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Updated 22 February 11:  Anglo-Jewry votes with its feet; the Jewish Chronicle continues to lose readers. The drop in readership circulation continues. 

Updated 23 February 11: A letter to the JC by Jonathan Hoffman and Michelle Huberman was published – after undergoing censorship. The original, uncensored letter is published here at:

(Some readers prefer the term “edited” rather than “censored” – decide for yourselves).

 We note that Third Rate Hack Jenni Frazer was unable to produce proofs of her disgustingly defamatory comment regarding the religious population of Israel. We never expected her to be able to. But she was given the opportunity.  LIAR!

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22 February 11 – 18th Adar Aleph 5771   י”ח באדר א’ תשע”א

Anglo-Jewry votes with its feet; the Jewish Chronicle continues to lose readers. The drop in readership circulation continues. 

If you scroll down to our post dated 06 January 11:  The Jewish Chronicle – Anatomy of a Loser … you can read our documentation of the gradual but persistent decline of the Jewish Chronicle, as indicated by the gradual but persistent decline of its circulation figures. The decline contines. We reproduce here the figures from the above-mentioned post, with the latest addition of the figures for the second half of 2010, at the bottom of the list.

Period Start Date Period End Date ABC  Figure
01/01/2000 30/06/2000 42,796    
01/07/2000 31/12/2000 41,904    
01/01/2001 30/06/2001 41,213    
01/07/2001 31/12/2001 40,106    
01/01/2002 30/06/2002 39,357    
01/07/2002 31/12/2002 38,581    
01/01/2003 30/06/2003 37,880    
01/07/2003 31/12/2003 36,701    
01/01/2004 30/06/2004 35,310    
01/07/2004 31/12/2004 35,427    
01/01/2005 30/06/2005 35,603    
01/07/2005 31/12/2005 34,608    
01/01/2006 30/06/2006 34,492    
01/07/2006 31/12/2006 34,110    
01/01/2007 30/06/2007 33,441    
01/07/2007 31/12/2007 32,623    
01/01/2008 30/06/2008 32,875    
01/07/2008 31/12/2008 32,121    
01/01/2009 30/06/2009 30,436    
01/07/2009 31/12/2009 31,224    
01/01/2010 30/06/2010 31,555    
01/07/2010  31/12/2010 29,657    

In the last six months of 2010, the Jewish Chronicle lost another 1,898 readers! In actual fact, the figure refers to copies sold, so on a family basis the actual loss in readership is probably 3-4 times higher.

Read for yourself at:

and full figures at:

The management of any normal business organization would have stepped in and tried to stem the flow as far back as year 2002, when the numbers first fell below the 40,00′s. But the Jewish Chronicle belongs to the Kessler Foundation, which also “fathers” the Arab-supporting and infamous “New Israel Fund”, so we can’t expect “normal” behaviour from them. Replacing the editor would have been an automatic first move in any other paper. Why not here? We suspect that it’s because Pollard is NIF “house-trained”, and well-trained NIF “doggies” are hard to come by … as is well illustrated by the numbers of Israel-supporting UK Jews deserting the JC in hoardes.

Whatever, JCWatch encourages the trend of decline of the Jewish Chronicle that is now beginning its twelveth year. If you advertise in the JC today you reach 25% less readers than you would have reached 11 years ago; have advert prices dropped by 25% accordingly? We strongly doubt it.

But most important of all, the JC’s anti-Israeli comments now reach 25% less readers than they did a decade ago – how could that be considered negative?


04 February 11 – 30th Shevat 5771   ל’ בשבט תשע”א
                     ‘א’ דראש חודש אדר א

The JC Blogs “Webmaster” – All Mouth and No Trousers!

Almost a year ago to the day, the then “webmaster” of the JC Blogs, JCWatch Founding Mother Jessica Elgot,  published the following bombastic declaration:


Of course the junior reporter was all mouth and no trousers, couldn’t con-troll (sic) the blogs, and was removed from the post (JCWatch takes most of the credit for this, although it’s not realisable credit).

Since then, again mostly from fear of JCWatch, whoever now “manages” the JC Blogs signs herself (it’s always a woman; Pollard can’t control real men)   “anonymous”.

Very recently a few regular JC Blogs participants have received an email from the JC  “webmaster”. It read as follows:

I am emailing to ask you to modify your conduct on the JC blogs. While it is important for us to encourage open debate and discussion, we cannot
tolerate insulting or offensive language on the website. If you continue to use this then we will have no choice but to ban you from the site.

Thank you,
-JC Webmaster

JCWatch addresses two points here:

1. We know of a number of Pro-Israel contributors who have been so threatened by the so-called anonymous “webmaster”, but have not heard of any of the JC’s regular neo-nazis and other types of Israel-haters or worse, New Israel Fund supporters, receiving a similar shot across their bows.

2. The superficiality of the email’s contents is of a disgustingly low level: NOTHING at all about content of Blogs contributions was mentioned at all. Just the phrasing of the content. So according to the cowardly “webmaster” (who is afraid to sign her name), you can call Israel a nazi or apartheid state, as long as you word it politely.

(Reminds us of the definition of a diplomat: someone who tells you to go to hell so nicely, that you actually want to go there!)

So the current “webmaster” – more probably a webmistress, but afraid to reveal this fact – doesn’t give a xxxx about WHAT you say, as long as you say it politely.

This is well in accordance with the JC’s general intellectual, ethical and moral standards – the New Israel Fund type of morality.

All mouth and no trousers.


Disgustingly low.


Here is just one example of how Israel-haters are allowed freedom of insulting expression, and are not under threat of any ban; this particular one is married to a non-Jewess, so his loyalty to the Jewish nation is in doubt, and his kids aren’t Jewish at all:

jandrsimonson5 February, 2011 – 08:09

I don’t generally answer questions posed by delusional paranoid schizophrenics, JoseAnth. But I will do so on this one occasion. Don’t waste the wear and tear on your keyboard asking me any more ok ?

(Source: http://www.thejc.com/blogpost/the-ultra-zionists-0  ) 


27 January 11 – 22nd Shevat 5771   כ”ב בשבט תשע”א

More Anti-Semitic Filth from the Pollard Stables

JCWatch isn’t the only functionary who finds Pollard’s Jewish Chronicle a disgusting hotbed of anti-semitic remarks.

JCWatch has received permission from Amber, who is a regular contributor to the JC Blogs section, to reproduce here the following summary collated by Amber, of anti-semitic / anti-Israeli / anti-Zionist remarks published recently in the JC Blogs by one signing his name as “Jez Waterman”. 

Hi all,

Here are a few choice quotes of our friend waterman – he claims that
Israel’s actions “contribute” to anti-Semitism (not the way Israel’s
self-defence is reported or perceived – but rather that the actions
themselves lead to anti-Semitism):

“Things like Sabra and Shatila contribute to anti Semitism. Zionism is the real enemy of Jews”

 ”A good start would be to mobilise opinion in your Zionist sub-culture against Israeli racism (hard to do I know since it is at the core of it all) Then perhaps you could cling on to the occupation for a few years longer.”

“Amber. The operation Dalet (the ethnic cleansing of 48, 49) Sabra and Shatila, the 18000 dead in Lebanon in the 80′s and thousands more since, the 1400 dead in Gaza, and much more all passed you by, and you see only Islamic extremism Israel is a beserker racist state, otherwise is could never throw  up horrors  like this:


“Palestinians to the ovens”. Substitute the word Jews for Palestinians and you will understand the genesis of all this hate, and these views raise no
comment in Israel, no denunciations, no arrests for race-hate crimes. The Palestinians are the last victims of the holocaust. Zionist extremists
like those who post here are the caretakers of Israeli extremism, when the only long term hope for Israel is moderation. Though you do not know it,
you are enemies of Israel “
“Sharon aranged for the Phalange militia to commit the massacre. He supervised from the roof of a hotel overlookinhg the two Camps (which are
in fact one camp) The recording still exists of Sharons wireless message saying “our friends are going in”. He kept floodlights on all night to help the Phalange massacre the victims. Some of what Amber says about Arab anti semitism is true. Things like Sabra and Shatila contribute to anti Semitism. Zionism is the real enemy of Jews”

“Glad you brought up the Nazi thing Yoni. Sharon knew that he was working in Beirut with a pro-Fascist party the Phalange (named after Franco’s
fascist Falange party.) But this is not really news. All through the darkest days of South African Apartheid, Israel worked happily with the Nazi John Vorster, the racist prime minister of SA. They cooperated on Israel’s nuclear programme. Loads of other examples. Recently Zionists in Israel had a friendly meeting with EU right wing parties, including East European Nazis.(don’t call me a liar or I will post the link) and of course there is the cosy link with the EDL at the Ahava demo, and the BNP claiming to be (and they are right) the most Zionist party in England.”

Waterman is a disgusting racist – and the JC should not tolerate him.



