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Sunday 5th August 18 כ”ד במנחם אב, תשע”ח

It’s been five years since I last posted here. I started this blog to combat the JC’s publication of anti-Israeli posts, using terms such as “Nazi state“, “Apartheid state” and many other disgusting anti-Israeli defamations.  It took myself and a few others two years – it’s all documented in this blog – but the JC finally capitulated and antisemitic comments against Israel finally ceased. I carried on sporadically for about a year, and then in a kind of unwritten “gentleman’s agreement”, I ceased to attack the JC.

Five years later … I read yesterday an article in the Israeli newspaper Makor Rishon about jeremy corbin, his personal antisemitism and support of terrorists and the possible results of his theoretically becoming the British Prime Minister.

If you browse through this blog I don’t think you will find one antisemitic comment or attack upon the State of Israel made by corbin or by any other Labour anti-Semite that was not published first in the JC more than eight years go. The JC was at that time the prime Jewish purveyor of antisemitic and anti-Israeli comments.

My point is that Anglo-Jewry should get its priorities right: you can’t attack Christians in a Christian country (the Queen is head of the Anglican Church) while simultaneously Jews are publishing antisemitic and anti-Israeli comments, thus providing anti-semites and Israel-haters with both the wording and the “justification” that “I read it in the Jewish Chronicle“.  True, since 2012 the JC has refrained from publishing antisemitic and anti-Israeli comments. This does not mean that it won’t start again – that is why JCWatch was never deleted. The Anglo-Jewish community must gain control over the enemy within before it starts objecting to the behaviour of those whom Britain is their country.

To substantiate what I have written I refer the reader to the compendium of filth published by the JC which caused JCWatch to come into existence:


If you read through the compendium, you will have noticed that someone with the authorization to delete JC articles, went through the compendium with a magnifying glass and a fine tooth comb, and removed practically every incriminating JC url that I posted there as proof that I was providing sources for everything I claimed. Now who would have both the authorization and the motivation to remove proofs of the “Jewish” Chronicle’s  disgusting, treacherous, self-incriminating anti-Israeli behaviour?  [ Hint: it wasn’t jeremy corbin.]  

I end by printing here what in my opinion was the most disgusting comment ever published by JC Editor Stephen Pollard, this was after Israeli Commandos raided a Turkish ship – the Mave Marmara:

Your loathsome country Israel who we all hate in the rest of the world was founded by terrorists has always been run by terrorists and now neo nazis are in charge. The best thing anyone sensible Israeli can do is leave.

[Regarding JC Editor Stephen Pollard, some time back I saw on the web speculation as to whether or not he is circumcised. Makes no difference to me. Cut or uncut, the guy is a shmock.]

What could be a move towards fixing the damage the JC has done to Judaism and Israel over the years, would be (1)  total removal of all antisemitic comments – not only those pointed to by JCWatch, and (2)  an admission and apology by the JC Editor that all previous publication of antisemitic and anti-Israeli comments over the years was regretted and would never be repeated. But we all know that the JC Editor, Stephen “L’Etat, c’est moi” Pollard, the person under whose regime the JC has lost some 20,000 readers, is not man enough to do this: he is driving the JC into the ground, and giggling merrily. In the long run, that is an equally acceptable solution.

I don’t intend at this point in time to renew JCWatch activity. This post is a one-time post. But when you deal with jerks who will betray their People for the sake of gaining a few more readers, you have to keep all your options open.

Avraham Reiss



The “Jewish” Chronicle: written by Trembling Israelites for Trembling Israelites

Wednesday 3rd July 13 – כ”ה בתמוז, תשע”ג

Accounts Overdue

(Click to enlarge; click again to enlarge more)

The bottom line on the left (in red)  says that the JC’s accounts are … OVERDUE.

And we’ve noted the JC’s move to … Golders Green!  There’s a lot of charedim in Golders Green. We figure that if we notify the charedim that their new neighbour publishes support of the homosexual “lifestyle” (sic) by a so-called Liberal “rabbi” it should be good for a few violent demonstrations, or some other form of display of objection to the new neighbour …

Tuesday 25th June 13 – י”ז בתמוז, תשע”ג

Off His Bloody Rocker!

Man of mystery
Simon Rocker  June 14, 2013

You want to know why the JC is losing more and more readers every year?
Here’s an example of the kind of crap JC ignoramuses are peddling to the public.

Simon Rocker in a few lines in which he mentions the Kabbalah (url above),  says
“Now the mystical tradition is widely recognised as the extraordinary product of the Jewish religious imagination …”

The Kabbalah an “extraordinary product of the Jewish religious imagination …” ? What kind of idiot writes such a description? The mind boggles!

And under Rocker’s hallucinogenicly-inspired words of wisdom, appears the line:
Related: The rebranding of Kabbalah.

There one learns of the recent activities of Kabbalah Centre International founder Karen Berg, Berg being the wife of the guy who publishes an English translation of the Kabbalah.

A few years ago, a copy of his translation was presented to the shul I daven in, here in Jerusalem. I asked to be allowed to browse through it for a day or two. I found there that the Biblical term “Achrit HaYamim“, literally translated as “the latter days” but in fact meaning “the final days”, appears in Berg’s translation as “the Age of Aquarius”.

The sojourn of Berg’s translation of the Kabbalah in my shul was brief, indeed.

To translate “Achrit HaYamim” as “The Age of Aquarius” you have to have the “Jewish religious imagination” of a Simon Rocker, and to be off your (Simon) Rocker! 


20 June 13 י”ב תמוז תשע”ג

Haven’t blogged for 3 months now, but loyal readers keep on checking in daily to see if there’s anything new.

Understand:  for someone who chose to live his life in Israel, there are very few things less important than a dying so-called “Anglo-Jewish” rag.

We did our bit in stemming the flow of Nazi sentiments as published by the JC, and are happy that every 6 months the JC has to report less readers.

Keep it up, Stevie, you are doing our job for us! 

11 March 13 – כ”ט באדר תשע”ג  – ערב ראש חודש ניסן

Goodbye to all that   By Jenni Frazer

Goodbye to all that   By Jenni Frazer  March 6, 2013

“Today is our last day in Furnival Street; our last day in the City. The JC is moving …”

3rd-rate hack Jenni Frazer informs us that the JC is leaving Furnival Street. NOWHERE in the current edition of the online JC can you learn to where it is moving. Neither will a prolonged Google search reveal any information.

The JC is obviously ashamed that poor management and editing have forced the move, which was considered as early as back in 1979; follow this link for details on that:


This week JCWatch “celebrates” 3 years of existence, during which time we have repeatedly reported on JC’s falling sales.

The JC is – and has been for a long time – losing money hand-over-fist. The reason is obvious: because it has been losing readers hand-over-fist for more than a decade, with no management capabilities of analyzing the reason(s) and correcting them. Pollard should have been replaced no more than 2 years after his part in the losing streak. Until the JC provides a different explanation, we are entitled to assume that financial loss is the reason for the JC’s move out of the city, to what will obviously be a cheaper site. But when it takes with it all its equipment, it will also be taking its lack of management, and so readers will continue to desert the paper that has in the past published opinions calling Israel a Nazi state and many other vile defamations. We ask G-d not to hinder the JC’s continuing downfall; Jewish News will always be there to take up the slack!

Here is the JC’s “table of losses”:

In the following table, the first 2 columns are start- and end-dates. The 3rd column is the number of copies of the JC sold during that period.

01/01/2000 30/06/2000 42,796    
01/07/2000 31/12/2000 41,904
01/01/2001 30/06/2001 41,213
01/07/2001 31/12/2001 40,106
01/01/2002 30/06/2002 39,357
01/07/2002 31/12/2002 38,581
01/01/2003 30/06/2003 37,880
01/07/2003 31/12/2003 36,701
01/01/2004 30/06/2004 35,310
01/07/2004 31/12/2004 35,427
01/01/2005 30/06/2005 35,603
01/07/2005 31/12/2005 34,608
01/01/2006 30/06/2006 34,492
01/07/2006 31/12/2006 34,110
01/01/2007 30/06/2007 33,441
01/07/2007 31/12/2007 32,623
01/01/2008 30/06/2008 32,875
01/07/2008 31/12/2008 32,121
01/01/2009 30/06/2009 30,436
01/07/2009 31/12/2009 31,224
01/01/2010 30/06/2010 31,555
01/07/2010 31/12/2010 29,657
01/01/2011 30/06/2011 29,079
01/07/2011 31/12/2011 26,533
01/01/2012 30/06/2012 22,681

Sources for all figures except the last one have been documented in earlier posts in JCWatch.

The latest figure, for the first half of 2012 was obtained from:

Briefly, the JC sold 42,796 copies during the first half of the year 2000, and  22,681 copies during the first half of last year (2012) – during which time  Dora the Explorer sold 25,426 copies! (Maybe Pollard should study a few editions of Dora the Explorer to learn the art of editing?) With only a few  insignificant  exceptions, the sales have dropped steadily and regularly over the last 12 years; the Jewish Chronicle is steadily losing its readers – and giggling merrily.  So far, a loss of 20,115 copies sold – almost half of its total copies sold during the first half of the year 2000. Some 10,000 copies sold have been lost so far  during Stephen Pollard’s lame-duck “editorship”. He’ll probably come out below the 20,000 mark in the next report.

http://www.rightleftbuzz.com/magazine-circulation-figures-2012/ :
“It’s close to being overtaken since the market-leading Jewish weekly by its rival, Jewish News, which elevated its sales by 6.9% year-on-year to 23,700. That signifies a 3.1% uplift round the previous six several days.”

If you advertise in the JC, what exactly do you get for your money?


Shushan Purim – Jerusalem

Joe Millis – Congenital Liar

Millis has been caught lying time after time – and his “system” hasn’t changed: he states so-called ‘facts’ on the assumption that nobody will check them.


In the above link he slanders the Orthodox congregation in Israel. He writes about the new MK Ruth Calderon:

“She’s great, a true clear voice that has reclaimed the Tanach and Talmud from the Orthodox. But you should see what the Orthodox say about her on the Kikar Hashabbat website. She is, they say, an “existential threat” because, Heaven Forfend, she “studies Gamara and is using our language against us”.”

Anyone looking at the Kikar HaShabbat website will immediately see, on its masthead, that it is a Haredi – and not an Orthodox – website.

But Millis isn’t bothered by facts. He’s a so-called Reform Jew who’s knowledge of Judaism approaches zero from the minus direction. He reminds us of the character in Leon Uris’s “Battle Cry“, the Texan racist who hated everyone who wasn’t  … a Texan racist!

Purim is the most appropriate time to write about Millis; he’s a joke nobody takes seriously. Just ask him how many jobs he’s had – and lost – in the last few years …  a few months back JCWatch learned he was  fired from UJIA – “he was asked to leave before his probation period ended” we were informedit doesn’t take long to get to know comrade Millis.


4th February 13  – כ”ד בשבט תשע”ג

Jerusalem. Monday, 4th February 13.  A  sunny day.  A bit chilly, but a completely blue sky, with not a single cloud in sight.

Haven’t posted here for a while. The enthralling dynamics of life in Israel place a third-rate, self-hating , so-called “Jewish” newspaper at the very bottom of one’s list of activities. Together with a few others , JCWatch successfully emasculated the JC’s anti-Israeli Blogs section, but now and again we post because our blog serves as a mausoleum to anti-Israeli “life” that once existed in the JC. In 50 years time, historians will be able to read  here how pollard allowed Israel to be repeatedly, wickedly and continually slandered, in a failed attempt to retain a handful of the readers that were deserting the JC like rats from a sinking ship – which the JC currently is. He called it “freedom of speech”, so he can’t object to our freedom of speech here.

Jenny the Lip Strikes Again

Israel, the Nazis and yet another comparison                                                                                                                                                     By Jennifer Lipman
January 30, 2013

Jennifer Lipman, “Jenny the Lip”, is a typical JC  hypocrite. For some reason she “thinks” that others can’t call Israel a nazi state, while her cohorts at the Jesus Chronicle – are allowed to publish such statements.

Quoth the Lip:

Ah, those charming folk at the Muslim Public Affairs Committee.

Not content with thanking MP David Ward – he of the nicely-timed comparison between the Nazis then, and Israel now – “for his bravery and for standing up for the truth”, MPAC UK have gone a step further and tweeted the following:

“Ever thought about the differences between #Nazism and #Zionism ? A picture speaks a thousand words.”

The very reason that JCWatch was started 3 years ago (in 1 month’s time) was because of the disgusting anti-Israeli statements published by the JC  at that time.

One of the more extreme statements – a user-comment willingly published by pollard – read as follows:

Your loathsome country Israel who we all hate in the rest of the world was founded by terrorists has always been run by terrorists and now neo nazis are in charge. The best thing anyone sensible Israeli can do is leave.”

Lipman, stop crying about Moslems slandering Israel, while you make a living from a paper that is worse than any anti-Semite.

Not convinced? Read a long list of Jesus Chronicle anti-Israeli filth and hatred:


But then again, what could any decent Jew expect from a rag that honours and gives free reign to the homosexual “lifestyle”. (See earlier posts here).


 30th November 12  – ט”ז בכסלו תשע”ג

The  Liberal “rabbi” and the Judaic Ignoramus

When right is right and right is right

Aaron Goldstein


In the above article, quotes Golstein:

“In the words of Amos Oz, “The Palestinians are in Palestine because Palestine is the homeland and the only homeland of the Palestinian people…The Israeli Jews are in Israel because there is no other country in the world which the Jews, as a people, as a nation, could ever call home.” “

Amos Oz, professional story-teller, writes from Judaic ignorance, and the liberal “rabbi” Goldstein (can he learn a daf Gemara?) quotes him and spreads Oz’s nonsense. And the very fact that Goldstein is “rabbi” of a community living comfortably in exile, serves to bear out the lie that – at least as far as Goldstein and his congregation are concerned

[quote]  “there is no other country in the world which the Jews, as a people, as a nation, could ever call home”   [unquote].

I grew up in London. Lived there till the age of 18 when I emigrated/imigrated to Israel. I know that Goldstein and his liberal congregation are perfectly at home in smoky London town. What he’s doing here is to try and give “rabbinic” justification for remaining in exile. “Liberal rabbi”? – one of Judaism’s great oxymorons!

Israel does not exist as a home for the otherwise homeless. That is an insult to Eretz Yisrael that one can expect from a Judaic ignoramus like Amos Oz, but would expect far better from a so-called “rabbi”.

The Chafetz Chaim, Rabbi Yisrael Cohen, died in 1933 in Radin, Byelorussia, once wrote a small book (‘Sefer HaMitzvot HaKatzar’) listing the commandments one can perform outside of Israel. Out of the 613 commandments of the Torah, only 192 can be performed outside of Israel, in the Diaspora.

THAT is the point. Israel is the only place in which we can obtain perfection: “Prophecy was only given in The Land of Israel, or about it” (The Kuzari, Rabbi Yehudah HaLevi).

Goldtein, before you publicly display your Judaic ignorance and spread further nonsense, and continue to mislead your congregation, at least ask a few questions of people who know a little more about these things than you do.

Exactly who is this “rabbi” Goldstein?  Suffice to read one paragrah he has published:


Support Campaign for Equal Marriage – not a Golden Calf
By Rabbi Aaron Goldstein – March 10, 2012

It is because of my belief in progressive revelation; and my belief that God wishes to sanctify love, commitment, sharing of values and ethics in a monogamous relationship; that I fully endorse, together with Liberal Judaism, Reform Judaism, the Quakers, the Unitarians and the quieter liberal voices of the Church of England, the redefinition of the institution of marriage in Law to include gay and lesbian couples.”

As for the Jewish Chronicle which publishes Goldstein’s ravings, what can one expect from a rag that for a long time allowed readers to call us Israelis nazis, child-killers and many other names? But there is a G-d in heaven: every 6 months the JC’s circulation is shown to have dropped yet again. Soon, the only readers wil be the Liberal Jews who swallow Goldstein’s ravings with apparent relish.


19th November 12 – ה’ בכסלו תשע”ג

Honouring AJEX During Operation Pillar of Defence” – What Rubbish That Goldstein Talks!


If one does wish to name a war or an operation, it is necessary to clearly state one’s motivations and if relevant, source texts. Operation Pillar of Defence is a clear case in point. The Hebrew name is amud anan, referring to the pillar of cloud that accompanied the Israelites during their escape from Egypt and years in the Wilderness”.

Goldstein (is he related to that South African judge who so smeared Israel after its last operation?) follows some American gossipist in assuming that the operation’s name was selected to intentionally reflect its character, and builds castles of rubbish in the air.

“Operation Pillar of Defence is a clear case in point…”?

The fact is that IDF operations  are named by randomly-selected IDF computer output; the computer is fed with double-barrelled idioms or expressions such as “cold feet”, “warm weather” etc etc, and when a name for a new operation is requested the computer spits it out randomly. (Those of us who have served in the IDF will recognize the concept from a common and frequent facet of IDF operational activity).

The current operation in Gaza could just as well have been named “wet blanket”! Goldstein would probably philosophize and theorize on that as well, possibly “explaining” that “wet” represents the blessing of morning dew, or rain on the crops in the field, and “blanket” would be G-d’s covering us to protect us …

Liberal rabbi?  This guy leads a congregation – but to where, exactly?


5th November 12 – כ’ במרחשוון תשע”ג 

Early November.  Jerusalem. Hot. Just a few scattered clouds in a bright, blue sky. Short-sleeved shirts, open sandals, no socks. Oh, to be in Israel, now that autumn’s here …

Orlando Radice – Sounds Like a Rank in the Kosovo Liberation Army

This guy is webbed as the Deputy Content Editor at The JC. Not surprising, given the JC’s continual failure and descent into approaching oblivion. And even less surprising that he is only a deputy …

Let’s see his latest offering:


A chink of light
 By Orlando Radice
October 26, 2012

“Here’s another crazy dream: Israel gets a stable two-party system. Now that Bibi and Lieberman have joined forces, we need the secular centrists to get their act together and form a coalition with the strength to make headway on issues such as the peace process and the separation of synagogue and state. Shelly Yachimovich has suggested it – and it’s a pleasing fantasy. Knowing how volatile Israeli politics is, however, it’ll probably remain a fantasy.”

Sergeant Orlando, that’s not a “crazy” dream – it’s a wet dream, something described in the Torah as spiritually unclean. We refer to the invoking of “the separation of synagogue and state” which is a Christian idea, totally strange and opposed to Judaism. A good word in Hebrew to describe  Radice’s wet dream would be “hazuy” – meaning hallucinatory.

And we will put our money where our keyboard is, by detailing the thought behind our criticism from an article by HaRav Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook, first Chief Rabbi of the Land of Israel.

In his book Orot HaKodesh (‘Lights of Holiness’), in an article titled “Aspirations to Despair and Rescue”, HaRav Kook divides mankind into four sections regarding the way it relates to our material world .

1. Total Evil.

The viewing of materialism as covering everything. The desire for evil to gain control of all facets of life on earth. Stalin defined it well in just seven words: “How many divisions does the Pope have?”.

2. Total Despair

After viewing evil controlling the world, is born the desire to escape to nothingness from the material point of view. This is regarded as idol-worship because it contains the assumption that the controlling force in the world is  evil – and not G-d. This is Buddhism: ‘nothingess’ = Nirvana.

 3.  Semi-Despair

After viewing evil controlling the world, out of desperation and despair is born the desire to vacate materialism and concentrate on the internal, spiritual aspects of life. This is Christianity.

We add that from here is born the idea of “Separation of Church and State” – an inherently Christian idea, which has no place in Judaism – [as the following paragraph shows.]

4. Facing the challenges of materialism

Judaism. The desire to save everything, to sanctify materialism  together with the spirit. And from here it evolves that Judaism has mitzvot – commandments, precepts, instructions – regarding all practical aspects of material life: commerce and finance, labourers wages, agriculture, food, male-female relationships and many other aspects. Even behavior regarding speech, and as far as thought, are covered by Jewish Law.

[That was an excerpt from a JCWatch article located at:
– see that and other JCWatch articles in The Jewish Thought Series.]

Apart from anything else, we don’t like exile Jews – who choose not to live in Israel – to interfere with our affairs.

Shelly Yechimovitch has every right to express any opinion – she lives in Israel – apart from which much of her work and ideas are Jewish in content, inasmuch as they address the problems entailed by the less fortunate sections of Israeli society. We wouldn’t vote for her – but we respect her.

You, Sergeant Orlando, would be better off spending your time assisting the poor in the UK Jewish Community, or alternately seeking assistance from those capable of assisting the spiritually poor.


14 September 12 – כ”ז באלול תשע”ב
More JC Hypocrisy – this time from Jennifer Lipman

The JC, with its eternally-diminishing readership, still considers itself above the moral (and other) standards it applies to others.
The latest exponent of this supremacy theory is Lady Jennifer Lipman, one of the JC’s dumb-belles.

Complaining about conspiracy theories against Jews, she writes as follows:

Conspiracy theories, Mossad and the tragic Al-Hilli murder
Jennifer Lipman  September 12, 2012

“…Invariably, one notion that tends to figure high on the list for the conspiracy theorists is the “it’s the Jews wot dunnit” scenario.
Throughout history, conspiracy theorists have chosen to speculate about the shadowy Jews and blame them for any and every scandal or disaster imaginable, from the medieval blood libels to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion or the Jewish grasp on politics, world finance and the media.

“Questions are not the same as ancient conspiracy theories, rolled out time and again to point a finger at the Jews.”

