My British Passport in Israel

My British passport expired last November. I had forgotten about the expiration date and thus neglected its renewal, until the Dubai incident. I therefore have from the British point of view an alibi, and from the Israeli point of view an excuse, for not having visited Dubai in the recent past.

As I write this, Israel radio is buzzing with the news that an Israeli diplomat is to be expelled from Britain over the Dubai incident. This places Anglo-Jewry in the dual-loyalty scenario, and as I’m not part of it I wish them the wisdom to pass through the incident without incident.

But quite frankly, I think that the matter should be settled on a purely commercial basis. If, as Britain claims, Mossad creates such perfect forgeries that none of them were detected when they were used, maybe Mossad should offer Britain a reduced rate for production of British passports, that will most probably undercut the price charged by the current, official British passport printers.

Mossad drums up new business, Britain gets cheaper (and probably better quality) passports, and everybody’s happy. Where’s the flaw in that?

Avraham Reiss – Jerusalem
Nisan 5770    –    March 10


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