24 January 11 – 19th Shevat 5771   י”ט בשבט תשע”א

A Warm Welcome to  Anthony Julius, New Chairman of the JC Board

From the Jewish Chronicle:

Anthony Julius to chair JC board   January 20, 2011


The lawyer and writer Anthony Julius has been appointed chairman of the Jewish Chronicle.
Mr. Julius, deputy chairman of solicitors Mishcon de Reya, is also a noted author who has written extensively on law, literature, art, culture and anti-Semitism.
His book, Trials of the Diaspora: A History of Anti-Semitism in England was published last year.
He said of his appointment: “I am honoured. The JC is the most respected Jewish publication, not just in the UK, but in Europe.
“I am looking forward to making my contribution to ensure its continued success.”

Mr. Julius, JCWatch welcomes you on your appointment as Chairman of the JC Board, and places great hopes in your future there.

In order to explain why JCWatch welcomes you to the new position so heartily, we must explain what JCWatch is and why it exists.

Basically, our masthead tells it all: “repulsing anti-Israeli propaganda in the JC”. Did you know that the Jewish Chronicle Blogs are a hotbed of expressions of hatred for the State of Israel, and that they serve as a training-ground for budding anti-semites? 

JCWatch has compiled a collection of anti-Israeli statements published by the Jewish Chronicle in its Blogs section, an on-going compilation that currently occupies more than 22 pages of a Word file, gathered just in the last 11 months. You can view it at:  

You yourself in your fine book “Trials of the  Diaspora” have defined hatred of Israel as the new anti-semitism.

Just to give you one example of the mire (the Hebrew word ‘botz’ would be more fitting here) into which you are now stepping, the following quote, which we regard as an open act of treachery against the State of Israel by a so-called “Jew”, was published by Stephen Pollard (posted by Tom Eisner) on 31 May 2010, the day of Israel’s naval activity in enforcing its blockade on Gaza – when the State of Israel needed every friend and supporter it could muster:

“Your loathsome country Israel who we all hate in the rest of the world was founded by terrorists has always been run by terrorists and now neo nazis are in charge. The best thing anyone sensible Israeli can do is leave.”

Given the time and effort you spent in researching and subsequently writing your afore-mentioned book, you are currently the leading expert on anti-semitism in England, and you simply cannot ignore the flames of hatred of the State of Israel fanned regularly in the Jewish Chronicle Blogs.

The Jewish Chronicle is also a failing newspaper: sales of the paper have dropped by some 25% in the last ten years. We have  given the figures provided by the JC itself to verify this, you can find them on JCWatch’s Home Page if you scroll down to the entry for 6 January 2011. Briefly, the JC sold 42,796 papers during the first half of the year 2000, and  31,555 papers during the first half of last year (2010).  With only one exception, the sales have dropped steadily and regularly over the last 10 years; the Jewish Chronicle is steadily losing its readers – and giggling merrily.

Yet another problem you must face is the poisonous involvement of the UK New Israel Fund, headed by Nicholas Saphir, in the running of the Jewish Chronicle.  You will meet Saphir – if you haven’t done so already – on the JC’s Board of Directors. JCWatch has fully documented (with quotes from Jewish Chronicle reporters)  details of a pornographic anti-Israeli poster depicting a so-called IDF soldier physically molesting a so-called Arab woman. This was published by an Arab organization which had received ST100,000 from the UK New Israel Fund. When questioned by a JC reporter, all that UK New Israel Fund Chairman Nicholas Saphir had to say on the matter was “pretty aggressive”.

But it doesn’t stop there; NIF policy regards lands transferred by Jordan and Egypt to Israel under signed peace agreements as “Palestinian” (remember: Palestine ceased to exist on May 15th 1948).

Even worse than that, the New Israel Fund declares that it will not cease to support – financially – Arab organizations that boycott Israel, as long as the boycott is not a mainstay of their organization, i.e. it will turn a blind eye and continue to contribute funds to Arab organizations that boycott Israel “quietly”.

These, Mr. Julius, are some of the problems with which you will have to contend, and by the results of which you will be judged.

We wish you, Mr. Julius, in the words of Israel’s greatest general, Joshua: “Chazak VeEmatz!” – “Be Strong and of good courage!”.


14 January 11 – 9th Shevat 5771   ט’ בשבט תשע”א

Stephen Pollard – Hypocrite!

“I have a small piece”, writes Pollard in the JC Blogs section.

We know that Pollard has a small piece; so what else is new?.

He is in fact referring to yet another of his literary masterpieces (he has a small piece), this time he is complaining about “Israel’s enemies”, as if he and the Jewish Chronicle and the New Israel Fund and the Kessler Foundation are not constantly performing and / or supporting anti-Israeli activities. Anyone who follows JCWatch knows exactly what we are talking about. For the uninitiated,  we recommend browsing this link: https://jcwatch.wordpress.com/articles/anti-israelisms-an-open-ended-compendium  .

Read Pollard’s “small piece” titled  “So who does deserve a platform?”  at: http://www.thejc.com/blogpost/so-who-does-deserve-a-platform

We agree with Pollard: his “piece” is indeed small.

You read Pollard’s “small piece”?

He writes about Jewish Book Week:
“The JC has been proud of its long association with JBW. But one now has to wonder what it is becoming …  last year a key session was handed over to two fanatical Israel-bashers … So, galling as it can feel to see an institution like JBW offer a platform to Israel’s enemies, it can be right to do so. That’s why the JC sometimes gives a voice to our opponents. But only, crucially, as part of a debate or dialogue …   With friends like JBW, there is precious little that Israel’s intellectual enemies need to bother with.”

Stephen Pollard complaining about Israel-bashing? Hypocrite! In our above link for the uninitiated, we have documented a compendium of anti-Israel comments published by Pollard in the JC Blogs section, that filled more than 22 pages of a Word file at our last count. The file was compiled over a period of about six months this year, and the quotes were certainly NOT posted “as part of a debate or dialogue” (sic).

The following quote, which we regard as an open act of treachery against the State of Israel by a so-called “Jew”, was published by Stephen Pollard (posted by Tom Eisner) on 31 May 2010, the day of Israel’s naval activity in enforcing its blockade on Gaza – when the State of Israel needed every friend and supporter it could muster:

“Your loathsome country Israel who we all hate in the rest of the world was founded by terrorists has always been run by terrorists and now neo nazis are in charge. The best thing anyone sensible Israeli can do is leave.”

Stephen Pollard, with all the sick anti-Israeli filth you publish, you yourself, together with your NIF and Kessler Foundation lords and masters, certainly qualify as Israel’s enemies. Your newspaper is a first-class “educational” text-book for wannabe and would-be anti-semites. You cannot complain about any anti-Israeli epithet uttered by anti-semites, that was previously published by you in the Jewish Chronicle.

Just take a look at today’s Blogs section; a post by one “newsmax”, titled “They beat him up, smashed his head with the butt of their weapons”, (hint: he ISN’T writing about the pushtakim [louts]  from the New Israel Fund …) and previous titles by the same anti-semite to whom Pollard affords an open-armed welcome and free publishing space:

“Focus on the occupation”
“Israel does not want peace”
“Demolition stalls peace (again)”
“Brave soldiers execute an old man”
“Stand for Human Rights”

Calling Israel a Nazi-state is NOT “part of a debate or dialogue”.

A post by a user saying that he is going to burn the Israeli flag, is NOT “part of a debate or dialogue”.
(That post was removed after JCWatch labelled you, Pollard,  a “Slice of Excrement”. That’s the language you understand, even though our terminology was slightly biased in your favour).

With “friends” like the Jewish Chronicle (which employs literary giants of the calibers of Jenni Frazer and JCWatch Founding Mother Jessica Elgot) , there is precious little that Israel’s intellectual enemies need to bother with.


06 January 11 – Rosh Chodesh Shevat 5771  ר”ח שבט תשע”א

The Jewish Chronicle – Anatomy of a Loser …

 Possibly the above should read “Pathology of a Loser” – because that’s the direction Stephen Pollard, led by the nose by the New Israel Fund, is leading the Jewish Chronicle – with accent on the chronic!

 The  figures displayed further on (which were supplied to ABC by the Jewish Chronicle!) show how the JC’s readership has dropped by over 11,000 readers in the last 10 years! And if you reckon at least two readers per copy, then the loss is  a minimum approaching 25,000 readers!  A +25% loss, whichever way you look at it.

One cannot but ask:  what kind of incompetent jerks are running the Jewish Chronicle? When one sees circulation figures dropping for two or three years in succession, a competent management team would stop and ask “what are we doing wrong? why are we losing readers?”. But not the Jewish Chronicle! Circulation figures spiralling downwards for ten consecutive years (with only 1 relevant exception) like a smoke-emitting WWII German Messerschmidt after a good hit by the R.A.F., don’t seem to have any effect on the JC’s apparently halucinatory management.

(One can’t help but wonder: where do they buy their mushrooms?)

Quite frankly, JCWatch is happy with this state of affairs. A so-called “Jewish” newspaper that had to be bullied by JCWatch into preventing anti-Semites from labelling the State of Israel “Nazi”, “Apartheid” and many other sick names,  has no moral right to exist. And it won’t for much longer.

Now let’s see the figures …



 Owned by the media industry, ABC independently verifies and reports on media performance, providing a major trading currency for media owners and buyers across print, events, digital and evolving platforms.

What does ABC measure?