Lady Lipman, why not set your own house in order before you criticize others?

After the infamous Blood-Libel of the Middle Ages, few conspiracy theories could beat blaming Zionism for Bin Laden’s 9/11 attacks on America. And of course, the JC was proud to publish such a theory 2 and a half years ago, and still carries it online for all to see.

Here we go:

Israel creating antisemitism currency in exchange for its actions
John Gold  21 February, 2010 – 01:07

“America (New York) was bombed on account of Zionism and America’s support for it – it is not the worlds war although the world has been brought into it!
And like Iran ‘the world’ is being manipulated into a war with it, when it’s Israel’s problem (and a highly exaggerated one).
America wasn’t bombed because of failure or success of Zionism, but only because ‘Zionism’ has been polluted by a form of nationalism and brutal force that has shown continual and grave disrespect for Arabs living in the land (even if some of them relate to a failed uprising many decades ago).”

That’s just one example, JCWatch has documented many, many more.

Lady Lipman, less lip, go blow your nose and wipe your bottom, and seek employment less damaging to Jews who contribute far more than you do to Jewish causes.


29 August 12 – י”א אלול תשע”ב

Goodbye Rachel Corrie – and Good Ridance – Stupid Bitch!


The emasculated JC Blogs section recently published opinions on Rachel Corrie’s death. Today an Israeli court gave its decision on her parents’ despicable attempt to cash in on her death, when it turned down their claims for payment of damages by the State of Israel. Since the bulldozer driver could not have seen Corrie, the court said, she was responsible for her own death.

In a rare moment of pro-Israeli broad-mindedness, the JC allowed publication of the following “ditty”:

Rachel Corrie – In Memoriam

Did you ever hear of rachel corrie?
no-one’s really very sorry
the girl is dead
that’s what they said
her end was really very gory

Jews and their kids were her favorite quarry
about terrorists she’d sit and worry
until she was covered
by a bulldozer smothered
now no corrie no worry no sorry.


27 July 12 – ח’ במנחם אב תשע”ב
The Penis-Girl Has Left the JC For That Huffington Thing

A reliable and valued source informs us that JCWatch’s Founding Mother, jessica elgot, has left the JC and now works for that Huffington thing, where she will continue to investigate and write about penises; sample:

Minute Silence


Man’s Penis Stolen In His Sleep

The Huffington Post UK | Jessica Elgot |

Posted 27.07.2012 | UK

In our previous post we accused her of deleting all references to her penis-fixation as found on Google. That was our mistake. You can Google “penis elgot” and receive bundles of indications as to the workings of the elgot mind. Personally, we can think of little that is less interesting.

The Google result we liked best, said:

Stephen Pollard – Uncircumcised  


1 Jul 2011 – editor Stephen Pollard is rumoured to have an uncircumcised penis. … at the peak of which Jessica Elgot created an article from the first page …

Well, we all know that Pollard is a shm*ck, but that elgot can do amazing things …

When even the smallest rats desert a sinking ship (as is the JC), only the largest rats won’t smell a rat.


25 June 12 – ה’ בתמוז תשע”ב
Why Are We So Inactive?

When we started JCWatch back in March 2010, the JC Blogs section was a regular whore-house of violent anti-Israeli expressions. They have been well-documented by JCWatch.  And to compound the sin, the Blogs were run by a Judaically-ignorant and arrogant little pisher named Jessica Elgot, who would as a result of her behaviour earn the title “the Founding Mother of JCWatch”. It was her immature behaviour that was the final straw in the decision to create JCWatch.

She’s advanced “upwards” since then. From the period in which she appeared to be obsessed with penises (Google +”Jessica Elgot” +penis) Elgot has now advanced to writing about noses.

[Since we wrote the above, she’s gone thru all the places where Google reveals her penis-envy problem – and deleted them! Jessica Elgot – the penis-remover!]

The JC itself has “progressed” in the opposite direction – downwards. Every six months it has to report a steadily-increasing reduction (was that an oxymoron?) in the number of copies it has sold. Since the year 2000 the number has dropped from 42,796 to 26,533 a total loss of 16,263 copies sold per issue. Those are figures provided by the JC itself. If you scroll down here to our post dated 7 March 2012, you can get more details.

The point is that the JC is dying. And from the Jewish point of view, it has earned its demise honestly.

Not content with publishing violent attacks upon the State of Israel and its citizens, it further allows publication of views by so-called Liberal “rabbis” supporting homosexual marriages, a view which Chief Rabbi Sachs has recently declared as opposed to Judaism – we read that in the JC! (The Liberal “view” was opposed to Judaism long before the Chief Rabbi declared it so). We recently pointed out that one Liberal “rabbi” writing in the JC doesn’t know much more about Judaism than Jessica Elgot.

Anyway, the JC has been defanged, its influence is neglible, and certainly doesn’t justify devoting to it many hours in maintaining a Blog. (If you advertise in the JC, your message will be read by no more than 16K readers, as opposed to 42K readers 12 years ago. Have JC advertising fees been reduced accordingly?)

We will however keep the Blog – JCWatch /  JCCritique – open, and will comment on new JC blasphemies (or as the Godfather called them, “infamitas”) from time to time. We do so because there is never a day when JCWatch doesn’t have people checking in to see if we’ve added something new, so we do fulfill some need, and no less because people Googling the JC will naturally come across our past literary gems.

So check in from time to time!


20 May 12  – כ”ח באייר תשע”ב – 45 שנה לשחרור ירושלים עיה”ק

Jesus Christ! You Call This Judaism?

Who on earth gave aaron goldstein the title “rabbi” and let him wander around free with a pencil or computer?

God’s will in our time
 By Rabbi Aaron Goldstein  May 16, 2012


The Torah portion that we are reading this week, Emor, contains a number of laws where, if we were to follow this Pastor’s line of thinking, we would be in direct contravention of laws of the land, whether the land be this side of the Atlantic or that, indeed in most lands on the earth: for crimes of stoning someone to death to complete discrimination against those with disabilities.

Ignoramus Goldstein, when you write about something, offer an opinion, at least TRY to understand the subject matter. What you have written above is total nonsense!

By Jewish Law, the death sentence is applicable only in the Land of Israel, and only by the Sanhedrin or Beth Din of 23 dayanim.

This means that Liberal Jewish homosexuals can homosexualize (or is that ‘homosexuate’) with each other in the diaspora without fearing the death penalty. [It doesn’t apply in Israel either, today, there being no Sanhedrin, but let’s not tell the Liberal Jewish queers that; we don’t want them in Israel.]

For further education, check out the Rambam or Sefer HaChinuch.

[In an earlier post, dated 30th March 2012, see here below, we related to Goldstein’s words:

I fully endorse, together with Liberal Judaism, Reform Judaism, the Quakers, the Unitarians and the quieter liberal voices of the Church of England, the redefinition of the institution of marriage in Law to include gay and lesbian couples.

Words fail us at this point … it’s Judaism’s loss that the same doesn’t happen to mr. Goldstein! ]


25 April 12  – 64 ג’ באייר תשע”ב – ערב יום העצמאות

Stephen Pollard’s Crocodile Tears!

What a bloody hypocrite! After publishing the most filthy slanders of the State of Israel for a number of years, Pollard finally got caught hosting the BNP.

Look at the following CIF Watch page for the full story:


JCWatch has commented there, as follows:

April 25, 2012 at 10:13 am  JCWmoderator

I am the owner-creator of JCWatch, which I began out of disgust that a so-called “Jewish” newspaper was allowing scandalous attacks upon the State of Israel.

Just one example published by Pollard in May 2010:

“Your loathsome country Israel who we all hate in the rest of the world was founded by terrorists has always been run by terrorists and now neo nazis are in charge. The best thing anyone sensible Israeli can do is leave.”

[ For publishing the preceding paragraph alone, Pollard should have been made an honorary member of the BNP – if he wasn’t one already! ]


you can view anti-Israeli quotes collected over most of 2010, which were published in the Jewish Chronicle’s Blogs section.

Pollard’s hypocrisy is amazing!


30 March 12  –  ז’ בניסן תשע”ב  ערב שבת הגדול

Who Ordained You as a Rabbi, Mr. Goldstein?

We relate to 2 recent posts by “rabbi” Aaron Goldstein in the JC Blogs, at:




Not by chance, in trying to learn what exactly is required from a Liberal Jew that he be ordained as a “rabbi” (we use the term loosely), Google threw at us the words “Liberace” and “rabbit”.

We didn’t find out, but have no doubt that the requirements from an orthodox candidate for the title Rabbi are far, far more stringent than those required of Liberal “rabbis”.  Can a Liberal “rabbi” actually learn a Daf Gemara in the original Aramaic? Can he read the Shulchan Aruch (does he know what that is?) in the original Hebrew, can he read its Shach and Taz commentaries in Rashi script? Can he read Rashi script at all? And can he understand it?

And is he in fact a “he-” or a “she-rabbi”? If its a she-rabbi, whereas a rabbi’s wife is called a rebbitzen (Hebrew: rabanit), what do we call the husband of a Liberal she-rabbi? A rabbit?

While studying in Yeshiva we met an American guy who told us he was studying to become a Rabbi. After some time he informed us that he was leaving the Yeshiva. We asked him why. “I’m going to study to become a Conservative rabbi”, he told us. “The material required to become an orthodox Rabbi is too difficult…”. Simply put: too intellectually demanding, which speaks volumes of the material ordained as Conservative rabbis.

In his JC Blogs post headed “Support Campaign for Equal Marriage – not a Golden Calf” Aaron Goldstein writes:

“It is because of my belief in progressive revelation; and my belief that God wishes to sanctify love, commitment, sharing of values and ethics in a monogamous relationship; that I fully endorse, together with Liberal Judaism, Reform Judaism, the Quakers, the Unitarians and the quieter liberal voices of the Church of England, the redefinition of the institution of marriage in Law to include gay and lesbian couples.

What a disgusting apology for a Jew! The Torah could not be more explicit upon this subject – to the point that it says that there is no value to the life of one committing a homosexual act – and along comes this fabricator of “progressive revelation” and under cover of the title “rabbi”  leads his congregation into sin by allowing that which is forbidden by the Torah.

“Progressive revelation”?

He continues:

“Catholic Argentina, Portugal and Spain, have legalised same-sex marriage and Mexico and Brazil have done so in certain states. The Netherlands, Belgium, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, Canada and South Africa have all done so.

So if all the goyim do it, why can’t we? It’s called “progressive revelation”. All those  countries mentioned eat pork and drive on Saturdays – what’s the logical conclusion there, “rabbi”? For this Judaic ignoramus, the ban on same-sex-marriages is “worshipping the Golden Calf”.  What a Judaic ignoramus!

In a post headedRabbi Hillel Athias-Robles on a response to murder in Toulouse” while discussing anti-semitism in Europe, the “rabbi” writes:

Would Israel be the solution then? Should we leave en masse in exile from Europe to the Promised Land, with the same mixture of resentment and longing Jews carried with them when they left Spain five hundred years ago?

I asked my partner, a French Jew, that same question. His 4-word answer was refreshing in its simplicity: I don’t want to. Through our collective memory, we are used to packing all our life into a suitcase and leave when the times have turned against us. We have had enough! But if we want to stay in the land that we so love, we have to fight. Our role as historic witnesses can turn us into the moral conscience of Europe.

The land we so love” – reminiscent of pre-Holocaust German Jewry, remaining in Hitler’s Germany during the ‘thirties, in “the land they so loved”.

But our point is NOT that the Holocaust could occur again. It is that a so-called “rabbi” is encouraging Jews NOT  to make aliyah to Israel, rather to fight to stay away from Israel!

Like a Christian, the “rabbi” has practically no use for the Oral Law (apart from one “etymological” quote, no source given). The “rabbi” provides no Rabbinic support for his non-Jewish opinions; he can’t – there isn’t any.

And of course, the Jewish Chronicle is a so-called partner in furthering these distortions-in-the-name-of-Judaism. No surprises there! 


29 March 12  –  ו’ בניסן תשע”ב  

Like the new Header? We are the same JCWatch! But now that the JC Blogs section has become as boring as the list of Pollard’s literary achievements – thus having far less readers and thus doing far less damage – we are starting to comment on all other sections of the JC. Our first item will actually be from the Blogs section – we are going to take take a close look at so-called “rabbi” Aaron Goldstein of the Liberal Synagogue, the jerk who advocates same-sex marriages. (we’ll be wearing rubber gloves for that one …). It will take another day or two, depending on for how long we can persuade the wife that we’re actually removing chametz from the keyboard …

28 March 12  –  ה’ בניסן תשע”ב

 Now that the JC has finally succumbed to down-sizing its infamous anti-Israeli Blogs section, we start examining other sections of the JC.

 But first – read from an independant source, how the JC silences the pro-Israeli “opposition”…

This is How They Shut Mouths at the ‘Jewish Chronicle’

by Much Courage and Peace



13 March 12  –  י”ט באדר תשע”ב

If You Can’t Stand the Heat – Get Out of the Kitchen!
The JC Takes the Coward’s Way Out …

 Hey, lookee! lookee! The JC announces a new blogs “policy”.

What’s new about it? Well, when it came to attacking and slandering the State of Israel and its citizens, the “policy” was Freedom of Speech; say what you like about Israel and its citizens, who cares whether what you say is true or not?

But now that the JC’s death is drawing nigh (see our previous post regarding the record number of  weekly JC copies (not) sold), its every man for himself. Now the  JC  jetisons its “Freedom of Speech” policy in favour of a dictatorial “policy” in which it will decide who says what.

And the JC is dying – no doubt about it! Any article of goods whose sales plunge steadily and consistently over a 12 year period, is fast spiralling to its death.

One can’t help wondering who the hell is running the business side of the JC: when the number of a paper’s weekly copies sold falls by 38% over a  twelve-year period, isn’t it logical to change its approach, replace failing and/or incompetent (senior) staff, attempt to research what its ex-readers wanted and didn’t get?  

Israel is lucky in that the JC’s management is in the hands of nincompoops: every week less people read how the JC slanders Israel.

 No principles, the JC.  Hypocrites. But now its even more blatant.

But who really cares? How much longer can the JC operate by selling only some 26,000 copies weekly (weakly?).

 Hang on to your JC copies – they’ll soon be worth something as museum  pieces!


7 March 12    תענית אסתר י”ג באדר תשע”ב

The JC drops a record-breaking 2,546 copies sold in the six month period 1 July 11 – 31 December 11 

Latest figure:

Detailed Figures:

Following is a semi-annual table of JC circulation figures for the last twelve years in chronologically-ascending order, which for the JC means in circulation-descending order. [The ABC Figure is the average number of copies of the JC sold per issue, for the stated (6-month) period.]

Period Start Date Period End Date ABC  Figure
01/01/2000 30/06/2000 42,796    
01/07/2000 31/12/2000 41,904    
01/01/2001 30/06/2001 41,213    
01/07/2001 31/12/2001 40,106    
01/01/2002 30/06/2002 39,357    
01/07/2002 31/12/2002 38,581    
01/01/2003 30/06/2003 37,880    
01/07/2003 31/12/2003 36,701    
01/01/2004 30/06/2004 35,310    
01/07/2004 31/12/2004 35,427    
01/01/2005 30/06/2005 35,603    
01/07/2005 31/12/2005 34,608    
01/01/2006 30/06/2006 34,492    
01/07/2006 31/12/2006 34,110    
01/01/2007 30/06/2007 33,441    
01/07/2007 31/12/2007 32,623    
01/01/2008 30/06/2008 32,875    
01/07/2008 31/12/2008 32,121    
01/01/2009 30/06/2009 30,436    
01/07/2009 31/12/2009 31,224    
01/01/2010 30/06/2010 31,555    
01/07/2010  31/12/2010 29,657
01/01/2011 30/06/2011 29,079

01/07/2011  31/12/2011 26,533

Above are the figures for numbers of copies of the JC sold over the last 12 years. Since the year 2000 the number has dropped from 42,796 to 26,533 – a total loss of 16,263 copies sold per issue. The latest loss of 2,546 copies (not) sold over the period July-December 2011 is the greatest single drop over the last 12 years.

‘Attaboy, Pollard, we knew you could do it! Whatever it is you are doing, keep on doing it!

Incidentally, on March 3rd JCWatch marked 2 years of activity. The JC’s slow but consistent demise is a great birthday present. THANKS!

HAPPY PURIM!  (Or as JC Staff will soon all be saying: ‘Brother, can you spare me a dime?”)


27 February 12  ד’ באדר תשע”ב

Don’t realize your dream at the expense of mine!

At the end of this week (by goyishe date) JCWatch marks two years of existence. We say “marks” and not “celebrates” because the very need for JCWatch is no cause for celebration; the existence of a so-called “Jewish” newspaper that gives a friendly home to enemies of the State of Israel and publishes their poisonous anti-semitism, which was the reason for establishing JCWatch, is an ugly blot on the face of Judaism.

The paper is run by assimilated Jews for whom English values are far more important than Jewish ones.  A case in point is the one-sided balance between Freedom of Speech and Lashon HaRah.

Another case in point is the JC Chairman who announces on BBC radio (“Desert Island Discs”) that if castaway on a desert island, he would prefer a copy of the New Testament to the Torah.

Hostess: “So, Anthony Julius, I’m going to give you a copy of the Torah, and the complete works of Shakespeare, and you may have a book. What book would you like?”

Julius: “Why the Torah? Why not the Bible?  … How can one be a  student of  English Literature without being immersed in the New Testament? …  I’ll have the King James version. …”

“immersed”, noch! Decent Jews immerse themselves in a mikveh. This jerk’s wet dream is to  “immerse” himself in the N.T.

Tuchus-licking “Jews”  are NOT interested in promoting the interests of Judaism.

As for the “editor” Pollard, he’s the best thing that JCWatch could have wished for – every six months a further drop in JC circulation is reported. We wish him many more years at the same post!

We haven’t been particularly active during the last few months: descending to the dismal dinginess that is the Jewish Chronicle from the warmth and brightness of life in Israel is akin to stepping in to cold and dirty bath-water. It smells and is unpleasant.

The only influence we seem to have had so far is that the term ‘nazi’ as applied to the State of Israel and to Israelis no longer appears in The JC Blogs section, and we got the incompetent child jessica elgot (JCWatch‘s Founding Mother!)  removed from the Blogs section.

But we have achieved one thing Google-wise: when you Google JCWatch it comes up first and plenty; many people Googling the Jewish Chronicle are going to come across many of our posts, and will thus perceive a new outlook regarding the JC.

OK, you want to become totally assimilated Jews, that’s your business. But stop allowing vicious slander of the State of Israel.

As one Israeli settler said to Rabin at the time of the infamous Oslo “agreement”: ‘don’t realize your dream at the expense of mine!’


03 Feb 12 Our apologies to all those who check in daily and see nothing new  – some things in life are even more important than the JC, but we will be back …

Monday, 9th January 12  י”ד בטבת תשע”ב  Jewish tweeters tweeting anti zionist hatred? … and the JC DOESN’T???

Jewish tweeters tweeting anti zionist hatred
By amnbrosine shitrit January 8, 2012


Ms. Shitrit complains in the above post about Jews publishing anti-Israeli comments on Twitter.

And where does she publish her comments? On the number one Jewish producer of anti-Israeli comments in the UK – the Jewish Chronicle itself.

She asks: Taking this example, the question I want to know is what is it about a Jew, whose family may have died in the “holocaust”, becoming so hateful on a country which as we know, is a “safe” haven for persecuted Jewish people? Hell, it is our “birthright”.”

Well, Ms. Shitrit, if you’d take a few anti-revulsion tablets and just follow the JC’s Blogs section for a few weeks, you’d find an assembly  of the greatest anti-Zionists – meaning anti-Semites – in the UK.

Why does the JC do this? It can’t be for money, because every 6 months the JC loses more readers who refuse to have to pay the price of a copy of the JC for the privilege of induced-vomiting every Friday.

The answer probably goes back as far as the Balfour Declaration, at which time the Jewish Chronicle published many articles against the Declaration. Inferred from those articles was the fear that Anglo-Jewry would now be told by the goyim “OK, you’ve got your country, now go there”.

The JC’s sloppy tactics in publishing anti-Israeli comments freely are to show the British  goyim “us British Jews, we aren’t like them there Israeli wogs, we’se a cultured set of folks”.

It didn’t work at pogrom time in Russia, it didn’t work in 20th century Germany, and it won’t work in the future.

It behooves us to observe the rise of anti-Semitism in the UK, to cause the JC to fight for its life, so that it will stop publishing slanderous comments about Israel and start watching out for its own skin.

Calling King George VI a rabid anti-Semite, for example, because he requested Nazi Germany to stop releasing Jews in 1938 so that they wouldn’t get to what was then Palestine, is a good place to start. No British Jew can respect such a figure.

And someone somewhere on Google sooner or later will pick this up, and start the ball rolling. And if not, there’s plenty of other subjects … for example, Anglo-Jewry’s financial and moral support of Israel (despite the JC) – that should rile up the UK’s 3 million Moslems, when pressure is applied in the right places …


Thursday, 22 December 11 כ”ו בכסלו תשע”ב  Two Blatant JC Hypocrites

A guide for the perplexed
By Jenni Frazer December 12, 2011

The conflict ignored by all
By Jessica Elgot December 9, 2011

Maimonedes didn’t do a very good job – at least, apparently, so thinks 3rd-rate hack jenni frazer, she of the JC’s sharpest intellect. Which would explain why she uses Maimonedes’ title for her own hypocritical ramblings.

