometimes disgusting – anti-Israeli remarks that the Jewish Chronicle is publishing in its Blogs section, at the rate of over 50 a month. Only one newspaper had the decency to reply – the UK’s The Jewish Telegraph.

Were this the Israeli Press, we wouldn’t hesitate to label this behaviour as that of a guild or mafia, newspapers closing ranks to protect each other. [Immediately prior to Sharon’s destruction of Gush Katif, a famous Israeli TV reporter said to me – in reply to my question – “if I tell the truth about what I see and think, I won’t get promoted!] However, we want to assume that the Jewish Press in the Diaspora is more honest and less “interesanti” as we say in Hebrew than Israel’s Press.

So we are going to try again. Immediately after Pesach we will send a similar request to some forty Jewish newspapers in the Diaspora. This time, we will publish in advance the names of the newspapers approached, so that JCWatch viewers can see who did and did not reply. The list of email addresses and the letter to be sent have already been compiled and written respectively, so only a few days after Pesach watch for the replies – or lack of replies – as they arrive at JCWatch.

When the emails have been sent, the newspapers will be listed on JCWatch and a notification will be placed here, on JCWatch‘s Home Page.

Meanwhile – Chag Kasher VeSameach  –   חג כשר ושמח


Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t!

Poor, poor Editor of the Jewish Chronicle. He reminds us of the story of the extremely hen-pecked husband, whose wife never missed an opportunity to show off to her friends the degree of control she had over her husband. One day, when she was entertaining a large group of women, she called her husband and ordered him: “mouse, get under that table NOW!“. Without a word husband crawled under the table. “Now, mouse,” ordered the wife,”get out again from under the table!”. But this time husband felt he’d been pushed too far, and decided to rebel. “I won’t come out!” he said. “I’ll show you who’s  master of this house!”.

And that, people, is the  Jewish Chronicle Editor. In his own Blog he’s recently been called a “neo-nazi apologist“. He probably wasn’t even aware of it, and the child responsible for moderating his Blog obviously doesn’t give a fig for his honour, so the comment is still there. (About her OWN honour, she is scrupulously meticulous).

But since JCWatch pointed it out to him a couple of days ago, he’s been in a dilemma: if he deletes the comment, he’s “recognizing the existence” of JCWatch, something he is still trying to avoid.. And if he doesn’t delete it, then the comment remains – the Jewish Chronicle Editor is still “under the table”

What a dilemma! Poor, poor Jewish Chronicle Editor.

Judge for yourselves – here’s the comment:

wgalinsky  27 March, 2010 – 08:33
Pollard’s piece is quite staggering in its idiocy but what should you expect from an editor of the JC who is a neo-nazi apologist (the shameful Kaminski episode). Pollard’s editorship of this paper is such a sad indictment – proof that our community has no leadership.


JCWatch welcomes Michelle21 to our  * Posts Censored By The JC  Page. 


 28 March 10

Updated:   JC Anti-Israelisms – an Open-Ended Compendium
Updated:   * Posts Censored By The JC


24 March 10

Today JCWatch celebrates just 3 weeks of activity. Thank you for your support!

As promised, we have written and published  

                           Stephen Pollard and Lord Haw-Haw


23 March 10

Casual:             My British Passport in Israel

JCWatch is happy to host  The Academic Friends of Israel


22 March 10

    Read     Stephen Pollard and Kishon’s Doggie  … and weep!


JNET Radio.  This is Internet Radio, and the regular Thursday night program from 9pm til midnight (British time)  features a small,  pleasant and intelligent group of gentlemen whose open-mindedness and straight-forward thinking make for great listening.       

http://www.jnetradio.com    – click on the Listen Live icon to hear them at the specified time.


JCWatch – Nemo me impune lacessit
Avraham Reiss – Jerusalem
Nisan 5770    –    March 10

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