ABC provides detailed circulation, distribution, attendance, traffic and related data across a broad range of media platforms

Jewish Chronicle

Product Type:  Consumer Magazines

General Interest: Religion

Media Owner:  Jewish Chronicle Ltd

First Joined ABC:  1970

ABC Status:  Registered


 We present the circulation figures in chronological order, so you can follow the gradual decrease in the Jewish Chronicle’s readership and general relevance in the Anglo-Jewish Community.

Period Start Date Period End Date ABC  Figure
01/01/2000 30/06/2000 42,796    
01/07/2000 31/12/2000 41,904    
01/01/2001 30/06/2001 41,213    
01/07/2001 31/12/2001 40,106    
01/01/2002 30/06/2002 39,357    
01/07/2002 31/12/2002 38,581    
01/01/2003 30/06/2003 37,880    
01/07/2003 31/12/2003 36,701    
01/01/2004 30/06/2004 35,310    
01/07/2004 31/12/2004 35,427    
01/01/2005 30/06/2005 35,603    
01/07/2005 31/12/2005 34,608    
01/01/2006 30/06/2006 34,492    
01/07/2006 31/12/2006 34,110    
01/01/2007 30/06/2007 33,441    
01/07/2007 31/12/2007 32,623    
01/01/2008 30/06/2008 32,875    
01/07/2008 31/12/2008 32,121    
01/01/2009 30/06/2009 30,436    
01/07/2009 31/12/2009 31,224    
01/01/2010 30/06/2010 31,555    


Now go take a look at http://www.thejc.com/blogpost/jcs-circulation-367-cent  where Pollard crows cock-a-doodle-do because in the year ending  30 June 2010, circulation figures were up by 1,120 compared with the previous year.

In actual fact, Pollard fiddled the figures here – the increase was only 1,119, not 1,120 as he claimed. The extra 1 that he added, was probably the copy he bought on the way to his mistress (she’s the one who’s moustache is lighter than his wife’s;  an internal JC source says she can actually read without mouthing the words!).

 So the JC loses up to 25,000 readers in 10 years, and Pollard is ecstatic about gaining 1,119 readers over one year. Believe us, Pollard: this is definately NOT the start of a new, upward trend! THAT is  reserved for JCWatch.

 Stephen Pollard, S.O.E., Anglo-Jewry is maybe lethargic, but not stupid. Your pro-Arab New Israel Fund policies are driving the JC into the ground. Which is where it belongs. (The terrorists in Gaza appear to be very proficient in building underground tunnels, so maybe the JC can survive there … at least the company will be appropriate.)


02 January 11 – 26th Tevet 5771  כ”ו בטבת תשע”א

Jenni Frazer: Liar, Anti-Religious NIF Propagandist

We devote a second post to the subject of Third Rate Hack Jenni Frazer’s libelous (harmful and often untrue; tending to discredit or malign) anti-religious propaganda, in New Israel Fund spirit, in which she wrote regarding the Katzav affair:

“Once again Israel is dividing across religious lines: secular Jews were more inclined to believe Katzav was guilty, observant Jews appear to be scrabbling about to find excuses for his behavior.”

We openly call Third Rate Hack Jenni Frazer a liar, and demand that she produces “evidence” to back her statement.

Frazer herself is a journalistic nonentity; just read a few of her posts in the Jewish Chronicle’s Blogs section to reach this decision for yourself, and to see why one reader named her a “Third Rate Hack”.

The real problem is the New Israel Fund propaganda she is spouting, probably in order to save her job while the Jewish Chronicle is firing personnel due to its continuing loss of readers – and thus, revenue. Because the New Israel Fund controls the Jewish Chronicle.  Both these organizations belong to the so-called “charitable” trust, the Kessler Foundation. The head of the UK New Israel Fund, Nicholas Saphir, is a trustee of the  Kessler Foundation, hence its control over the Jewish Chronicle.

Amongst the New Israel Fund‘s goal and aims, we find distinct anti-religious declarations, phrased in such a way that coming from non-Jews they would definitely be defined as anti-Semitic:

Where does NIF stand on issues of religious pluralism?
NIF opposes religious coercion and the monopolistic practices of the ultra-Orthodox- controlled Rabbinate, which curtails personal and religious freedom in such matters as Jewish identity and citizenship, marriage, divorce and burial.  NIF supports a variety of strategies to combat this monopoly …

More about the New Israel Fund‘s disgusting anti-Israeli behavior, at:

And we emphasize: the New Israel Fund is run by Jews living OUTSIDE of Israel, who – while claiming existence of “religious coercion” within Israel – wish to coerce their opinions on Israel by financial means.

But back to Frazer’s libel regarding religious Jews’ reactions to the Katzav affair:

“…observant Jews appear to be scrabbling about to find excuses for his behavior.”

Following Press, TV and Radio since early Thursday morning, we heard nobody stating what Jenni Bo Peep has written. The nearest utterance in the matter was made by Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, Rabbi of Bet El,  in interviews with the Religious website Kipah, and Ynet – Yediot Achronot’s Internet paper.

We give the links to the sources in Hebrew, and have no doubt that Miss Bo Peep won’t understand a word – which doesn’t prevent her from uttering false statements about Israeli society:


Rabbi Aviner said that Katzav was innocent, which he determined by having been exposed in the past to all the material in the case, and did not understand the judges’ decision – even courts can makes mistakes, he said.

This was the only item published that we saw that could in any way be said to be in Katzav’s favor. It was based on legalistic grounds, but it in NO WAY can be construed as “…observant Jews … scrabbling about to find excuses for his behavior.” (sic)

New Israel Fund anti-religious propaganda, lies; no wonder the Jewish Chronicle is failing and falling. We hope it sinks completely, together with its NIF accomplice.

Jenni Frazer: stop lying, stop spreading NIF anti-religious propaganda.



31 December 10 – 24th Tevet 5771  כ”ד בטבת תשע”א

Has Jenni Bo Peep Lost Her Sheep?

Jenni Frazer writes (as usual?) without checking her facts.

Half right  By Jenni Frazer  December 30, 2010

The Third Rate Hack writes regarding Katzav:
“Once again Israel is dividing across religious lines: secular Jews were more inclined to believe Katzav was guilty, observant Jews appear to be scrabbling about to find excuses for his behaviour.“

Rhubarb! The lady (?) is talking rubbish. This is New Israel Fund anti-religious propaganda!  To try and hang on to her job, Jenni Bo Peep is merely spouting the party line.

Since the verdict was announced (and in fact from about 4 hours before that,) the electronic communications have been discussing nothing but Katzav. In broadcasts by extreme leftist legal commentator Moshe Negbi (Radio, Reshet Bet), one could almost hear the froth dripping from his mouth as he tore into this new, tasty journalistic meal and chewed upon every facet of it with great relish.

But the religious thing has not come up at all. Not on radio or TV, and not in public: we spent this morning studying in the company of about 100 Israelis of National Religious persuasion – the knitted kippot – and not a word was heard in Katzav’s defense. Just curiousity as to the verdict.

Katzav is regarded by religious Jews as one who has disgraced the tribe.

If any criticism at all should be levelled, it should be at the “watchdogs of democracy” – the Press. Journalist Shalom Yerushalmi was stupid enough to admit when the Katzav affair burst upon us, that he and other journalists had known about Katzav’s sexual transgressions for years. When asked why he didn’t publish the matter when Katzav ran for President – he had no reply.

Frazer: leave journalism and reporting to journalists and reporters! Your behaviour is well-fitted to the New Israel Fund‘s hatred of everything religious; maybe the NIF‘s Farmer Nick Saphir can find you a job tending his sheep? Or would you get that wrong as well, Miss Bo Peep?


We add to the above the following item published today in Yediot Achronot by religious publicist Chanoch Daum, in order to emphasize the above slander of the Israeli religious community by NIF lackey Jenni Bo Peep.

A New York Jew is going to a nichum avelim, the traditional comforting of Jews sitting shiva, mourning for the dead. He’s been given the address as flat 827 in a tall building. He gets there, knocks at the door, and is received by a very attractive young lady who is wearing only a small bath-towel.

She pulls him inside, drags him to a bed, and …

Eventually he is about to leave, when the young lady says to him: “haven’t you forgotten something?”

“Ah, Yes!”, apologizes the man. “May G-d comfort you amongst all the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem”, he says, uttering the traditional prayer of comfort to mourners.

Katzav, says Daum, was capable of forcing himself upon women, and then going home and saying that he had been comforting mourners.

That just about indicates the general attitude of religious people in Israel today. We haven’t heard anyone trying to excuse Katzav’s behaviour – in direct contradiction to NIF lackey Jenni Frazer, who by virtue of what she has written must be considered anti-religious – NIF style.


26 December 10 – 19th Tevet 5771  י”ט בטבת תשע”א

Stephen Pollard – You Are a Slice of Excrement

Given the way in which you left your previous place of employment, you will no doubt be more familiar with the colloquial version of the title of this post. But JCWatch does not operate in accordance with your gutter-standards.

You have just authorised an anti-semite to express his intention to burn the Israeli flag. You have no moral right to be considered an editor of a Jewish newspaper. The same expressions of disgust apply also to your Masters’ Voices – the New Israel Fund and the Kessler Foundation.