Thus quoth the frazer:
2. If you even think about making a comparison between the treatment of present-day Palestinians and either Holocaust behaviour or 19th century antisemitism, you need to lie down in a dark room for several days. You will not look good.

3. Do not blog citing Hitler in any way, shape or form. You will not look good.”

Considering that publication of remarks conforming to the above frazerian denigration in the JC Blogs section was the original cause for the creation of JCWatch, namely calling the State of Israel a nazi State, frazer is nothing but a hypocrite.

As for the elgot thing, who has written:
“Conservative MEP Sir Robert Atkins has apologised for a blog he wrote after a recent visit to Gaza.

“Pressure must be exerted on Israel and her diaspora to realise that what they are doing in Palestine generally, and Gaza specifically, is not only illegal under international law but is also inhumane.”

Infuriating to be sure, but these days such language seems unsurprising. No-one, except the JC and some notable bloggers ever seems to call officials out on language like this any more. “

The elgot thing complaining about attacks on the State of Israel? She who was directly responsible for the creation of JCWatch by virtue (a misplaced word if ever I saw one) of her being the JC Blogs Moderator who allowed publication of  the filthiest insults of the State of Israel. See https://jcwatch.wordpress.com/articles/anti-israelisms-an-open-ended-compendium/   for verification of the previous sentence’s statement.

(For a sample of elgot’s intellectual and professional capabilities, and chief interests in life, Google on  +”jessica elgot” +penis  ).

elgot: the JC calls officials out on anti-Israeli remarks?  Just to remind you, JCWatch called the JC out on anti-Israeli remarks, which was why you were removed from the position of JC Blogs Moderator, and which is why your replacements haven’t got the guts to identify themselves by name!

And on another subject: we apologize for the recent infrequencies of our writing here in JCWatch. We say this because our Blog statistics show that every day many browsers look us up to see if there’s anything new. Apparently seeing the JC slammed is a popular spectator sport! (The above Google recommendation should have you laughing for a while!). It’s just that life in Israel is so full, vital, time-consuming, that there’s little time left for criticisms of a drowning, 3rd-rate Anglo-so-called-Jewish rag struggling for survival in a 3rd-rate exile.

Happy Chanuka!


Thursday, 1 December 11 ה’ בכסלו תשע”ב  Back Down Into the Sewer!

Avira d’Eretz Yisrael machkim” – “The air of  Eretz Yisrael makes one wise”. (Babylonian Tamud, Bava Batra, 158b). The air of the Land of Israel not only makes one wise, it is also fresh, clean, pure. Even its occasional fogs consist of pure cloud, mist.

   We felt this in particular when, after a long break during which we breathed the air of Eretz Yisrael exclusively, we again descended into the filth of the sewer that is the “Jewish” Chronicle Blogs section, and again breathed its poisonous, anti-Semitic air. Libelous, untrue attacks upon the State of Israel and its citizens thrive there in abundance. Any anti-Semite can write almost anything there. True, JCWatch finally house-trained doggy Pollard so that the term “nazi” appears far less frequently, but in general the so-called “Jewish” Chronicle serves as a warm home for Israel-haters. Fortunately, it is well-documented that the JC reaches less readers every six months, and as long as doggy Pollard remains editor we see no reason for this statistic to change.

Here is part of a post by leftist Israel-Hater stanley walinets, following which we will analyze the “Jewish” Chronicle’s behaviour.

Conservative MEP Rt.Hon. Sir Robert Atkins, visits Gaza

 By Stanley Walinets
November 28, 2011
We met about a dozen of the newly-released prisoners. There are still 5000 in Israeli gaols. This was a very tense meeting, with at least one participant carrying a loaded pistol! Most of them had been in gaol for terms varying between 20-30 years – a lifetime sentence. Of course, they are no angels and I pressed them for details of their offences which were described as ‘heroic actions against the enemy’ i.e. violence, murder and destruction of property.

However, their treatment, before trial and during their imprisonment, appears to me to be disgraceful and well outside the Geneva Convention. Severe torture during interrogation, dubious evidence and representation at their trials, regular violence against them in prison, sleep deprivation, hot/cold rooms, head-bagging, lack of proper medical care and refusal to allow family contact were some of the charges laid against their Israeli custodians. Torture until death during interrogation apparently is acceptable to Israeli courts. And a sinister unit called METZAR(?) regularly takes over sections of a gaol for up to 12 hours at a time to implement unrecorded beatings and other violent procedures. As to their veracity, I am not in a position to judge, but if there is a scintilla of truth in the prisoner allegations, they must be investigated and relayed to the international community. Only in that way can the truth be established and if necessary, legal action taken against the perpetrators.

Note in particular “Torture until death during interrogation apparently is acceptable to Israeli courts. And a sinister unit called METZAR(?) regularly takes over sections of a gaol for up to 12 hours at a time to implement unrecorded beatings and other violent procedures.” followed by “As to their veracity, I am not in a position to judge…”. First spread the poison, then disassociate one’s self from it ..

Anglo-Jewry has not produced one great man (from the Jewish point of view) in a thousand years. Disraeli was Prime Minister under Victoria, but only after he left Judaism entirely. There was nothing Jewish about the man, no cause for Jewish pride.

The “Jewish” Chronicle Blogs support and enable attacks on Israel on a platform of “Freedom of Speech” – which is a totally non-Jewish concept. Judaism views speech from the opposite direction, and contains laws concerning “Lashon Hara” – slander, libel, etc. By Jewish Law, the fact that a statement is true does NOT automatically make its utterance permissable. It must also be non-offensive. Were JCWatch a large organization with money to waste, we’d run a competition with cash prizes for whoever submitted the most cases of Lashon Hara (transgressions of Judaic Laws of libel) published in any one edition of the “Jewish Chronicle”.

Of course, doggy Pollard and Chairman Julius aren’t even slightly concerned with aspects of Jewish Law in running the “Jewish” Chronicle. Doggy Pollard has openly stated that he eats milk with meat, and Julius has broadcast on the BBC his desire to be accompanied to a desert island by the New Testament. “These are thy Gods, oh Israel!”.

Were we to follow the JC’s “style”, we could well speculate as to whether doggy Pollard’s son Max was named after Pollard’s hero, the criminal Maxwell. And we could also speculate on Julius’s being now on his third wife, combined with what looks like an obsession with the memory of the late Princess Diana:  4 women?  Jesus Christ!  (Initials: J.C.).

But we don’t, and therefore, won’t.


Sunday, 13th November 11

Just Obtained! Photograph of a JC Blogs Editorial Staff Meeting.


Wednesday, 9th November 11

According to WordPress statistics, a lot of people check in to this blog on a daily basis, to see if we have renewed our activities here. The dynamics of living in the Land and State of Israel are very demanding: one would have to live some 250 years or so in England, to expend the amount of energy required to live  50 years in Israel.

So the affairs of a diaspora,  failing, so-called “Jewish” newspaper which has been steadily and consistently losing readers for the last twelve years or so, together with its failure of an editor and its New Testament loving chairman, really do take fourth or fifth place in the priority of things.

But now that the chagim are over, we’ll soon be back online on a regular basis.

The loyalty – or is is just curiosity? – of those who check in regularly, is both touching and appreciated.

Avraham Reiss, Jerusalem.

Nemo me impune lacessit  (“Nobody harms me with impunity“).

 Be back soon, ready to continue slamming the Jewish Chronicle for its support of so-called “palestinians” and continued attacks on the State of Israel and its citizens.

You poor, poor apologies for 3rd-rate exile Jews!

From Makor Rishon

 Click on the photo to enlarge it

Latest Update:  07 October 11  “I see the Jews in Israel as Total Nazis” (sic)

07 October 11 – ט’ בתשרי תשע”ב ערב יום כיפור

Jonathan Hoffman  has published a blog post headed “”I see the Jews in Israel as Total Nazis”, which he quotes from an anti-semite.

“I see the Jews in Israel as Total Nazis”

By Jonathan Hoffman
October 7, 2011

We really do not understand what Jonathan is complaining about! The quote is from a British, anti-Semitic shiksa, who, as a British citizen, is expressing her opinion. That is her right.

What is not right, is the fact that the Jewish Chronicle publishes in its Blogs section similar – if not identical – views, which is why JCWatch  came into existence.

Remember this one, published by the JC on 31st May 2010, the day of the  Mave Marmara  (that Turkish ship intercepted by the Israeli Navy)?

“Your loathsome country Israel who we all hate in the rest of the world was founded by terrorists has always been run by terrorists and now neo nazis are in charge. The best thing anyone sensible Israeli can do is leave.”

Stephen Pollard, a total failure as an editor, as determined by the JC’s ever–decreasing circulation figures, and Anthony Julius, a man who created a collossal, nation-wide Chillul HaShem, when on a BBC program as a Jew was offered the Torah and asked for the New Testament – these are the figure-heads (and not much more than that) who should be attacked, Jonathan, for providing anti-Semites with  much anti-Israeli ammunition.

Jonathan: you aren’t ever going to change the minds of British nazis, apart from which it’s their country, not yours! You can – and should! – create public opinion to bring the JC to its knees by boycotting its advertisers. Since the JC allowed itself to publish the call by fascist millis to boycott Israeli goods, it can’t object to use of the boycott against it.

We ask G-d, before he finally determines how many more readers the JC will lose this coming year, to appoint one of his senior angels  to go through the JC Blogs, and to judge it accordingly.


03 October 11 – ה’ בתשרי תשע”ב

Anybody Seen joe millis?

We have. He no longer “works” for the JC. He’s now at another London Jewish newspaper, “The Jewish News”, and now styles himself “Joseph Millis”. As we say in Hebrew, “ya-eni, intellighent…”.

 Here’s a sample of his new “work”:

Just to remind you who millis WAS, we published the following on 5th August 11:

 Here are some quotes-of-hatred from millis’s “literary” masturbations going back till July 25th.

 “weasel, hatred, baseless hatred, mob, fascists, racist, anti-Arab, homophobic, zealots and their wannabee shills, far-off wannabee who fantasises about living on some settlement, The zealots and their wannabee friends abroad, the yank settlers in Shiloh and the wannabe settler, the zealots and their wannabees are doing it in their pants, as usual, the wannabee zealot goes all hysterical and resorts to nazi analogy, stop appeasing the well-healed, yet subsidised to the hilt, zealots, boycott them and their produce, they are creating an apartheid system, this has been done to appease the fascists and the zealots, they have a pipe dream, do the fascists and zealots, the settlers and their friends are classic fascists

 [Quick test: cover up the preceding paragraph and guess which word occurred in it more:   “zealots” or “wannabees”?]

 You can write to The Jewish News at the following email address:  <thejewishnews@totallyplc.comand let them know exactly what kind of person they have hired. The paper should be made aware of the old Arab proverb:  “if you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas”.

Worth keeping an eye on The Jewish News  – its a better paper than the JC by far, and millis won’t be able to control himself forever; sooner or later his hatred for Israel will burst out, and then he’ll be looking for a new job again …


 27 September 11 – כ”ח באלול תשע”א

We’ve received a few hatred-posts from a coward afraid to identify himself, but whom we’ve managed to identify as a charedi by his 2-digit-IQ style of writing. We wish him and his family everything he wishes us for the new year.

We also take the opportunity to wish all those on the JC staff who are active in or responsible for publication of the infamous and infantile JC Blogs section that is JCWatch‘s raison d’etre, a bad year, both at work and at home, with more JC firing of personnel and a greater reduction of copies sold.

There is such a thing as honest difference of opinion, but calling the State of Israel a nazi state, the settlements toxic and the settlers idol-worshippers, goes far beyond such discussions. The JC is an enemy of Israel. If you go back as far as the Balfour Declaration, you’ll find that the JC objected to it. (We are considering a large article with direct quotes and sources on this). Maybe it should move to Ankara, where it could well increase its readership?

The JC finally rid itself of  joe millis, but it still has a long, long way to go before it can re-enter Jewish civilization as we know it!

To all others, we wish a happy and properous New Year, Shana Tova, during which the JC will finally be remembered as just a distant rumour.


How Jerusalem Will Look When the 3rd Temple Has Been Built
Photo and technical details at:

19th September 11 – כ’ באלול תשע”א 

On 7th September (see below)  we published the draft of a letter we proposed sending to the UCU. But we tendered Julius  the chance to peruse the letter and comment on what he might consider inaccuracies, which we undertook to correct.

Julius has had 2 weeks to reply but hasn’t, so he obviously found no such inaccuracies. This determination is in full accordance with Jewish Law: “shtikah kehoda’ah dami“.

After removal of the “Dear” from “Dear Ms. Hunt“, and the “Sincerely” at the end of the letter, it was emailed today to Sally Hunt of the UCU.

We cannot agree that Julius should head a paper which publishes  blatant anti-Semitic (anti-Israeli) comments, and at the same time threaten legal action against others engaged in anti-Semitism.

The mind boggles when considering the fact that Julius recently published an 800-page book on the history of anti-Semitism in England, in which he describes hatred of Israel as the new anti-Semitism.

Julius, note this well: should you ever consider publishing a second edition of your book, intellectual honesty compels you to add a chapter on Jewish Chronicle anti-Semitism, without which the book is incomplete! ________________________________________________

On Tuesday 13th September, a week will have passed since we asked Mr. Anthony Julius if he found any inaccuracies in the letter below  addressed to Sally Hunt of the UCU.  So far he has not replied. On Tuesday, the letter will be sent.

07 September 11   Questions for  the UCU to Pose to Mr. Anthony Julius

We are considering sending the following letter to Ms. Sally Hunt, General Secretary of the UCU, unless someone provides us with a good reason why we shouldn’t.

Sally Hunt
General Secretary
University and College Union
Carlow Street

Dear Ms. Hunt

Anti-Semitism in the UCU

On 1 July 2011 you were sent a letter from Mr. Anthony Julius of the Mishcon de Reya Law Firm, on the above subject.

You may be aware that Mr. Julius is possibly the foremost expert on anti-Semitism in England, having researched and recently published an 800-page book (“Trials of the Diaspora”) on the subject. He also specialises in litigation, and in defamation and libel. You therefore face a formidable oponent.

Julius came to the forefront of media attention as solicitor for Deborah Lipstadt in her legal struggle with David Irving” – which she won.

You may not be aware that Mr. Julius also serves as the Chairman of the Jewish Chronicle, a newspaper devoted to Jewish matters, published in London. He began serving in this capacity near the beginning of the current year.

The Jewish Chronicle, a “loser” whose weekly circulation has dropped in the last 11 years or so from 42,000 weekly copies to 29,000 copies (figures rounded off), also publishes a Blog on the internet, on which members of the public, after registration, can say what they think. As such, the Jewish Chronicle Blog site is possibly the most prolific producer of  anti-Semitic comments directed against the State of Israel existing today in the UK.

In his book, “Trials”, Mr. Julius defines hatred of the State of Israel as the new anti-Semitism. Just 2 quotes read:

“… that version of anti-Semitism represented by hatred of Israel, the Jew amongst the nations”.

when reflecting upon the character of contemporary Israel-hatred, then, the question of anti-Semitism  cannot be avoided”.

When Mr. Julius entered his position as Chairman of the Jewish Chronicle early this year, I wrote to him showing him where he could read a compilation of 22 Word pages of anti-Semitic comments published in the Blogs section of the newspaper of which he was now Chairman – comments calling the State of Israel a Nazi state an Apartheid state, child-killers and many, many other epithets.

Mr. Julius responded politely to a number of letters I sent him (the conversations were via email), but totally ignored repeated requests that he speak out against the derogatory terms used to describe the State of Israel as published in the Jewish Chronicle Blogs section.

If anything, since Mr. Julius became Chairman of the Jewish Chronicle, the attacks against the State of Israel in the Blogs section have become more sophisticated. I am not intimating in any way that Mr. Julius has any kind of hand in this increase, but he does bear ultimate responsibility for what is published in the newspaper of which he is Chairman, and is obviously doing nothing to combat this situation.

I therefore direct you, Ms. Hunt, to the website I have created to combat the Jewish Chronicle’s anti-Semitic defamations of the State of Israel. There you will find a plethora of material with which you can question Mr. Julius in any court case that may be held in the future, asking him why the newspaper of which he is Chairman can publish so many anti-Semitic comments (again, I remind you that by Mr. Julius’ definition, hatred of the State of Israel is the new anti-Semitism), and yet he can complain about non-Jews being anti-Semitic.

The site  JCWatch  is located at:  https://jcwatch.wordpress.com/

The correspondence with Mr. Julius that I referred to above, is located at:
and contains a link to the above-mentioned 22-page compendium of anti-Semitic comments published by the Jewish Chronicle.


Avraham Reiss

08 September 11:  Someone identifying him/herself as “Furnival Friend” has written (from a fake email address) as follows:

“It’s OK, Avraham, we’ve decided to copy and paste and send that letter to the UCU for you. Thanks for your help.”

At this point in time, I accept NO responsibility for sending the above letter to the UCU.  Anthony Julius has been offered an opportunity to point out error(s) of fact in the letter, if he thinks there are any. Until he replies to – or ignores – the offer, I do NOT yet stand behind what I have conditionally writtten above.


25/8/11 Newsflash:  Dun and Bradstreet have just notified us:
Your D&B Tracker service has identified changes in the following businesses …
Jewish Chronicle Newspaper Ltd.
Latest accounts available
A negative change has been identified in the Performance indicators

Well, thanks D&B, we already know that, having published the JC’s latest drops in circulation here in JCWatch on August 19th. An identical notification was received and published here on 23rd March, 11. The JC is consistent in its continuing loss of readers.

25 August 11 Damn! Another Pollard …

On August 8 Pollard announced on Twitter the birth of Max Pollard. Given that August 8 was Erev Tisha B’Av, and that it is customary for boys born on Tisha B’Av to be called Menachem (“comforter”), and the Hebrew name for Max would be Menachem,  it looks as if Pollard has done something “Jewish”. (Judaic ignoramus that he is, Pollard doesn’t know that you do NOT announce a boy’s name at birth, it is announced at the bris).  

If you look on Twitter a week later, you find no mention of a bris. It could have been deferred for medical reasons (happens in about a third of all births), it could have been that Pollard was unwilling to announce that he does something so “barbaric” on a public media, or the third explanation could be that Pollard is still in trauma from his own bris, when the Mohel threw away the baby and handed the other end to his proud parents, the part with which we are still stuck …

… and of course, Jennifer Lipman could no doubt contribute here, what with her published expertise on the subject of foreskins; see http://www.thejc.com/blogs/jennifer-lipman/foreskin-man-movie  and   http://www.thejc.com/comment-and-debate/comment/50484/brit-milah-phoney-debate .

In the spirit of our policy of ongoing retaliation, namely scorning JC Staff just as the JC allows publication of continual horrific insults of Israeli Settlers, and given the JC’s continuous and continual plunging of circulation figures under the Pollard mis-administration, it looks as if Pollard has done to his wife what he’s been doing to the JC’s circulation figures!

Wishes are in order here. Pollard, we wish that the new-born Max should grow up to be a homophobic fascist, something in the image of joe millis,  “homophobic” and “fascist” being  just 2 of the insults you have published  regarding Israelis recently in your blogs. You want “freedom of speech”? OK. You’ve just heard ours.

Just a small sample of our contempt for someone who tries to save his failing job by publishing daily slanders and insults of  330,000 Israelis  who have never done a thing to harm him, and by trying to ingratiate himself with English yoks by intimating through violent and scandalous attacks upon the State of Israel and upon its citizens, “Us English Jews, we aren’t like them primitive Israelis …”.

And if anyone thinks we are exaggerating, just take a look at the JC Blogs’ latest (at the time of this posting) Nazi-content anti-Israeli propaganda, at  http://www.thejc.com/blogs/suzanna/the-terrorizing-children


Newsflash! We just got this from one of our  Furnival Street informers:

The Barley-managing editor, Richard Burton, has been offed and first-rate-bitch/third-rate hack Frazer has been promoted.

Our Comment: Ha! Ha! Ha! Jenni Frazer promoted? Now, people with 2-digit IQ’s will be able to enjoy the JC’s squalid  offerings! We just wish that JCWatch had suggested that “promotion”! (G-d’s work is done by others …). In the past JCWatch has documented some of Frazer’s ignorance and stupidity, and some of her bitchiness, and we are happy that she will now be in a position to do even more damage to the JC’s cancer-ridden, terminal circulation figures.

More seriously, the personnel changes are obviously a spontaneous, knee-jerk response to the latest drop in JC circulation figures as published by us immediately below. The JC’s reaction to the continuous, eleven-year downward plunge in reader-circulation, is to promote Jenni Frazer.

Streuth! The inmates have taken over the asylum!

We rely upon Jenni to pull the JC down to new levels, hitherto unfathomed and unexplored. (The Americans call it “bottoming out”).

And a personal word to 1st-Rate Bitch Jenni Frazer: you don’t like being made fun of here? How are you different from what your psychopath friends millis, jonathancohen and others are doing to 330,000 Israeli Settlers, day after day after day in your Blogs section? THEY at least, are doing something useful. If they can be targets for scorn, so can you and your sick, Israel-hating JC colleagues; anyone who Googles you will get here …

“Jenni Frazer promoted” isn’t that a fantastic oxymoron? Ha! Ha! Ha!

