Ways To Let The Cat Out Of The Bag

There are quite a few ways to let  the cat out of the bag. Sometimes it will shoot out, at other times it may slowly push out a single paw to feel its way around, and there may even be occasions when the cat just doesn’t want to leave the bag – it’s safer inside, and it doesn’t want to reveal its existence. On such occasions, it might unintentionally show a tail or a paw, thus giving itself away.

That preamble refers to a comment made on the JC blog-site by John Gold on the post Manis Friedman’s Non-Jewish Friend”  by Yehuda A Holz, dated March 4, 2010.


John Gold has already been mentioned on JCWatch in the post “How Israel treats Palestinian children [sic]” as one who appears to be Christian but refuses to admit this, prefering to appear Jewish (all that glitters is not Gold?) so as to further his opinions as those of someone Jewish, “one of the fold”.

But in Gold’s above-mentioned comment on the post by Holz, he has inadvertently shown some paw, revealing his true, Christian identity. And let me make this clear: I am not in any way attacking Christians, only imposters.

I’m only quoting what I need here to make my point , read the full post for complete context.

Gold says as follows:

the original teachings of Yeshua were from a Jewish person to Jewish people and the following of the way was established by Jewish people (12 apostles plus thousands of followers, from peasants to high priests), it’s not a new ‘slimey concept’ as you infer…

Gold is claiming that most members of  “Jews for Jesus” are Jewish – a claim that in itself sounds like Christian missionary propaganda. But he gives himself away in just ONE word – “Yeshua” – Yeshua being the way Christians pronounce “Jesus” in Hebrew.  Jews NEVER use the name “Yeshua”; they abbreviate it to “Yeshu”, which is in fact an acrostic for the way Jews refer to Jesus. (Stephen Pollard is a national expert on acrostics: ask him about his experiences some time – but if you do, wearing a helmet is advised).

In another Jewish Chronicle blog entry dated February 25, 


John Gold writes:

Some orthodox strand are also violently targeting messianic Jews (followers of Yeshua) also…

– again,Yeshua, and messianic Jews.

As long as the JC employs Judeo-ignorants to manage its blogs, subtleties such as the above will always slip by them. But now that the cat is out of the bag, what does the JC intend to do regarding missionary-activist John Gold?  (The question, is rhetoric).

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