To Julie Burchill (In regards to Liberal Judaism and Islam)  By Stanley Victory  December 24, 2010


clevenson  25 December, 2010 – 10:00
Are you going to the demo Johnny? Looking forward to meeting you. I am going to burn the Israeli flag.

clevenson 25 December, 2010 – 13:26
Hoffman you can write as many personal insults as you like,but you can’t make the world like your Israel.
Israel is hated as you will find out on Monday


24 December 10 – 17th Tevet 5771  י”ז בטבת תשע”א

Dun & Bradstreet: The Jewish Chronicle’s Negative Performance

JCWatch has received the following email from Dun & Bradstreet:

from: D&B Website <dnb@do-business.net>
to:      thejcwatch@gmail.com
date:  Wed, Dec 22, 2010 at 9:07 AM
subject: D&B Tracker alert
mailed-by: do-business.net
Dear Customer
Your D&B Tracker service has identified changes in the following businesses you have selected as important to your business success.
To find out the latest situation and determine how it could affect your business, click on the links below.

Jewish Chronicle Ltd.
A negative change has been identified in the Performance indicators

To buy a D&B Tracker report on this business please click here .

The D&B Tracker report helps you to minimise business risk and take advantage of new opportunities. Each report costs £9.95 plus VAT and gives you full details of any changes in:

(details omitted)

End of Email


JCWatch isn’t going to fork out ten quid to find out why the JC’s performance has undergone a “negative change” –   we’ve been reporting on that same subject for the last nine months. Stay with JCWatch, and save ten quid!

But if the JC’s owner, the Kessler Foundation, a so-called “charitable organization”, has any business sense – then Pollard should start brushing up his CV.


21 December 10 – 14th Tevet 5771  י”ד בטבת תשע”א

 Applying a Socialistic Solution to a Business Problem? It Won’t Work!

The Jewish Chronicle is losing readers, and therefore – money.

“It is … owned by the Kessler Foundation (UK), a charitable trust in the United Kingdom which has overall control of the newspaper and its assets.” (Wikipedia)

The Kessler Foundation may be defined as a “a charitable trust”, but towards the State of Israel, as expressed by the Jewish Chronicle, it is not at all charitable. Until Avraham Reiss created JCWatch  about 9 months ago and bullied the JC into halting comparisons between the State of Israel and the Nazi regime, anti-Israeli filth was the Jewish Chronicle’s bread and butter.

So we are not at all unhappy about the troubles the JC is currently undergoing:  it earned them honestly! Even so, one cannot but raise an objective eyebrow at the misguided attempts to confront the current problems.

Firing one person from each department? What kind of business solution is that? There are departments that have nothing to do whatsoever with the JC’s mismanagement. And there are other departments which contain more than one employee who has contributed to the JC’s decline; Elgot and the Third Rate Hack immediately spring to mind. (We refrain from greater detail and state only the extremely obvious, so as not to compromise sources).

The attempt to apply a socialistic, equality-based  “solution” to the JC’s problems will fail; we have shown in the past regarding the Third Rate Hack that loyalty to the JC is low on employees’ priorities, so the “fairness” play (or should that be ‘ploy’?) won’t count for much.

Whatever, the JC has been around for long enough. Time to shut down, find new employment, leaving more honest and pro-Israel newspapers to replace it. It won’t be missed; its greatest “product”, the “hatched, matched and dispatched” columns can easily be replaced by a new web-site – and probably will be in the near future, regardless of the JC’s continued survival or welcomed demise.


14 December 10 – 7th Tevet 5771  ז’ בטבת תשע”א

View  “JC Reporters: The New Israel Fund-UK Funds Pornographic Anti-Israeli Propaganda”

at  https://jcwatch.wordpress.com/nif-uk-pornographic-anti-israeli-propaganda/

– it’s of some length, so we’ve put it on a separate Page. Everything on that Page is substantiated by Jewish Chronicle reporters, sources cited.

(Pollard will be happy – we’re laying off of him for a day. But never fear, Stevie – we’ll be back on you again. Until the Kessler Foundation replaces you, YOU are JCWatch’s Chief Rainmaker!)

09 December 10 – 2nd Tevet 5771 ב’ בטבת תשע”א
                       8th day of Chanuka

Is Pollard Pulling His Weight? Or is His Weight Pulling the JC Down?

At a time when the JC is positioned as a loser, with reduced circulation and revenue figures forcing redundancies and firings – loyal workers suddenly losing their places of work, their livelihoods – it is only natural to enquire what exactly is the Editor doing about this situation, for which he apparently declines to accept responsibilty (according to what is no longer written in Wikipedia)?

JCWatch can account for at least an hour of his day. He proudly informs us that he has a “piece” in the Daily Express. Title? “Green Paper That Is No More Than A Criminal’s Charter”. View it at: http://express.co.uk/ourcomments/view/216083/Green-Paper-that-is-no-more-than-a-criminals-charter .

Quite apart from the question as to how does an editor whose newspaper is in dire financial trouble find the  peace of mind (or in Pollard’s case, the “piece” of mind) to engage in the subject about which he wrote, a glance through the article reveals a bunch of detailed statistics which are the brunt of his argument – statistics, which if he did not pull them out of his left ear, (something like the JC circulation statistics mentioned in our previous post) took some time to gather and marshall.

Incidentally, he apparently did shoddy work there as well; one reader commented: “the studies you rely on are 12 years out of date! something more relevant please.”

 The time thus spent would surely have been put to better use in finding ways to improve the newspaper (but since he’s responsible for its decline, we doubt if that is possible), and for trying to save the jobs of a few employees.

He’s also investing resources in trying to locate and identify JCWatch’s sources of information (we know  what is going on): yet another fruitless task incurring yet another waste of JC resources.

Sooner or later someone in the Kessler Foundation is going to wake up and smell the coffee. But by then, the cup will be mostly empty.


07 December 10 – 30 Kislev 5771 ל’ בכסלו תשע”א
                       6th day of Chanuka

Wikipedia, Stephen Pollard and the Japanese Exposure Exercise – Part One

In Part Two we will reveal the explanation for the above weird title.

Meanwhile, we noticed in the Wikipedia entry that describes JC Editor Stephen Pollard, the following sentence (view at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_Pollard )

“Despite declining Jewish Chronicle circulation figures and advertising revenues during 2009-2010, Pollard refused to accept responsibility and resign his position.”

This verifies what JCWatch wrote back on 01 September 10, which can be viewed at:


[start quote]

             01 September 10 – 22nd Elul 5770 כ”ב באלול תש”ע

                     Has Pollard Been Fiddling the Figures?

This is not an accusation, rather a question which arises from information received by JCWatch’s informer from inside Furnival street, one who identifies himself as “insider”.

On August 23rd in a post titled “JC’s circulation up 3.67 per cent” located at http://www.thejc.com/blogpost/jcs-circulation-367-cent, Pollard crowed as follows:

“I sent this email to the JC’s editorial team this morning. I’m sharing it with you because we are all hugely proud. I am thrilled to be able to report that the JC’s year-on-year ABC circulation figures (30/6/09-30/6/10) are up 3.67%. In June 2009, circulation was 30,436; this June it reached 31,556 – an increase of 1,120.”

On which “insider” has informed JCWatch:

“What Pollard didn’t mention in his blog on circulation is that sales in the UK are down to about 22,000 (from 25,000). Pollard was crowing about the rise without mentioning that it included an unaudited number from abroad.”

So, according to “insider”, Pollard has lost the JC some 3,000 readers in the UK this year, and to cover that (roughly) 12% UK readership loss he has produced an unaudited number of wogs to balance the figures. Can you believe that “balance”? The Jewish Chronicle covers mainly UK Jewish affairs, and all of a sudden, while some 3,000 UK readers have abandoned the JC, more than 4,000 new readers from abroad have started reading the JC?

[End JCWatch entry for 01 September 10]

At that time, Pollard refused JCWatch’s request that he relate to the figures quoted. Not surprising, after all JCWatch is “the blog that rendered Pollard speechless”.

At this rate, he’ll also soon be … readerless!

Wikipedia, Stephen Pollard and the Japanese Exposure Exercise – Part Two

In Part One, we promised to explain the weird title of these 2 posts in Part Two.

Here it is.

In his excellent book “The Codebreakers”, David Kahn tells the story of an American army unit based on a small island in the Pacific during WWII. The Japanese were observing and reporting their movements. The Americans managed to intercept Japanese military wireless transmissions, but these were encrypted and the Americans didn’t have the encryption key.

So they hit upon the following scheme.  They lit a huge bonfire, and then scrutinised new Japanese encoded transmissions, looking for the word ‘fire’ which they knew would now be in one of the transmissions. They found it, and were thus enable to crack the Japanese code, and could now decrypt all subsequent Japanese transmissions.

JCWatch has just treated the Jewish Chronicle as the Japanese enemy, in order to find out how closely Pollard and his lackies are scrutinising JCWatch.

It worked perfectly!

In “Wikipedia, Stephen Pollard and the Japanese Exposure Exercise – Part One” we quoted a sentence from the Stephen Pollard Wikipedia entry, on whose immediate removal we guessed that Pollard would insist as soon as he learned of its existence.