Of course, the above may not be true – our informer remains anonymous. We published this anyway, because Jenni Frazer is always good for a laugh. Just the thought of her promotion while the JC is losing readers for the eleventh year, evokes a smile!  

If Settlers can be scorned, so can JC Staff. Freedom of Speech – ask Anthony!


19 August 11  – י”ט במנחם אב תשע”א
The Jewish Chronicle is Dying – Steadily, But Not Fast Enough …
Every 6 Months, JC Advertisers Get Less For Their Money!

We were notified by one of our Furnival Street informers that  the latest JC circulation figures have just been published. Everything we write here is verified by the official publications, which are published on a semi-annual basis.

The JC circulation figures for July-December 2010 are located at:

and for January-June 2011, at:

Following is a semi-annual table of JC circulation figures for the last eleven and a half years in chronologically-ascending order, which for the JC means in circulation-descending order. [The ABC Figure is the average number of copies of the JC sold per issue, for the stated (6-month) period.]

Period Start Date Period End Date ABC  Figure
01/01/2000 30/06/2000 42,796    
01/07/2000 31/12/2000 41,904    
01/01/2001 30/06/2001 41,213    
01/07/2001 31/12/2001 40,106    
01/01/2002 30/06/2002 39,357    
01/07/2002 31/12/2002 38,581    
01/01/2003 30/06/2003 37,880    
01/07/2003 31/12/2003 36,701    
01/01/2004 30/06/2004 35,310    
01/07/2004 31/12/2004 35,427    
01/01/2005 30/06/2005 35,603    
01/07/2005 31/12/2005 34,608    
01/01/2006 30/06/2006 34,492    
01/07/2006 31/12/2006 34,110    
01/01/2007 30/06/2007 33,441    
01/07/2007 31/12/2007 32,623    
01/01/2008 30/06/2008 32,875    
01/07/2008 31/12/2008 32,121    
01/01/2009 30/06/2009 30,436    
01/07/2009 31/12/2009 31,224    
01/01/2010 30/06/2010 31,555    
01/07/2010  31/12/2010 29,657
01/01/2011 30/06/2011 29,079


Note: We speak in terms of readers, which are in fact numbers of copies sold. There is usually more than one reader per copy sold, so the actual loss-of-readers figures are really higher.

In the last year, 01/07/2010 – 30/06/2011 the Jewish Chronicle lost a total of  2,476  readers.

Loss of  2,476  out of 29k readers in 1 year is NOT a negligable figure. (Judging by his performance as JC “editor”, Stephen Pollard IS a negligable figure!). And Anthony Julius’ presence has certainly done nothing to bolster the JC’s financial position. One can only ponder as to whether he has a part in the loss of readership.

In the first six months of 2011, the Jewish Chronicle lost   578   readers, detailed as follows:

UK Copies Sold  7-12 2010   29,189
 1-06 2011   28,668

– this is a loss of  521  UK readers  in the  last 6 months.

Other Countries Copies Sold  7-12 2010   468
 1-06 2011   411

this is a loss of  57  readers outside of the UK,  in the  last 6 months, a decrease of more than 10%.

From a circulation of 42,796 in the first half of the year 2000, to 29,079 in the first half of the year 2011, the drop in circulation is 13,717. That is a total loss of 31.8%.

If we are not mistaken, in his 3 years as editor, Stephen Pollard is responsible for near a third of the total losses of copies sold:  3,796.

No doubt about it:  the Jewish Chronicle is dying.

But not fast enough.

Every 6 Months, JC Advertisers Get Less For Their Money! Are its advertising rates adjusted downwards, accordingly?

If you purchased a full-page advert in the JC during the first half of the year 2000, it would have appeared in 42,796 sold copies.

If you purchased a full-page advert in the JC during the first half of the year 2011, it would have appeared in 29,079 sold copies. That’s one hell of a reduction in advertising power; have the JC advertising rates been reduced to reflect this?


12 August 11  – י”ב במנחם אב תשע”א
Pollard Fiddles While England Burns

While England is going up in flames, Maestro Pollard still finds time to allow publication of vile anti-Israeli propaganda by a shiksah identified as “suzanna”, (of course, never forgetting the demented Toxic millis).

Settlements & land  By suzanna  August 10, 2011

“Israel created in the Occupied Territories a regime of separation and discrimination, with two separate systems of law in the same territory. One system, for the settlers, de facto annexes the settlements to Israel and grants settlers the rights of citizens of a democratic state. The other is a system of military law that systematically deprives Palestinian of their rights and denies them the ability to have any real effect on shaping the policy regarding the land space in which they live and with respect to their rights.

These separate systems reinforce a regime in which rights depend on the national identity of the individual.”

Two separate systems? And that is not currently the situation in England? The ‘have-nots’ turning against the ‘haves’?

It is probably just a matter of time before the Jews in England are turned against: there are too many historical precedents to deny this scenario as likely.

But the denigration of the State of Israel by the JC must continue at all costs!

Pollard (backed by Julius) reminds us of adolph hitler. Not because he’s committed any murders – given his contribution so far towards JC readership losses, Pollard probably can’t wipe his nose by himself, let alone wipe out millions of Jews – but because he’s made the same mistake as ah.

We show here extracts from a post we published on 24th March 2011:

24th March 11 – 18th Adar Bet 5771   י”ח באדר ב’ תשע”א
The JC steps up its anti-settlement campaign

“Since Anthony Julius became the new Chairman of the JC Board, there has been a marked increase in JC blog attacks on Israeli settlements, chiefly but not exclusively by an Israel-hater named joe millis. One can criticise Israeli policies regarding the settlements – but when the most frequent, repeated word used to describe them in these attacks  is “toxic”, then it is obvious that hatred is the writer’s chief and only motivation. (He has published a  JC Blogs post titled “the  toxicity of the settlements”).

millis has full JC Staff support for these attacks.

… while the flow of readers away from the JC increases, the attacks on the State of Israel increase in direct proportion. At this rate, when JC readership will have  dropped to less than 1,000, we can expect the JC to commence launching open terrorist attacks on the Jewish State!

We have an analogy for this, which is very insulting – which is our intention for those we consider enemies of the State of Israel.

Towards the end of World War II, when Nazi Germany was fighting on 2 fronts – Russia in the east and the British/US allies in the west – it was clear that Germany was going to lose the war. At that time, one of the most important resources required by the Wehrmacht was transport – i.e. trains.

Hitler diverted many of the trains required by the Wehrmacht to the transport of Jews to the Death Camps, at the expense of sending direly needed troops and materials (weapons, ammunition, food, clothing etc) to the two fronts. His obsession hastened the end of the war.

The Jewish Chronicle’s anti-Israeli obsession with settlements (Anthony Julius has defined anti-Israeli hatred in his book as the new anti-semitism) is progressing hand in hand with the Jewish Chronicle’s demise. Instead of trying to find out where its readers are going, it continues to invest its resources in anti-Israeli propaganda. JC sales will drop to 25,000, then to 19,000 or below, more and more JC staff will be fired, until only the dumbbells remain (the 2 Jenni’s, because they’ll be the cheapest to hire and won’t find work elsewhere – in which case, maybe we should have written dumb-belles? ).

And JCWatch will be present at the end. Sad.   It could have been otherwise. A diaspora Jewish newspaper could have stood with Israel, shared in its tears and laughter, offered support – as are most of the Anglo-Jewish non-JC readers doing.

But as Moshe Dayan once remarked: an ass will never change its mind.

And as Avraham Reiss added: neither will a self-hating Jew.

…and that is what Pollard is doing now; rather than decide upon the correct posture for Anglo-Jewry in these troubled times, he’s finding time to allow continuing denigration of the State of Israel – the very place to where a scared bunch of sad-sack English Jews will soon be running for sanction.

What a poor apology for a Jew (both Pollard and Julius!). What a pair of shmocks!

It is our opinion that the recent broadcast of the Royal Wedding was the last straw which sparked the beginning of the fomentation of the current  English Intifadah. “Two classes in Israel”, says shiksah suzanna? THAT is England to the ‘T’.

And let me say that having served four tours of IDF Reserve duty during the first Intifadah in Israel back in the late eighties, nowhere did we see such violence as we see nightly on TV reports from all over England. In one very rare case back then a jeep in which I was patrolling was fired upon by 3 terrorists and our driver hit in the shoulder (after which I got to meet a couple of Israel’s leading Generals), but that was the very rare exception. [I should have been driving, but a friend asked me to “let him drive the jeep for once”, for that particular patrol; apparently the heavens knew that I would in the future create and run JCWatch, so I was spared …]

As I write, what the press here  claims are 300,000 demonstrators are turning up for demonstrations in demand for better living conditions of several kinds (housing, taxes, pay, cheaper education etc) – but there is no violence whatsoever. A huge tent camp has been built in the center of Tel-Aviv by demonstrators. In general, I believe the Israeli Press about as much as I believe the JC; regarding the reported number of demonstrators (300,000 would be less than 4% of Israel’s 7.7 million population, which shows how untruthful the Israeli Press is in presenting it as a popular national demand), my point is that – as opposed to the current situation in  England – there is no violence anywhere!

A current joke has Ehud Barak standing on the balcony of his millionaire’s flat in Akirov Towers in central Tel Aviv, seeing all the demonstrators’ tents in the street below, and declaring “How goodly are thy tents, O Israel!”

And back to Pollard: you are the wrong man in the wrong place at the wrong time (and I use the term “man” very loosely).


10 August 11  – י’ במנחם אב תשע”א
Jennifer Lipman – Yet Another Typical JC Hypocrite!

Jody McIntyre and the Tottenham riots: quelle surprise
By Jennifer Lipman August 8, 2011

It later transpired that McIntyre was no political ingénue, but a venomous anti-Israel campaigner who had made a catalogue of unfounded allegations against the Jewish State on his personal blog.

He labelled Israel schizophrenic and lunatic and spoke of having a casual sandwich break with Hamas terrorists (only he didn’t describe them as terrorists). In the months since, he has been on the platform at Palestine Solidarity Campaign events and continued to rail against Israeli “apartheid”.

Of course, he’s been less vocal on the subject of the rockets fired at Israeli towns, the murder of a three-month-old baby by a Palestinian extremist, or the bomb that went off in Jerusalem earlier this year – killing a British Christian.

He is, of course, a poster boy of the far left, a darling of the socialist world.”

Apart from the last sentence, the entire quote accurately describes NIF stooge and lackey joe millis. (Nobody would ever call it anyone’s darling!). “… a venomous anti-Israel campaigner who had made a catalogue of unfounded allegations against the Jewish State on his personal blog …” 

By what right, Lady Lipman (with the accent on “lip” because you are all talk), do you accuse others of vilifying the State of Israel, when your own paper is one of the vilest and most voluminous and prolific “Jewish” vilifyers of the State of Israel in Jewish History?

Toxic joe millis can write – and the JC publish – “The settlers and their friends are classic fascists”, and that’s OK by Lady LIPman.

[We are waiting for thug millis to suggest hiring and bringing the Syrian army to London for a few days; it would calm things down in Syria, and put an end to England’s current Intifadah …]

Jennifer Lipman, like your JC colleagues, you are a hypocrite, one who is part of a body that slanders  the 7.6 million inhabitants of the State of Israel – none of whom have ever harmed you in any way for financial gain!

May G-d reward you and your colleagues and your families in the manner that you deserve.


05 August 11  ה’ מנחם אב תשע”א
JC: Stop Publishing! Move into Prostitution! It’s More Respectable Than What You Are Doing Now!

We’ve been wondering for some time now how the low-life New Israel Fund lackey toxic joe millis finds the time to post so many posts-of-hatred in the JC Blogs Section. We previously counted 15 in 2 days.

Here are some quotes-of-hatred from millis’s “literary” masturbations going back till July 25th.

“weasel, hatred, baseless hatred, mob, fascists, racist, anti-Arab, homophobic, zealots and their wannabee shills, far-off wannabee who fantasises about living on some settlement, The zealots and their wannabee friends abroad, the yank settlers in Shiloh and the wannabe settler, the zealots and their wannabees are doing it in their pants, as usual, the wannabee zealot goes all hysterical and resorts to nazi analogy, stop appeasing the well-healed, yet subsidised to the hilt, zealots, boycott them and their produce, they are creating an apartheid system, this has been done to appease the fascists and the zealots, they have a pipe dream, do the fascists and zealots, the settlers and their friends are classic fascists”

[Quick test: cover up the preceding paragraph and guess which word occurred in it more:   “zealots” or “wannabees”?]

The JC is a disgusting, yellow-journalistic apology for a so-called Jewish newspaper for allowing publication of such puerile rubbish.

In addition, as a so-called “Jewish” paper, why does it allow Jews to be so insulted and so often?

The question was rhetorical. We know exactly why it does it. There are two reasons:

The JC is connected hand and foot to the infamous “New Israel Fund”, both being subservient to the Kessler Foundation. Everything millis writes is in accordance with NIF policy.

If you haven’t seen it before, read:
JC Reporters: The New Israel Fund-UK Funds Pornographic Anti-Israeli Propaganda  at:

But more important, the JC is on a decade-long losing streak, now in its twelveth year, every year less readers, thus less income. To try and persuade advertisers not to leave the JC for more profitable avenues affording greater revenues, the JC employs joe millis to write disgustingly annoying things, to “attract” more readers which is supposed to impress advertisers. That is how Toxic millis spends his days.

So what the JC is doing, is to besmirch and defame the State of Israel to increase its own  revenue. (Anthony Julius, expert on  defamation laws, turns a blind eye here).

What the JC is doing is far worse than prostitution, where both sides “benefit” from the  “transaction”. It is perpetrating acts of treachery against the State of Israel, and against the Jewish nation as a whole. For money!

The Jewish Chronicle, to increase its own revenue, is legalizing expressions of hatred and anti-Semitism so that goyim can then use them, and say “but we read it first in the JC”. (Julius determines in his book that hatred of Israel is the new anti-Semitism.)

The one good point here, is that toxic millis serves as the legendary canary in the coal-mine! The more vitriolic his attacks become – and they are becoming more and more vitriolic! – the worse is the Jewish Chronicle’s financial situation! Isn’t life sometimes great?

Who are the people responsible?

Stephen Pollard, JC “editor”, doesn’t surprise us. He is on a downward plunge, and (thank G-d) taking the JC down with him. It was losing readers before he joined it, and he is successfully thwarting all attempts to halt the loss in readership, i.e. copies sold, which is why he has been firing personnel.

JC staff say that to change his mind on any subject, you just have to blow in his ear!

Or to quote Wikipedia:
“Stephen Pollard’s career has seen a fair degree of political movement from Left to Right; he was formerly an advisor to anti-EU Labour politician Peter Shore.

Pollard was one of the signatory founders, in 2005, of the Henry Jackson Society, which  advocates a proactive approach to the spread of liberal democracy across the world.

By 2006, Pollard held the view that, in the “battle to save western civilisation”, the “Left, in any recognisable form, is now the enemy”.
[end quote]

Judging from the masturbatory hallucinations that Pollard currently authorizes millis to publish, the present JC editoral policy would appear to be: “Israel, in any recognisable form, is now the enemy”.

But from Anthony Julius we had expected more. The mind boggles at the thought that shortly after he published his magnum opus on the history of anti-Semitism in the UK, he joined the JC and is now responsible for the tons of hatred expressed against the State of Israel, as published in the JC’s Blogs, for granting “legality” to use of expressions of hatred of the State of Israel and its citizens. (“If the Jews say it, so can we”.)

We will go further, and say that we specifically requested Mr. Julius a number of times to express his opinion on the anti-Semitic remarks published constantly by the JC, and on each occasion he ignored our request.

You can read for yourselves the entire correspondence between JCWatch and Mr. Julius earlier this year, in “A Fruitless Dialogue with Anthony Julius, New Chairman of the JC’s Board of Directors” at :

Mr. Julius, we are disgusted with you.

And more about Toxic millis.
He writes about what he calls “the extreme right”:
“They only want “unity” so they can hide their errors and hope we will be those who clear up after the mess they cause”.

– millis is going to clear up after a mess? milis IS the mess. millis is everything that is sick in secular, leftist devoid-of-religion Jewry. Just read his many messages of hatred published by the “Jewish Chronicle”, which in itself is also everything that is sick in secular, leftist devoid-of-religion Jewry.

“Not the settlers and the other fascists who have joined in. They are neither Zionist nor  humanistic.”

– millis lives in exile. HE is going to decide who is  a Zionist – or “humanistic” for that matter?

“The copier and paster purveyor of baseless hatred”

– millis ISN’T?

“wannabee zealot who claims he lives in a West Bank settlement”

– we’ve said before, and will repeat: millis is a LIAR. The JC knows this. Even 1st rate Bitch Jenni Frazer knows it! And the JC continues to publish millis’s  “literary” masturbations.

“The people want the leader to go”
– Not more than 100,000 demonstrators, out of a population of 7 million. but for toxic millis, this is “a majority”, the Voice of the People!

“You know when the zealots have lost it – they start multiple OCD-like postings in the vain hope that no one will notice how disingenuous they are and how they resort to building straw men.
Send them a message – boycott the settlements”.

– Multiple postings? millis posting 15 posts in 2 days is our definition of “multiple”. But he hasn’t “lost it”, because he never had it!

“Some people, especially wannabe zealots, will resort to ad hominems when they are found out.”

– Ha! ha! The supreme ad hominemist accuses others!

“Let’s nail the self-delusion and lies of the zealots and fascists who appear to be doing Hamas’s work.”

– this from the excrement that lives … in the UK.

To summarise:

Isiah, 49,17:
“…thy destroyers and they that made thee waste shall go forth of thee”.

– meaning those that harm Israel most, come from within Israel.


03 August 11  ג’ מנחם אב תשע”א
The joe millis Book of Lies

We’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve exposed joe millis here as a liar. We continue to do so. (If we’d regarded millis as any more important than used toilet-paper, we’d have started a book by now!)

The fact that the Jewish Chronicle allows him to continue to spread both his lies and his hatred, tells you everything about that rag: it’s all New Israel Fund activity and propaganda. You just cannot rely upon what you read in the rag.

The latest joe millis lies:

The wannabee’s not in israel by joe milis  August 1 2011

It’s quite obvious through its constant copying and pasting of self-delusionary and self-congratulatory far right websites that the thing called Advis3r probably is in his pjs all day in front of a computer screen in Hendon or Finchley.”

millis lying again.

JCWatch happens to know exactly where in Israel Advis3r resides.
(1st-class Bitch Jennie Frazer also knows! Just ask her!)

joe millis is a liar.

In fact, judging from the exhaustive and obsessive  number of posts millis sends per day – 8 (eight!) posts on 1 August alone, 7 (seven!) on 31 July – and from the fact that he lives in the UK, we can safely assume that he himself does in fact spend his days in pjs in some losers’ neighbourhood of London!

2. No original thoughts from the wannabee by joe milis  August 1 2011

“Look at how many came out for the alleged “left-wing” protest in Tel Aviv. Anyone see any red flags carried by the Zionist youth groups Hano’ar Ha’Oved and Hashomer Hatza’ir (don’t worry, the non-settler “advis3r” wouldn’t know anything about them he couldn’t copy and paste badly)? “

millis lying again.

At one of the larger demonstrations this week, the largest flag by far that appeared on Israel TV was the red flag of HaShomer Hatzair.  And just as I’m writing this, it appeared again on Channel 2 TV.

In the above newsphoto (headed “Leftist Demonstrations Getting Stronger”) note (1) the number of red flags present in the foreground (millis claims there were none) and (2) the placards containing the 1st line in black and the second in red: this is based on the insignia of the extreme leftist movement “Shalom Achshav” (“Peace Now”), which has the word “Shalom” in black and “Now” in red. The lowest poster even intentionally uses the word “Achshav” (“Now”) in red, and in the same font-style as in the “Shalom Achshav” logo.

No red flags, millis? alleged “left-wing” protest”?


millis reminds us of Joseph Goebbels – except that Goebbels probably spoke the truth more often. millis writes about other Jews: “they start with their sinaat chinam (baseless hatred).” millis talking about baseless hatred! Just read his blog posts for the last few months! “Zealots”. “Idol-worshippers”. “Toxic settlements”. “Wannabee’s”. etc etc ad nauseum.

For somebody who chooses to live in England, his obsession with Israel is really pathological! Again, read his blog posts for the last few months! (But have a barf-bag on immediate stand-by).

Remember moshe tzarfati? = millis in one of his previous identities? JCWatch once highlighted tzarfati’s obsession with particular words, which he used over and over again? However often tzarfati/millis changes his name, his pathological “personality” will always give him away. He’s currently back on his one-word obsession again. This time the word is “wannabee” (which replaces his previous word zealots“. But no cause to worry: he will yet revive “zealots”. Too good a word to abandon so fast!) Note that “wannabee” apears in the titles of both the millis posts we quoted above. He just can’t let it go! 

And remember who gives this pathological “personality” free reign to vomit all his hatreds into the public domain? The Jewish Chronicle! But then with its dismal readership, the rag can hardly be called “public domain”.


 27th July 11  כ”ה בתמוז תשע”א
Jenni Frazer Promoted – From 3rd-Rate Hack to 1st-Rate BITCH

Deafening silence By Jenni Frazer July 25, 2011

We’ve always regarded Jenni Frazer as the perfect example of JC intellectual  impotence and incompetence. It turns out that she has an additional quality: 1st-rate BITCH!

In the above post, while disagreeing with Advis3r, she writes:
In this case, Advis3r, please accept that I know the details, and you — since, as far as I am aware, you live in the West Bank and are not privy to the inner workings of the Beth Din and what they did and did not do with regard to this particular story – do not.”

