Adolf’s last wish (sic)

Adolf’s last wish

By Stanley Walinets
November 8, 2010

Said Hitler “I wanted the world to hate Jews!
“But how can I do it? I’m dead…
“I know! Re-incarnate as hard-right Israelis
“And let them do it instead!”


Anthony Posner8 November, 2010 – 13:02Rate this:

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Israelis= Nazis??

But don’t worry, I am sure that you will get away with it on The JC Blogs. Many people write similar crap and they do.

Yvetta8 November, 2010 – 13:18Rate this:

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You’d better dodder along to the sugery and get your prescription filled, Walinets.

raycook8 November, 2010 – 13:20Rate this:

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Flagged as anti-semitic, even if written by a Jew.

You should know better, Stanley, even if you don’t like right wing religious. They are nothing like Nazis and you know it. You are using the language of Israel- and Jew-haters.

Please join the ashemed Jews queue.

Yvetta8 November, 2010 – 13:23Rate this:

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He doesn’t need the queue, Ray, he’s well in with the clique.
I’ve flagged it as antisemitic too.
Disgusting even by Walinets’ standards.

Jon_i_Cohen8 November, 2010 – 13:25Rate this:

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What an idiot you are!

You need to re-read this:-…

telegramsam8 November, 2010 – 13:44Rate this:

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Stan isn’t the first and probably won’t be the last here to play the silly game of reductio ad Hitlerium. But it’s quite telling that some of you get hot under the collar when a political opponent does it, but not one of your own.

telegramsam8 November, 2010 – 13:47Rate this:

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Jon, just out of interest, would you call the anti-Zionist Satmars, Gerrers and Belzers self-hating, Guardian-reading, open-toed-sandal-wearing (what? In this weather?) Jews?

Anthony Posner8 November, 2010 – 13:58Rate this:

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Interesting to see what the JC moderator makes of it. Under the new rules, it is quite legitimate to compare Israel to Iran. Telegramsam, as we are all aware, got away with it.

Now the question arises whether it is fair game to make the Nazi analogy.

Anthony Posner8 November, 2010 – 14:00Rate this:

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Of course, since Jews are Nazis, it was quite reasonable for Hitler to exterminate them.

Yvetta8 November, 2010 – 14:35Rate this:

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Strange how the JC screams blue murder about the supposed Nazis of the EDL but seemingly tolerates the lefto-islamo-fascists, eh?

telegramsam8 November, 2010 – 14:35Rate this:

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Anthony, that’s sick even by your and your sidekick’s sick standards.

telegramsam8 November, 2010 – 14:36Rate this:

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Well, Yvetta, the EDL are Nazis, and I have seen here no toleration of islamofascism (whatever that is).

Anthony Posner8 November, 2010 – 14:37Rate this:

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You dispute the logic? If you do, you are even more foolish than I thought you were.

telegramsam8 November, 2010 – 14:39Rate this:

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Just to labour the point a bit: Is extreme Judaism (Kahane, the settlers etc), judaeofascism? Is extreme christianity (opud dei, the evangelists), christo-fascism? Is Hindu extremism…you get the picture.

telegramsam8 November, 2010 – 14:40Rate this:

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What logic, Anthony? Only in your sick mind is there any logic in what you wrote. Now go do one.

Anthony Posner8 November, 2010 – 14:41Rate this:

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The EDL are the real Nazis because they support Israel.

As for the Islamofascists… if we worry about them too much, we will be dubbed Nazi.

It is actually too ironic. I doubt whether even Orwell would be able to keep up.

Anthony Posner8 November, 2010 – 14:44Rate this:

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Do you really have a problem with this self-evident truth?..

“Of course, since Jews are Nazis, it was quite reasonable for Hitler to exterminate them.”

Anthony Posner8 November, 2010 – 15:04Rate this:

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Moreover since Jews are Nazis, the remaining Jews should also be exterminated.

After all, that is the purpose of the slur… to ensure that the world is free of Jews.

Only really stupid Jews, or those, like yourself, who arrogantly believe that their collaboration will secure their survival, are unwilling to accept this self-evident truth.

Yvetta8 November, 2010 – 15:06Rate this:

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t’sam, do you really have no idea of why islamists – with their totalitarian caliphate ambitions, genocidal mindset towards certain categories of infidel, and repellent misogynist system – are regarded as fascists? What’s that Phud of yours in – CloudCuckooLandery?

telegramsam8 November, 2010 – 15:10Rate this:

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Ahem, Anthony, it isn’t me wot is collaborating with the EDL. It’s you.

telegramsam8 November, 2010 – 15:11Rate this:

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Yvetta, the Islamists are no different from any religious extremists and while using the term “islamofascist” may comfort some, it’s largely meaningless.

Anthony Posner8 November, 2010 – 15:18Rate this:

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“The EDL are The Real Nazis” is a brilliant ploy of the extreme Left. What is totally mind-boggling is that main-stream Jewry seemed prepared to fall for it. Of course, The JC has done a wonderful job in persuading them. As has The Board of Deputies.

I am not a supporter of The EDL. But I do not buy The Left’s lie that The EDL are The Real Nazis. The truth is that the Islamofascists, and The extreme Left, are much closer ideologically to totalitarianism.

telegramsam8 November, 2010 – 15:21Rate this:

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If you are not an EDL supporter, Ben-Gurion wasn’t a Zionist.

Anthony Posner8 November, 2010 – 15:22Rate this:

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And I am, of course, a Nazi.

telegramsam8 November, 2010 – 15:24Rate this:

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Your words, not mine

Yvetta8 November, 2010 – 15:41Rate this:

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t’sam, in view of world terrorism you cannot be serious!

Yvetta8 November, 2010 – 15:41Rate this:

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Anyway, what’s your Phud in? Let me guess. Some aspect of poetry.

Avraham Reiss8 November, 2010 – 15:45Rate this:

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Toay I posted sarcastic comments about the Pope, and the Moderator deleted them.

But this piece of anti-Semitism is allowed.

You all know where to look when Avraham Reiss sees something he doesn’t like.


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