 We noted the time of publication in JCWatch of the post titled “Wikipedia, Stephen Pollard and the Japanese Exposure Exercise – Part One” – it was 16:20 Israel time. We then checked in to Wikipedia every few minutes, to see how long it would take for the sentence to be removed. We noted its disappearance at 17:40 Israel time, i.e. from publication to deletion the elapsed time was 1 hour 20 minutes. It might have been less, since during that time we were lighting Chanuka candles and weren’t connected constantly to the computer.

So now we know the level of the JC’s sensitivity and paranoia regarding JCWatch. Even higher than we expected: that is the JC’s Chanuka gift to us. Thanks!

[Note that while the Jewish Chronicle is losing readers and revenue, and has had to start firing employees, Pollard finds the time and resources to keep his “image” polished. That’s probably part of the reason the JC is going downhill fast; narcissism and good business don’t go together – even if you are self-employed !]


03 December 10 –  26 Kislev 5771 כ”ו בכסלו תשע”א
                       2nd day of Chanuka

Stephen Pollard: A Study in Political Instability

If you follow Pollard’s career (he isn’t worth investing much time: just look him up on Wikipedia) you will observe a slow progression from left to right in his political views  (in that direction you can call it progress). OK, that’s allowable. As Moshe Dayan once said when caught in a self-contradiction: “only a donkey doesn’t change its mind”.

But when he began to traverse backwards and forwards, that’s a different story.


On 18th April 2006 Pollard wrote in what was then his blog, a post titled “The Maida Vale Manifesto” 


There he wrote:
The evidence of reality is something with which we have had to wrestle. It is not easy to acknowledge what the Left has become,and the mindset of leftists. But that evidence is so overwhelming that we can no longer conceive of describing ourselves as being the Left in any recognisable form.

Theoretical arguments about what is or is not a proper left-wing position are now meaningless. The mainstream Left has demonstrated clearly which side of the battle to preserve Western civilisation and freedom it is on. The Left, in any recognisable form, is now the enemy.

Stephen Pollard

So, in 2006 Pollard declares to the Nation: “we can no longer conceive of describing ourselves as being on the Left in any recognisable form The Left, in any recognisable form, is now the enemy“.

But look at the anti-Israeli leftist filth he has published during 2010 alone.

JCWatch has forced him to put a stop to comparisons between the State of Israel and the Nazi regime in various forms, but for leftists and anti-Semites, when you close a door they come back in through a window. And Pollard for some reason likes open windows.

Just take a look at some extreme leftist JC Blog post titles from last month and early this month (including an anti-religious post, which is a large component in the leftist manifesto), published by Pollard:

Mendacious and illegal siege
By yankeeuxb December 3, 2010

Lieberman blames women for rape
By telegramsam December 2, 2010

Israeli racism in practice
By telegramsam  December 1, 2010

Another instance of Israeli racism?
By jose December 1, 2010

Time for a chareidi-free Israeli government?
By telegramsam  November 24, 2010

Another Israeli obstacle to peace
By  telegramsam Nov 22, 2010

prevailing trends in Israel are beginning to resemble Nazi-era policies
By yankeeuxb Nov 22, 2010

On the Jerusalem-Tehran bus
 By telegramsam Nov 21, 2010

Jerusalem becoming Tehran
 By telegramsam Nov 20, 2010

How Israel is becoming like Iran and North Korea
 By telegramsam Nov 4, 2010

Practically all the posts are from a JC and NIF stooge who calls himself “telegramsam”. One is from a primitive hater of religion named jose, who claims to be an expert in computers  but has never heard of a proxy, has claimed to be an Israeli but shirked service in the IDF – or was rejected by the IDF as being unfit for military service.

 So, in 2006 Pollard declares to the Nation: “we can no longer conceive of describing ourselves as being on the Left in any recognisable form …The Left, in any recognisable form, is now the enemy“.

Liar?  Unstable? Or both?

There is an alternate possibility, one that we intend to explore to the full: maybe Pollard’s problem is that he is gutless. The Jewish Chronicle is very obviously a pawn in the hands of the pro-Arab New Israel Fund – both of these august bodies being subsidiaries of the Kessler Foundation. We’ve written about the NIF before, and we will continue to do so. Pollard, to keep his job, possibly enforces views with which he does not himself agree. To keep his job. Gutless.

Liar? Unstable? Gutless? Or all three?


01 December 10 –  24 Kislev 5771 כ”ד בכסלו תשע”א

What Is The Jewish Chronicle’s Problem?

Q: How does Stephen Pollard distinguish between his mistress and his wife?
A: By the moustache.
Q: What moustache?
A: His wife’s moustache; it’s lighter than his mistress’s.

Sorry, couldn’t resist that – in retaliation for the bunch of insults he is allowing to be poured upon JCWatch Founder Avraham Reiss, while Mr. Reiss is not allowed the right of reply. And that was just for openers.

More seriously, in our previous post we quoted Kahina, who wrote at:


“You don’t really think Avraham got banned because of his views? No. He got banned because a couple of days ago he revealed some inside information on his other website. And that made somebody in Furnival Street very cross.”

What JCWatch had written was:
But is the JC going out of business? Falling circulation and decreased revenues forced it to ‘create’ a few redundancies last week.”

 While agreeing that the JC was not exactly enamoured of its dirty laundry being washed in public, we put forward here another reason why Mr. Reiss was banned from contributing to the JC Blogs. Something far more serious than a one-time comment.

On 23rd November inst., Avraham Reiss posted on the JC blogs at:


a post titled “If I Was a Methodist, I Would Refer You to the New Israel Fund”.

(In case the JC decides to remove it, you can view it here:
https://jcwatch.wordpress.com/if-i-was-a-methodist-i-would-refer-you-to-the-new-israel-fund  )

That post related to the decision passed by the Methodist Church to boycott goods from Israeli settlements “over the green line” (our definition, which is more complimentary than the Methodists’).

The Methodists claimed that the goods were from “Occupied Palestinian Territories”. Whereas Mr. Reiss pointed out that the territories acquired by Israel as a result of the Six Day War had never been “palestinian”, he had to ask “how can we protest the Methodist decision, when the so-called Jewish New Israel Fund also regards the same territories as “occupied”, and aspires to Israel’s relinquishing said lands?

This was an outright and open attack on the New Israel Fund – Mr. Reiss says so quite openly.

And since both the New Israel Fund and the Jewish Chronicle are subsidiaries of the Kessler Foundation, and Nick Saphir of the NIF is on the Kessler’s BOD and oversees the JC, Stephen Pollard is in effect a New Israel Fund lackey or gofer,  and does what he is told.

Which, amongst other things, is to eliminate whistle-blowers.

“I support the NIF – therefore I am.
  I attack the NIF – ich bin fekaken!“

Unless something unusual happens (as it usually does) we will discuss the NIF in greater depth in our next post.


28 November 10 –  21 Kislev 5771 כ”א בכסלו תשע”א

The Jewish Chronicle is Going Down, Down, Down

JCWatch Founder Avraham Reiss was banned last week from writing in the JC’s Blogs section. Pollard claimed that the chief reason was “your constant abusive behaviour”. One only has to read what Pollard has allowed others to write about Avraham Reiss AFTER he was no longer able to reply to the insults, to see what a hypocrite loser-Pollard is. View at:


  As Kahina wrote in that above link:

“You don’t really think Avraham got banned because of his views? No. He got banned because a couple of days ago he revealed some inside information on his other website. And that made somebody in Furnival Street very cross.”

To what was Kahina referring? If you scroll down here to the post which preceded this one, dated 23 November 10, titled: “The JC Is Still Allowing Anti-Israeli Comments”, Avraham wrote: “But is the JC going out of business? Falling circulation and decreased revenues forced it to ‘create’ a few redundancies last week.”

Previously salaried reporters must now work freelance. Was Pollard’s salary reduced?  Good question! Nick Saphir’s? Stupid question!

Inside information from the JC is easy to obtain. The following joke may illustrate why:

A mother wakes up her son in the morning and says to him: “Get up! You must go to school!”
The son says: “I don’t want to go to school.”
The mother says: “You must! Give me two reasons why you shouldn’t.”
The son says: “The children hate me and the teachers hate me. Now give me two reasons why I SHOULD go to school.”
The mother says: ” That’s easy! One, You are 52 years old, and two, you are the headmaster!”

That of course refers to the vastly unpopular Pollard. Some time back JCWatch mentioned that every time it publishes a new post, the site gets a greatly increased number of hits; obviously word-of-mouth spreads the news. And that is inside the JC where JCWatch is very popular. Almost as soon as that fact was published, the number of hits increased, but the times of the hits shifted to late afternoon and evening. What had obviously happened was that Pollard issued a ban on viewing JCWatch at the JC, and his employees gave him ‘the finger’ and carried on reading at their leisure, when he was not around. Sensible employees! After handling JC materials all day, at least they get to do some quality reading …

JCWatch has shown in the past, in a post relating to the nefarious activities of Third Rate Hack Jenny Frazer, that even senior JC staff have little or no loyalty towards Pollard or the newspaper. (Look for a post titled  A Post-Tisha B’Av Post – sadna d’ara chad hu …  dated 22 July 10 at https://jcwatch.wordpress.com/the-home-page-july-%e2%80%93-september-2010  – or at that url run a local Find on “Wikipedia”)

 But the title of this post is “The Jewish Chronicle is Going Down, Down, Down“, so let’s get back to that.