And the post is immediately closed to further comments. Just two minutes after frazer’s last (halevai!) comment: what does THAT tell you?  (Since JCWatch began, and caused the removal of Jessica Elgott, Founding Mother of JCWatch, the JC Blogs Moderator has always remained anonymous. We are told that it is currently the other Jenni dumb-belle, Lipman – but who cares?)

Frazer could have simply written “you don’t work in the Beth Din and are not privy etc etc” but no! She has to deligitimize and demonize Advis3r (at least in her tiny, JC mind) by stating that Advis3r “lives in the West Bank” – which in the JC Blogs, for anyone who has read repeated descriptions of settlements as “toxic, idol-worship, nazis” and similar epithets, is a disgusting place to live, the lowest form of human life!

(While on the subject, the Jewish term is Judeah and Samaria. “West Bank” is for use by Arabs and “the JC” only.)

Reminds us of the footballer, about whom it was claimed that his motto was: “if you can’t get the ball, get the man!”

Jenni Frazer, you are a 1st-rate Bitch!


25th July 11  כ”ג בתמוז תשע”א
Physician Heal Thyself – Time For Some JC Introspection

The British Press, following the demise of the NotW, should be undergoing a phase of introspection. The JC – which long ago dropped the “Jewish” so as to become more assimilated with the goyim, no doubt – from its past behaviour – feels exempt from this obligation. So JCWatch will assist here: call it a JCWash! Although when we’ve finished, the JC won’t be any cleaner …

A paper which makes its money from the Jewish Community, is currently led by 2 Jews, one of whom has in the past publicly declared his non-observance of Jewish Law by stating that he eats milk with meat (actually it was cheese and chicken soup – same law), and the other, when invited by the BBC to accept a Torah, replied that he wanted the New Testament as well.

These are the 2 people with a great influence over parts of British Jewry. We doubt strongly if either can read a Daf Gemara or even read – and understand – Rashi Script. Fortunately, they have lost a third of their readership over the last ten years, and the decline is continuing, so their influence is steadily waning.

Nevertheless, the “JC” persists in reconstructing the situation that persisted in Germany and other European countries before the Nazi era, by pushing towards assimilation, reducing the religious aspect of Judaism, and in general weakening it.

As for the State of Israel, we (JCWatch) had to kick Stephen Pollard’s bum many a time before he finally desisted in allowing use of the word “nazi” in describing the Jewish State. Finally, the kicks got through to his brain (which is apparently located in the afore-mentioned target area) and that particular word ceased to appear in the JC Blogs. Dropout Toxic Millis will probably now be authorised to use it once or twice as if to thumb the JC’s short, Christian nose at JCWatch, but in principle our point was made.

But it was a very small point. Toxic Millis and a few cohorts are still allowed to attack the State of Israel, as if to say “we British Jews, we aren’t like them Israelis, we are good British citizens”. In other words, it is JC policy to persist in its attacks upon the State of Israel in order to emphasize its assimilationist aspirations.  Let’s hear it deny this!

The only good point is that the grand-children of these anti-Israeli yobohs will probably totally assimilate and become goyim themselves, and the nation that is Israel will have rid itself of the genes of these toxic, failed Jews, thus enhancing the fabulous Jewish gene-pool.


15th July 11  י”ג בתמוז תשע”א
JC Lackey Toxic Millis Caught Lying – YET AGAIN!

 Given a loss of one third of their readership over the last ten years, and with the knowledge that most British Jews support Israel, the JC  (it long ago dropped the “Jewish” from its title) simply hasn’t got the balls to come out openly and speak against the State of Israel.

 But it wants to; as a sibling of the infamous and pro-Arab New Israel Fund  (provider, via its supported organizations, of some 92% of the lies that featured in the Goldstone Report) it wants to speak out against Israel on every opportunity. (We have in the past documented in full detail how the UK New Israel Fund headed by Nicholas Saphir funded publication of a pornographic anti-Israeli propaganda “photo” which was in fact “Photoshop’d”.)

 So what does it do? It uses a self-hating anti-Israeli lackey known as Toxic Joe Millis, who expresses “his own” opinions in the JC Blogs. Any self-respecting Jewish newspaper would have banned him long ago. But the JC has no self-respect: it has Stephen Pollard as an editor, and one of the dumb-belle Jennies (Lipman, the JC expert on foreskins) as Blogs “moderator“.

 JCWatch is tiring of documenting the number of lies published in the JC by Toxic Joe.  It says plenty about the level of accuracy in reporting that the JC believes in. Today, we wouldn’t believe the date and the price published by the JC, without external confirmation.

 Here’s another lie from JC poodle Toxic Joe Millis:

 In  http://www.thejc.com/blogs/rich-armbach/resolution-242-and-all
Resolution 242 and all that.
By Rich Armbach May 27, 2011

 Toxic Joe Millis writes:
“… Can’t enter Israel? Oh, you make me laugh. I must tell that one to the people from Kiryat Ben-Gurion who pick me up at the airport every other month  … “

 So, Toxic Millis claims to visit Israel every other month.

 Now, in July, Toxic states otherwise:

The fear society
By Joe Millis July 13, 2011

  we read:

 “The law doesn’t actually come on to the statute books, WI and RR Zionist. As I am due in Israel in December, and I will take great pleasure going around supermarkets pointing out to people settlement produce not to buy. If they want, they can sue me. I’d love to be a cause célèbre …”

 So now from July to December – another 5 months – we here in Israel are to be deprived of  Toxic Joe’s presence – and Tumah!

 Every other month?

 Toxic Joe, when – if – you do arrive in December, the Border Police may question you about your declared intention to break the law here. Someone will ensure that they have copies of your many Israel-hating posts. Between now and December, there will be enough to fill a book! (As if there isn’t enough already).

 Remember those “flyflops” deported from Israel this week as soon as they arrived? Same reason:

 declared intention to break the law.


13th July 11  י”א בתמוז תשע”א
Toxic Millis, Serial Liar, Spews More of His Self-Hating Poison – Supported by the JC 

Buy Israeli goods
By Joe Millis  July 11, 2011

 The JC – Sir Anthony Julius and Stephen Pollard – continues to allow expressions of hatred of Israel to be published by serial liar Toxic Joe Millis. Just follow the above link. where Toxic Millis says:“I urge a boycott of settlement goods and of settlers”.

Did you notice the addition“and of settlers”? Toxic Millis can’t contain his hatred of other Jews in his pants for even a second!

 For the record, Toxic Millis is casting aspersions on the identity of Advis3r. JCWatch and a number of other inmates of the JC Blogs are in email contact with Advis3r, and can verify that he does in fact live in a settlement and has not in the past used any other name on the blogs. His full identity and address are known to those in contact with him.

 But to get back to the scum Toxic Millis, a genuine self-hater and traitor to his people. He shows us exactly how he was “brought up”: he says “when I was a kid we didn’t go to Spain because of Franco. We didn’t go to Greece because of the Colonels. We didn’t buy SouthAfrican goods until Mandela was freed. So, yes, I suspect my mother would be proud”.

 Some mother Millis had! Some childhood! “No, little Joey, you can’t go anywhere because we hate everybody!” No wonder his sick mother is “proud of him”!

 But the real problem lies with Pollard and Sir Anthony Julius – why do you continue to allow publication of this anti-Israeli hatred, which Sir Anthony calls “the new anti-Semitism”?

If  Toxic Millis can be allowed to call for a boycott of Israeli goods (settlements are part of Eretz Yisrael; here at JCWatch we do NOT require the New Testament to “understand life”), then JCWatch can call for a boycott of the JC. Starting with its advertisers.

 Following is a partial list of businesses you can call and inform that you are boycotting them as long as they advertise – or even appear for free – in the Hamas-supporting “Jewish Chronicle”.

 What Toxic Millis can do in the JC, JCWatch can do just as well – but with far better results.

 Hadley Green Garage Phone: 020 8440 8252
Soffra Hendon Turkish Cuisine  silverplaceuk.com
86 Bistro Bar and Restaurant 86 Brent Street, Hendon, NW4 2ES, 020 8202 5575
Adam’s 2 Sentinel Square, Hendon, NW4 2EL, 020 8202 2327
Amor’s Take-Away 8 Russell Parade, Golders Green Rd, Golders Green, NW11 9NN, 020 8458 4221
Asher’s  5 Kings Road, Manchester, M25 0LE, 0161 773 1414
Aviv Restaurant 87 High Street, Edgware, HA8 7DB, 020 8952 2484
Beit Hamadras Kosher Indian Restaurant 105 Brent Street, Hendon, NW4 2DX, 020 8203 4567
Bevis Marks The Restaurant Bevis Marks, London, EC3 5DQ, 020 7283 2220
Burger Bar 110 Regents Park Road, Finchley, N3 3JG, 020 8371 1555
Caf 21 Leicester Road, Manchester, M7 4AS, 0871 963 9375
Central Park Cafe  Jewish Cultural Centre, Bury Old Road, Manchester, M8 6FY , 0161 720 8721
Dizengoff 118 Golders Green Road, Golders Green, NW11 8HB, 020 8458 7003
Fernandez 56 The Burroughs, Hendon, NW4 4AN, 020 8203 5313
Fernandez Express 119 Golders Green Road, Golders Green, NW11 8HR, 020 8455 7766
Francesca 155-159 Golders Green Road, Golders Green, NW11 9BX, 020 8201 9005
Garden Sanwich Bar (Hatton Garden) 32 Hatton Garden (The Heart of Hatton Garden Jewellery Emporium), London, EC1N 8DL , 020 7831 1022
Isola Bella Cafe 63 Brent Street, Hendon, NW4 3EA, 020 8203 2000
J.S. Restaurant  7 Kings Road, Prestwich, Manchester, M25 0LE, 0161 798 7776
K Grill (Glatt) 60 Edgware Way, Edgware, HA8 8JS, 020 8958 7062
Kaifeng Restaurant  51 Church Road , Hendon, NW4 4DU, 020-8203 7888
Kavanna 60 Vivian Avenue, Hendon, NW4 3XH, 020 8202 9449
Kol Tov Lounge 225 Golders Green Road, Golders Green, NW11 9ES, 020 8455 3777
Kosher Antonio’s Restaurant  Jewish Cultural Centre, Bury Old Road, Manchester, M7 4QY, 0871 207 6974
La Fiesta 235 Golders Green Road, Golders Green, NW11 9ES, 020 8458 0444
Let’s Meat 5 Shenley Road, Borehamwood, WD6 1AA, 020 8207 4007
Mattancherry 109A Golders Green Road, Golders Green, NW11 8HR, 020 8209 3060

For a full list, see:  http://www.thejc.com/directory


8th July 11  ו’ בתמוז תשע”א
Toxic Millis Caught Lying – Yet Again!       

Eat Your Hearts Out, Would-Be Flytilla Israel Haters ….

In the above post, Israel-hater and accredited liar Toxic Millis has been caught lying for the umpteenth time.

He claims “No wonder more and more Jews feel detached from Israel”.

Toxic, for once in your miserable, loser’s life – bring proof of your claim.

We say that you are a serial liar.

6th July 11  ד’ בתמוז תשע”א
The Two “Personalities” of Sir Anthony Julius

Why “Sir” Anthony?

 After a stirling gouging of some seventeen million pounds sterling from the Royal Purse for the late Princess Diana’s divorce settlement from Prince Charles, Anthony Julius is probably the last citizen of the realm who will ever receive a K. Even my budgerigar has a better chance of being knighted – which, considering the fact that I don’t own a budgerigar, is some feat. So we figured we’d let him see it at least once on JCWatch.

 [And talking of the Royal Family, the JC Blogs currently publishes a post titled “Bibi shoots himself in hoof AGAIN” – tell us, Sir Anthony: would you also allow publication of a post headed “The Queen shoots herself in hoof AGAIN”? No? So why do you allow the democratically-elected Prime Minister of the State of Israel to be so insulted?]
Why are we discussing Sir Anthony?

 Because we find the duality of his behaviour as a Jew problematic, to say the least.

 Since he became Chairman of the Jewish Chronicle, anti-Semitism as expressed in the pages of the JC Blogs, has escalated to expressions of open support of Hamas (although there were one or two such posts a little before his time). Just take a look at http://www.thejc.com/blogs/suzanna/boats-gaza  –  Boats to Gaza.

We state here that we fully agree with Sir Anthony’s determination in his book “Trials of the Diaspora”, that hatred of Israel is the new anti-Semitism. 

Sir Anthony appears to insist upon exclusivity in attacks on the State of Israel and support of its enemies by the paper of which he is Chairman. Heaven forbid that anyone else should indulge in anti-Semitic behaviour! In such a case Sir Anthony girds his loins with moral armour and wades into battle!

 Here is a copy of a Sunday Times article:

By Isabel Oakeshott
Published in: The Sunday Times  July 3, 2011

 The article begins:
“Anthony Julius is demanding that an academic union apologises for creating a ‘hostile environment’ for Jews The lawyer who represented Diana, Princess of Wales in her divorce is to take on an association of university lecturers in a dispute  over anti-Semitism on campuses.

 Anthony Julius is representing a freelance maths lecturer who claims the University and College Union (UCU) creates a “hostile, degrading, humiliating and offensive environment” for Jews.
[end quote]

 Sir Anthony, are you really unaware that the paper of which you are Chairman, the so-called  Jewish Chronicle “creates a “hostile, degrading, humiliating and offensive environment” for Jews”? We bring as proof the circulation figures for the last 10 years as published by the paper: a drop from 42,000 to 29,000 copies sold. 13,000 out of 42,000 readers – almost a third of the readership – have said a resounding “NO” to the JC!

 When someone (millis) who couldn’t ‘make it’ in Israel  and thus lives in the UK, and spends much time denigrating Israel, calls settlements ‘toxic’ – this is  “a hostile, degrading, humiliating and offensive environment for Jews” – and 13,000 such Jews have already voted with their feet!

 The UCU, says Sir Anthony, is “piling fresh insults upon accumulated insults to its Jewish members”. Yeah? Maybe. But for  22 concentrated pages of insults against the State of Israel as published last year by the Jewish Chronicle, see https://jcwatch.wordpress.com/articles/anti-israelisms-an-open-ended-compendium/

 When this was drawn to Sir Anthony’s attention and he was asked to comment – he ignored repeated requests to do so.
See: https://jcwatch.wordpress.com/a-fruitless-dialogue-with-anthony-julius-new-chairman-of-the-jcs-board-of-directors/

 – You mustn’t insult British Jews, but its open season on the 5-6 million Jewish population of the State of Israel.

Sir Anthony could rightfully claim that what the JC does is words, mere words, nothing more, while the UCU and others are performing actions that actively harm Jews. True. But the JC, by its words, is legitimizing anti-Semitism, and providing anti-Semites with the excuse “but look! The Jews themselves attack the State of Israel, call it a Nazi State, an Apartheid State, killers of children and much more!”. 

 JCWatch is considering sending this post to the UCU, so they’ll be able to reply to Sir Anthony “clean your own house before you attack others”. It should turn upon the JC spotlights that are far stronger than JCWatch’s. http://www.ucu.org.uk/


“The UCU is accused of allowing individuals  to post hundreds of anti-semitic comments on its internet  forum for members,  known as the “activists list”.

Clean your own house before you attack others!



 5th July 11  ג’ בתמוז תשע”א
Millis the Great Mis-Translator

Even Bibi’s best mate thinks he’s wrong  By Joe Millis  June 30, 2011

Millis the liar, again. In the above post Millis brings a Hebrew source and then his “translation”.

In two quoted paragraphs, millis misleads the public (i.e. the 7- 8 or so JC Blogs readers) in multiple separate instances by mis-translating, either by design or by lack of intellectual translation capabilities.  He’s been proven a liar so often in the last month or so, that it makes no difference: just don’t believe anything he writes.

Here are six of the most glaring mis-translations, but there are more:

Left Column = a valid translation of the Hebrew source.
Right Column = the millis version of the ‘truth’.

intellectuals  –  fighters

demonization – delegitimisation

conflict of interests – difference

clarified   –  urged

to open    –  to get back to

Israel’s direction –  which direction he (Natanyahu) is taking Israel

– from the last instance, it’s obvious that NIF-lackey millis’s bias is political – but there’s nothing new about that!

I wouldn’t buy a used translation from that person!


3rd July 11  ר”ח תמוז תשע”א
Stephen Pollard Goes Begging, Cap in Hand!

In our previous post dated 30th June 11, we pointed out the massive, continuous dive in JC circulation over more than ten years, saying that advertisers now get far less for their money than they did 10 years ago!

Stephen Pollard, honest and decent man that he is, took our comments to heart and is now offering JC readers a 25% reduction in the price of a subscription  (advertisers will continue to pay thru the nose).

Ha! Ha! Ha!

The only true part of the above is that Pollard has indeed approached JC readers offering them a +25% reduction in the price of a subscription (and of course, that advertisers will continue to pay thru the nose). Firing JC employees did nothing to improve circulation (why should it?), and so now Pollard is going begging, cap in hand, to try to entice more mugs into purchasing a JC subscription. What with Internet, Facebook, good professional, pro-Israel alternatives to the JC, its 160+ years reign is approaching its end.

Crap, at a reduced price of 25% – is still crap.

Our informant who sent us a photographed copy of Pollard’s begging letter, apologises for the poor quality of the photo (which is nothing compared with the poor quality of the letter itself!), saying that the act of photography was almost discovered and aborted.

 Our informant comments better than I could on Pollard’s letter, as follows:

A picture is attached of the letter.

Brightest and best junior reporters in the profession? Hardly!  Jennifer Lipman and Jessica Elgot should be shot for their sloppiness.
I agree they have good columnists, but you can get them without buying the JC.

The foreign news is comprehensive. Haha. Their idea of foreign news is reporting on American Jewish celebrities. The fact that not one word was uttered in the JC when several South American countries recognised the new Palestinian state is laughable.

Reporting on Israel = attacking the current democratically elected government that the JC stable of staff hate so much.

And the Social and Personal information is being replaced by facebook.

Spend £35 on this trash? No way Jose.

 When I asked our informant if I could use the above quotes on JCWatch, the reply I received was as follows:

And you may like to add to my anonymous remarks, that I meet more and more people everyday who refuse to buy or read the JC because they have become so friendly to Israel’s enemies. As one prominent Jew from HGS told me the other day, “I wouldn’t wipe my bum with that rag! “


 30th June 11  כ”ח בסיון תשע”א
Julius and Pollard Continue to Publish Anti-Israeli Propaganda

If there is any depth to which Julius and Pollard will not descend in trying to sell a measly few more copies of their rag, we cannot see it.

They have just published the following anti-Israeli propaganda:

Boats to Gaza  By suzanna  June 29, 2011

“I stand in admiration to those who have organised and facilitated the latest flotilla to Gaza. The hundreds of people on board are supported by thousands more from many, many countries around the world including Israel. The money they have raised for this phenomenal civic protest comes from individual donations and fundraising. They have no support other than from civil society.

They have received plenty of threats and attempts to thwart their protest.

Boats are sailing from France, Norway, the US, Canada, the UK, and Greece amongst others.

While organizers of the flotilla emphasize that they are attempting to challenge the Israeli blockade of Gaza, unpacking the blockade itself points to urgent questions that must be resolved: the status of Palestinian refugees; the disastrous and  unrelenting effects of over 40 years of occupation; and Israel’s utter lack of respect for the human rights of non-Jews. And that’s the discussion the Israeli government doesn’t want any of us to have.”

And in reply to a comment, further down:

“… But Israel wants to silence the debate, to cover up the brutality of the occupation. To stop us seeing the demolitions, the land grabs and expropriation, the administrative detentions and hundreds of dead Palestinians.  Israel silences debate with threats of violence or actual violence and the tiresome anti Semitic tactic.”

[end quotes]

Even toe-rag joe millis came out against that propaganda! Imagine! Even it has red lines! That alone should have been a red light for the money-grubbing “JC” “management” as to how far they have descended !  joe millis, the “coal-mine canary!”.

The Jewish Chronicle is said to be very expensive regarding the price of its advertisements; given the fact that its circulation figures have dived from 42,000 to 29,000 over the last 10 years, that is surprising – advertisers get far less for their money today than they did 10 years ago. Yet anti-Israeli terrorist supporters spew forth their poison FOR FREE in the “JC” (they long ago dropped the word “Jewish” from the paper’s name, part of their attempt to become absorbed by Christendom).

Just to remind you, last year, on  the day after the previous flotilla incident (Mave Marmara), the JC Blogs published the following hate-filled post:

“Your loathsome country Israel who we all hate in the rest of the world was founded by terrorists has always been run by terrorists and now neo nazis are in charge. The best thing anyone sensible Israeli can do is leave”.

And here are five more headlines published in the JC Blogs by the same anti-Semite (Julius’s definition) on the same subject:

Soon they won’t be able to leave their self made ghetto
Israel fired first with live ammunition from the air
Activist describes ‘horrific’ Israeli interception

– these posts were never deleted by the JC – I copied them from the JC website just a minute before posting them here!

Anthony Julius ignored a number of requests that he express his opinion on such anti-Israeli comments published by the JC before he became its chairman.


It seems that for Mr. Julius, anti-Semitism is an intellectual thing, something you research and write about, thus making money from it. Making money from anti-Semitism! But preventing its appearance in a paper for which he is responsible – sorry! Nothing doing. Freedom of Speech, old chap. Hamas are welcome in the JC’s columns.


