GMail and Middle East Politics

I opened my GMail account this evening (13th March, 10), and found a new function: Send SMS messages free to your cell-phone!

I tried it out – it works! The phone receives a message, and can return one to the sending computer.

BUT:  GMail specifies one target area as “Palestinian Territories“.

(Click on the screenshot to enlarge it for legibility)

Google now entering politics?

 Google/GMail is now entering Middle East politics?


The first of the Elgot Rules by which this blog is governed,

– see:   ** Elgot Rules OK     – says:

Honesty above all.

I must therefore amend the above item by presenting a material fact of which I was not aware when I wrote it.

The International Phone whatever (I don’t know who it is) who allocates the dial-codes for each country, e.g. Britain is 44, Israel is 972, has allocated to the palestinian entity a separate dial-code, 970.

Google/GMail were therefore not expressing any political opinion, but merely soliciting the area-prefix (the ‘country dial-code’) for purely technical reasons.

I could have just deleted the  item, but my blog statistics show that it received a lot of hits since it appeared, so the subject must be popular.

Anyway, it does serve to emphasize the sometimes ironic difference in speeds of advancement between  International Diplomacy and its implementation on the ground on the one hand, and technology on the other.

Avraham Reiss – Jerusalem
28 Adar 5770 – 14 March 10


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