 What contributes to The Jewish Chronicle’s falling circulation and reduced income? Pollard’s failing editorship must obviously be regarded as the chief cause, and intellectual honesty and integrity would normally dictate that he should have already accepted responsibility and resigned, but he obviously has politician’s blood in his veins, and is – as we say in Hebrew – “stuck to his seat”.  

But there are also other forces at work …

Here are two letters published last week in the Spectator:


  Edgar Davidson
November 26th, 2010 7:00pm 

The increasingly indifferent (and at times hostile) attitude of British Jewish Leadership toward Israel is reflected in the deterioration of the Jewish Chronicle over the last two years. The JC is increasingly taking on the mantle of standard left-wing Jewish critics of Israel. This can be seen in the prominence it now gives every week to articles, letters and interviews with anti-Zionists. The JC is increasingly obsessed with the ‘radical right wing threat to British Jewry’ while continuing to ignore the real threat from the Islamist-leftist alliance. To confirm its total ignorance of what is really going on, it continues to refer to the American J-Street organization as a “pro-Israel liberal lobby” even after the evidence that its leaders had hidden the fact is was being secretly funded by the anti-Zionist Soros and even Arab propagandists.

November 27th, 2010 12:50pm 

 I agree with you wholeheartedly about the JC. This story is obviously boosting their declining circulation. It is to be expected when we know the connections between the the JC’s owners – the Kessler Foundation and the New Israel Fund.

Nicholas Saphir, (a Sussex-based farmer) is a trustee of the Kessler Foundation which oversees the running of the JC. He is also Chairman of the New Israel Fund as well as being involved in “overseeing the running of The JC.” In such circumstances, could The JC’s current editorial policy actually be influenced by Nicholas Saphir and his New Israel Fund’s political views? If so, are we to conclude, that the “Organ of British Jewry” is now moving very much left of centre in the various debates concerning Israel and diaspora Jewry?

 [end quotes]

What is happening to the JC now is similar to what happened to the Israeli National Religious Party – Mafdal – in the ‘nineties and later. Dr. Yoseph Burg received a party of 12 Knesset members when he began his leadership. By the time he’d resigned, it had only 6 Knesset members. (Today it has three.)  He screwed up on the Sephardi/Ashkenazi issue, thus sowing the seeds for the rise of Shas, but mainly went wrong when he failed to realize that his constituents (as a harbinger of what would later characterize the Israeli public in general) were moving to the right. Voters left the NRP/Mafdal for more right-wing parties.

 The Jewish Chronicle, as quoted above “…is increasingly taking on the mantle of standard left-wing Jewish critics of Israel. This can be seen in the prominence it now gives every week to articles, letters and interviews with anti-Zionists.”

And it will pay the price.

Given the JC Blog’s approval of pseudonyms behind which one can hide and throw insults and false accusations left and right with no moderation,  Avraham Reiss has now allowed two right-wing Israelis, who will be known here as telegransam and Stephen Shakli, to manage JCWatch for the next few months, as a trial period.

 In the near future we will ask “Is Stephen Pollard’s Mistress Uglier Than His Wife?” (this in retaliation for his allowing attacks on JCWatch Founder Avraham Reiss without the right to respond), and we will publish a disgusting anti-Israeli  pornographic propaganda picture funded by Nick Saphir and his New Israel Fund, together with Saphir’s weak and infantile reply on the subject.

 Stay tuned. We promise not to bore you.

Telegransam     Stephen Shakli


23 November 10 –  16 Kislev 5771 ט”ז בכסלו תשע”א

The JC Is Still Allowing Anti-Israeli Comments

The JC has come a long way in cleaning up its act since JCWatch began its aggressive campaign last March. Quite a few intense anti-Semites and haters of Israel have been banned from writing in the JC Blogs section. Occurrences of comparisons between the State of Israel and the Nazis in various forms are far fewer, and we have no hesitation in commending the JC on this improvement (whilst modestly patting ourselves on the back for having been the driving force in this direction).

Just a few anti-Semites still post freely. zair, yankeeuxb, telegramsam and possibly one or two other small fry.

So the JC still has work to do, and JCWatch is not yet out of business.

But is the JC going out of business? Falling circulation and decreased revenues forced it to ‘create’ a few redundancies last week. If Telegramsam and his ilk are allowed to continue as they have been doing up til now, JCWatch may find it neccessary to expedite the JC’s redundancy process in ways we have detailed in the past. We view these anti-Israeli posters as NIF stooges, and intend to relate to them accordingly.

By Jewish Law, ‘ain ma’anishim ela im ken mazhirim’: you don’t punish without prior warning. Therefore  …

Here are 4 titles and urls of disgusting anti-Israeli posts that have been permitted for publication by the JC during this month – November 10 – alone.

3 are by the same person – who hides behind the pseudonym ‘telegramsam’ because he hasn’t got the guts to express his many expressions of hatred in his own name, and one by a similarly gutless jerk: yankeeuxb.

If the JC banned these two (ensuring that they didn’t return under cover of other pseudonyms), JCWatch would almost be out of business! 

prevailing trends in Israel are beginning to resemble Nazi-era policies
yankeeuxb Nov 22, 2010

On the Jerusalem-Tehran bus
 telegramsam Nov 21, 2010

Jerusalem becoming Tehran
 telegramsam Nov 20, 2010

How Israel is becoming like Iran and North Korea
 telegramsam Nov 4, 2010

At a later date we will add these posts to our never-ending online compendium. That will be after we have figured out if we are like Nazis, Iranians or North Koreans … boy, are these  anti-Semites both confused and confusing!

16 November 10 –  9 Kislev 5771 ט’ בכסלו תשע”א

We have added a new section: The Jewish Thought Series.

This consists chiefly of articles published in the Jewish Chronicle Blogs section, that are motivated by thoughts from Jewish sources. 

Currently contains 5 articles.  Can be viewed at:



12 November 10 –  5 Kislev 5771 ה’  בכסלו תשע”א

Newsflash! Anthony Posner Banned (again) From the JC Blogs section

Anthony Posner sent the following email to JCWatch today:

I have been banned by The JC. It seems that telegramsam has support in high places.

Begin forwarded message:

From: Anthony Posner aposner@iburst.co.za

Date: 11 November 2010 3:54:54 PM

To: “Webmaster” help@thejc.com

Subject: Re:

Dear Moderator,Let’s cut a deal…I will stop but please leave my post “The song remains the same”.

On 11 Nov 2010, at 3:57 PM, Webmaster wrote:

Mr Posner,Please desist from posting that Telegram Sam is Moshe Tzarfati, either as a blog or in a comment. It is a breach of our regulations and if you continue to do so we will have no choice but to block you from the website.Thank you,

JC Moderator


JCWatch is considering compiling  a compendium of insulting language employed by telegramsam alias moshe tzarfati alias yankeeuxb alias Jewish American, and also alias some Iris thing. Not really a pleasant or worthwhile task, but it will prove one-sidedness.

 The JC could have put a stop to this alias business by the simple expedient of checking Internet IP addresses. The fact that it won’t, is also grist for the mill. (Streuth!  From where did I remember THAT  expression?)


10 November 10 –  3 Kislev 5771 ג’  בכסלו תשע”א

The Jewish Chronicle is Completely Out of Control! 

This has gone far enough. Its time to up the ante. On Monday I reported here that the JC Blogs Moderator – cowardly hiding behind anonimity, and refusing to reply to politely-phrased emails, deleted a post sarcastically criticizing the Pope.

Yesterday a post was allowed for publication calling Israel an “apertheid state” (the writer, also hiding behind one of a few false names, being semi-illiterate spelled “apartheid” wrong) and also invoked  the term “judeo-fascists”.

On October 8th Stephen Pollard, the JC Editor,  published a kind of explanation of his so-called “policies” in running the JC Blogs section. He said he would not tolerate anti-Israeli bile.

He said.

He’s either a liar or he has no control over his own newspaper, because yesterday (9th November) he published anti-Israeli bile. It was only removed after he was warned that JCWatch would slam into him and take a number of steps that would financially harm the JC, basically (but not exclusively) by sending to all his Jewish advertisers our list of anti-Israeli comments and expressions of hatred for the State of Israel (currently 22 pages of a Word file, you can view it online here at: https://jcwatch.wordpress.com/articles/anti-israelisms-an-open-ended-compendium  ).

The first time we warned Pollard that if he continued to allow Nazi terms to be employed against the State of Israel, we would write and publish here an article comparing him with Lord Haw-Haw.  He did, and so we did. (Locate it amonst our list of pages).

That was child’s play. Pollard, if you continue to publish what YOU described as  anti-Israeli bile, we will regard you as an enemy of the State of Israel,  and act accordingly in a number of parallel directions. Including requesting the Home Secretary Eli Yishai to have you and your staff declared here persona non grata. (Just a word in the ear of his patron, Rav Ovadia, will do the trick nicely).


08 November 10 –  1 Kislev 5771 ב’ דר”ח כסלו תשע”א

Call Israelis Nazis, but don’t insult the Pope! 