 24th June 11  כ”ב בסיון תשע”א

A Slipped Disc is an Ugly Thing – or “I Want the New Testament”

In Israel this week much disgust was expressed at the behaviour of Israel’s greatest ally – the USA – in not allowing Jonathan Pollard to visit his father on his deathbed, and in subsequently refusing to allow him to attend his father’s funeral.

But greater disgust was expressed at the behaviour of the American Jewish community in not standing up and speaking loudly enough to demand that Jonathan Pollard be afforded these two “privileges” as basic human rights. (We’ve said before: the wrong Pollard is in jail. Look for our post “A Tale of Two Pollards”).

As an ex-Galut Jew, particularly one who for the last sixteen months or so has been wallowing  in the filth of the Jewish Chronicle, a paper that is constantly betraying Israel for its own financial gains (as if it helps at all; have the firings of JC employees finally ceased?), I can understand – certainly not agree nor identify with, but understand – the behaviour of American Jewry.

American Jews – in fact Jews around the world – have two loyalties: to the State of Israel, and to the country in which they live.   I see no problem with this. I can even find halachic support and understanding for this situation. Even after you leave a country, you owe it some form of loyalty. Moses, who normally physically led all the battles fought in the Sinai wilderness, refrained from fighting against the Midianites, because he had once taken refuge there (and married Jethro’s daughter). “You don’t spit in a well from which you have drunk”.

But that does not mean that the Jew in any diaspora country has to bow and cringe when his basic human rights are being violated. Certainly not in the USA or the UK. American Jewry, however, did not want to “get involved” in raising the subject of dual-loyalties, which Pollard had brought to the fore of public discussion. Standing up for Pollard means standing up for someone who has spied on America. No American Jew wants to be accused of having a less-than-complete loyalty to the American flag.

This was passive exile-Jew behaviour. Any criticism that may be levelled here, concerns ‘sins of omission’, what was NOT done.

The Jewish Chronicle however, goes much further in the negative direction. It tuchus-licks the UK Christian community by slandering the State of Israel incessantly, as if to say “it’s those Israeli wogs causing all the trouble, nothing to do with us nice, decent Jewish Englishmen. We aren’t like them”.

It goes a lot deeper than that. The Jewish Chronicle was against the Balfour Declaration back in 1917 when it was first published, and the Jewish Chronicle today slanders the State of Israel incessantly.  “Nazi state, Apartheid state, toxic settlements, killer-of-children …” it’s all well documented.

In beginning provisionary research for a possible book on the Jewish Chronicle’s 94-year old campaign against the State of Israel, we listened to a recording of the BBC’s famous “Desert Island Discs” program, whose guest was a prominent British Jew who currently holds a senior position in the Jewish Chronicle. We aren’t mentioning him by name – even though many will probably guess his identity – because we are specifically NOT attacking that individual. Our problem is with what was said on that program, which we find representative certainly of the Jewish Chronicle’s way of thinking – long before the program’s guest had joined the JC – and of British Jewry’s attitude in general, for at least a considerable part of the Jewish population of the UK.

The progam was broadcast in November 2009. If you Google enough, you can find it on the Internet. I’m not giving the url, because as I’ve said this is NOT a personal attack on one person, but his name appears as part of the url.

On ‘Desert Island Discs’  it is customary at the end of the program to invite the guest to receive a Bible and the works of Shakespeare, and to select a book and a ‘luxury’. Since this guest was Jewish, the host, Kirsty Young, offered the guest a Torah.

Here is a transcript of how it went:

Kirsty Young = KY
Guest = XX

KY: So, XX, I’m going to give you a copy of the Torah and the Complete Works of Shakespeare, and, you may have a book. What book would you like?”

XX: Why the Torah? Why not the Bible?

KY: Well, I’m happy to give you the Bible.

XX: Why not the, you know, of course, I mean how can one be a student of English Literature without being immersed in the New Testament?

KY: Well, let me give you a copy of the Bible.

XX: So I’ll have the King James version, thank you.

[end transcript]

To recap, this is a Jew rejecting acceptance of the Torah unless it is accompanied by the New Testament. There is a distinct halachic definition for this behaviour – which occurred on a popular, nation-wide broadcast – but I’m not a rabbi so I won’t specify it.

Just as bad, if not worse, is the stated requirement by a Jew to be “immersed in the New Testament”. Why? So that he can be “a student of English Literature”? And how short is the distance from “immersed” to “baptised”, or marrying a shiksah?

If you understand – and agree with – where I’m going with this, I have no need to develope the range of thoughts opened here. And if you don’t – well, what’s the point?

 One or two Bloggers on the web did in fact identify themselves with the guest’s words – which justifies my point that this doesn’t concern just one person.

This “immersion” in Christian culture is the root of all evil. In this case, Jews – specifically the Jewish Chronicle – tuchus-lick to Christendom to show that they ‘belong’. Slandering the State of Israel ‘shows’ that they are not different from loyal Christians. “Screw Israel, we’re looking after ourselves”.

We’ve quoted this before:
Sir Martin Gilbert, in his book on Sir Winston Churchill‘s attitude toward Zionism – “Churchill and the Jews” (page 15) – quotes Churchill as saying to Jewish constituents (at a time when he was running for parliament) “Be good Jews … a Jew cannot be a good Englishman unless he is a good Jew”.

That is not what we now have before us.


 23rd June 11  כ”א בסיון תשע”א

JC Poodle and NIF Lackey “joe millis” Caught lying – Again!

 Yitzchak Rabin once expressed his opinion of those who emigrate from Israel – ‘descenders’ (yordim) as they are commonly known – by labelling them ‘nefolet shel nemushot’, which translates roughly as a ‘fall-out of weaklings’.

 JC poodle “joe millis” is apparently one of those, following his claim that his daddy worked in the IAI for twenty years. (Daddy certainly didn’t devote much time to ‘educating’ his son!)

 Whatever, having left Israel, “joe millis” is still obsessed with it. Fanatical, extremist, hate-filled posts condeming Israel pour out from him weekly (or should that be ‘weakly’), almost daily, and are lapped up like a thirsty dog by the JC Blogs, which know no limit to the anti-Israeli filth posted by “joe millis”. All this, BTW, in conformance with the policies of the infamous pro-Arab “New Israel Fund”.

 During his very brief sojourn wallowing in the filthy JC Blogs waters, Ian Kramer documented SEVEN separate occasions on which “joe millis” was caught lying. In most cases “joe millis” relied on the lack of knowledge of Hebrew of most of the JC Blogs readers, and distorted translations of reports from the Israeli Press. (His most ‘notable’ lie to date, was his “reporting” the retort from a passing car’s exhaust as a bomb-attack on Zipi Livni’s house … scroll down on this page to our post dated 26th May 11  for details.)

 He’s done it again. Lied, that is.

 This time, as a Bolshevist, he’s been caught trying to rewrite history!

 In a post titled “A strategic threat to Israel” at http://www.thejc.com/blogs/joe-millis/a-strategic-threat-israel , he writes:

 “… Shinui, stood for the Knesset and won 15 seats. It disappeared largely because the excesses of the Orthodox parties were curtailed.”

 To that post Advis3r replied:

 “… Mr Millis has made some startling and baseless claims which do need to be addressed.”

 Advis3r detailed at length his points, we are now adding ours. “joe millis” claimed that Shinui disappeared “largely because the excesses of the Orthodox parties were curtailed” (sic).

 What a liar!

 In the following links you can read 2 reasons for Shinui’s demise:

1. Sharon’s Kadimah took up Shinui’s niche in political life; polls projected zero Knesset seats for Shinui in the next general election.

 2. Shinui leader, fascist Tomi Lapid, now dead and missed by none, resigned in a disgustingly undemocratic display of childish pique, after his number 2 (that’s a double entendre 🙂 ), Avraham Poraz was beaten in an internal Shinui election.

 Nothing at all about “joe millis”‘s claim regarding the Orthodox.

 Here are the links to sources in English (there are many more – see Google). On other matters we would have detailed more, but “joe millis” is something we wouldn’t bend down to scrape off our shoe, had we trodden in it. So we supply the bare minimum.





Wikipedia:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shinui

Would YOU buy a used car from “joe millis”?


 21st June 11  י”ט בסיון תשע”א 

Pollard: We Are Proud to Announce That Anthony Julius is Now Fully Housebroken!

Imaginary, of course! But if Pollard had the guts, that would have been his latest headline.

The sad fact is that one of the UK’s foremost experts on anti-semitism IS completely housebroken regarding the JC’s anti-Israel propaganda.

Julius had nothing to say on the subject when JCWatch directed him (via url) to a 22-page Word file full of anti-Israeli expressions, curses etc published by the JC during the course of one year, and he now remains silent in the face of Hamas propaganda posted by an anti-semitic goy. (Of course, when Ian Kramer expressed the opinion that the JC is worse than a prostitute, he was banned immediately: you mustn’t  dare insult the JC whores, but there is year-round open-season on the State of Israel   and its 7 million inhabitants. We call them whores, because these so-called Jews sell their allegiance to Israel for the meagre price of a fast-diminishing income from the ever-decreasing sales of the rag they publish).

Here’s the latest JC-Hamas propaganda:


14th June 11  י”ב בסיון תשע”א 

In Hebrew slang, an informer is called a “shtinker”, coming from the English word “stinker”.

The JC has such a shtinker; he tries to pose as someone who is against Pollard and Julius, wants JCWatch to believe him and post his crap as genuine items. He hasn’t got the guts to identify himself, and we’ve already said that he uses an IP Proxy server to hide his origin. He doesn’t realise how he gives himself away.

Here’s a medley of his recent posts (he tries to post them on JCWatch, but never succeeds – they all end up in JCWatch’s Spam Trap); note the fake id’s and email addresses:

  Benno O’ban ben@gritz.co.uk Submitted on 2011/06/13 at 18:25

Cat caught your tongue? Blocked? Can’t think of anything constructive to say?

  Carrow road Tzfatnice@mail.com Submitted on 2011/06/12 at 16:44

Pollard might soon be out of a job now that horovitz is leaving the Jerusalem post. They want him at the jc, have done for years.

In the world of computers, we call that “GIGO”. It stands for “Garbage In, Garbage Out”.

  DCARO carrowroad@gmail.com Submitted on 2011/06/10 at 18:16

Did you know that “doing an Avraham Reiss” in JC office slang means to mess up badly. Catastrophically

We liked that one: we never do things by halves. And the intellectually-challenged JC Staff have needed a decent role-model for a long time, now!

And as for “mess up badly. Catastrophically” – whose circulation figures have dropped (flopped?) from 42,000 to 29,000 over the last 10 years?  Certainly not JCWatch’s!

  CARO Rd tzfatnice@yahoo.com Submitted on 2011/06/06 at 19:01

Hysterical? Yes, we were laughing at you, Avraham, for falling into the trap and revealing the “insider”. Thanks.

  Carrow Road tzfatnice@yahoo.com Submitted on 2011/06/05 at 22:45

Avraham, before he left on Friday, SP was notified by Millis that he would “light the blue touchpaper” with a posting that was bound to get more people flooding to the blogsite than ever before. And it will help boost the JC’s numbers… They reckon that your anger helps them.


  Carrow road Tzfatnice@mail.com Submitted on 2011/06/03 at 13:57

SP and AJ are just toying with you Avi, like a cat toys with a ball of wool. It’s not like they care what you write. They just like seeing a true Zionist like yourself squirm and attack they think it makes you look stupid.

  Carrow Road tzfatnice@mail.com Submitted on 2011/06/02 at 21:22

Millis doesn’t need to work. He owns a string of race horses, a house in London, one in Herzlia Pituach and another in the South of France, a Ferrari, two Jaguars and a Mini Cooper and donates about 200k a year to Jewish-Arab co-existence programmes in Israel

Ha! Ha! Read low-life Millis’s CV to perceive that he probably doesn’t earn enough to pay for his beer!

  Carrow Road tzfatnice@mail.com Submitted on 2011/06/02 at 20:46

Wednesday night is press night at the JC so we were in the office till at least midnight. That’s why the changes were made and SP and AJ were in a meeting to discuss the web

   Carrow Road tzfatnice@mail.com Submitted on 2011/06/01 at 20:59

Watch out, SP and AJ are gunning for you

 Well, we know that AJ is Tony Soprano’s son – but who the hell is SP?  “Some Potz”?


09 June 11

Given the success and increased readership of JCWatch, we are considering launching a new, sister Blog to JCWatch: 

 JCCritique – Devoted to exposing Jewish Chronicle Ignorance and Stupidity, and of course, anti-Israeli sentiments  

This would cover the entire JC publication, apart from the JC Blogs.

A decision has yet to be taken: there are limits to how much time should be devoted to criticizing a failing newspaper, if at all.

07 June 11 

Double Standards in the JC? Certainly Not! It Doesn’t Even Have ONE Standard!

Ian Kramer recently got the following email from the JC “Webmaster” (who is in fact one of the female incompetents hired by the JC, who is scared to use her name since the Elgot fiasco):

Mr Kramer,


At the JC we hope the blogs are an open forum for discussion and debate and we like to host a variety of views. However, we cannot host on our site anything that constitutes a personal attack, uses foul or abusive language or describes other users as liars. [JCWatch emphasis]


Please refrain from doing so as it will only result in your blogs or comments being moderated. If you continue with this behaviour we will be forced to block your access to the website.


Thank you

This was during a period of about ten days wherein JC thug joe millis had been caught lying SEVEN times!

An anti-semite who posts regularly in the JC as “simoneq” today wrote about the Prime Minister of the State of Israel:

“one day this liar will be put on trial in the Hague. Israel cannot continue down this one way street. The world wants this aparthied country to change”

– of course JC anti-semites are authorised  to speak in the name of  “the world”, and of course the State of Israel can still be called an “aparthied country” (sic) even when the illiterate simoneq can’t spell “apartheid”.

But heaven forbid someone should call JC thug joe millis a liar! Why, that is cause for banning!

We’d like to accuse the JC of having double standards – but this sub-standard rag doesn’t even have a single standard!


Today we got this from our Inside Informer:

“Hysterical? Yes, we were laughing at you, Avraham, for falling into the trap and revealing the “insider”. Thanks.”

 No surprises there: the writer still poses himself as a JC employee, and his hiding behind an IP Proxy Server based in Chicago was an obvious giveaway from the start; had he been genuine, he would have identified himself to JCWatch.

 As Ian Kramer pointed out before his post was deleted, the possibility always existed that this was millis just mixing things up a bit more. And the fact that the JC descended to such a level  verifies how much JCWatch bothers it. That gives us the strength to continue. (Not that we were tiring in any way).

We used the material anyway, because bottom line what he wrote was – and still is – true: after the recent mass firings, the JC is desperate for anything that will sell more copies of its rag. Pollard is incapable of running a paper that will earn profit on its own merits.

 The fact remains: millis boasted of using bicycle chains against others, and 3 days later the JC has left the comment standing – it isn’t “moderated”.

 So the term “prostitute” – as applied to the JC – stands, with apologies to genuine prostitutes, who, as opposed to the JC, presumably afford some form of pleasure to their clients.


Our JC Inside Informer writes as follows:

 Avraham, before he left on Friday, SP was notified by Millis that he would “light the blue touchpaper” with a posting that was bound to get more people flooding to the blogsite than ever before. And it will help boost the JC’s numbers… They reckon that your anger helps them.

We all know what to call a woman who does anything for money. The JC is no better – in fact it is far worse; a prostitute does not slander her People for profit – however meager. It just goes to show how desperate the paper is for a few more readers.  How many employees has it fired in the last year? Obviously, more to come …

I wonder what the Law Society would say to Julius about his part in this?

Incidentally, we are currently considering offering 3 months free advertising in JCWatch, for any JC advertiser who stops advertising there for one month …

Read on …

Latest Update: 6th June 11  The JC Descends To New Levels of Violence

Previously:  3rd June 11 Julius and Pollard Increase Their Support For Anti-Semites!

   “What is it with British Jews, why do they make excuses for our enemies? Do they need bombs in Golders Green to wake them up?” (from Gina’s blog  at http://ginaingoldersgeen.wordpress.com)


6th June 11 – 4thSivan 5771   ד’ סיון תשע”א

The JC Descends To New Levels of Violence 


In the above post, the JC’s New Israel Fund thug  joe millis has boasted of  beating up other Jews with bicycle chains !

He says:

We found in the early 1970s that bicycle chains were particularly useful against the NF. Worked too against the Kahanists in the mid 80s in Israel”

– note the prefixing “we”.

This has been available for three days now, with no action being taken by the JC, despite protests from a number of readers.

Pollard, don’t claim that you can’t delete comments on Shabat – you are about as  Jewish as your fascist friend millis, after stating openly that you don’t observe kashrut laws. As we say in Hebrew slang: “Jewish?  Alek!”.

JC thugs.


3rd June 11 – Rosh Chodesh Sivan 5771   ר”ח סיון תשע”א

Julius and Pollard Increase Their Support For Anti-Semites!

Wednesday evening JCWatch received the following message from a JC informer:

 “Watch out, SP and AJ are gunning for you”.

He later added:

“Wednesday night is press night at the JC so  —–  (deleted to protect source) were in the office till at least midnight. That’s why the changes were made and SP and AJ were in a meeting to discuss the web.”

Some time later that evening, JCWatch received an email from Ian Kramer, telling of a second post of his that had just been deleted.

He says that he had posted a quote from Nietzche, and a regular JC Blogs contributor who uses the name JonOtway, who is also a blatant Christian anti-Semite and Israel-Hater (Christian, if he has any religion at all) had claimed that the quoted post was written by Avraham Reiss.

Ian couldn’t reply to that post because after hours the blogs are locked, but he could write a new Blog entry, which he did, saying that the quote was his and not anyone else’s.

To his surprise, his Blog entry was deleted a short time later. That evening!

This is unusual, because the JC staff don’t like working much, especially since Pollard became Editor, and aren’t normally available ‘after hours’, which is why they lock the posts and prevent replies. So apparently, our JC inside informer was correct and the JC was staffed at the time.


AJ  does NOT refer here to Tony Soprano’s son …

SP and AJ are of course Stephen Pollard and Anthony Julius.

It looks as if they are siding with the anti-semitic goy JonOtway, and preventing denial of his lie attributing to Avraham Reiss a post sent by Ian Kramer. (Reminder: Julius, in his book on English anti-Semitism, has defined hatred of Israel as the new form of anti-Semitism. He has also refrained, when requested several times, to comment on scores, if not  hundreds, of anti-Israeli comments published by the Jewish Chronic).

Naturally, the name Avraham Reiss gets them both scared, because he exposes them for what they are. But sometimes they are too quick on the trigger.

In Hebrew there is a term ‘mitah cholah’ – lit. ‘a sick bed’. It usually refers to a matter from which one is well-advised to keep one’s distance.

Pollard has been running the mitah cholah that is the Jewish Chronic for some years now, with a very steady and consistent decline in readership each year. We have no expectations from him. (How many employees fired so far? Lost count …)

But to use the Hebrew phrase: Julius – why stick your nose into the mitah cholah that is the Jewish Chronic? You have so far had a good name as both a lawyer and an author; why risk it all now for the failure that is Pollard?

Incidentally, Joe Millis, who also has full JC support for his disgustingly anti-Israeli flow of comments, has been documented as lying six times in ten days. The JC has of course removed some of the documentation!



26th May 11 – 22nd Iyar 5771   כ”ב באייר תשע”א

Joe Millis Caught Lying Again – and the JC Covers Up For Him!


JC wannabe blogger Ian Kramer sent us the following post. He says that he posted it early one morning this week, and that by lunch-time it had been removed. Obviously, the JC has some reason for preventing publication of proofs of Joe Millis’s lying tactics.


It smells to us of New Israel Fund, as do all of Millis’s anti-Israeli, pro-Arab posts.


Judge for yourselves.




Truth – 2; Millis – 0

by Ian Kramer


Millis lying – again. Last time he reported a loud retort from the exhaust of a passing car, as an attack on Zippi Livni’s house. He relied at that time on the fact that most JC Readers can’t understand the Hebrew newspaper source that he misquoted.


Same again this time. The source he quoted does NOT say “far right”; it says “right activists” – peilei yamin.

In Israel, right-activists are far less violent than left-activists, far-left or not.


Note that Millis never copies into his posts his so-called translations of what he wanted to read into the articles he “quotes”.


On the film covering that event that was shown on Israeli TV News, a number of respectable rabbis and at least one Knesset member took part. TV did not show anyone uttering threats – and believe me, Joe Millis is a Kahanist when compared with Israel TV, which would have jumped on any threats uttered against Natanyahu.


“Far right”? Millis is far left, that’s for sure.


And one can’t help wondering why someone who is so obsessed with Israel (by the quantity and content of his posts) – doesn’t live there. Maybe the emblem he selected to appear next to his name – a cross – tells us something?


20th May 11 – 16th Iyar 5771   ט”ז באייר תשע”א

Jesus Christ! Someone at the JC Got Something Right!

A message to the boycotters

By Robyn Rosen


Streuth! I don’t know how this one slipped past Julius and Pollard, but Robyn Rosen had good things to say  about Israel! All totally true, and all equally totally out of place in the JC.

 Robyn, you don’t belong with those anti-Israeli  petty – and Judaically illiterate – JC thugs. Your place is in Israel. If you ever decide to make Aliyah, I will personally come to Ben-Gurion Airport to meet you!


