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Thursday 17 June 10
1 day after JCWatch commented on a particularly vile blog post by tomeisner2, we suddenly received “Access denied” to the page. Is the JC finally realising how far its anti-Israeli comments are leading it, and in which direction?
Until a different explanation is offered, we assume that the elgot thing OK’d eisner’s article – because it authorises for publication any anti-Israeli filth that doesn’t insult the elgot thing personally – and was over-ridden by superiors and forced to block it, after JCWatch drew attention to the page.  This is far from the first time that JCWatch has influenced the Jewish Chronicle’s blog publishing decisions.  
The original JCWatch post discussing the offending blog page, is on our  * Home page  under the date 17th June 10. (Click on any part of the blue section of our masthead to get there).
Fortunately, the standard of Pollard’s security is of the same quality as his management and editorial capabilities, so here’s the blocked post (we’ve displayed some of eisner’s greater blasphemies, including in the Comments section, in red):

 “Lunatic Israel” supports torture

By tomeisner2
June 13, 2010

How can Israel ever begin to be considered a decent country when they refuse to ban torture. Some of my friends in Israel are involved fighting this barbaric backward Government http://www.stoptorture.org.il/en/skira90-99.


steveabbott13 June, 2010 – 21:17

how can the uk be considered a decent country when it has condoned, and been complicit with torture? terrible things happen when ‘decent’ people thing they are doing the right things for their country. but we need to remember that for evil to triumph it only requires that good people do nothing.

tomeisner213 June, 2010 – 21:28

exactly Steve.

amber13 June, 2010 – 22:19

Eisner, torture is not legal in Israel, and the Supreme Court has expressly banned it. Unlike your Palestinian friends in Hamas, who use torture and summary “justice” liberally, as does the Palestinian Authority.

So how can you consider the Palestinian authorities decent? You are an apologist for Hamas, and refuse to condemn this racist antisemitic terror organization.


steveabbott13 June, 2010 – 22:31

amber. there is much to condemn, everywhere we look. less condemnation and more imagination please. israel and its supporters make much of the word ‘terror’, and ‘terrorists’. you would do well to remember that two of israels ex prime ministers were wanted ‘terrorists’ – i am sure you know of whom i speak. A riddle: which is the terrorist – the F16 pilot who drops the 1000lb bomb on an apartment block in Gaza, or the suicide bomber who detonates his explosives in a pizza parlour in Tel Aviv? Answer – both. It was not a trick question. I can condemn both – can you?

tomeisner213 June, 2010 – 22:58

Amber you are completely wrong. The Israel that you idealise bears no resemblance to the real nasty apartheid country that exists. read this http://www.stoptorture.org.il/en/skira1999-present
Israel routinely torture people,whether or not the Supreme court has banned it. I tell you what when Stephen Pollard invites us all to the Hannukah/Xmas party I will bring one of my Palestinian friends along. I think you will like him/her, but he/her will tell you you a thing or two about torture!

Not only do I refuse to condemn Hamas but I can perfectly understand why they refuse to recognise Israel. Which state of Israel should they recognise? The legal one up to pre 1967 borders or the apartheid one extending to the dried up river Jordan that the settlers have diverted to their swimming pools.

It’s not just Hammas that don’t trust Israel but the real world out there including many many Jews who now totally distance themselves from this barbaric torturing nation that holds hundreds of children in prisons without trial This is your beloved Israel in 2010. Wake up Amber because the world has no done just that. Israel is in the dock.

Great delight when it was reported that in the Queen’s Speech in London, the government had stated its commitment to a two state solution that sees a viable Palestinian State existing in peace and security with Israel. The delight of course, was because Palestine was put before Israel. la la la la la la

amber13 June, 2010 – 23:27

Lies upon lies on stilts.

Your “concern” for torture victims is demonstrably hollow – you excuse the Palestinians for torture, in fact you just skirt round that one, and invent lies about Israel instead. Your defence of Hamas, which advocates the extermination of every living Jew, is disgusting.

You are repulsive.

amber13 June, 2010 – 23:30

abbot, that you side with an anti-semite like eisner shows that you are an Israel hater. Shame on you.

Blacklisted Dictator14 June, 2010 – 06:55


But you must admit that the fact that the Israelis are occupying Gaza, stops the locals from being tortured by Hamas. Nobody is thrown off buildings etc.

I like your posts because they are balanced. You always tell the whole story. You are outraged when Hamas does not provide sugar in the tea of their prisoners. And so you should be. You are a cultivated man.

Yvetta14 June, 2010 – 08:01

Melanie Phillips on her blog provides a link to a British parody of warm and fuzzy Hamas – not as funny as “We Con the World” (which is apparently back on youtube) but more accurate than anything seen on Channel Four or BBC!

jose14 June, 2010 – 10:43

Torture, as Amber said is not allowed in Israel. Doesn’t mean it does not happen, as in UK, France, USA, and any other country even when they don’t have the excuse of being at war.

Tom Eisner is just castigating his personal Satan, Israel, while condoning at the same time all the countries he supports explicitely or implicitely and who are doing much worse.
A double standard attitude that is too usual with Tom Eisner.

tomeisner214 June, 2010 – 12:51

hundreds of Palestinian kids in Israeli prisons and no trials for them. Really civilised place little israel isn’t it?
And don’t say it is untrue because I know the mother of one. (She’s lousy in bed, so are two of her daughters, but that’s not the point!)

amber14 June, 2010 – 13:34

Lies eisner.

Hamas imprisons people for political reasons, for being gay, for being different. It executes them without trial as well, as does Fatah. Israel imprisons those who engage in terrorism. Israeli prisons are decent, Palestinain ones are not.

tomeisner214 June, 2010 – 14:06

Part of the reason why the world justifiably hates what israel does

Yvetta14 June, 2010 – 14:

Why doesn’t the world condemn human rights abusing islamic regimes, Tom? Why is the world so obsessed with one tiny sliver of the globe that belongs to the Jews?

Yvetta14 June, 2010 – 14:13

When are you going to mediate with Hamas on behalf of Gilad Shalit, Tom? To allow him regular Red Cross visits and the occasional letter and parcel from his sorrowing parents? Four years in captivity, and if a corpse, probably a mutilated one.

mattpryor14 June, 2010 – 14:31

If Eisner really has friends in Israel then he betrays them with every single one of his half-witted, delusional, mendacious posts on this site (and who knows what other websites he spams with this rubbish).

Some friend.

amber14 June, 2010 – 15:27

eisner, you are a hateful propagandist.

Advis3r16 June, 2010 – 15:32

I have no comment to make on what eisner and abbott have posted their writngs clearly mark them out as rabid anti-Semites and do not merit engagement I would suggest no one engages them they will soon get fed up and move elsewhere – most of their comments come within the EU working definition of anti-Semitism. However I do question the JC’s policy of allowing such repugnant comments to be posted on its website in the first place. It is surely enough that The Guardian allows its website to be used openly by anti-Semitic posters. If eisner and abbott want to post their filth I would suggest they post on CIF where Brian Whittaker will welcome them with open arms – and good riddance

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