From the JC Blogs section:

Why is Israel protecting The Pope??  By Anthony Posner November 8, 2010

I sent the following post to that blog (reconstructed from memory after its deletion by Moderator):

Why wouldn’t Israel protect the Pope? We love him! He grew up in Germany, the most cultured of all European nations, and charitably devoted his life to Mother Church.

His broad-mindedness and forgiving nature expressed itself in his forgiving the Holocaust-denying British Bishop, and his welcoming him back into the fold.

He refuses to recognise Israel’s right to exist, thus saving Israel from the embarrassment and blushing that would result had he done so.

His broad-mindedness and forgiving nature also expressed itself in his protection of child-molesting Catholic priests.

When a Catholic Bishop announced that there was no longer an Israel or a Jewish People, his Holiness wisely refrained from comment, not wishing to involve himself in a local, petty squabble. 

What a personality!

How can you not love such a man?


A few minutes after my post appeared on Anthony’s blog  it was no longer there, and in its place I found:

Anonymous  This comment by Avraham Reiss has been moderated.

The Moderator refused to reply to my request for a reason for the deletion.

Anthony Posner commented on this:
Interesting to note that this comment by Stephenb written on Pollard’s blog about Hague has not been “moderated”:

“Stephen I am thinking your journalistic career is in free fall decline, and thinking is my strong point. I am not entirely unsympathetic. I understand that the kessler foundation thinks you are A total toss pot but well….i would behave just the same in your excrutiating [position giv us a kiss but no tongues ok ?”

This is also kosher from stephenb (said Anthony):

“And why does Israel keep on comparing itself with the most aresole countries on earth ? like the UK, or phucked up Ireland, would compare itself with say France or Germany   Israel compares itself with jordan or Iran or Saudi Arabia  we love you guys but you gotta re think ASAP or we are off to join the circus……”
[ End of Anthony Posner’s comments.  ]

Later today, the following post was allowed on the JC Blogs:

 Adolf’s last wish By Stanley Walinets November 8, 2010

[See:  https://jcwatch.wordpress.com/adolfs-last-wish-sic  ]   

Said Hitler “I wanted the world to hate Jews!
“But how can I do it? I’m dead…
“I know! Re-incarnate as hard-right Israelis
“And let them do it instead!”


On the JC Blogs you can thus call Jews Nazis, but heaven forbid you should offend the Pope.

Has anyone got an explanation for this behaviour? The Moderator certainly hasn’t.


04 November 10 – 27th MarCheshvan 5771 כ”ז במרחשון תשע”א

 How Israel is becoming like Iran and North Korea    by telegramsam

   On  8th October 10 JC Editor Stephen Pollard published an article stating the JC’s attitude towards blogging behaviour.

 The JC’s blogs, comments and bans

Here is a quote from that article:
 ”Where an individual or group is, in our view, not offering constructive and thoughtful criticism of Israel but out-and-out anti-Israel bile, then we will refuse to host it.”
The following post is just one example of hate-propaganda against Israel. The same blogger has been caught lying in the past, but of course will never admit this.
Our problem is not with the anti-Israeli hater, but with lack of implementation of the JC’s policy – as stated above – toward such animals by the JC.
The post is motivated by hatred of Israel as you can see, but its practical implementation is by lies, misrepresentations and generalisations.  In our opinion, the following quoted post should have deleted in accordance with the new guidelines set by Editor Pollard.
How Israel is becoming like Iran and North Korea  by telegramsam
Just a few quotes from the above article published in the JC Blogs section, by a known Israel Hater.
Just a few quotes, but they comprise  most of the article of hatred.

  “a weak, fearful, pathetic Israel is behaving just like the weak, fearful, pathetic Iran and North Korea. Israel is currently embroiled with Lebanon in a battle over who has made the world’s largest plate of Hummus. This  is like North Korea fighting with South Korea over who has the tallest flag pole. Does it really matter? Only a weak, fearful and, frankly, paranoid society needs to take note of that kind of “achievement”.”

 What did he say? “Israel is currently embroiled with Lebanon in a battle over who has made the world’s largest plate of Hummus.”

  Israel embroiled? Liar.

The truth? Read on:
  Israel Takes Humus Record From Lebanon
“Chefs in Abu Ghosh borrowed a satellite dish from a local TV station and filled it with over 4,000 kilograms, 8818 pounds, or humus.  Abu Ghosh took the record set on October 24th in Lebanon, which took a record from Israel, which took a record from Lebanon.”
So chefs in Abu Gosh baked a huge humus. from here to “Israel emroiled in a war with Lebanon”?
“Israel is also fighting Iran for a place in the Guinness Book of Records over who has played a chess game with   the most participants. Does it really matter?”

So now Israel is fighting Iran?

The truth?

Israel wins (chess) war with Iran  By Jennifer Lipman (JC)

 “An Israeli chess player has set a new world record for playing the highest number of games at one time. The title  was previously held by an Iranian player.”

One Israeli chess-player now represents an Israel-at-war?
“The children of the descendants of the people of the book rarely read books nowadays and are more concerned in who will win the Israeli version of X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing.”
Generalisation – based on what facts?
“Israel is near the bottom of any international education league table. It is creating a generation of ignorami who know practically nothing about their own culture, let alone that of the wider world around them.”
 Generalisation – based on what facts? The writer himself knows practically nothing about his own culture – when asked point blank, he couldn’t name the sections comprising the basic book of Jewish Law.
“We also gave the world the Golden Rule: Ve’ahavta le’reechah kemochah. Love thy neighbour as thyself. But Israel has a growing racism problem, not only towards its Arab inhabitants and its Palestinian neighbours, but towards the non-Jewish foreigners who have sought refuge and work within its borders.”
What growing racist problems? An empty claim, with no proof provided.

“it lets murderers of gays get away with it (has anyone been arrested for the shooting at Bar No’ar last year? Or for the repeated attempted attacks on Gay Pride Marches?)”
“murderers” in the plural? There was one murderer in a gay establishment – and the chief suspicion falls upon the gays themselves, who have apparently closed ranks to prevent publication of the fact that the murderer was one of them.  From some of his earlier statements, we can’t help wondering if the writer isn’t one of them.

“It is trying its hardest to suppress institutions through fear and hatred “
A generalisation, no proof provided.
“Israel is rapidly becoming the most Un-Jewish state imaginable. Yet its shills here will attack, abuse and damn anyone who cares enough about Israel but won’t play aong with their silly, immature knee-jerk reactions. Damn them. “
“Damn them” – insulting behaviour for which alone the writer should be removed.
“Israel is rapidly becoming the most Un-Jewish state imaginable” – an empty generalised and insulting claim, no proof for which provided.

 Anyway, the writer knows practically nothing about Judaism apart from a few verses he copied from somewhere; you can see that he keeps quoting the same verses  over and over again. 


 22 October 10 – 14th MarCheshvan 5771 י”ד במרחשון תשע”א

Is Obama Sin Laden?

…   considering his behaviour towards Israel – YES.


18 October 10 – 10th MarCheshvan 5771 י’ במרחשון תשע”א

 Telegramsam is moshezarfati2

Despite the moratorium offered by JC Editor Stephen Pollard which allowed Blacklisted Dictator (Anthony Posner) and myself amongst others, to return to contribute to the Jewish Chronicle Blogs section, moshezarfati2 who was also banned and thus allowed to return, has chosen to hide behind a fictitious name rather than use his real name.

This is par for the course for him, which we will demonstrate further on. But first: how did we determine that both the above are the same jerk? Easy: 2 immediate zafarti trademarks.

(1) His incessant, non-stop blogging, 25 hours a day, flooding the Blogs section with both inane posts and valueless comments.  NOBODY else has ever been so obsessed with the JC Blogs section.

(2) His practice of “leapfrogging” his posts, deleting and reposting them so that they will always appear on the JC Blogs Homepage in the list of  the latest 7 blog posts. Also an obsession with him.

He tried a number of times to post on JCWatch. One of his attempts was really dirty – the kind of filth one can expect from him, having read some of his posts. He looked me up on Facebook, and found a photo of one of my sons. The photo showed my son, a soldier, standing in an IDF guard of honour at the funeral of one of the two soldiers slain by Hizbollah, whose kidnapping at the time was the cause of the 2nd Lebanon war. zafarti had no qualms about taking my son’s name and using it to post on JCWatch.

Fortunately, there are such things in the world as IP addresses, and we identified zafarti posting on JCWatch with other names, such as “insider”, “replacement” etc. He has denied this, making him a liar as well.

Now he’s Telegramsam.

zafarti is also a plagiarist. We caught him copying phrases written by someone subsequently identified by Professor Stephen Plaut of Haifa University as a  Holocaust Denier and Nazi who used the name Ozymandias. We had seen some highbrow phrases in one of zafarti’s posts, and realising that he was intellectually incapable of composing such phrases, we Googled them and found the source! (See the entire story at  https://jcwatch.wordpress.com/articles/anti-israelisms-in-the-jcs-blogs-2  towards the end of that article).

zafarti is also a natural trouble-maker. Imagine someone walking into the Peace Talks between Israel and  the so-called Palestinians (there is no such nation), and saying to the Arab delegation: “you don’t want to make peace with Israel, look what they’ve done to you!”. That, people, is zafarti. Look at some of his recent posts, where he points to things JCWatch has published in the past, trying to rake them up again. (He is also obsessive about the amount of time he spends browsing JCWatch, which we allow him to do out of pity: it’s probably the only intellectual exercise he gets during the day.) The word ‘moratorium’ apparently has too many vowels for him to be able to comprehend it. There’s only one other explanation for his behaviour (and that’s probably the one you’re thinking of right now!)