18th May 11 – 14th Iyar 5771   י”ד באייר תשע”א

The (JC’s) Laws of Libel Stop at Israel’s Borders

The JC (it dropped the word “Jewish” some time back and now tries to play it down, for which I, as a Jew, am grateful!) continues with its pro-Arab propaganda in its Blogs section.

The latest “innovation” is propaganda from the “Breaking the Silence” group, a fractional minority of Israelis who accept rules of democracy only as long as they work to their benefit, otherwise all means are valid to slander the State of Israel.

“Transgressions by the Israeli army in the occupied Palestinian territories” – this kind of anti-Semitic libel is printable in a recently-Jewish paper?  Even Goldstone wouldn’t publish such rubbish today! Is all the JC’s (not “Jewish”) News section similarly reliable?

The so-called “Straw Widow” procedure described in one of the JC’s pro-Arab Blog posts, is nothing new, although the term itself is. As a reserve soldier in the first Intifada I took part in such observation posts at least 4 times, both in Gaza and Judea/Samaria. Always on the roofs of houses, never inside them. No damage was ever done to property, no local residents were ever hindered in any way.

I remember one incident while performing observation duty on the roof of a house in Hawarah, on the main road to Shchem (Nablus), a few klicks  north of the Tapuach Junction. One of the soldiers with me spent almost half an hour scanning the entire village with binoculars, and then announced: the women in this village don’t wear underwear!

When asked on what he based that statement, he said: I’ve scanned all the washing-lines in the village, and saw no underwear anywhere!

It never occurred to him to take Arab modesty into consideration, and to consider that some items of clothing were dried inside the houses! This is the mindset of the extreme irreligious, those who reject Judaism, History and tradition. These are the extreme leftists, such as the tiny number of members of “Breaking the Silence” and similar – as we say in Hebrew, kikyoni – movements.

And of course, the JC (not “Jewish”) welcomes them with open arms, allows them to defame Israel in any way possible.

Yet Blabbermouth Pollard has the chutzpah to noch complain about the Guardian! Pollard: the Guardian is a goyishe paper in a goyishe country which is still hiding its royalty’s past Nazi connections! With them we have no problem. WHAT is your excuse for publishing Guardian-type defamations of Israel? Freedom of Speech? Read on …

Someone has written that the JC (not “Jewish”) Chairman, Anthony Julius, sees Freedom of Speech as an ultimate value.

Mr. Julius: the JEWISH (not “JC”) approach is quite the opposite: Shmirat HaLashon! I won’t translate that; what you don’t know (or value) now, you’ll never know or value.

And you, Mr. Julius, are regarded as a great expert on libel and defamation.

Isn’t life ironic?

Apparently, YOUR buck stops at  Israel’s borders!  


2nd May 11 – 28th Nisan 5771   כ”ח בניסן תשע”א

The Royal Wedding, the JC, Glastonbury, Jerusalem – and the Holocaust

“I will not cease from Mental Fight,

Nor shall my Sword sleep in my hand:

Till we have built Jerusalem,

In England’s green & pleasant Land”

– William Blake, “Jerusalem”

Together with one third of the humans inhabiting this immoral coil, I watched the Royal Wedding on TV. (I couldn’t actually be there, because I don’t attend weddings during Sefirat HaOmer). Maimonedes instructs us to observe and learn how other nations honor their Kings, so that we will know how to honor the Mashiach when he comes.

One hymn caught my ear; I’ve heard it before, never knew all the words, but did recognize “England’s green & pleasant Land” and “Jerusalem”. Until now, I’ve never seen a problem with this hymn, and the tune had always been pleasing to my ear.

But this time I decided to look up the words. Wikipedia was the fastest solution, where I found both words and background:

“The poem was inspired by the apocryphal story that a young Jesus, accompanied by his uncle Joseph of Arimathea, travelled to the area that is now England and visited Glastonbury. The legend is linked to an idea in the Book of Revelation describing a Second Coming, wherein Jesus establishes a new Jerusalem.The Christian church in general, and the English Church in particular, used Jerusalem as a metaphor for Heaven, a place of universal love and peace”.

The tune was no longer pleasant to the ear of this observant Jew.

[ Apart from anything else, note the oxymorons in “I will not cease from Mental Fight” and “Nor shall my Sword sleep in my hand”  regarding “Jerusalem …  a place of universal love and peace”. Something akin to “War against Violence” and “Fighting for Peace” …]

I was reminded of the words of Rabbi Meir Simcha of Dvinsk (1843-1926), in his commentary on the Torah “Meshech Chochma”, Parshat Bechukotai (coming up in 3 weeks time) wherein he discussed the problem of Jewish assimilation amongst the nations in which Jews then lived. Since he died 13 years before the start of WWII, his words can be regarded as prophetic. He writes that the assimilated Jew “thinks that Berlin is Jerusalem  … and a great wind will come and blow him away and remind him that his origin is of the Israeli race …”which, 13 years later, is exactly what happened.

The Christian church in general, and the English Church in particular, can do whatever they like with the concept ‘Jerusalem’. The religious concept of the world is based on freedom of choice.

The problem is with assimilating UK Jews, and with UK Jews who deny the real Jerusalem, who assist Israel’s enemies by providing them with justification for denigrating Israel, in part in a failed attempt to deflect from themselves the increase in anti-Semitism in the UK. They have “found” their “Jerusalem” in the UK, and to hell with everyone else. More than any other group, the intention is regarding the JC (they’ve long dropped the word “Jewish”) Blogs section, which appears to be competing with the British Royal Family in Nazi roots.

Julius. Pollard. Is this really where you want to be?


 22nd April 11 – 18th Nisan 5771   י”ח בניסן תשע”א

The JC  Descends to New Levels of Hypocrisy

Sub-title: Jennifer Lipman – Mega-Hypocrite!

 Below (in red) is a brief medley of anti-Israeli comments published by the so-called “Jewish” Chronicle  just in the last month or so!

Note:  ALL the comments were written by people who do NOT live in Israel, but are obviously obsessed by it. The JC is their natural habitat and breeding-ground.

 Now Mega-Hypocrite Jennifer Lipman comes along with a stupid smile on her face, all lovey-dovey, and invites us to “celebrate” Israel’s 63rd year of independance, in the near future, by sending in video-clips and photos. As if the “Jewish” Chronicle was a “friend” of Israel, and not one of its greatest Jewish slanderers and defamers, one of Israel’s worst enemies.

“Help the JC mark Israel’s 63rd birthday”


We warn the JC’s few readers, that the JC, judging by its hatred for Israel as portrayed in its Blogs section, could conceivably pass the photos and clips on to Hamas to assist in planning future murderous attacks  on Israeli women and children. Remember: the JC is just a lackey for the infamous New Israel Fund, which regards Judea and Samaria as “conquered Palestinian lands” (sic), control over which “Israel should relinquish” (sic).

Here are some of the anti-Israeli comments that the JC has published just in the last month or so:

 Settlements are “toxic”;

Someone rewriting from a Israeli Foreign Ministry crib sheet believes that the toxic settlement enterprise helps Israel’s long-term security. It doesn’t, it hinders security;

 The settlement enterprise is toxic, not just to the Palestinians;

 Another spot on analysis of the toxic, anti-Israel disaster-in-waiting that is the settlement enterprise;

 It seems that a bulb has at last been lit in Prime Minister Netanyahu’s head regarding the disgraceful behaviour of settlers;

 the settlement movement is “idol-worship”;

it was not Palestinians who killed the family, but Thai workers. When Israel finaly tells the truth on this one will all bloggers kindly apologise to the Palestinans who they have wronfully accused of murder please?”; [ Meanwhile, the arab murderers have been arrested]

 Israel (Begin) was even willing to supply arms to Argentina’s military junta during the Falklands War;

 A bomb was chucked at Tzippi Livni’s house on Friday morning. [This was proven to be a deliberate lie];

  Israelis are going to have to tackle the rising tide of ultra-nationalism and racism emanating from its foreign minister Avigdor (Yvet) Lieberman;

Let us hope the new Egypt will open the wall to Gaza to make the Palestinians free from their prison;

 It would be a good idea if Israel sometimes could be honnest and not act as if they are so special above the law;

 It’s a tough life blockading the Gaza strip in the interests of Israel’s security;

 The IOF most recently said the fence would by relocated by March. It is now mid April. Now they say it will take another three months. Even if we accept this bullchit we are now four years after the Israeli Supreme Court told them to do it. And the Israelis have the brass nerve to tell us that they ” share our values “. Sorry. No can do;

 The citizens of Bil’in , their international supporters, the Israeli Supreme Court on one side , the IOF on the other. Who will will win ? Is Israeli really a democracy or more realistically ruled by a military junta ?;


 Latest Update: 13th April 11  A Fool’s Paradise

13th April 11 – 9th Nisan 5771   ט’ בניסן תשע”א

A Fool’s Paradise

Preparing for Pesach, amongst other things we began clearing our work-desk. One of the articles currently residing upon it is Anthony Julius’s book “Trials”. It’s bloody heavy, and  you have to pick it up with two hands. Having done so, opening it at the last page we have read so far – the end of the Introduction – offered us a new insight into possible reasons for the Jewish Chronicle’s anti-semitic behaviour in constantly attacking the State of Israel. (Calling such behaviour anti-semitic, is Julius’s description.)

His Introduction ends as follows (page lviii): Trials of the Diaspora has been written across a period of rising violence and abuse directed at English Jews. Of the present conjuncture, then, my provisional judgement is that it is quite bad, and might get worse. Certainly it would seem that the closed season on Jews is over.”

That’s it! The Jewish Chronicle anticipates an increase in anti-semitism in England, most certainly prodded at least in part by the growing more powerful Muslem population of GB, and thinks it can deflect the anti-semitism away by attacking Israel, as if to say “they’re the bad guys! Us? We’re good Englishmen! Nothing to do with those Israeli wogs! Oh no, not us!”

Nothing new in that, as far as the JC goes. Many years ago I sat in the Judaica Library of the Hebrew University, and browsed bound copies of the Jewish Chronicle going back as far as 1914 (they probably go back earlier – don’t remember).

I was following the behaviour of the Anglo-Jewish community from 1917 onwards, regarding its reaction to the Balfour Declaration.

The JC was totally against it, and gave the impression that in doing so it represented the Anglo-Jewish community at large. Reading between the lines, the JC of that period gave you the feeling that Anglo-Jewry was scared that England would say to it: “well, Jews, you’ve got your National Home. Now let’s see you bugger off and leave us alone”.

That could well be the reason for the Jewish Chronicle’s current series of vitriolic attacks on the Jewish State: deflecting anti-semitism away from Anglo-Jewry.

Poor, ignorant sods! Didn’t you learn anything at all from Nazi Germany?

Fortunately, this time round the Jewish Chronicle does NOT represent Anglo-Jewry at large. Losing more than 25% of its readers in just over 10 years, the JC represents joe millis, telegramsam and a few other assimilationist jerks – and of course, Pollard, who still wants to edit the Times.

Poor, poor, sods! Living in a Fool’s Paradise.  Maybe ‘para-dice‘ would describe it better – gambling with the future.


7th April 11 – 3rd Nisan 5771   ג’ בניסן תשע”א

Dr. Pollard and Mr. Julius

As we wrote in our previous post, on April 4th we emailed JC Chairman Anthony Julius some questions. As expected, he hasn’t answered. This is not surprising, since in our original exchanges of emails, Mr. Julius avoided answering all questions put to him concerning messages of hatred against Israel published in the JC Blogs section, such as “nazis”, “apartheid state”, “children killers”, etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum.

We also noted that since Mr. Julius’s start in his new post as JC Chairman, incitements against Israel in the JC Blogs section have  escalated greatly.

We said then that we did not believe that Mr. Julius was behind the escalation, and we don’t think so now.

So Mr. Julius isn’t the ‘bad guy’ here; he hasn’t instigated the Jewish Chronicle’s latest anti-Israeli feeding frenzy: he just isn’t doing anything to prevent it. His great sin is in occupying a leadership position for which he is not suited, thus preventing appointment of someone who would have the guts to put Pollard in his place. In addition, judging from just an initial perusal of his great work “Trials”, he is ultimately responsible for publication of expressions of hatred against Israel with which he himself does not agree.

[ Mr. Julius: Freedom of Speech is NOT a Jewish value. Judaism approaches speech from the opposite direction: Shmirat HaLashon. But you wouldn’t know much about that, would you? ]

But the question of timing cannot be avoided. So the explanation must lie elsewhere.  

So who is behind the escalation of incitement of hatred against Israel in the JC Blogs?

 It boils down to opportunity and motive.

Pollard certainly has greater opportunity, being directly in charge of whoever (Lipman?) so disgustingly ‘moderates’ the Blogs.

As for motive, Julius doesn’t stand a chance against Pollard. He’s invested maybe 1,000 hours of his life writing his doctorate on anti-semitism in the writings of T.S. Elliot and his recently published book “Trials of the Diaspora” – the history of Anti-Semitism in England.  He writes in “Trials” (page xix) concerning his late father: “in the last ten years of his life … Israel’s cause mattered more to him than practically anything else in his life”.  Someone who writes that is hardly likely to promote calling Israeli settlements ‘toxic’ and ‘idol-worship’, as the JC is allowing one self-hating Jew to publish.

We speculate that JC Editor Stephen Pollard is behind the escalation, and is exploiting Anthony Julius’s weakness and lack of leadership as JC Chairman, and is doing whatever he wants.

Pollard is not exactly a bastion of political stability; and he trumpets his mood-swings all over the web:

From Google:

11 Apr 2005:  Stephen Pollard • I’m voting Labour

27 Apr 2010:  Why I’ll vote Tory for the first time in my life | Stephen Pollard

What does he want? At the moment he’s stuck in a failing, dead-end job whose end is approaching fast. His paper has lost more than 25% of its readers – over 13,000 copies of the JC – over the last 11 years. He has been Editor since 2008, and has thus done nothing to stem the flow of vanishing readers.

What does he want? He had it, but lost it, and he wants it back; the Wikipedia entry for “Stephen Pollard” says:

“Formerly a journalist and leader-writer on the Daily Express, Stephen Pollard left that paper in 2001 soon after it was taken over by Richard Desmond, a publisher of pornographic magazines, who began implementing radical cutbacks. Pollard’s last leader for the paper, on the problems of the British farming industry, turned out to contain the words “F**k you, Desmond” spelt out with the first letter of each sentence.

A standing job offer at The Times was withdrawn as they considered the acronym in the article to be “unacceptable” and “insulting”.”

THAT’S what he wants – back to the Times, preferably as Editor. But to do that he has to “go with the flow” and besmirch Israel wherever and whenever possible, i.e. to present himself as a ‘regular English goy’.

We don’t think that Pollard is actually anti-Israeli – he’s written articles in the past that prove otherwise. But he has his eyes on the big prize, and all means justify the ends.

Reminds us of the Jewish composer Gustav Mahler, who became a Catholic in order to get a job he wanted:

From Wikipedia “Gustav Mahler”:

“… he held a succession of conducting posts of rising importance in the opera houses of Europe, culminating in his appointment in 1897 as director of the Vienna Court Opera (Hofoper). During his ten years in Vienna, Mahler—who had converted to Catholicism from Judaism to secure the post—experienced regular opposition and hostility from the anti-Semitic press”.

We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again: Avraham Reiss will edit the Jewish Chronicle before Stephen Pollard will edit the Times.


 6th April 11 – 2nd Nisan 5771   ב’ בניסן תשע”א

 A Letter to JC Chairman Anthony Julius

 The following email was sent to Anthony Julius on Monday, 4th April. If he replies, we will publish his reply. If he does not reply, we will publish that fact as well.

Mr. Julius,


Since you became Chairman of the JC, its attacks on Israel – religion, settlements – have increased greatly.


I find it extremely difficult to believe that that you have personally and actively instigated this escalation. But the fact remains that one Joe Millis posts often several times a day, and an Arab propagandist using the Jewish-sounding name “Allan Bloom” continues to post links to “palestinian” anti-Israeli propaganda sites.


I find it amazing that a Jewish newspaper can tolerate expression of such venom towards the Jewish State. 


When a family of 5 settlers in Itamar were slaughtered, your paper found it neccessary to allow the settlements to be called “idol-worship”.


When the Japanese disaster ocurred, said Joe Millis posted articles for several days running, comparing settlements with Japanese reactor disasters, and repeatedly terming them “toxic”.


I can understand (although never agree with) an opinion claiming that settlements hinder peace, however wrong I think it is. But “toxic”? “Idol-worship”? – this is pure hatred!


What kind of Jew who has the power to prevent this kind of behaviour, sits back and does nothing – that of course, on the assumption that he is not behind it all?


To quote what you wrote to me in the past:

“I fear that by promoting hatred between Jews and Jewish institutions, you are doing our enemies’ work.”


Why should an anti-semite not call settlements “toxic”, when he can claim that it was first written in the JC?


Given your great personal investment in anti-semitism – doctorate, and subsequently your book – isn’t it about time that you actually DID something about anti-semitism – by preventing the paper for which you are responsible from promoting it? After all, it was you who determined that anti-Israeli expressions are the new anti-semitism?


Avraham Reiss – Jerusalem.


4th April 11 – 29th Adar Bet 5771   כ”ט באדר ב’ תשע”א


Bombing Ms Livni

By Joe Millis

April 1, 2011 

A bomb was chucked at Tzippi Livni’s house on Friday morning. Luckily, she wasn’t at home. First report here in Hebrew


Millis is a LIAR! Here is an exact translation of the report for which HE provided the link:

  01/04/2011 13:06

 The sound of an explosion was heard near Zippi Livni’s house and caused a scare.

An explosion happened near the house of the Leader of the Opposition, Zippi Livni, in north Tel Aviv – apparently this was a fire-cracker. Livni was not at home at the time.

Her body-guards called the police, and explosives-experts who came found no evidence that any device had been exploded. The Shabak (Security Service – MI5 equal) permanently guards the house.

[end translation].

There was NO mention of this on Israel radio throughout the day.

Liar Millis claims “It was a device and it was chucked towards her house” – he obviously can’t read Hebrew well enough to understand reports that he himself quotes.

He then goes on to say “I take it that you approve of people chucking explosive devices at people’s houses, assuming the people therein are not, like you, big and brave defenders of Israel. Wasn’t one Yigal Amir enough for you? Apparently not.”

Here in Israel, even the most childish and primitive of Israeli politicians – someone of Dalia Itzik’s ilk – have stopped waving around the ‘yigal amir’ flag upon every possible occasion! But Millis is still there, back in the early ‘nineties!


N.B. AFTER we exposed millis here, he tried to update his report to match the facts – but again failed miserably. His attempted incitements against the right are more a commentary on Julius and Pollard, who allow him to publish any lie he sees fit in the paper for which THEY are responsible, than on this sick, no-life reject.

And in the light of Goldstone’s retractions of the lies in his report, which were contributed MOSTLY by the Jewish Chronicle’s Kessler Foundation sibling – the New Israel Fund – we would have expected at least some breast-beatings and what-have-we-done’s.  But no; evil remains evil. Hatred remains hatred.


1st April 11 – 24th Adar Bet 5771   כ”ו באדר ב’ תשע”א

A Voice From The Past

 “So I have to ask myself: “what useful purpose does “the JC” serve to the Jewish community in this country?” It’s certainly doing an astounding job as reference material for all our detractors, vilifiers and the gangs who aim to raid our homes. And it has provided a great platform for all those self-hating Jews of the enlightenment. And true to old style, it never misses an opportunity to attack the Orthodox.”

“The truth is that “the JC” has long lost its moral compass.”

JCWatch wasn’t the first to point out the Jewish Chronicle’s damaging effects upon the Jewish World.  Established just over a year ago, we concentrate on the JC’s anti-Israeli propaganda, spewed forth continuously as from a vast sewer.

Browsing Gina’s Blog – http://ginaingoldersgreen.wordpress.com – we came across a blog named Zalmi’s Weblog. 2 posts there caught our eye: a report from 2003 of an Israeli military visit to Auschwitz, which culminated in a fly-past over Auschwitz of 3 Israeli Air Force F-15 fighter jets. A very emotional and well-written read.

But more relevant, a post dated 2007 stating the blog-owner’s opinion that the Jewish Chronicle was consistently behaving in a manner damaging to Anglo-Jewry.

We tried to contact Zalmi, to receive his permission to publish his post here; we couldn’t locate him. So we are publishing the post with full credits in the hope that this will meet with his approval.

Zalmi’s Weblog:


The visit to Auschwitz:

24 sep 03


Flight Out Of Denial

May 24, 2007


Open Letter to “The JC”  – copied here in full:

Until recently, when I walked into my local Sainsbury’s, I would have to zigzag across to the cul-de-sac at the end of aisle 32 for anything Jewish; matzo ball soup mix and tinned gefilte fish. But now it’s up close and personal with “The JC” featuring prominently on the newsstand in the entrance. Every passing gentile sees the front page story. A fortnight ago: a Jewish child molester banned from shul. The previous week: Jews on the Rich List. Last week: Jews cohabiting with non-Jews. For Jewish shoppers, salmonella in the kneidlach would have been a lot less embarrassing.

It prompts me to reflect on what ‘The JC’ is doing for our community. It’s widely acknowledged that the decline of Jewish hasbara (public relations) these days is inversely proportional to the success of the propaganda machine of our enemies – both Islamists and ‘enlightened’ academics – who demonise Israel for every act of self-defence and, to wit, her awfully inconvenient existence.

At a time when we are accused of controlling the banks and world markets, “the JC” has to emblazon a Jewish Rich List on its front page. At a time when we are accused of controlling everything from the neocons in the White House to the peerages conferred by Tony Blair, “the JC” has to publish a league table of England’s 100 most influential Jews. At a time when Jewish homes have been targeted by armed gangs, “the JC” has to print stats of the most populous Jewish boroughs and show how the largest segment of the community pie chart is into property and big business. The fact that the fastest-growing sector is of orthodox families close to the poverty line is reserved for the small print on page 5.

Aside from such reckless and irresponsible reporting, “the JC” seems to give free vent to every self-hating Jewish Israel-basher in search of a soapbox. So much so, that even the wisest and bravest of journalists like Melanie Phillips can’t keep up with the drivel of kooks “the JC” promotes.

Last month “the JC” published an opinion piece boldly entitled: Maimonides was a Racist. I will not recount the daft premise upon which the enlightened Professor Alderman built his egregious conclusion. Suffice it to say, such a headline is deeply offensive and utterly unacceptable in a Jewish community newspaper. That it appeared without even the usual redeeming quotation marks shows, at best, an extraordinary lack of editorial control and sensitivity. At worst it goes a long way to explaining why “the JC” dropped the word ‘Jewish’ from its household name.

Then there was “the JC’s” attack on Cyril Stein; a major builder and benefactor of Jerusalem whose reunification we celebrated just a few days ago. In an editorial entitled “The Wrong Address” the JC branded Stein’s private purchase of a Hebron property as a ‘decidedly unhelpful … empty gesture’. In the same issue a news reporter quoted the JNF view that Stein’s major contribution to the building of the State should not disqualify him from doing what he feels is right.

I wrote to “the JC” pointing out that, in recent times, Israel has given up land in Lebanon and Gaza to be ‘helpful’. Those gestures have been repaid with missiles. I suggested that perhaps Stein’s ‘decidedly unhelpful’ assertion of Jewish rights in Hebron might get us something better: belief in our own 4,000 year-old claim to the land. Needless to say, the letter was never published.

In its latest issue, “the JC” has ratcheted-up what appears to be a determined attack on outreach groups and all for the offence of offering willing JFS students their first ever taste of a true Jewish Shabbat. A few pages on, another columnist tries to establish whether Pete Doherty is Jewish. Instead of vilification, should not “the JC” be applauding and supporting any outreach organisation that offers our youth an enriching alternative to the Doherty drug culture?

So I have to ask myself: “what useful purpose does “the JC” serve to the Jewish community in this country?” It’s certainly doing an astounding job as reference material for all our detractors, vilifiers and the gangs who aim to raid our homes. And it has provided a great platform for all those self-hating Jews of the enlightenment. And true to old style, it never misses an opportunity to attack the Orthodox.

The truth is that “the JC” has long lost its moral compass. It has lost its authority as a mouthpiece of Anglo Jewry. In a week that saw children being evacuated from schools in Sderot, “the JC” should have committed its entire front page to the 2,053 Kassam missiles which have been launched from Gaza since Israel’s ‘decidedly helpful’ but extremely painful gesture of disengagement.

Had “the JC” done so, Israel might have got more understanding in this week’s mainstream media for its resumption of targeted killings of terrorist leaders. Instead it was more important for “the JC” to boast where the richest Jews in the UK live and with which non-Jewish partners they are cohabiting.

This is a time when Jewish university students are under the most intense pressure from jihadist activists on campus. It’s become so bad that many begin to question their own legitimacy. These kids need a community newspaper that supports them with positive Israel advocacy and pride in Jewish identity and heritage.

Having divested the word ‘Jewish’ from your title, you appear well placed to drop that other badge: Sefer Zikaron. Chronicles are all about reflection on the past. You need to reflect on the extent to which your current output fits with the aspirations of those who originally set up the Jewish Chronicle as a community trust .

So, next time you write a headline, please think of how it will look in Sainsbury’s.


The JC’s new Julius Administration Steps Up its Anti-Israeli Campaign

ethnic cleansing in the Jordan Valley

By Allan Bloom March 29, 2011


The above post in the JC Blogs section refers readers to an Arab propaganda  blog (there is no such thing as “palestinian”: before the 6 Day War there were Jordanian and Egyptian citizens, they were not – and never claimed to be – one people).

The same poster has two other anti-Israeli blog posts in the JC.

The first comment in that blog is from regular Israel-hater simoneq – whom the JC has never seen fit to ban – who writes:

“Yes it is utterly disgusting what Israel does but in this era of internet the world can see.”

– Julius and Pollard have no problem whatsoever in allowing an Israel-hater to describe Israel’s activities in general as “disgusting”.

By allowing Arab posters using fictitious Jewish-sounding names to post blatant Arab propaganda, the Jewish Chronicle is going one step further in its continuous attacks upon the Jewish State of Israel.

When you buy the JC, you are pouring your money into the coffers of anti-Israeli provocateurs. Is that what you wanted to do?


 24th March 11 – 18th Adar Bet 5771   י”ח באדר ב’ תשע”א

The JC steps up its anti-settlement campaign

Since Anthony Julius became the new Chairman of the JC Board, there has been a marked increase in JC blog attacks on Israeli settlements, chiefly but not exclusively by an Israel-hater named joe millis. One can criticise Israeli policies regarding the settlements – but when the most frequent, repeated word used to describe them in these attacks  is “toxic”, then it is obvious that hatred is the writer’s chief and only motivation. (He has published a  JC Blogs post titled “the  toxicity of the settlements”). 

millis has full JC Staff support for these attacks.

Why do we say this?

This week self-appointed “security expert” millis (expert: “ex-”  as in “has-been”, “spurt” as in “drip under pressure”) published a JC blog titled “The settlements don’t help security, they hinder it” at http://www.thejc.com/blogpost/the-settlements-dont-help-security-they-hinder-it , there are 15 posts, 9 of them from millis. JC blogs “moderator” Jennifer Lipman – another 3rd-rate hack with an apparently 2-digit IQ – closed the post to further comment when it became clear that all the readers’ comments were against what millis had written. But only after allowing millis to add 5 consecutive posts.

It smacks a little of brain-washing, drip, drip, drip – but JC readers aren’t buying millis’s brand of Arab propaganda: the only people interested in removing Israeli settlements are of course Arabs, and the only Jews identifying themselves with said Arab propaganda are the “peace now” people in Israel (an un-democratic movement if ever there was one – they have NEVER held public elections or revealed their financial sources) and of course, the JC sibling, the infamous New Israel Fund which has in the past published openly its position:

“What is NIF’s position on boycott, divestment and sanctions?

NIF supports an end to the occupation of Palestinian territories as a central tenet of the strategic framework in which we operate.”

“NIF …  will support organizations that conform to our grant requirements if their support for BDS is incidental or subsidiary to their significant programs.”

 Both the JC and the New Israel Fund are subsidiaries of the Kessler Foundation, and its about time that Kessler’s anti-Israeli activities were investigated. For example, what monies and other forms of aid, if any, do they receive from Arab sources?

Considering the fact (which JCWatch has recently covered in detail) that in the last 10 years Jewish Chronicle circulation has dropped from over 40,000 to 29,000 at the end of 2010 – a loss of over 25% of its readership – one would expect the JC to analyze why it is bleeding readers so fast, and to do something about it.

Quite the opposite; while the flow of readers away from the JC increases, the attacks on the State of Israel increase in direct proportion. At this rate, when JC readership will have  dropped to less than 1,000, we can expect the JC to commence launching open terrorist attacks on the Jewish State!

We have an analogy for this, which is very insulting – which is our intention for those we consider enemies of the State of Israel.

Towards the end of World War II, when Nazi Germany was fighting on 2 fronts – Russia in the east and the British/US allies in the west – it was clear that Germany was going to lose the war. At that time, one of the most important resources required by the Wehrmacht was transport – i.e. trains.

Hitler diverted many of the trains required by the Wehrmacht to the transport of Jews to the Death Camps, at the expense of sending direly needed troops and materials (weapons, ammunition, food, clothing etc) to the two fronts. His obsession hastened the end of the war.

The Jewish Chronicle’s anti-Israeli obsession with settlements (Anthony Julius has defined anti-Israeli hatred in his book as the new anti-semitism) is progressing hand in hand with the Jewish Chronicle’s demise. Instead of trying to find out where its readers are going, it continues to invest its resources in anti-Israeli propaganda. JC sales will drop to 25,000, then to 19,000 or below, more and more JC staff will be fired, until only the dumbbells remain (the 2 Jenni’s, because they’ll be the cheapest to hire and won’t find work elsewhere – in which case, maybe we should have written dumb-belles? 🙂   ).

And JCWatch will be present at the end. Sad. 😦 It could have been otherwise. A diaspora Jewish newspaper could have stood with Israel, shared in its tears and laughter, offered support – as are most of the Anglo-Jewish non-JC readers doing.

But as Moshe Dayan once remarked: an ass will never change its mind.

And as Avraham Reiss added: neither will a self-hating Jew.


 23rd March 11 – 17th Adar Bet 5771   י”ז באדר ב’ תשע”א

Both the JC and the “New Israel Fund” Continue Their Spiralic, Downward Plunge

JCWatch has just received the following information from Dun and Bradstreet:

Dear Customer

Your D&B Tracker service has identified changes in the following businesses you have selected as important to your business success.

To find out the latest situation and determine how it could affect your business, click on the links below.

Jewish Chronicle Ltd.

A negative change has been identified in the Performance indicators

To buy a D&B Tracker report on this business please click here .

New Israel Fund

Contact details and/or ownership have changed

A negative change has been identified in the Performance indicators

To buy a D&B Tracker report on this business please click here .

JCWatch wouldn’t invest 10 agorot in receiving further details – the JC’s circulation has been dropping steadily and consistently for the last 10 years – we’ve reported on this in detail in the past.

And as for the “New Israel Fund” – which together with the Jewish Chronicle belongs to the Kessler Foundation – we don’t know which one does more damage to the State of Israel – they are both trying very hard.

But as our Sages said: “Oy lerasha, veOy leShcheino” – Woe to the evil one, and Woe to his neighbour”.

Jewish Chronicle and New Israel Fund – you are now free to continue to go about your business. Keep up this level of performance!


21st March 11 Shushan Purim

We “celebrate” by proving that Amalek and Haman live on in the Jewish Chronicle, by bringing a few quotes from just one blog posted by Israel-hater joe millis. But first, an introduction.

In 1982, Britain went to war with Argentina over the Falkland Islands, which are distanced 8,000 miles from Britain.

Can you imagine reading in a British newspaper at that time, an article by a shmock such as joe millis, with contributions by a cohort named lucas, claiming that the Falklands are “a toxic and costly mistake”, “the radiation emanating from them is lethal”, terming British ownership “a toxic settlement enterprise in the occupied territories”, speaking of “brutal and illegal occupation”, and incorporating phrases such as “the paraphernalia of occupation” to describe British rule in the Falklands?

And adding:  “Britain does absolutely nothing to further peace. Britain ignores all international law and continues to build illegal settlements in the Falklands”. Also “documents show that Argentine was prepared to make humiliating concessions to Britain but Britain arrogantly and casually brushed them aside.”

And: “Britain doesn’t want peace. It thrives and seemingly enjoys humiliating and subjugating a weak and defenceless population.”

Well, that didn’t happen. millis hasn’t got the balls to write things like that about Britain.

But about Israel, where he does not live and is not involved, bears none of its citizens’ hardships and responsibilities, millis – and his cohort lucas – (probably an Arab propagandist) have no qualms about violently attacking the Jewish State.


The settlement enterprise has been a toxic and costly mistake.

The future is staring at us in the face – a massive project built 40 years ago is threatening the state that built it. The radiation emanating from it is lethal

Supporting the toxic settlement enterprise in the occupied territories will only serve to bring about its demise.

The whole international movement of BDS and the zillions of web sites supporting Palestinian rights and the protests and the marches are all in response to the brutal and illegal occupation. It would make sense to leave the Palestinians what little bit of territory they have left, take down the Apartheid walls and watch towers and gun turrets and stop all the paraphernalia of occupation.

Justice for Palestine is well overdue.

If Israel wants to survive as the Jewish democratic homeland for the Jewish nation it has to …..   leave the occupied territories to the Palestinians. Holding on to the occupied territories has been a toxic nightmare for Israel. It’s time to wake up.

Israel does absolutely nothing to further peace. Israel ignores all international law and continues to build illegal settlements. Documents show that the PA was prepared to make humiliating concessions to Israel but Israel arrogantly and casually brushed them aside.

Israel doesn’t want peace. It thrives and seemingly enjoys humiliating and subjugating a weak and defenceless population.

Julius and Pollard don’t give a damn about the following complaint against the damage they are doing; these money-grubbers just want to sell newspapers. Well, they’re losing. Less people buy the JC every week:

“When the Jewish Chronicle allows blogs such as this one, above, it is exacerbating the problem experienced by Israeli students and Jewish students in Univeristies throughout the UK.”

But we can’t be sure that all the above was written by Jews – albeit very sick and ugly Jews. It is equally possible that some Arab propagandist is posing as a Jew, exploiting Pollard’s infantile and unrealistic desire to become the editor of the Times – he! he! he! – by showing how “open” he is even to anti-Israeli views.

Pollard: I will be the editor of  the Jewish Chronicle, before you become the editor of the Times!

Avraham Reiss – Jerusalem

Purim, 5771


 18 March 11 – 12th Adar Bet 5771   י”ב באדר ב’ תשע”א

The Jewish Chronicle – a Sick, Anti-Zionist Paper

No wonder it lost 2,000 readers in the last half of 2010 alone

One has to be really full of sick, anti-Zionist – if not anti-Semitic – hatred, in the aftermath of the massacre of 5 Jews in the Itamar settlement, to equate Israeli settlements with … the disaster in Japan.

JC Editor Stephen Pollard, is such a sickie.

JC Chairman Anthony Julius – who is documented as refusing to condemn anti-Israeli statements published in the JC during the last year – is another.

Just 2 days after the massacre, these JC sickies found fit to publish an opinion equating Israeli settlers – with idol-worshippers! (read below this post).

Today we find published in the JC blogs section an article by drop-out-from-Israel Joe Millis (yet another one who couldn’t make it here), as follows:

The settlements as Fukushima

By Joe Millis

March 17, 2011


“…Another spot on analysis of the toxic, anti-Israel disaster-in-waiting that is the settlement enterprise can be found here …”

and he goes on to quote an article from Ha’Aretz extreme leftist Ari Shavit:

“…The radioactive cloud of illegitimacy rising from the settlements is moving toward Israel and endangering its existence …”

“…It’s time to cool down the settlements, extinguish them and look for alternative energy sources. It’s time to go back home …”

 Millis then has the chutzpa to claim:

“The blog cites Ari Shavit, a centrist Israeli …”

Maybe relative to Millis, Shavit could be regarded as “centrist” – here in Israel he’s regarded as extreme left – otherwise he wouldn’t be writing in Ha’Aretz: Centrists write in Yediot and Maariv.

Apart from which, Shavit lives in Israel, and is thus entitled to express his opinion – however distasteful I and millions of other Israelis find it, as expressed by the results of Israel general elections, and the resulting tiny representation of the extreme leftist Meretz party.

Millis has not got what it takes to live in Israel, and so sits in London and snipes from the side-lines. And he calls others “coward”!

The Jewish Chronicle, less than a week after the Itamar massacre, while the survivors and relatives are still sitting shiva, finds it acceptable to publish an opinion comparing the settlements with the Japan disaster.

When we call Julius and Pollard – who still day-dreams of becoming the editor of the Times – scum, as we do now, it is only because out of respect for our many viewers that we refrain from saying what we really think.

Just as Millis copied the expressions of his hatred of Israel from Ha’Aretz, anti-semites in Britain will sooner or later copy similar anti-semitic statements from the Jewish Chronicle – and noch claim that if Jews say such things, “what do you want from us?”

When anti-semitism in Britain rises – pumped up and fed by the Jewish Chronicle –  the JC will be there to report – and sell more copies.

Pollard, Julius and the Kessler Foundation will be laughing all the way to the bank. A profitable business, this anti-semitism!

One could almost wish that the JC’s biggest problem was … jenni frazer!


16 March 11 – 10th Adar Bet 5771   י’ באדר ב’ תשע”א

However low the JC descends, we can always rely on third-rate-hack jenni frazer to lower it yet another few  notches!

After the Itamar massacre, it is not easy to return to the mundane. But we have to. And speaking of mundane, third-rate-hack jenni frazer springs to mind. We recently called her a liar, for claiming that the religious community in Israel found excuses for Katzav’s behaviour. She was asked to bring proof of her claim. She couldn’t – and didn’t.

A letter published by a few rabbis on the subject serves as no proof of her libel. The rabbi who originated the letter was under pressure because one of Katzav’s sons studies (or studied) under him.

From liar, third-rate-hack jenni progresses now to hypocrisy. As follows.

“I have been faithful to thee, Cynara, in my fashion…”

By jenni frazer

March 3, 2011



“… It is naive bordering on the impudent for the Jewish Chronicle to run a piece with no reference to the toxic atmosphere it has helped to create for the Israel-backing Jewish community in the UK. Day after day, week after week, the Jewish Chronicle has opened its pages and its Comment area on its website to the most poisonous, vitriolic abuse, much barely moderated. …”


The above was written by jenni frazer, in the above-quoted source.

JCWatch altered just ONE word in the above quote.

“Guardian” was replaced by JCWatch with “Jewish Chronicle”.

We have no doubt that many viewers find that the alteration aptly describes the situation.

What right does jenni frazer (or any other third-rate hack for that matter) have to criticise a non-jewish newspaper in a christian country, when her own – so-called Jewish – newspaper excels in publishing anti-Israeli sentiments? Just 2 days ago, the JC published an opinion which equated the 5 victims of the Itamar massacre with – idol-worshippers!

That is not hypocrisy?


 In the aftermath of the latest massacre of an Israeli family, including a 3-month old baby who was stabbed to death, Jewish Chronicle staff should ask themselves “what part did I play in this, by delegitimizing the State of Israel in general, and Settlers in particular?”

For example, by publishing the following today (Sunday, 13th March), before the family was laid to rest:

 “The settlements and building more houses in retribution is a latter-day equivalent of worshipping a golden calf.”

Julius and Pollard: see Proverbs 30, 20 – it describes you perfectly. Merely for publishing the above at this time, you are both scum.


Updated 11 March 11:  A Fruitless Dialogue with Anthony Julius, New Chairman of the JC’s Board of Directors

The link below these paragraphs leads you to the full text which comprises an exchange of emails between JCWatch and Anthony Julius, all dated 21-24 February, apart from the last 2 communications.

The exchange was initiated by JCWatch who sent Mr. Julius a couple of JCWatch’s Home Page articles, to which he replied, thus inaugurating the dialogue.

Throughout the correspondence, Mr. Julius consistently REFUSED to make even one negative comment about the Jewish Chronicle’s policies in publishing disgusting, defamatory comments about the State of Israel, such as “Nazi State” and “Apartheid State. When we say “refused”, Mr. Julius did not specifically say “I refuse”, but from the exchanges below you can see how he ignored repeated requests to relate to specific items specified by JCWatch.

It is therefore JCWatch’s conclusion that Mr. Julius was selected for the job because he is “easy”, and won’t “make waves”.

Since Mr. Julius is probably England’s foremost expert on anti-semitism, we find his behaviour extremely surprising and most certainly inconsistent with his writings. (Unless, of course, the conclusion of his research on anti-semitism is that you just bend down and let it walk all over you: a typical galut- (exile) -Jew attitude. Nothing learned from the Holocaust.)

Judge for yourselves.



Villars-Sur-Ollon, Switzerland.             Click on the photo to enlarge

 Back to Work again!

Just got back from Switzerland – the land of the rich! Will be back in business in a day or two. Thanks to all those who check in every day to see what’s coming next …


 Time For a Break

On March 3rd JCWatch will have been active for one year. This is NOT a cause for celebration. We would have prefered that a year of our activity would have shamed the Jewish Chronicle into ceasing its vitriolic attacks on the State of Israel. It hasn’t. JCWatch should have been inactive by now. It isn’t. Anti-semites are still welcome on the JC’s Blog pages.

Encouraging is the mass migration from Jewish Chronicle readership: almost 2,000 readers have left the JC in the last 6 months alone, and more than 25% of its readership in the last decade has departed for more pleasant – and more reliable – journalistic pastures. We hope this continues, just as we hope that the continued  increase in the number of JCWatch viewers is an expression of support for what we are doing.

JCWatch is taking a well-earned break, and will be inactive from 25th February until 8-9 March, depending on to what new  depths of anti-Israeli depravity the JC has descended by that date, what new infamities it will have perpetrated by then.

When we return, one of our first tasks will be to show how JCWatch has forced the pro-Arab New Israel Fund to remove from the public eye some of its more hideous anti-Israeli policies. For background to this new expose, read https://jcwatch.wordpress.com/articles/if-i-was-a-methodist-i-would-refer-you-to-the-new-israel-fund/

JCWatch’s motto: Nemo Me Impune Lacessit – No One Attacks Me With Impunity.



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Avraham Reiss – Jerusalem

Nisan 5770    –    March 10



“What is it with British Jews, why do they make excuses for our enemies? Do they need bombs in Golders Green to wake them up?” (From Gina’s blog)