Just one example from him. In a post titled  “an example of sinaat chinam”  at  http://www.thejc.com/blogpost/an-example-sinaat-chinam  he refers you to JCWatch’s earliest post in an attempt to create trouble nobody apart from him is interested in.

When you see his posts, just ignore the obsessive git. He hasn’t got a life, and we are not obliged to provide him with one!


15 October 10 – 7th MarCheshvan 5771   ז’ במרחשון תשע”א

Dont Expect Fireworks – there ain’t gonna be none!

 JCWatch has received an unusually high number of hits in the last few days. This is obviously an interest in the progress of the JC Editor Stephen Pollard’s Moratorium, which allows the owner of JCWatch to return to blogging in the JC Blogs section.

JCWatch views this as a serious concession on the part of Mr. Pollard, considering some of the things that have been published here in the past. And as we have said twice before, we intend to take the offer very seriously and to honour it (including unspoken conditions that are taken as understood).

So if you are expecting fireworks or any other kind of ‘action’ here – don’t hold your breath.

We will, next week, PG, devote time to a few of the pests who blight the JC blogs; we haven’t finished with Telegramsam yet – the “man” who tried to sabotage the peace – but we will do so. He’s now on a denial kick, claiming he never wrote emails to us in various false names and faking Jewish Chronicle email addresses.

Tells you a lot about him.

But c’est tout – just comments about one or two public disrupters, no more than that.

Shabbat Shalom!


12 October 10 – 4th MarCheshvan 5771   ד’ במרחשון תשע”א

The Seeds of Destruction Have Already Been Sown

The JC’s blogs, comments and bans  By Stephen Pollard October 8, 2010

In the above post JC Editor Stephen Pollard declared a moratorium on the past, and stated new lines-of-guidance for managing the JC Blogs. JCWatch commended him for this, and nothing in this JCWatch post alters that in any way.

However, two posts appearing on the JC Blogs site after Pollard’s declaration, one of them commenting on Pollard’s post itself, raise doubts as to whether the new spirit of reconciliation is going to withstand the tests of time – even a short time.

Post no. 1:

We will not be citizens of a fascist state purporting to be Israel  By clevenson October 11, 2010

News from Israel and Gush Shalom, the good people.
Press Release October 10, 2010
“We will not be citizens of a fascist state purporting to be Israel” say hundreds of Israeli academics and public figures.

Among participants in the initiative were Shulamit Aloni, Uri Avnery, Alex Ansky, Shery Ansky, Menachem Brinker, Ran Cohen, Ruth Cohen, Yaron Ezrachi, Galia Golan, Haim Guri, Sna’it Gisis, Yoram Kaniuk, Dani Karavan, Yehoshua Knaz, Elia Leibowitz, Alex Libak, Hanna Meron, Sammy Michael, Merav Michaeli, Sefi Rachlevsky, Gabi Solomon, David Tartakower, Micha Ullman, and many others.
[end quote]

Calling Israel a ‘fascist state’ (sic) was one of the chief reasons for creating JCWatch; given such a post, JCWatch cannot relinquish its self-set tasks. For the moment we are not openly attacking the JC, but we must differ on a point of truth. A complaint concerning the offending post was sent to someone in authority in the JC (it was a private email correspondence, so we do not feel at liberty to disclose who replied to us). The reply said (in part): “to be honest I think a headline directly quoting hundreds of Israeli citizens is completely acceptable”. 

– “a headline directly quoting hundreds of Israeli citizens” – who said so? That claim was issued in the Press release of  “Israel and Gush Shalom, the good people” (sic) and was not verified by any other source. All we can know for sure is that 23 people actually signed their names.

We know that the extreme left that these people represent, have no qualms about distorting figures; in the famous demonstration against the 1st Lebanon war back in 1984, held in Tel Aviv in what was then known as Kings of Israel Square (now Kikar Rabin, Rabin Square‎), Kol Yisrael radio announced  that 400,000 people had taken part in the demonstration – a blatant lie, because the square doesn’t hold more than a quarter of a million people; in the largest demonstrations in identification with and in memory of Yitzchak Rabin, police gave the number of 250,000 participants. So where did Kol Yisrael get  400,000 from? Political manipulation – one of the Peace Now organizers  who led the 1984 demonstration, had a sister who worked in Kol Yisrael radio’s newsroom!
(BTW, Peace Now is worthy of a deep investigation; it never holds elections, although it screams loud and clear about democracy in many forms, and it never reveals the sources of its finances – from which anti-Israeli sources does it receive monies?]

So the claim that “hundreds of Israelis”  justifies the offensive post headline above, is – to put it mildly – dubious. Gush Shalom demonstrations can usually be held in a phone-booth.

These are the new JC Blogs guide-lines?

Post no. 2:


telegramsam 8 October, 2010 – 19:49
I think Jon and Jonathan are looking to be martyred by being suspended for bring abusive.

telegramsam 11 October, 2010 – 14:32
Stephen, I hope this doesn’t mean that the blogs will become less moderated and that those who have been rude and abusive towards JC staff, such as Reiss-the founder of JCWatch’s home for the criminally under-medicated-Joshua and BD will be allowed back.

Telegramsam manages to combine four negative character traits in one weak and feeble mind: coward, liar, slanderer and hypocrite – not bad for one frustrated anti-semite. He must have a terrific family life (we just pity his poor family!). One may well assume that this is why he’s scared to reveal his name – were it published, acquaintances would probably contribute a few more negative traits …

Coward – because he hasn’t got the guts to publish his name.
Liar – because he has sent JCWatch a number of posts, all of which contained lies and false prophecies. Also, he faked ”from” email addresses, posing as a JC employee (this is fraud!) 
Slanderer – see the above quote about JCWatch, written at a time when I was banned from replying (again, cowardice)
Hypocrite – because in the 2nd of the 2 above-quoted posts, he slanders, but in the 1st post he rails against abuse.

Telegramsam is one sick person, the type who probably hates Jews so much that he desecrates Jewish graves and cemeteries!

This is representative of the new JC Blogs guide-lines? What part of the new guide-lines prevented deletion of his offensive post?

This is why we have headed this post  The Seeds of Destruction Have Already Been Sown.


11 October 10 – 3rd MarCheshvan 5771   ג’ במרחשון תשע”א

The Jewish Chronicle Announces a New Policy Regarding JC Blogging

In a long and reasoned blog article – The JC’s blogs, comments and bans – dated 8th October, JC Editor Stephen Pollard has announced a new policy regarding anti-Israel comments on the JC Blogs, and also a moratorium allowing most people banned in the past to return and post in the JC Blogs. (That is a blanket precis by JCWatch only for the sake of brevity, please read the detailed statement at: http://www.thejc.com/blogpost/the-jcs-blogs-comments-and-bans ).

JCWatch intends to afford Mr. Pollard every opportunity of realising his intentions in said article, and will do nothing inflamatory in the near future. We may feel the need to comment occasionally, but if so the comments will be brief, to the point, and not insulting.

In that spirit of reconciliation, we have removed our last two posts which contained references to the Nazi period, and also the message of hatred by tomeisner and our reply to same, which always preceded our latest posts.

Good luck, Mr. Pollard. Your success in realising your new policy, will be everbody’s success!

JCWatch would be happiest to find itself out of business!


01 October 10 – 23 Tishri 5771               כ”ג בתשרי תשע”א

The “Jewish” Chronicle Now Recognises “Occupied Palestine”

Good News from the Netherlands   By newsmax October 1, 2010

In a new level of treachery against the State of Israel, the so-called “Jewish” Chronicle has just published a blogpost which begins:

“Occupied Palestine, 23 September 2010 – The Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions National Committee (BNC), on behalf of its constituent organizations and unions representing the majority of Palestinian civil society, warmly salutes the decision taken by the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG), in consultation with the Dutch Foreign Ministry, to cancel a visit by Israeli mayors due to the fact that six members of the proposed delegation are leaders of illegal Jewish-only Israeli colonial settlements in Occupied Palestinian Territory.”

The JC is thus furthering anti-Israeli propaganda by authorising for publication the lies that  (1) there is an entity named “Occupied Palestine”, (2) Judea and Samaria are “palestinian” areas, and (3) that Jewish settlements there are illegal.

We repeat:

If  you purchase the Jewish Chronicle, advertise in it, purchase goods  advertised in it or visit places of entertainment, hotels, or restaurants advertising in it, you are directly supporting publication of views such as that above.  There are other Jewish publications.

You can retaliate for the price of a fax, letter, e-mail or phone-call, by notifying JC advertisers that you are boycotting their products in order to weaken expression of anti-Israeli sentiments by the Jewish Chronicle …


Posts from the period July – September 2010 have been moved to:
Posts from the period March – June 2010 have been moved to:


Avraham Reiss – Jerusalem
Nisan 5770    –    March 10


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